PLENA BGM/paging system PLN-2AIO120/00 Architects’ and Engineers’ Specifications

PLENA BGM/paging system PLN-2AIO120/00 Architects’ and Engineers’ Specifications | Manualzz
PLENA BGM/paging system PLN-2AIO120/00
Architects’ and Engineers’ Specifications
The integrated BGM/paging system shall have an amplifier with a nominal output
power of 120W RMS. It shall operate on 115Vac or 230Vac with a tolerance of +/10% and have its source power supplied by a detachable IEC power cord. A
switch on the rear panel shall select between operation on 115Vac or 230Vac. It
shall have a power switch on the front panel.
The unit shall have 100V constant voltage outputs and 8Ohm low impedance
outputs. Loudspeaker connections shall be on a terminal strip with safety
insulation. The amplifier shall be protected against overload and short circuits.
The unit shall have two front panel switches to direct the amplifier output to two
separate zones. For each zone a separate 6-position volume control switch, with a
control range of 15dB, shall be provided.
Inputs to the unit shall include at least three electronically balanced microphone
inputs and a music source input for an external music source. Microphone input 1
shall have a balanced 6.3mm phone jack connector on the front panel and a
balanced 5-pin DIN connector with priority contacts on the rear panel. Microphone
input 2 and 3 shall have a balanced 3-pin XLR connector. All microphone inputs
shall have a switchable phantom powering circuit on the XLR and the DIN
connectors. Microphone input 1 shall have a selectable speech filter for improved
intelligibility. It shall be possible for microphone input 1 to have priority over all
other microphone and music inputs, with an adjustable ducking (mute) level.
Priority shall be given upon contact closure on the 5-pin DIN connector or if the
signal level on input 1 exceeds a predefined value (VOX). A switchable 2-tone
chime shall be provided to precede a priority announcement on priority contact
The music inputs shall have stereo Cinch connectors, internally converted to
mono. A tape output shall be provided on Cinch connectors.
The unit shall have, on its front panel, separate volume controls for each
microphone input, a music selector switch to select between an external music
source or the internal DVD/CD-player/tuner, together with a music volume
control, a master volume control, as well as bass and treble shelving tone
controls. A LED VU-meter shall allow for monitoring of the master output.
The unit shall comprise a DVD/CD-player with single DVD/CD tray loading and a
digitally controlled tuner for FM and AM reception.
The DVD/CD-player shall be able to play normal audio & video DVD/CDs as well
as long-play Mpeg2, MP3 encoded CDs or CD-R DVD-rom, DVD-r with MP3’s and
display JPEG’s. MP3-files with bit-rates from 32kbps to 320kbps, mono/
stereo/joint-stereo, and both continuous bit-rates (CBR) and variable bit-rate
(VBR) shall be supported. The unit shall support MP3-files stored in multi-level
subdirectories (folders) for easy selection.
The DVD/CD-player shall have a NEXT- and a PREVIOUS-key for track selection or
folder selection, a PLAY/PAUSE-key and a STOP/EJECT-key on the front panel as
well as on the remote control. Furthermore the unit shall provide the choice for a
random play-list, have a repeat facility, and a facility to program a selection of
tracks. A backlit LCD shall be provided to show the status of the DVD/CD-player.
The unit shall be delivered with an IR remote control that controls both the
DVD/CD drive as well as the tuner. The remote control shall operate the direct
button of the drive and tuner and the on screen display.
The FM/AM tuner shall use a frequency synthesizer for capture of radio stations.
Separate antenna sockets for FM and AM on the rear of the unit shall be provided
for connection to a cable antenna system or FM aerial, and to an AM loop
antenna. It shall have 15 presets to store programs and keys for tuning and
memory scanning. A backlit LCD shall be provided to show the status of the
The display(s) of the unit shall show both the DVD/CD-player data and the tuner
data simultaneously.
The DVD part shall have a composite video output on unbalanced single cinch
connector that is coded yellow. The DVD part shall have a component video
output on three unbalanced single cinch connectors that are color coded. The
DVD part shall have an S-video video output on mini DIN connector.
If no external music source is selected, then the internal DVD/CD-player/tuner
shall provide the tuner signal as long as the DVD/CD-player is not playing. If the
DVD/CD-player is active, than the DVD/CD-player signal shall be provided. The
CD-player and the tuner shall operate in mono, as is required for background
music in PA-systems.
The unit shall have an operating temperature range of +5 to +55C and shall
have forced air-cooling with a built-in temperature controlled fan. The unit shall
be 19”-wide and 3U-high. The unit shall comply to EN55103-1 and EN55103-2 for
EMC emission and immunity.
The integrated mixer/amplifier shall be a Plena model PLN-2AIO120/00,
manufactured by Bosch Security Systems.
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