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Samsung GALAXY Tab3 (7.0, 8.0, 10.1)
Transform your business with best-in-class tablets
The ultimate choice for enterprise
Transform the way you do business with bestin-class tablets
It is vital for businesses to choose the right tablet device
with the specialized capabilities, such as variance in
screen sizes, performance and versatile features to satisfy
the requirements for different usage. Samsung provides
a spectrum of form factors and functionality to provide
enterprises more options for tablets. As a leader in mobile
technology, Samsung has managed to bring forth innovative
smart tablets with the performance and versatility that
businesses are looking for.
Today’s fast-paced, global business world necessitates
a shift towards the creation of seamless business
environments to ensure the productivity and efficiency that
businesses need for success.
The flexibility and responsiveness mobile devices bring to
the workplace have made them critical tools for enhancing
businesses productivity. They allow business professionals
constant access to their work while significantly improving
mobility. Now employees can access business data on
mobile devices at any location any time to quickly respond
to fast-changing business needs.
Introducing Samsung GALAXY Tab3 series – because
one size does not fit all
Samsung GALAXY Tab3 7.0 is compact and slim yet
still powerful enough to perform your business tasks.
It emphasizes communication features allowing for
collaboration anywhere.
With the transition of smartphones replacing conventional
phones in the workplace, enterprise mobility has been
mainly focusing on incorporating these small yet powerful
phones into their business. However businesses may find
the compact size of smartphones unsuitable in certain
instances allowing for other bigger screen form factors of
equal power to find a place in the business use cases.
Samsung GALAXY Tab3 8.0 provides more performance
while balancing one-hand portability. Both lightweight and
slim, it has a wide screen for optimal viewing and advanced
sound to provide crisp clear sound. Several multimedia
options make multitasking convenient and easy.
Uniquely combining the portability of mobile devices with
the capabilities enabled by larger screen, tablets have
become a solution for enterprise needs by enhancing
business operations. With exceptional traits such as large
viewing capabilities compared to smartphones as well
as their relatively thin and light shape along with added
portability compared to PCs, the tablet has become the
form factor of choice for many businesses and is forecasted
to be 30% of all enterprise end-user mobile device
purchases excluding smartphones by 2016.1
Samsung GALAXY Tab3.10.1 has the largest screen of
the tab series along with a slim and sleek design. With a
1.6 GHz dual processor it has the power to perform more
complicated tasks such as creating documents. Faster
wireless network connectivity ensures efficient video
conferencing, file sharing and other forms of collaboration.
More and more companies in various industries are proving
the new ways that business users can work with tablets. A
broad set of uses includes general productivity, sales, field
service and support, management, healthcare, and others.
Figure 1. Samsung GALAXY Tab3 comes in three different models to satisfy
specific usage needs.
Boost productivity with smart features.
Boost productivity with efficiency enhancing
Maximum productivity with smart usability features
Tablet can be much more than just an email and document
viewer. Samsung GALAXY Tab3 comes with the features
that will support you in a myriad ways to bolster your
competitive edge at work. Use multitasking, collaboration
functions and an improved user interface to create a
convenient multimedia experience.
Samsung’s innovative tablet devices come equipped with
features that enable users to communicate with ease no
matter where they are. These features provide business
professionals with the convenience to be more productive
by creating a flexible work environment and helping them
in promptly delivering and sharing relevant and useful
Dual View. Run multiple applications such as email,
web browsing or Office documents while viewing two
screens at the same time. You can get a full view of a
document with a glance without needing to switch back
and forth between two screens.
Pop-up Video. Perform business tasks while watching
video simultaneously. With a small pop up screen, users
don’t have to miss a scene while getting work done.
Group play. Collaborate with other business users
via wireless connection to share files, documents and
notes and create content, as well as have the ability to
have non-scheduled “pop up” meetings.
Reading Mode. Read business documents for
prolonged periods of time without worrying about
eye strain and improve work productivity by having
automatic optimal adjustments to your screen.
Create flexibility and enhance performance
Business professionals need to be able to communicate
and share quickly and efficiently no matter where they are.
