SecurityMan NiteCam2 Specifications

SecurityMan NiteCam2 Specifications
2.4GHz Wireless Outdoor/Indoor
Bullet Color Cameras(2) Kit w/Night Vision & Audio
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FCC Information
Notes on FCC's "Consistent Statement of Information" This product meet the requirements specified in Part 15 of FCC Regulation. Operation rests with the following two conditions:
(1) The equipment should not cause any harmful interference.
(2) The equipment must receive and process any interference, including any possible interference
caused by operation mistakes.
After testing the product, we confirm that the camera complies with the provision for class C digital
equipment in the 15th part in FCC regulations; and the receiver complies with the limitations for
class B digital equipment in Part 15 of FCC regulation. The product generates, applies and emits
radio waves. It might cause harmful interferences to wireless communication if not be installed and
used following the description of the manual.
The product may cause interference in residential area, and the customer should take remedies to
eliminate the interference on their own costs.
If the product causes any harmful interference to wireless equipment or disturbs the receiving of
TV signals (it can be identified by turning on and off the product), you can solve the trouble by following methods:
- Readjust the product or put it in another place.
- Extend the distance between the equipment interfered and the product.
- Refer to dealers or experienced radio electrician for help
SecurityMan warrants that this product will be free from defects in materials and workmanship
for period of time specified on the product packaging. This limited warranty shall commence
from the date of purchase. SecurityMan products warranty is not transferable and is limited to
the original purchaser. If the product is found to be defective then, as your sole remedy and as
the manufacturer's only obligation, SecurityMan will repair or replace the product. This warranty
shall not apply to products that have been subject to abuse, misuse, abnormal electrical or
environmental conditions, normal wear and tear or any condition other than what can be
considered normal use.
Limitation of liability
The liability of SecurityMan arising from this warranty and sale shall be limited to a refund of the
purchase price. In no event shall SecurityMan be liable for costs of procurement of substitute
products or services, or for any lost profits, or for any consequential, incidental, direct or indirect
damages, however caused and on any theory of liability, arising from this warranty and sale. The
sell limitations shall apply not with standing any failure of essential purpose of any limited remedy.
For Customer Service: 888-977-3777
4601 E. Airport Drive, Ontario, CA 91761, USA
Tel: (888) 977-3777 or (909) 230-6668
Fax: (909) 230-6889
email: [email protected]
Copyright 2006 by SecurityMan v1.1
2.4GHz wireless camera works at ISM band. It may cause interferences
with other wireless equipment that operates with the same band. Please
turn off one of the equipment to eliminate the interference.
Product Assurance
2.4GHz wireless camera will emit electromagnetic wave, just like other
wireless products. But the output power of the product is less than other
wireless products such as mobile phones. The 2.4GHz wireless camera
meets wireless frequency security standards and recommend indexes
while working. These standards and indexes are certificated by academic
organization and represent the cogitative research of the scientific workers
who continuously explore and annotate the involved fields. So we believe
that our products are safe for customers.
Operating Restrictions
DO NOT use this product to violate one's privacy. Monitoring one's activities
without consent is illegal and this product is not designed and manufactured
for these purposes.
DO NOT put this product near any medical equipment. Radio waves might
potentially cause breakdown of electrical medical equipment. This product
should be placed at least 1 feet away from any heart pacemaker. Radio
waves might potentially influence heart pacemaker and lead to respiratory
DO NOT use this product for any illegal activities. SecurityMan shall not be
responsible for any consequences of illegal conducts by users
Please read the following messages to make sure whether your working environment is suitable.
• Ensure there is enough space around the receiver for ventilation.
• The temperature should be kept between -20°C and 50°C (-4°F-122°F).
The relative humidity should remain from 20% to 80%.
• Avoid putting the product in places where occur might change rapidly in
temperature or humidity
• Keep it dry, dustless and avoid exposure in it directly in sunlight
• Keep product away from heat sources such as electric heater
• Do not use the camera near aggressive chemicals
• Do not place product near any magnetic objects
It might influence the normal operation of the product if used at the fringe
range of normal temperature. Please turn off the power when not in use
Do not disassemble the product.
Do not shake or stricken the product.
Do not use this camera near water - for example, near a bath tub, wash bowl,
kitchen sink or laundry tub, in a wet basement or near a swimming pool.
Please obey the local government's environment protection policy.
Package Contents
Technical Support
NiteCam2 Features
Installation Diagram
Product Basics
Installation & Setup
Camera Installation
Camera Channel Setup
Night Vision
Receiver Mode Setup
Channel set
Channel-scan set
Thank you for purchasing the NiteCam2 2.4GHz wireless indoor/outdoor bullet
color camera kit with night vision and audio. It consists of two vivid CMOS color
camera with night vision (B/W) and audio, and a compact 4-channel receiver
with sharp 380 TV lines picture display output. The camera converts video and
audio signals into radio signals and transmits them to the receiver, which then,
can be input to TV,VCR or DVR for crystal clear sound and picture to monitor
your home or business.
