Electric Mobility Eco 3 Owner`s manual

Lift & Recline Cosi Chairs
Owners Manual & Service Record
Electric Mobility Euro Limited, Canal Way, Ilminster, Somerset TA19 9DL
Telephone: 01460 258100 www.electricmobility.co.uk
Issue 1: Draft 01/09
Ambassador model shown
Electric Mobility Euro Ltd offers a range of Lift and Recline Chairs to assist disabled or other less-able persons
to be comfortably seated or to regain a standing position.
So long as your chair is maintained and operated in accordance with this manual it should last for many years,
and provide you with help and comfort when sitting or standing up.
The positioning of a recline chair is important. The moving parts must not be obstructed by walls or other
objects. Get you dealer to explain this and, if possible, position the chair correctly for you. If you have to move
the chair, refer to the instructions in the manual about positioning.
Please read this manual thoroughly before using your chair. If you have any doubts about warnings or
instructions, ask your dealer for an explanation. If you do not understand the controls make sure your dealer
explains them to your satisfaction before you use the chair.
If you think the chair may be damaged, do not use it but contact your dealer for advice.
We suggest that you keep this manual in a safe place. It contains essential information on the operation of your
hair and also includes the maintenance records.
All Electric Mobility lift and recline chairs are sold through authorised dealers. Make sure your dealer
demonstrates all the features of the product prior to, or when, it is delivered.
Cosi Chair Owner’s Manual & Service Record
Dealer information
Features and layout
Safety information
Intended use
Safety Information General Warnings
Safety Information
Positioning your chair
Remote Control
Heat and Massage
Single Motor Handset
Dual Motor Handset
Using the chair - safe seating position
Using the chair - getting into the chair
Using the chair - getting out of the chair
Hazard Areas
Battery Back-up
SmartTek™ Troubleshooting Guide
General Troubleshooting Guide
Cleaning and Maintenance
Engineers’ Check List
Additional Information
Disposal and Recycling
Guarantee & Warranty
Technical specification
Service log
Brochure request
Warranty Card – Dealer information
Dealer Information
This is your contact number
for service and support
Dealer Stamp
Product Model Number
Serial Number
Date of Purchase
For product information see serial number plate on the box section metal frame at the rear of the chair, or on
the reverse side of the handset.
Electric Mobility Euro Limited
Canal Way, Ilminster, Somerset TA19 9DL
Company Registration in England No. 2419231
Features and Layout
Photo shows the Large Ambassador Chair. See the Technical Specification for permitted maximum weights.
Dual Motor Handset
Heat and Massage
Unit Handset
Single Motor Handset
SmartTek System
Cosi Chair Owner’s Manual & Service Record
Safety Information
Read this manual thoroughly before operating the chair.
This handbook is applicable for all models.
If you have any doubt about the content of this manual phone your dealer to resolve the problem.
Please read this manual, and ensure your Chair is cleaned and serviced regularly.
Within this manual there are important safety notices. They are clearly marked with the sign (left)
Make sure that you understand all these notices. If you have any doubt, contact your dealer.
© 2009 Electric Mobility Euro Ltd.
No liability is assumed with respect to the use of any information contained in this publication. While every
precaution has been taken in the preparation of this publication Electric Mobility Euro Ltd. assumes no
responsibility for errors of omissions nor is any liability assumed for damages resulting from the use of
information contained in this publication. This publication, as well as the operational details described herein,
is subject to change without notice.
Intended use of the chair
This chair is for use by persons that need assistance getting into and out of an arm chair. Persons using it by
themselves should have sufficient body and leg strength to make the transition into and from the chair safely and
to support themselves once in the chair. If in doubt, a health professional should advise on specialist equipment
and the assistance necessary to enter and leave the chair. Should you find yourself having difficulties in using
this chair consult your dealer.
The maximum weight permitted in the chair is specified in the Technical Specification Sheet. It is important to
note that the footrest is not designed to support the full weight of a person, and that the footrest should always
be folded before you try to enter or leave the chair.
