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FastForward User Guide
Nokia 6340, 6340i Phones
Thank you for purchasing Cingular’s FastForward. Now you
can easily forward incoming calls made to your Cingular Wireless
mobile phone to your existing home or work phone.
This user guide will provide you with everything you need
to know to set up and enjoy the convenience of seamless
call forwarding from your mobile to another location.
There are numerous other benefits too. They are shared
throughout this guide.
The phone book within your compatible handset
must be set up prior to using the FastForward device.
Quick Start
1. Plug the power supply into the back of the FastForward device
and insert into an electrical outlet. WARNING: Do not plug the
FastForward power connector directly into your handset.
This could potentially damage your handset.
2. Place the device on a convenient flat surface with good
wireless coverage.
3. Create a new phone book entry in your mobile phone with the
name “Cf1”
see page 7 for complete instructions.
4. In the Cf1 entry location, store the phone number for the location
to which you would like incoming mobile calls forwarded.
– If you are setting up at home, use your home number or a
distinctive ring number. (In order for distinctive ring feature to
properly work, the distinctive ring number must be programmed
into your phone book as the phone number you would like to
forward to.)
5. Place the Cf Selector Switch, located on the bottom of the device,
into the Cf1 position.
6. The phone must be turned on for call forwarding to work.
To Start Call Forwarding:
- Simply insert your phone into the FastForward device.
- The Forward indicator on the device will illuminate indicating
your incoming wireless calls are now forwarded.
NOTE: Any unanswered FastForward call will be treated as a normal landline
call is treated today.
To Cancel Call Forwarding:
- Press the Cancel button on the front of the FastForward device.
- The Forward indicator will extinguish after several seconds.
- You may now remove your mobile phone. (In order for the
FastForward device to work properly, the handset should
be turned on and not engaged with an active call when placed
on the FastForward device or while canceling call forward.)
That’s it! Your FastForward is now ready for use.
Features of FastForward
Using Your FastForward
Setting Up Your Nokia Wireless Phone
Setting Up a 2nd FastForward
Making Calls on Your Handset While Call Forwarded
Canceling Call Forwarding from Your Handset
Warning Alerts
Frequently Asked Questions
Additional Support
Power Connector
*Indicates calls
are forwarded
*Supplies electricity
to device
(Do not plug directly
into your mobile phone)
*Informs that
attention is
Mobile Phone
*Syncs handset with
Cf Selector Switch
(on bottom)
*Deactivates call
Bottom View
*Normally set to Cf1
(See page 8/9 for details
of configuring 2nd or 3rd
FastForward device.)
Using FastForward
Setting Up Your Wireless Phone
FastForward allows you to forward your incoming wireless calls to
your local home or work number. It’s simple to use and easy to set
up. Once you’ve established and set up your forwarding numbers
(see page 7), just insert your wireless phone into the device cradle
and your calls are now forwarded. To cancel call forward, simply
press the Cancel button wait for the Forward indicator to extinguish
and remove the handset from the cradle.
1. Select NAMES in handset menu
2. Scroll to ADD ENTRY, press SELECT
3. Using the phone's key pad with corresponding alphabet letters,
key in the following location named Cf1
• Press the “2” key 3 times “ 2 2 2 ” until “C” appears
• Press the “3” key 3 times “ 3 3 3 ” until “f” appears
• Press the “1” key 7 times “ 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 ” until the
number “1” appears
4. Select OK
5. Enter the phone number to the telephone that you would like your
mobile phone calls forwarded to:
For example, you are setting up the device in your house and
your home telephone number is 404-777-4444. Using the key
pad, enter:
• 4 0 4 7 7 7 4 4 4 4
• Press OK
For example, when you walk in the door at home, insert your
Cingular Wireless mobile phone into the device, and calls that
would have gone to your wireless phone will now ring all
telephones in your home.
When leaving your home, simply press the Cancel button on
the device and incoming mobile calls are redirected to your
mobile phone. FastForward works the same way when you’re
forwarding wireless calls to your office number.
FastForward is compatible with the Nokia 6340 and 6340i series
of phones from Cingular.
(In order for distinctive ring feature to properly work, the distinctive
ring number must be programmed into your phone book as the
phone number you would like to forward to.)
See page 8 for instructions on setting up your phone to support a 2nd
and 3rd FastForward device. That’s it! Your phone is now ready to use
with your FastForward device.
NOTE: The length of time to call forward depends on the total number of entries
within the phone book. Please allow a few moments for the phone book to
synchronize and locate the Cf entry.
Setting Up A 2nd FastForward
You may want to purchase a second FastForward for use at your
office to forward your wireless calls to your business number.
Follow the instructions below to set up additional devices.
1. Select NAME
2. Scroll to ADD ENTRY, press SELECT
3. Using the same instructions for setting up your first device,
key in Cf2 for your second device
• Press the “2” key 3 times “ 2 2 2 ” for “C”
• Press the “3” key 3 times “ 3 3 3 ” for “f”
• Press the “2” key 4 times “ 2 2 2 2 ” for 2
5. Now, enter the phone number where you want your mobile phone
calls forwarded to:
For example, you are setting up the second device
in your office and your work telephone number is
404-555-2345. Using the phone’s key pad, enter:
• 4 0 4 5 5 5 2 3 4 5
Verify that Cf2 is present in the phone book and that the desired
telephone number is programmed in the mobile‘s phone book.
6. For the second device, slide the Cf Selector Switch
(located on the bottom of the device) to the second position.
Your second device is now ready to use.
7. Another device may be set up to forward wireless phone calls
while at a vacation home or lake house. To set up your third
FastForward device and location, follow the same steps as
above using Cf3. Your mobile phone can work with up to
three FastForward devices.