Package Contents
• 2 x wireless outdoor/indoor color camera (SM-202T)
and wall-mount bracket
• 1 x 4-ch 2.4GHz wireless receiver (SM-202R) and antenna
• 2 x 8V power AC adapter (for camera)
• 1 x 7.5V power AC adapter (for receiver)
• 1 x A/V cable
Technical Support
In USA, please call 1-909-230-6778 or in other areas,
e-mail us @ [email protected]
NiteCam2 Features
• Perfect for monitoring around your home or business
• Wireless video direct to TV, VCR, or DVR
• 380TV lines sharp picture display
• Built-in IR LEDs for night vision (up to 23ft)
• Weather-proof design for outdoor use
• Selectable 4-channel supports up to 3 cameras
• Built-in microphone for audio monitoring
• Up to 100 feet away indoor or 300 feet away with clear line of sight
Installation Diagram
Product Basics
Installation & Setup
Connect the adapter (DC 8V 300mA) to the camera.
Power Outlet
Set the camera to desired channel.
Connect the antenna to the receiver.
Connect the receiver to a monitor/TV with AV cable (yellow for
video and red audio). Turn on the monitor/TV and select AV mode.
Connect the power jack of adapter (DC 7.5V 300mA) to receiver.
Press the Power ON/OFF
button and the channel indicator
lights up green.
Press the Channel Select Button “CH” on the receiver until the
channel indicator matches to the channel on the corresponding
camera, and monitor/TV will display pictures.
Adjust the brightness, contrast and color of the monitor/TV
for the perfect effect.
Camera Installation
1. Locate where you would like to install the camera
Please follow the steps below to install the camera to a wall or ceiling.
1.1 Secure the three screw anchors into wall (or ceiling)
to match the hole pattern in the camera bracket
1.2 Align holes in the camera bracket and the anchors, and
secure the camera on the wall with three screws
2. Adjust the angle
2.1 Unscrew Fastener 1, adjust the camera to an appropriate
angle, and then fasten it.
2.2 Unscrew Fastener 2 to adjust the camera to an appropriate
angle, and then fasten it.
Note: If camera is being installed on to the ceiling, it is recommended to remove
the angle bar and connect the universal bracket with the camera directly.
Angle bar
Camera Channel Setup
This camera has 4 selectable channels to avoid possible interference
from other nearby wireless devices.
Night Vision
The built-in Infra-red lights in camera provide 7m night vision range for
24hrs surveillance. The Infra-red lights will be automatically activated at
night or in dark places. The picture will turn Black & White (monochrome)
in Night Vision mode.
Receiver Mode Setup
The receiver can support up to 4 cameras working at the same time.
You are allowed to set the Mode Control as described below. The
Mode Control has the precedence over other buttons.
Channel Set
You can confirm which channel is set to receive signal from corresponding camera. With this function, you could set the unused channels to
OFF, so that they will be skipped during the Manual mode or Channel
Scan mode.
Channel-scan Set
1. Manual mode: Slide Mode Control switch to M to enter Manual
mode. In this mode, the receiver channel won’t change until you
press the Channel Select Button “CH”
Channel-Scan function can also be activated by pressing and holding the
Channel Select Button "CH" for more than 5 seconds in Manual mode.
Press the Channel Select Button again to deactivate Channel-Scan function.
2. Channel Scan mode: Slide Mode Control switch to L to enter
channel scan mode. In this mode, all the available channels will display
one by one looping in turn per 5s. So you can watch the situations from
up to 4 different cameras via one receiver.
Press the Channel Select Button "CH" at the channel scan mode, the current
channel will be looped to the next channel immediately.
Slide the Mode Control switch to M to exit the channel scan mode.
Specifications of Camera (SM-202T)
Image Sensor
CMOS Total Pixels
View Angle
Minimum Illumination
Gain Control
Transmission Power
Modulation ModeBandwidth
Power Supply
Consumption Current
Unobstructed Effective Range
Night Vision Range
Operation Temperature
Storage Temperature
Operation Humidity
Weatherproof Rating
1/4-inch CMOS
510 X 492 (NTSC)
3 Lux/F2.0 & 0Lux (IR ON)
ISM 2400~2483 MHz 4CH
10mW/CE; 2mW/FCC
18MHzDC +8V 300mA
200mA (IR ON) & 90mA (IR OFF)
100m (300ft)
7m (23ft)
-10°C~50°C / 14°F~122°F
-20°C~60°C / -4°F~140°F
85% RH
Specifications of Receiver (SM-202R)
Receiving Frequency
Intermediate Frequency
Frequency Stabilization
Demodulation Mode
Local Leakage at
Input Terminal Receiving Sensitivity
Video Output
Audio Output
Power Supply
Power Consumption Current
Operating Temperature
Storage Temperature
Operating Humidity
2400MHz~2483MHz 4CH
+/- 100KHz
50ohm SMA
<-55 dBm
<-85 dBm
[email protected] S/N>38dB
[email protected]
DC +7.5V 300mA
240mA (max.)
-10°C~50°C / 14°F~122°F
-20°C~60°C / -4°F~140°F
Abnormal Phenomena
Possible Reasons/Solutions
*Check the camera / receiver
connected to power supplies,
and power on.
*Check if the channel of receiver
is corresponding to camera;
*Check the distance and blocks.
*Interfered by other sources;
*Check the distance and blocks.
*Interfered with other devices nearby;
Remove or turn off such devices.
EU Environmental Protection
Waste electrical products should not be disposed of
with household waste. Please recycle where facilities exist. Check with your Local Authority or retailer
for recycling advice.
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