Since the lifting and rising mechanism is electrically powered, users should not permit fluids to spill onto the chair.
Chairs fitted with the massage and heating option provide relaxing vibration and gentle heat which users often find
pleasantly beneficial. However, should a user be prone to pressure sores or other conditions which might be
exacerbated by heat or vibration, then a medical professional should be asked for advice.
Safety Information
General Warnings
Warning ! The operation of Lift and Recline chairs can endanger the user, children, pets or third parties. The
chairs should always be installed and operated as instructed in this manual.
Warning ! Sitting for long periods may increase the chance of thromboses or pressure sores. You are advised to
change your position every 20 minutes and to take medical advice if prone to such conditions.
Warning ! These Chairs have been designed and tested for users up to the maximum weight recorded in the
Technical Specification. This weight should never be exceeded.
Warning ! Do not allow anyone to sit on your lap, or on an arm or on the footrest when operating the chair.
Warning ! Keep children well away from this chair when it is switched on. Never let them play with or operate
the controls. Before you operate the controls, ensure no children are close enough to suffer
pinching or crushing from either the footrest or from the raising mechanism. For the same reason
keeps pets away from the chair before you operate the controls as they may become crushed. An
optional hazard sensor system is available from your local dealer.
Warning ! Keep feet clear of the chair when it is being operated. A foot under the chair could be crushed, or
damage the chair mechanism.
Warning ! If any fluid is spilt onto the chair immediately disconnect it from the wall socket. Always wipe up any
spills immediately and ensure the remote control and the covers are dry before connecting and using
the chair. Should the chair malfunction after a spill, do not use it but contact your dealer for advice.
Warning ! Do not leave any objects down the sides of the seat cushion as they may jam the mechanism. Always
turn the chair off at the wall socket before trying to retrieve objects from under the seat cushion.
Warning ! Do not wash the chair but sponge the surfaces with a damp cloth moistened with a diluted
disinfectant cleaning agent. Water getting into the mechanism could cause it to short circuit.
Warning ! The Power lead could cause a tripping hazard. Always ensure that the lead is routed to avoid
tripping over it; use a protective cover for the lead wherever possible.
Warning ! Electro-magnetic interference, may affect the operation of this chair. Do not use mobile phones or
other electrical or electronic equipment when operating the controls. If the chair should move
without an input contact your dealer.
Warning ! Operation of electrical equipment can affect other devices. Users with pacemakers or other life
support devices should take specialist advice before using this chair.
Warning ! Never leave the chair in the raised position when it is unattended. Unintentional operation could
injure someone.
Hazard Sensing System ( Optional)
A hazard sensing system can be fitted to Electric Mobility Riser Recline chairs. This senses obstacles close to the
sides and rear of the chair, but not in the front. When the sensor is triggered, the motion of the chair is stopped.
Warning ! A pet or an obstacle could still be under the foot rest. Always check that there is nothing under the
footrest when the chair is being returned from its reclined position.
Chair Location
Warning ! This chair is heavy. Use appropriate lifting equipment or lifting techniques.
Warning ! Never position the chair so the back can touch a solid object when fully reclined. Never place anything
below the footrest, as, when this retracts it could trap the object and damage the folding mechanism.
Cosi Chair Owner’s Manual & Service Record
Warning! Your dealer should locate your chair in the position you require. It should always be installed so that
there is adequate space around it so it can recline fully without touching an obstacle.
Warning ! During a power failure, the battery back-up may be used to restore the chair from the reclined position to
the normal seated position. It does not have the capacity to raise you to the upright position.
Warning ! If you have difficulty in getting out of the chair from the normal seated position you should ensure you
always have a means of communication to hand to call for assistance in case of a malfunction of the
chair or a power failure.
Ensure that you always have a telephone within reach so that you can call for help in getting out of the chair.
