HMS3010 3 G H z S p e c... H M S 3 0 0 0 / H M...

HMS3010 3 G H z   S p e c... H M S 3 0 0 0 / H M...
1st Quarter
3 G H z S p e c t r u m A n a ly z e r
HMS3000 / HMS3010
3GHZ Spectrum Analyzer
HMS3000 without TG
Frequency range 100kHz…3GHz
Amplitude measurement range -114dBm…+20dBm
Sweep time 20ms...1000s
Resolution bandwidth 100Hz…1MHz in 1-3 Steps, 200kHz (-3dB)
additional 200Hz, 9kHz, 120kHz, 1MHz (-6dB)
3GHz EMI Near Field Probe
Set HZ550L
Spectral purity ‹ -100dBc / Hz (@100kHz)
Video bandwidth 10Hz...1MHz in 1-3 steps
Tracking Generator (HMS3010) -20dBm…0dBm in 1 dB steps
Integrated AM and FM demodulator (headset output)
Detectors: Auto-, min-, max-peak, sample, RMS, quasi-peak
VSWR Test Unit HZ547
8 Marker with delta marker, miscellaneous peak functions
Silent operation (no fan)
6.5” TFT color VGA display, DVI output
3 x USB for mass-storage, printer and remote control
optional IEEE-488 (GPIB) or Ethernet/USB Interface
1GHz Spectrum Analyzer HMS1000, HMS1010 (with TG)
3GHz Spectrum Analyzer HMS3000, HMS3010 (with TG)
Marker / Deltamarker
Number of marker:
Marker functions:
All data valid at 23 °C after 30 minute warm-up
Frequency range:
HMS1000, HMS1010
HMS3000, HMS3010
Temperature stability:
± 2ppm (0...30°C)
± 1ppm/year
Frequency counter:
± (Frequency x failure of reference)
Span setting range:
HMS1000, HMS1010
0Hz (zero span) and 1kHz…1GHz
HMS3000, HMS3010
0 Hz (zero span) and 100Hz…3GHz
Spectral purity, SSB phase noise:
30kHz from carrier
(500MHz, +20°C...30°C) ‹-85dBc/Hz
100kHz from carrier
(500MHz, +20°C...30°C) ‹-100dBc/Hz
1MHz from carrier
(500MHz, +20°C...30°C) ‹-120dBc/Hz
Sweep time:
Span = 0Hz
Span › 0Hz
20ms...1000s, min. 20ms /600MHz
Resolution bandwidths (-3 dB):
HMS1000, HMS1010
1kHz...1MHz in 1–3 steps, 200kHz
HMS3000, HMS3010
100Hz...1MHz in 1–3 steps, 200kHz
≤ 300kHz
± 5% typ.
± 10% typ.
Resolution bandwidths (-6 dB):
HMS1000, HMS1010
9kHz, 120kHz,1MHz
HMS3000, HMS3010
200Hz, 9kHz, 120kHz, 1MHz
Video bandwidths:
10Hz...1MHz in 1–3 steps
Display range:
Average noise trace up to +20dBm
Amplitude measurement range: Typ. -114dBm...+20dBm
Max. permissible DC at HF input: 80V
Max. power at HF input:
20dBm, 30dBm für max. 3 Min.
Intermodulation free range:
IM3 products, 2 x –20dBm
(-10dBm ref. level)
66dB typ. (typ. +13dBm third-order intercept)
(at distance between
signals ≤ 2MHz)
60dB typ. (+10dBm TOI)
(at distance between
signals › 2MHz)
66dB typ. (typ. +13dBm TOI)
DANL (Displayed average noise level):
(RBW 1kHz, VBW 10Hz,
ref. level ≤ –30dBm
10MHz...1GHz resp. 3GHz) -105dBm, typ. -114dBm
With Preamp.
-135dBm typ. (100Hz RBW)
Inherent spurious:
(ref. level ≤ -20dBm,
f ‹ 30MHz, RBW ≤ 100kHz) ‹ -80dBm
Input related spurious:
(Mixer level ≤ -40dBm,
carrier offset › 1MHz)
-70dBc typ., -55dBc (2…3GHz)
2nd harmonic receive frequency
(mixer level -40dBm):
-60dBc typ.
Level display:
Reference level
-80dBm...+20dBm in 1dB steps
Display range
80dB, 40dB, 20dB, 10dB, linear
Logarithmic display scaling dBm, dBμV, dBmV
Linear display scaling
μV, mV, V, nW, μW, mW, W
Measured curves:
1 curve and 1 memory curve
Trace Mathematics:
A-B (curve-stored curve), B-A
Auto-, Min-, Max-Peak, Sample, RMS,
Average, Quasi-Peak
Failure of level display:
‹ 1,5dB, typ. 0,5dB
(ref. level to ref. level-50dB, 20°C…30°C)
Marker displays:
Peak, next peak, minimum, center = marker
frequency, reference level = marker level,
all marker on peak
Normal (level), noise marker,
(frequency) counter
Inputs / Outputs
HF Input
N socket
Input Impedance:
VSWR (10MHz…1GHz/3GHz): ‹ 1,5 typ.
Output tracking generator:
(HMS1010 / HMS3010)
N socket
Output Impedance:
Frequency range:
5MHz…1GHz / 3GHz
Output level:
-20dBm...0dBm in 1dB steps
Trigger and external
reference input:
BNC socket, switchable
Trigger voltage
Reference frequency
Essential level (50Ω)
Supply output for field probes: 6VDC, max. 100mA (2,5mm DIN jack)
Audio output (Phone):
3,5mm DIN jack
AM and FM
Save / Recall memory:
Power supply:
Power consumption:
Protection class:
Operating temperature:
Storage temperature:
Max. rel. humidity:
Dimensions (W x H x D):
6,5" TFT Color VGA Display
10 complete device settings
Free run, Video Trigger, external Trigger
Dual-Interface USB/RS-232 (HO720),
USB-Stick (frontside),
USB-Printer (rear side) from SW 2.0,
DVI for ext. monitor
105/253 V, 50/60 Hz, CAT II
Max. 40Watt at 230V, 50 Hz
Safety class I (EN61010-1)
5%...80% (non condensing)
285 x 175x 220 mm
3.6 kg
Accessories supplied:
Line cord, Operating manual, Dual-Interface
USB/RS-232 (HO720), CD, HZ21 Adapter plug (N plug to BNC socket)
Optional accessories:
HO3011 Preamplifier -135dBm DANL (100Hz RBW)
HO730 Dual-Interface Ethernet/USB
HO740 Interface IEEE-488 (GPIB), galvanically isolated
HZ547 3GHz VSWR Test Unit for HMS1010, HMS3010
HZ520 Plug-in Antenna with BNC connection
HZ530 Near-Field Probe Set 1GHz for EMV diagnostics
HZ540 Near-Field Probe Set 3GHz for EMV diagnostics
HZ560 Transient limiter
HZ575 75/50Ω Converter
HZ46 4RU 19'' Rackmount Kit
w w w. h a m e g . co m
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