QuickStart Guide to Your SAS 9.1.3 Basic Installation

QuickStart Guide to Your SAS 9.1.3 Basic Installation
QuickStart Guide to Your SAS® 9.1.3
Basic z/OS® Installation
Use this QuickStart Guide to help get your software installed as quickly as possible.
Several of the steps in this QuickStart Guide refer you to more detailed installation documentation. You can use a
Web browser to view this documentation from either of the following locations:
• the Documentation for Installing and Configuring SAS CD, found inside the lid of your installation kit.
(To begin, insert the CD into your CD-ROM drive and open \documentation\eng\index.html.)
• the Install Center section of our Web site, which is located at
You can always find the most recent version of the installation documentation on the Install Center site.
• It is important to make sure that you have the correct software.
Refer to the Alert Notes and System Requirements to note issues that might affect the
installation of your SAS software.
Review the SAS Order Information sheet in this Getting Started folder.
• Open either the Install Center or the Documentation for Installing and Configuring SAS CD,
and select “Basic Installation Edition Kit.”
• To see the Alert Notes, select the Alert Notes link for your operating system in the “Pre-Installation”
section under “Alert Notes.” For the System Requirements, select the System Requirements link for
your operating system.
Locate your SAS Installation Data (SID) file, which is attached to the Software Order Email that was sent to your SAS Installation Representative.
• You will need the data to complete your installation. Each SID file contains the licensing information,
called the SETINIT, that is needed to complete your installation.
• If you did not receive a SID file, contact the SAS Installation Representative at your site.
• To have your SID file resent, go to http://support.sas.com/adminservices-SID.
Note: SAS 9.1.3 Foundation is an entirely new system and should not be installed on top of
any other versions of SAS® 9.
If your Getting Started folder contains any Road Maps, use the procedures on them to
complete your installation.
Before you start your installation, please review “Chapter 1 — Performing PreInstallation Tasks” in the Installation Instructions for SAS 9.1.3 Foundation for z/OS.
• The Road Maps contain product-specific instructions that over-ride the generic directions of this
QuickStart Guide.
• If you do not have any Road Maps, continue with Step 5.
You can install SAS 9.1.3 Foundation using one of two methods:
• The SAS Installation Wizard for z/OS on a PC running Windows—If information supplied to the
Wizard is correct, the installer has appropriate permissions and user IDs, and adequate storage is
available, etc., the Wizard will use this installation data to remotely launch a successful tailored z/OS
batch installation. The installer will not need to use z/OS editors, etc., for the installation to proceed
to conclusion. If you want to use the SAS Installation Wizard for z/OS to install SAS, refer to “Chapter
2 — Installing SAS 9.1.3 Foundation Using the SAS Installation Wizard for z/OS” in the Installation
Instructions for SAS 9.1.3 Foundation for z/OS.
• The traditional batch install—This method requires expertise in using MVS JCL, editing the
SASEDITP control file unloaded from the media into your control data set, and creating/running
installation jobs. If you want to use the traditional batch install to install SAS, refer to “Chapter 3 —
Installing SAS 9.1.3 Foundation (Traditional Batch Method)” in the Installation Instructions for SAS
9.1.3 Foundation for z/OS.
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After you complete your installation, refer to “Chapter 7 — Common Tasks” in the
Installation Instructions for SAS 9.1.3 Foundation for z/OS, and follow the directions to
verify your system installation.
Tips and Alert Notes
For the latest installation news, visit these sites for tips and Alert Notes that may not be in your documentation:
• What’s New in SAS 9.1.3
• Alert Notes
• General support for SAS issues (including a link to Tech Support)
Technical Support
Should you need assistance with the software, we ask that only the SAS Installation Representative or the SAS
Support Consultant call our Technical Support Division. For U.S. and Canadian customers, support is provided from
our corporate headquarters in Cary, North Carolina. You may call (919) 677-8008, Monday through Friday.
Customers outside of the U.S. can obtain local-language technical support through the local office in their countries.
Customers in these locations should contact their local office for specific support hours. See
http://support.sas.com/techsup/contact/index.html for contact information for local offices.
Before calling, you may want to explore the SAS Institute Technical Support Web site at
http://support.sas.com/techsup/. The Technical Support Web site offers a Knowledge Base, FAQs, Technical
Support Documents and more that may answer your questions. This Web site also provides a mechanism for reporting
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countries. Other brand and product names are registered trademarks or trademarks of their respective companies.® indicates USA registration.
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30 October 2007
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