Addressed Issues SAS 9.1.3 Service Pack

Addressed Issues  SAS 9.1.3 Service Pack
Addressed Issues
SAS 9.1.3 Service Pack
The SAS 9.1.3 Service Pack contains fixes for a variety of SAS applications. For the full list of affected
applications and issues addressed for each application, please go to At
that Web site, select the product you are interested in for a list of SAS Notes resolved by the SAS 9.1.3
Service Pack. You may then drill into each SAS Note itself for more details on individual fixes.
Instructions for installing the SAS 9.1.3 Service Pack are located in a separate document, the SAS 9.1.3
Service Pack Installation Instructions.
SAS Installation Coordinators and Support Representatives are the first support contact for SAS
users. These SAS Support Personnel at your site have problem-solving tools and knowledge of sitespecific SAS information that can expedite the resolution of your problem. SAS Support personnel
who are unable to resolve the SAS user's problem can refer the SAS user to SAS Technical Support.
For U.S. and Canadian customers, support is provided from our corporate headquarters in Cary,
North Carolina. You may call (919) 677-8008, Monday through Friday to contact U.S. Technical
Customers outside of the U.S. can obtain local-language technical support through the local office in
their countries. Customers in these locations should contact their local office for specific support
hours. See for contact
information for local offices.
SAS and all other SAS Institute product or service names are registered trademarks or trademarks of SAS Institute Inc. in the USA and
other countries. Other brand and product names are registered trademarks or trademarks of their respective companies.
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24 February 2006
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