Positioning Your Chair
If you wish to move the chair for cleaning or a more comfortable position make sure you follow these
instructions. Also remember to position a telephone within reach so you can call for help in an emergency.
• Make sure there is enough space behind the headrest for it to
recline fully. (See photograph).
• If the backrest hits an object such as a wall it will damage the mechanism.
• Position the power cord so there is no tripping hazard. A cord protector
should be used where the cord is exposed.
• Level the chair by adjusting the feet
• If the pile of the carpet is thick make sure the footrest does not catch
on the carpet. If it does, raise the chair by using the foot adjusters.
Remote Controls - Description
There are various types of hand controls. They depend on the model you have chosen. Before using the
controls please read the rest of this handbook, which contains important information for your safety.
Heat & Massage Handset
1. Power: Activates Massage System. To turn on, press PWR, to turn off, press PWR again. 15
and 30 minute timers: 15 minute timer: green light. Hold down PWR. 30 minute timer: amber
light. Unit may also be turned on by pressing any ZONE 1-3 key,
to restart after timer shuts off press PWR or any ZONE 1-3 key.
2. Zones: Green light indicates the active zone. 1 - Upper back, 2 - Lower back,
3 - Hip region
3. Intensity: Controls intensity during all modes, press (+) to increase and (-) to decrease.
4. Speed: Controls pulsing frequency of massage motors in PULSE mode and
controls the velocity as it cycles through in WAVE mode. Press (+) to increase and
(-) to decrease.
5. Heat: Activates heat element. Press LO (amber light) to turn low heat on, press
HI (red light) to turn on high heat. Works with massage or independently.
Incorporates a 30 minute timer. To continue after the timer shuts off, simply press
LO or HI button again.
6. Modes: Green light indicates active mode.
Zone: Lets you choose any or all zones for massage, press SELECT, press any or all
ZONE buttons to activate and press any or all ZONE buttons to cancel.
Pulse: Massage motors turn on and off to simulate a pulsing action. Press PULSE,
press any or all ZONE buttons to activate, press any or all ZONE buttons to cancel.
Wave: Massage motors move up and down in a wave-like action. Press WAVE, press
any or all ZONE buttons to activate and press any or all ZONE buttons to cancel.
Warning! Never leave the chair unattended with the power on.
Warning! Should the heating become uncomfortably hot even when on the LO setting, switch off at the
mains and contact your dealer.
Warning! Should the vibration not stop when commanded or malfunction in any way, switch off at the
mains and contact your dealer.
Cosi Chair Owner’s Manual & Service Record
Single Motor Handset
Push the left hand button and the chair will rise and
automatically stop. Push the right hand button and the chair
will lower. When the chair reaches the sitting position it will
automatically go into a recline, if you continue to press this
button the backrest will lower and the footrest will rise. The
chair will automatically stop.
If you would like to stop the chair at any time simply release the button that is
being pressed.
Warning! Never press both buttons together as this will damage your chair.
Dual Motor Handset
Back Down button - push button and backrest will recline. Feel rested by
lowering the back angle.
Back Up button - push button and backrest will rise. Feel more
comfortable while eating or watching TV.
Foot Board & Seat button - push button and footrest will rise.
This extends your legs, then raises the seat.
Foot Board & Lift button - push button and footrest will lower.
This lowers your legs then the chair lifts.
Sit & Recline Red button - push button and chair will lower. Controls
multiple features with only 1 button
Close & Lift Blue button - push button and chair will rise. Controls multiple
features with only 1 button
Using the chair - Safe seating position
The chair is a lifting device and it
is important that you are positioned
correctly in the chair when rising
and lowering. If the correct body
position is not maintained it could
damage you or the chair. The central
position should be used either in the
standing or sitting mode.
1. Correct position: Sit centrally
with arms on the chair.
2. Incorrect position: This will place excessive strain on the mechanism plus the body is unstable.
Getting into the chair
Before you operate the controls make sure that children and pets cannot
be trapped, and that the chair is not obstructed in any way.