Samsung GALAXY Tab3 devices make it easy for business
users to connect and collaborate by supporting various
solutions partnered with a wide range of leading solution
Corporate email, calendar and contract. Business
professionals can use corporate emails, calendars,
and contacts with Samsung GALAXY Tab3’s enhanced
support for Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync® (EAS).
The communication protocol on Samsung GALAXY
Tab3 devices is designed to synchronize emails and
schedules between messaging server and mobile
devices, and comes with more extensive support and
advanced features.
Polaris Office. Polaris Office gives you all the tools
you need to work without being tied to your desk. You
can use your tablet to create, edit and view Microsoft®
Office, Excel and PowerPoint files with full usability
features of PCs. This goes for both Microsoft 2007 and
1997, 2003 Office making Polaris highly compatible.
Access or back up your documents anywhere by saving
files to online cloud storage where you can access them
again anytime. Customized toolbars make the most
important functions accessible on the tablets.
BYOD solutions for enterprise. Partnered with a wide
range of industry-leading solution providers, Samsung
offers a robust set of solutions for enterprise mobility,
such as Cisco WebEx for unified communication,
AgreeYa Onvelop for increased collaboration, and SAS
Mobile BI for smart business intelligence.
Figure2. Samsung GALAXY Tab3 increases flexibility and productivity with
innovative features to support business.
Enhance business capabilities with
higher performance and protection.
Bolster business capabilities with higher
Protect your business information with
advanced security
When working mobile or out in the field, tablet performance
becomes even more important for business professionals
as they need fast and steady connectivity to a network to
continue to perform business activities. These needs can be
met with Samsung GALAXY Tab3 tablets which have been
built with mobile business productivity and performance in
Businesses are persistently challenged with the threat
of corporate data leakage and malware attacks. With
the adoption of BYOD security and employee device
management become even more vital to protecting business
information. They must constantly keep up with the threat
which advances and evolves as technology does. Samsung
innovates and designs their tablet to be safe and well
protected against security threats.
Powerful processor. Samsung GALAXY Tab3 features
a powerful processor and expandable memory which
can support fast and seamless multitasking of business
activities including web browsing, file transfer and
collaborative communications.
High resolution. With WXGA resolution that provides
vivid brilliant displays for business, business
professionals can have a comfortable viewing
experience while performing tasks.
Enhanced cameras. A group video conference can be
enhanced with two cameras on the front and rear and
SoundAlive/Dolby Surround for clear dialogue volume.
Faster connectivity. Bluetooth 4.0 connects 20 times
faster than ever with only a fraction of the power
consumption. Transactions and connections for
accessing data can be accelerated with WiFi Channel
Bonding feature.
Location based Service. Enhanced GPS with
GLONASS ensures location-based services.
Virtual Private Network. Securely connect to the
corporate network from anywhere. Samsung is the first
company to provide SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) VPN
(Virtual Private Network) with major ISVs for the Android
platform along with standard VPN connectivity, which
provides mobiles with behind the fire-wall access for a
secure connection from anywhere as well as application
of IPSec without limitation.
On Device Encryption. Samsung ODE (On Device
Encryption) uses a FIPS 140-2 validated encryption,
making it the first FIPS 140-2 certified solution for
Android-enabled devices. The high level of device
encryption ensures protection from unauthorized
data access to all data with more efficient and faster
encryption with File Level Encryption and Selectable
Mobile Device Management. To ensure up-to-date
security of employee devices, IT professionals need
solutions that can effectively monitor, control and
manage devices. Samsung GALAXY Tab3 devices work
with enterprise-preferred Mobile Device Management
(MDM) solutions to provide industry-leading security
and management controls.
Tablet that fits your business needs.
Tablets designed for different business
Samsung GALAXY Tab3 8.0 – Best-in-class portability
with more power
Samsung GALAXY Tab3 offers an array of models that are
equipped with a specific set of features, which are optimized
for various types of businesses. Choose Samsung GALAXY
Tab3 model that best suits your role and the industry you
work in, and ensure your business usage and needs are
Productivity with Smart Usability. Increase
productivity by allowing users to multitask through the
use of 2 window screens displayed with the Dual View
feature, or running a Pop-up Video to watch a video
while getting other tasks done. In addition, using Group
Play, multiple users can share and create content
together with ease. Doing all these tasks becomes
easier to the eye with Reading Mode that automatically
adjusts the screen to optimal reading conditions to
prevent eye strain.
