REVISED Appendix C: Response to Technical Requirements RFB #

REVISED Appendix C: Response to Technical Requirements RFB #
REVISED Appendix C: Response to Technical Requirements
Dated Monday, June 29, 2009
RFB # 27960-SR: Statewide Open Plan
Systems and Private Office Furniture
Technical Requirements
Instructions: Bidder must indicate whether they do comply/agree or do not comply/agree with each requirement in the
appropriate columns.
All requirements in this section are mandatory and the bidder must meet them. The following requirements must be met at no
additional cost to the State. Conditions of the RFB that include the word “must” or “shall” describe a mandatory requirement.
All specifications are defined as mandatory minimum requirements unless otherwise stated.
Failure to meet a mandatory requirement will disqualify your bid.
Technical Requirement
Bidder must be in the business of providing open plan systems and/or
private office furniture and must have done so for, at a minimum, the past
five (5) years.
Bidder must be the original manufacturer.
Dealers of the original manufacturer may not respond to this RFB. Any
bid response that is submitted by a dealer shall not be considered for
Contract award.
The successful bidder (Contractor) must be prepared to offer the
manufacturer’s standard warranty for all products.
Bidder guarantees its products to be free from defect in materials and
workmanship, given normal use and care, over the period of the
manufacturer’s warranty.
Bidder must agree to repair and/or replace without charge (including
freight both ways) to Authorized Users any product or part thereof that
proves to be defective or fails within the warranty period as specified.
All products shall be manufacturer's current production products and/or
be manufactured as a customized (“custom”) product.
All products must be new unless otherwise agreed to in writing by the
Authorized User.
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