• Stand next to the chair – press the UP/RISE button on the remote
control and raise the chair to a comfortable height.
• Position yourself in the centre of the chair, ensure you are stable and
reach back until you feel both armrests and then lower yourself onto
the seat.
• Once you are supported by the chair, press the DOWN/LOWER
button and lower yourself to the sitting position. Make sure the chair has
stopped moving then release the button.
Note. If you pass the sitting position on the chair it will automatically go into recline. Once you are in the chair
you can recline it and make yourself comfortable.
Warning! Always ensure that the castors (if fitted) are locked before getting in or out of the chair.
Warning! When the chair is in the raised position do not to drop heavily onto it but lower yourself gently.
A severe impact could damage the mechanism.
Cosi Chair Owner’s Manual & Service Record
Using the chair to stand – Getting out of the chair
Warning! Before you operate the controls make sure that children and pets cannot be trapped, and that
the chair is not obstructed in any way. Do not attempt to get out of the chair with the footrest in the raised
position; you may damage the mechanism by putting too great a weight on it.
Press the UP/RISE button and the chair will rise. Remember to keep the “Central Position”.
When you have reached a position where it is easy for you to get out, release the button.
Press the DOWN/LOWER position to lower the chair back to its conventional position.
Store the control in the pouch provided.
If you are not using the chair, it should not be left in the UP or RECLINED position. Note: When the chair is in
its sitting position you can use it as a normal piece of furniture.
Hazard Areas
Chair in
Warning! When the chair and footrest are raised, keep the indicated areas clear of pets, children, bags or
any obstruction (see diagram above).
Battery Back-Up
- not supplied
All Cosi Chair lift and recliners are
fitted with an emergency battery
back-up which is designed for one
off use during a power failure. This
battery back-up may be used to
restore the chair from the reclined
position to the normal sitting position but it does not have the capacity to raise you to the upright position.
Once you have used the back up batteries for any movement at all, they must be replaced by the recommended
batteries (see specification). It is recommended that the batteries are replaced every year whether used or not.
SmartTek™ Troubleshooting Guide
All Cosi Chair lift chairs* now have a green LED light display on the hand
control and a second green LED light display on the wire that plugs into the
transformer. If one or both of these lights are off, this will advise you that
there is a malfunction with the chair.
If both LED lights are off, you should first check that the chair is plugged into
an electrical outlet, that the fuse or breaker for that outlet is properly working,
and that all other connections are plugged together properly.
Patent Pending.
* excludes the EZ Seat
When the green LED on the transformer is not lit, it means there is a malfunction with the transformer and
it needs to be replaced. First, check the fuse in the mains plug.
When the green LED on the hand control is not lit and the chair is not working, it may mean the hand
control or extension wire is defective and needs to be replaced.
When the green LED lights on both the transformer and on the hand control are not lit, it may mean
the transformer is defective and needs to be replaced.
If both LED lights are on, and the chair runs only in one direction, the hand control is defective and
needs to be replaced.
If both LED lights are on, but the chair does not work, the motor needs to be replaced. Smartek™ enables
you and your dealer to diagnose malfunctions quickly and easily over the phone. Make sure your dealer explains
these indications to you. If in any doubt about the functioning of your chair, contact your dealer.
General Troubleshooting Guide
• Chair will not lift
1: Check the chair is plugged into an electrical outlet and that the outlet is switched on.
2: Check the cable is not damaged. Check the fuse in the plug. Check the house fuse is OK. If fuses blow
after being replaced, do not use the chair but unplug it and contact your dealer.
3: Continuous use of the chair over a short period will overheat the motor. This will trip the safety switch and
the chair will not work. Wait for 10 to 15 minutes and the switch will reset. The chair will now operate again.
If it does not contact your dealer.
• Noises: All motors hum and vibrate slightly, this is normal. There are many moving parts and you may hear
some noises when operating the chair. However, if the noise is excessive contact your dealer.