Best-in-class Portability. With a stunning 7.4mm thin
size at 314g Samsung GALAXY Tab3 8.0 offers the best
hand-held grip for the employees allowing them to feel
secure taking their Tab3 8.0 with them everywhere they
go. The slimmer bezel ensures maximum screen space
for the optimal viewing experience.
Exceptional Performance. Experience high speeds, a
brilliant display and great sound with a high performing
Samsung GALAXY Tab3 8.0 equipped with 1.5 GHz
Dual Core Processor, 1.5GB RAM, WXGA resolution,
Samsung SoundAlive, and Dolby Surround.
Samsung GALAXY Tab3 8.0 balances portability with
performance. Both lightweight and slim it has a wide screen
for optimal viewing and an enhanced audio system for crisp
clear sound. With various multimedia options at the users
disposal multitasking is convenient and easy.
Samsung GALAXY Tab3 7.0 – Compact tablet for business
It is designed for mobility with its compact and slim design
though still powerful enough to perform your business
tasks. It emphasizes communication features allowing for
collaboration anywhere.
Enhanced Communicating tools. Samsung GALAXY
Tab3 7.0 also helps make and receive calls with good
quality sound and utilize Bluetooth capabilities for the
convenience. With features like Google+ Hangouts and
ChatON, users can stay in touch with colleagues or
friends for work and play.
Comfortable fit in the Hand. A Slimmer and narrower
9.9mm design allows users to feel secure when holding
Samsung GALAXY Tab3 7.0 in their hands. Its ultra-light
weight at 300g is designed primarily for the comfort of
the user.
Up-to-date technology. Though compact, Samsung
GALAXY Tab3 7.0 offers a smooth user experience
as it is powered by a 1.2 GHz Dual Core Processor.
Two high quality cameras make video chatting and
taking photos of important business events and
meetings easier and more efficient so business users
can collaborate and document important activities.
Additionally, WiFi Channel Bonding connections allow
for the use of 2 channels to accelerate data and data
transfers for even faster performance.
Figure 4. Samsung GALAXY Tab3 8.0 combines a perfect balance of portability
and performance.
Figure 3. Samsung GALAXY Tab3 7.0 comes in a slim and sleek design for
maximum mobility and convenience.
Tablet fine-tuned for every business
Samsung GALAXY Tab3 10.1 – Fine-tuned for business
Samsung GALAXY Tab3 10.1 boasts the largest screen of
the tab series along with a slim sleek design. It’s ideal for
showcasing sales presentation content in a compelling way
and working on a document such as spread sheet. With a
powerful processor and faster wireless network connectivity,
tasks can be performed quickly and more efficiently.
Large screen with Suitable Portability. While still
providing a large 10.1” screen, the new Samsung
GALAXY Tab3 10.1 offers a lighter, slimmer, and sleeker
design. Its large screen allows employees to more
effectively make presentations in client meetings and
read document files. The 7.95mm slim design takes up
little space and with a weight of 510g the tablet is easy
to hold.
Elevated Business Experience. With Tab3 10.1
powered by 1.6 GHz Dual Processor, business users
can perform tasks seamlessly and at accelerated
speeds. Enhanced cameras ensure high quality video
conferencing abilities while faster WiFi connectivity
enables quick and easy communication. Bluetooth 4.0
and enhanced GPS with GLONASS ensure that this
tablet is equipped for fast file transfers and locationbased services.
Figure 5. Samsung GALAXY Tab3 10.1 boasts a large screen and suitable
portability, ideal for presenting information and detailed images.
Enhance your business with tablets in
every scenario.
Business Scenario
Providing the high performance and the portability to carry
out business tasks for a seamless workflow, Samsung
GALAXY Tab3 can serve as an effective tool for enhancing
productivity in any industry and business.
