80% Efficient Gas Furnace A802V

80% Efficient Gas Furnace A802V
Variable Speed
Gas Furnace
80% Efficient Gas Furnace
featuring two-stage heat and variable speed air
Just listen to how quiet it is
Variable Speed Blower: Motor ramps up and down slowly as needed, providing extremely
quiet operation.
Insulated Cabinet: Prevents loss of warm air while reducing the noise from the motor.
Anti-Vibration Blower Assembly: Reduces noise typically associated with starts and stops.
We set the new standard
for durability
Sealed Blower Door: Reduces air noise.
Burner Enclosure: Reduces burner noise.
Aluminized Heat Exchanger: Resists corrosion and
maintains long-lasting performance.
Clamshell Heat Exchanger: Designed to provide quiet
start-up and even temperatures.
100% Run-Tested in Factory: Each unit undergoes a
thorough rigorous inspection and performance test before
leaving the factory.
Save energy and save money
Up to 80% AFUE* Rating: The higher the AFUE rating, the more you will save on
energy costs. If you have an older model furnace, you could save significantly on
your energy bills by upgrading to a new, higher AFUE rated unit**.
Variable Speed Blower: In the constant “fan on” mode, the variable speed motor
helps lower electric bills by using 2/3rds less energy over standard motors. It will
also increase the efficiency of a properly matched central cooling system.
You deserve the credit
A decision you will be comfortable with
Two-Stage heat: Eliminates temperature swings with longer,
gentler heat cycles by running at low capacity during mild
weather, saving you fuel and money. Automatically switches over
to full capacity to keep you warm on colder days.
Variable Speed Blower: The variable speed motor delivers even
air flow for the ultimate in comfort and humidity control. Humidity
in the home can be controlled actively with a “humidity control”
featured thermostat or programmed into the furnace control
board to passively remove additional moisture when used with an
adjoining central cooling system.
This unit qualifies under the 2% electrical consumption incentive.
Please visit www.energystar.gov for additional details.
* Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency (AFUE) is a measure of a furnace’s efficiency and performance.
The higher the AFUE rating, the lower your fuel costs. Typical furnace ratings range from 80% to 95%.
** Savings vary depending on use, geography, lifestyle, maintenance, installation and other factors.
Warranty provides for a total of 10 years of limited warranty
coverage (Standard 5-year limited parts warranty plus an
additional 5-year limited extended parts warranty). Limited
extended warranty must be registered within 60 days to qualify
for 10-year coverage. Unregistered equipment defaults to
standard 5-year coverage. See full warranty at www.alliedair.com
for terms, conditions, and exclusions.
Heat exchanger warranties are standard 20 year limited warranties, but if registered will increase to limited lifetime warranty on
qualified installations.
Dual Fuel Compatible
For even greater efficiency, this furnace can be paired
with an electric heat pump. Called a Dual Fuel System,
this combination minimizes heating costs by seamlessly
alternating between the two energy sources, depending
on outdoor conditions.
AA802V-300 (8/10)
Two-Stage Heat
Armstrong Air Reliability
All of our units are 100% factory run tested before they are
delivered to our customers. Our heat exchanger life cycle testing
exceeds the minimum ANSI requirement standards by three times.
a Lennox International Inc. Company
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