Use of UV Curing Adhesives Important information and instructions for the

Use of UV Curing Adhesives  Important information and instructions for the
Important information and instructions for the Use
of UV Curing Adhesives
Adhesive irritates skin and eyes. When in contact with eyes, rinse immediately and consult your doctor. When in
contact with skin, wash thoroughly with soap and water. To avoid any allergic reactions, wear protection gloves, if
Shelf life in original container cool, dry, dark location (without UV radiation), note expiration date on bottle.
Instructions for use:
Bonding surfaces must be precisely ground and polished to obtain good results.
Bonding surfaces must be absolutely clean, free of grease and dry.
Use a clean, lint-free cloth and suitable cleaner.
Recommendation: Bohle special cleaner art. No 51 079 10
Heat parts before bonding to make sure there is no residual moisture. Use a hot air fan to do so.
Join bonding parts tension-free (=without pressure). If necessary, use VERIFIX suction holders.
Apply adhesive with appropriate dispensing needle avoiding any air bubbles in a sufficient but not excessive
Depending on the viscosity, the adhesive has to be applied before joining the parts or will enter into the
bonding gap by the capillary action.
Important: the thinner the layer of adhesive, the stronger the bond!
Use only suitable UV lamps for curing. Lamp must be held vertically and as close as possible to the bonding
Pre-cure the bond (depending on the intensity of the lamp between 10 sec. and approx. 2 min.)
Remove any fixation aids and clean off excess adhesive. Use glass scraper or steel wool and suitable UV
To end-cure the bond expose again to UV light: depending on the lamp between 60 sec. to approx. 5 min.
When unsure about ideal bonding conditions always do trials first.
All data refer to transparent, UV light permeable float glass. Bonding special glasses may result in a reduced strength
of the bond or they cannot be bonded at all. When bonding metal parts, these should preferably be uncoated (chrome,
nickel, lacquer): Stainless steel is especially suitable.
Disclaim of liability:
The preceding information as well as any technical recommendation given in writing, verbally or based on tests are
provided to the best of our knowledge. However, they are non-binding recommendations only and do not affect your
responsibility to determine the correctness of given recommendations and suitability of the product for your particular
The application, use or processing of our products as well as the production of products based on our technical
recommendations are beyond our control and therefore fall exclusively in your area of responsibility. Sales of our
products are effected according to our most up-dated General Sales and Delivery Conditions.
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