Reception. Guests can use Samsung GALAXY Tab3 to
check into the hotel as they arrive in the reception area.
Guests’ preferences may be newly entered or applied
from the information on previous visits.
Guestroom. Tablets can provide entertainment or
information about the hotel or the local area in the
comfort of their rooms. The tablets may be equipped
with remote management solutions that enable guests
to control room functions such as lighting and TV.
Facility management. For hoteliers, tablets can
help meet the needs of multiple guests faster, and
keep the facility in top-quality condition with effective
management solutions and swift communication with
Work away from the desk. Employees can download,
send, and edit documents while away from the desk
or office using the powerful performance and smooth
connectivity of Samsung GALAXY Tab3.
Conferences. Meetings no longer have to occur with
loads of paper documents to brief through. Employees
can use Samsung GALAXY Tab3 to share and discuss
the same material on individual screens.
Business sales. For sales personnel, the tab can be
used to present sales material to customers in any
location. They can then explain the strengths of their
products using multiple media such as images, videos,
and websites.
Classroom. Tablets provide students with the dynamic
interaction that conventional textbooks cannot provide.
Samsung GALAXY Tab3 is the perfect medium to
deliver educational content and encourage students’
participation in the classroom with collaborative
At home. With Samsung GALAXY Tab3, homework no
longer is a tedious chore. With rich content, out-of-class
studies can continue to be fun for students. Plus, the
Tab can expand educational opportunities for students
who have difficulty in attending school.
Sales at the store. For retailers, tablets can become
e-catalogs that engage customers and increase sales
opportunities for merchandise, even those that are not
physically showcased at the store. Payment is highly
flexible with the functionality of mobile POS.
Restaurants. Tablets can take the place of menu
boards, vividly displaying food items and providing
customers with the nutritional information.
Inventory management. Retailers can efficiently
keep track of their stock in real-time using inventory
management solutions on Samsung GALAXY Tab3.
Banking window. Customers can receive market
information and view their finances in real-time. Also,
bank tellers can explain the benefits of investment
products to customers using graphs and images.
Branch management. Bankers can manage and
relocate financial resources and assets in accordance
with the fluctuations in the economy.
Administration. Teachers and school administration
can manage classroom and student information
efficiently with Samsung GALAXY Tab3.
Diagnosis. Healthcare staff can provide patients with
fast and accurate diagnosis by accessing the patients’
information efficiently on the tablet, and quickly sharing
and viewing medical information.
Hospital management. Using tablets to manage
medicine and equipment inventory, hospital wards, and
patient and staff information, staff can respond quickly
to provide high quality medical care.
Samsung GALAXY Tab3 Series
Samsung Enterprise Mobility Portfolio
Software Development Kit
Samsung Enterprise SDK
• Advanced add-on APIs enable businesses to develop their own enterprise applications with access control functionality
• High-level security providing protection for employees’ mobile devices and corporate data
• A variety of SDKs available on the Samsung Developer site help businesses easily find the right SDKs and develop applications
Microsoft EAS (Exchange ActiveSync)
IBM Lotus Notes
A communication protocol designed for the synchronization of emails, contacts
and calendars between a messaging server and mobile devices enabling
seamless connection to business functions
A push email solution providing quick access to email, calendars, address