• Motor hums but will not lift: Contact your dealer, as there is a possibility of a mechanical failure.
• Motor keeps running & will not shut off: Turn power off & contact your dealer.
• Hot smells or smoke: Disconnect the chair by unplugging at the mains, take fire safety precautions and
contact your dealer.
Warning! If you are uncertain about your chair and the way it is working unplug it and contact your dealer.
Cosi Chair Owner’s Manual & Service Record
Cleaning & Maintenance
Warning! Always disconnect the chair from the mains before cleaning it, and do not reconnect it until you
are sure it is completely dry. Never allow water to get into the electrics.
Cleaning: Your chair needs regular and careful cleaning. If the fabric becomes dirty or contaminated, it should
be cleaned using a damp cloth moistened with a dilute disinfectant cleaning agent. At first try the cleaning
agent on a place that is unimportant, in case it discolours the material.
Maintenance: The chair is designed to be virtually maintenance free but we do advise your dealer to make a safety
check on the unit once every 12 months. On no account should an unqualified person work attempt any rectification
or maintenance.
Before Use Check
Before you use the chair make sure that the cable appears undamaged and it does not pose a trip hazard.
Engineers Check List
Warning! Always disconnect the chair from the mains before disassembling. If power has to be
re-connected, then there may be a hazard from electrocution.
Warning! Springs can cause injury. Be aware that the exposed parts of the mechanism may move quickly
and trap, pinch or crush fingers or limbs.
Inspect all wiring and connections in the transformer/mains unit and remote control.
Check mechanism is working correctly & is level when raising/lowering
Ensure the chair is on level ground and the feet are adjusted correctly.
Check the footrest does not touch the carpet or rug as it retracts.
There are no signs of liquid spillage on the chair – if contamination is suspected inspect the electrical
system below the seat.
The seat cushion is not worn on one side indicating incorrect positioning of the person when
The Motor is quiet.
Runners are lubricated and running true.
There is no stickiness of the mechanism when operating which could indicate damaged bearings
Nothing has be left down the sides of the armrests that may cause the chair to jam.
There are no obstructions under the chair. Check the functioning of the Hazard Sensor system (if fitted).
The backrest is unmarked – if so indicates it has been in contact with a wall or obstruction.
For chairs with the heating and massage option, check the safety of the electrical system, before checking
for correct functioning. In particular check for any cable damage, signs of over-heating and replace parts as
Check all functions of the remote control work correctly, including the functioning of the battery back up.
Replace the back-up batteries with ones meeting the specification.
Before signing for the maintenance, correct all deficiencies, replacing covers and parts as necessary.
Additional Information
Owners Manual: Replacement copies are available from: Electric Mobility Euro Ltd. Canal Way, Ilminster,
Somerset, TA19 9DL Telephone: 01460 258100.
Disposal and Recycling
When you dispose of your chair, contact your local waste disposal agency for advice. The chair must be disposed of in accordance with the local and national statutory regulations.
Guarantee and Warranty
Lifetime Frame Guarantee
Electric Mobility Euro Ltd guarantees the frame of its chairs to be free from defect in materials and workmanship
under normal use as described in this document for the lifetime of the product. Should a defect in materials or
workmanship appear, Electric Mobility Euro Ltd, will repair, or at its option, replace the frame to the original owner.
One Year Limited Warranty
Electric Mobility Euro Ltd warrants its products against defects in material and workmanship for a period of one year,
providing the products are properly assembled, operated and maintained in accordance with this Owners Manual.
