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Just bind it.
1 print
2 align
4 press
Your document is ready in 30 seconds!
Add value to your documents
Î PaperZip® is the ultimate patented way to bind
documents. It uses special sheets carrying, on the long
side, an adhesive band covered by a strip that has a
short tail at its edge;
Î PaperZip® allows you to print
and immediately bind your
document or report without
using any machinery. The
sheets are standard A4
(210X297 mm) and can be
used on any printer or
photocopying machine
available on the market,
either ink-jet or laser;
Î PaperZip® is useful for many purposes: in the office, at
home, for internet printouts and for any other
document you wish to bind;
Î PaperZip® is the
astonishing idea that
enriches your documents
and reports, speeds up
and simplifies your
working habits.
Easy to do
1. Print or photocopy your document on PaperZip®
sheets. Before printing read carefully the simple
instructions you find in each package.
2. Allign your document and complete it whit the back
cover and front cover. Don’t forget that the back cover is
essential for a correct binding.
3. Control that sheets, front and back cover are well
alligned grouping them upright on a desk and tapping
them into place.
4. Place your completed document on a desk and keep
it still with one hand.
5. Pull all the strip tabs outwards avoiding any tearing.
6. Press the edge of the document with a finger to
complete the binding.
7. Ready to use.
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