4. Select OK
Making Mobile Calls While Call Forwarded
You may still place outgoing calls from your wireless phone
while your incoming calls are forwarded to another number.
Simply remove the wireless phone from the FastForward base
without pressing the Cancel button. The FastForward base will
sound and flash an alert to remind you that incoming calls are
still forwarded. You may now place outgoing calls as normal.
This feature is great when the kids are on the home phone and
you need to make a call. When you have completed your call,
simply replace the handset back into the base. As always, when
you are ready to remove the handset and wish to stop forwarding
calls, press the Cancel button and allow the Forward indicator to
extinguish before removing the handset.
Canceling Call Forwarding From Your
Wireless Phone
Canceling call forwarding is easy. Just press the Cancel button on
the front of the FastForward device and wait for the Forward
indicator to extinguish before removing the handset.
If your wireless phone is removed from the device without pressing
the Cancel button, your wireless calls are still forwarded to the number
you indicated. You can still cancel call forwarding from your wireless
phone. If you have the Nokia 6340, select Menu on your headset,
quickly entering 4 3 1 8 to get to the correct screen and selecting
Cancel All Call Forwarding.
If you have the Nokia 6340i, select Menu on your handset, quickly
entering 4 3 1 . “Forward all voice calls” will appear in the screen,
press Select. Scroll to Cancel. Press Select.
When you arrive back at the FastForward device, the Forward
indicator may still be illuminated. You may simply insert your
mobile phone to re-establish call forwarding or press the Cancel
button to extinguish the Forward indicator.
NOTE: GSM call forwarding indicator on your handset may not correlate with the
Forward indicator on your FastForward device.
Warning Alerts
FastForward provides visual and audio warnings to alert you to
conditions requiring your attention.
• The FastForward device will rapidly flash the ! indicator and
sound a high-low alert for 3 seconds if the mobile phone is
removed without pressing the Cancel button – This alerts you
that the phone is still call forwarded – Simply replace the phone
in the device, press the Cancel button, and the Forward indicator
will extinguish, indicating that call forwarding is deactivated and
you may remove the mobile phone.
• The FastForward device will slowly flash the ! indicator and sound
a low alert for 5 seconds if there is no Cf1, Cf2, or Cf3 programmed
into the mobile phone – verify the Cf programming of the mobile
phone and verify the position of the Cf switch on the bottom of the
device. Please ensure that the phone number has been stored into
the phone memory and not the SIM.
• The FastForward device will flash the ! indicator in an “On, On,
Off” pattern and sound a high alert for 5 seconds if there is an
issue with the device communicating with the mobile phone or
the wireless network – verify that the mobile phone is turned
on, there is good coverage, there is not an active call, and try
re-inserting the mobile phone.
• The ! indicator on the front provides visual warning while an
internal speaker provides audio indications.
Frequently Asked Questions
Q: How many FastForward devices can I have with each
wireless phone?
A: Up to three devices can be supported for each
wireless phone.
Q: Will my wireless phone ring when placed in FastForward?
A: When your handset is placed on the device cradle and
the Forward indicator is on, the handset will not ring. All
incoming wireless calls will now ring the forwarded number
you’ve indicated. Also, if you remove your handset without
pressing the Cancel button, your wireless phone will not
ring. Until the Cancel button is pressed with the mobile
phone inserted into the device cradle, all wireless calls
are still forwarded.
Q: How do I cancel call forward from my FastForward cradle?
A: To cancel call forward with the mobile phone inserted into
the device cradle, press the Cancel button, wait for the
Forward indicator to extinguish and then remove the phone
from the cradle. (Pressing the Cancel button after the
wireless phone has been removed will not deactivate call
forwarding. The Cancel button must be pressed before
removing the phone.)
Q: Can I forward my calls to a long-distance number?
A: No, wireless calls may only be forwarded to local
landline numbers.
Q: Can I use any wireless phone in conjunction
with FastForward?
A: No, only select Cingular Wireless phones can be used.
See back of manual for compatible handsets.
One -Year Limited Warranty
What Is Covered: Cingular Wireless warrants to the first retail purchaser of this wireless accessory
that should this product or any part be proved defective in materials or workmanship, from the
date of proof of purchase for a period of one (1) year, then it will be subject to the terms of this
one-year limited warranty. Such defects will be repaired, replaced or credit issued at Cingular’s
option, without charge for parts or labor directly related to the defect. Limitations and Exclusions:
This warranty does not apply to any cost incurred for removal or reinstallation, or to any product
or part thereof which has suffered through normal wear and tear, alteration, improper installation,
physical abuse, misuse, neglect or accident. Nor does it cover defects caused by shipment to
a Cingular Wireless service center, or repair or service of the product by anyone other than a
Cingular Wireless service center. Damage resulting from an act of God, including but not limited
to fire, flood, earthquake and other natural disasters, will be excluded. This limited warranty
is in lieu of all other warranties, express or implied either in fact or by operations of
law, statutory or otherwise, including, but not limited to, any implied warranty of
merchantability or fitness for a particular use. Cingular Wireless does not authorize any
other person to assume any liability beyond the warranty herein described. In no event,
whether based in contract or tort, shall Cingular Wireless be liable for incidental, consequential,
indirect, special, or punitive damages of any kind resulting from the use of this product,
including interrupted or incomplete phone calls, or arising out of any breach of this warranty.
In no event shall Cingular Wireless be liable for damage in excess of the purchase price.
Additional Support
For answers to questions or help in setting up or using your
FastForward, please contact Cingular Wireless at:
• *611 from your wireless phone
• 1-866-CINGULAR (1-866-246-4852)
Nokia Phones Supported
Mobile phone requires a Cingular Service Plan
ACC BR P 0803 0115 E
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