books, journals and to-do lists for Lotus Notes mobile users
UC&C (Unified Communications & Collaboration)
Cisco Jabber
Cisco WebEx
A communication tool that streamlines communication and enhances
productivity with integrated IM, voice, video, voice messaging, desktop sharing
and conferencing
A web conferencing application designed to address a wide variety of
collaboration needs for meeting, training, marketing, events and support
AgreeYa Mobility Onvelop
Samsung Conference Call
The only UC&C platform that brings together Microsoft technologies
SharePoint® and Lync® under a single mobile client solution
A global audio conference application with simple set-up and join-in process on
Business Intelligence
SAS Business Intelligence
A BI solution that provides users with the ability to locate and access company BI reports, KPIs and dashboards to quickly and easily gain a deeper analytical understanding
of business performance
Samsung Mobile Care Pack
Extended Warranty Service
Advanced Exchange Service
Warranty service extending the service period within the standard service
warranty scope
A device exchange service that helps customers to continue doing business with
an extra buffer stock of devices, ensuring that business continues while a broken
or damaged device is being repaired
Accidental Damage Care Service
Remote Care Service
Repair services for damages caused by various types of accidents that are
typically not covered under a basic warranty. Damages include breakage, water
damage, electrical surges and drops
Samsung device care service that eliminates the need for a customer to visit
a service center, providing customers with access to services virtually anytime
through a Samsung call center or service website
Samsung GALAXY Tab3 Series
Samsung GALAXY Tab3 7.0
Samsung GALAXY Tab3 8.0
Samsung GALAXY Tab3 10.1
7” WSVGA (1024 x 600, 169PPi) TFT
8.0” WXGA (1280 x 800, 189 ppi) TFT
10.1” WXGA (1280 x 800, 149 ppi) TFT
Marvell PXA986 (1.2 GHz Dual Core
Pega-D (1.5GHz Dual Core Processor)
CP : XMM 6262
AP : Clovertrail+ (1.6 GHz Dual Core
LTE : XMM 7160
Camera / Flash
1GB (RAM) + 8/16GB memory
1.0GB (RAM) + 16/32GB memory
1.0GB (RAM) + 16/32GB memory
Micro SD (up to 32GB)
MicroSD (up to 64GB)
MicroSD (up to 64GB)
3MP FF + 1.3MP
5MP FF+1.3MP
3MP FF + 1.3MP
MicroUSB (11pin, USB2.0), 3.5pie Ear jack
MicroUSB (11pin, USB2.0), 3.5pie Ear jack
Micro USB(11pin, USB2.0), 3.5mm Ear jack
Wireless Connectivity
WiFi 802.11 a/b/g/n
WiFi 802.11 a/b/g/n
WiFi 802.11 a/b/g/n
(2.4 & 5 GHz, Ch. bonding),
(2.4 & 5 GHz, Ch. bonding),
(2.4 & 5 GHz, Ch. bonding),
WiFi Direct, BT 3.0
WiFi Direct, BT 4.0
WiFi Direct, BT 4.0
Dimension, Weight
111.1 x 188.0 x 9.9 mm, 300 g
123.8 x 209.8 x 7.4 mm, 314 g
243.1 x 176.1 x 7.95 mm, 510 g
4,000 mAh
4,450 mAh
6,800 mAh
OS / Upgrade
Android OS 4.1.2 (Jelly Bean)
Android OS 4.2 (Jelly Bean)
Android OS 4.2 (Jelly Bean)
Messaging & SNS
Google+, Google Talk, ChatON, Gmail
Google+, Google Talk, ChatON, Gmail
Google+, Google Talk, ChatON, Gmail
Google Maps
Google Maps
Google Maps
Other Services & Applications
Google Play Store, Samsung Apps,
Samsung HUB Series
Google Play Store, Samsung Apps,
Samsung HUB Series
Google Play Store, Samsung Apps
PC Applications
Samsung Kies
Samsung Kies, Kies Air (D/L)
Samsung Kies, Kies Air (D/L)
UI / Web Browser
Android + Samsung / Android Browser,
Chrome Browser (GMS)
Android + Samsung / Android Browser,
Chrome Browser (GMS)
Android + Samsung / Android Browser,
Chrome Browser (GMS)
MP3, OGG, AC3, AAC, AAC+, eAAC+,
MP3, AC3, AAC, AAC+, eAAC+, WMA,
MP3, AC3, AAC, AAC+, eAAC+, WMA,
MPEG4, H.263, H.264, WMV
(1080p Full HD video play @ 30fps)
MPEG4, H.263, H.264, WMV, DivX,
(1080p Full HD Video Play @30fps)
MPEG4, H.263, H.264, WMV, DivX,
(1080p Full HD Video Play @30fps)
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1. Gartner. “Enterprise Tablets as Notebook Replacements: Limited but Growing.” Dec 2012.
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