This limited warranty is limited to the original purchaser. This limited warranty commences on the date of the original
retail purchase or original use, whichever occurs first, providing the warranty card is fully and correctly filled out and
returned to Electric Mobility Euro Ltd Customer Service Department within 15 days from delivery of product. If a
defective part appears within the stated limited warranty period and the purchaser has given Electric Mobility Euro
Limited immediate notice the Company will repair the part or at its option replace the part with a similar part. No
allowance will be made for repairs to any equipment without the expressed written or verbal approval of Electric
Mobility Euro Limited. Any description, specifications, samples, models, bulletins or similar materials used in connection
with the sales of Electric Mobility Euro Limited products are for the sole purpose of identifying the equipment and are
not to be construed as expressed warranties. This limited warranty applies only to the original purchaser of the
equipment and is not transferable. Electric Mobility Euro Ltd shall not be liable for special, indirect or consequential
damage. Electric Mobility Euro Ltd’s liability on any claim of any kind including negligence for any loss or damage
arising out of, connected to, or resulting from the order of the performance thereof the design, manufacture, sale,
delivery, resale, direction and instructions, inspection, repair or use of any equipment covered by or furnished by, under
this order, shall in no case exceed the price paid by the purchaser for the equipment. This limited warranty does not
cover normal maintenance service, or periodic adjustments necessitated by use or wear. Under no circumstances will
charges for labour, consequential damage or repair expense be allowed after 30 days from delivery of product.
Cosi Chair Owner’s Manual & Service Record
Technical Specification for Lift and Recliner Chairs
For a full technical specification of all of the Lift and Recliner Chair range see the relevant brochures. This page shows
weight limits of the range. Do not exceed these limits either by the weight of the person or by having pets, children or other
items on your lap when operating the chair. (All Models: For battery back-up use two high quality batteries such as Duracell
Plus 9v Alkaline MN 1604 or equivalent)
Weight limit in kg
Weight limit in lbs
Ambassador small
Ambassador medium
Ambassador large
Comforter medium
Comforter large
Comforter tall
Comforter elite medium
Comforter elite large
Comforter elite tall
Comforter 502 supreme
Royal petite
Royal medium
Comforter junior petite
All chairs comply with the Source 2 Standard applicable for domestic use. For further advice contact your local dealer.
The footrest is designed to support up to a maximum weight of 45lbs (20kg) for models with a maximum weight capacity of
up to 375lbs (170kg). For specification on other models contact your local dealer for confirmation.
Service Log
Notice for the Service Engineer.
Please make sure this part is stamped and dated after each service.
Dealer stamp - 1st Service
Dealer stamp - 2nd Service
Dealer stamp - 3rd Service
Dealer stamp - 4th Service
Dealer stamp - 5th Service
Dealer stamp - 6th Service
Dealer stamp - 7th Service
Dealer stamp - 8th Service
Cosi Chair Owner’s Manual & Service Record
Brochure Request
Do you have a friend or colleague that would be interested in an Electric Mobility product?
If so cut out this coupon and send it to the address shown on the back of the manual.
My Dealer’s Company name is:
Please can I have a free no-obligation home demonstration.
Please send me a brochure of the range of products.
My friend’s name is:
My friend’s address is:
My friend’s telephone number is:
If you are visually impaired, please contact the Company to discuss your requirements. However, you should
not drive a vehicle in a public place if you cannot see well enough to ensure your own, and others safety.
Postage will be paid by: Electric Mobility Euro Ltd., FREEPOST (SWBI 1045), Ilminster, Somerset, TA19 9ZA
Dealer Information - Warranty Card
This section is to be filled out by the Dealer and sent to Electric Mobility Euro Ltd.
Product Description:
Serial No.:
Invoice No.:
Customer Name & Address:
Telephone No.:
Date received at Dealers:
Postage will be paid by: Electric Mobility Euro Ltd., FREEPOST (SWBI 1045), Ilminster, Somerset, TA19 9ZA
Electric Mobility Euro Ltd.,
TA19 9ZA
Electric Mobility Euro Ltd.,
TA19 9ZA
Lift & Recline Cosi Chairs
Manufactured by
Electric Mobility Euro Limited, Canal Way, Ilminster, Somerset TA19 9DL
Telephone: 01460 258100 www.electricmobility.co.uk
E. and O.E. Issue 1: Draft 01/09