Manufacturer’s Limited Warranty:
REIZEN guarantees this Braille Quartz Clock to be free
of any manufacturer’s defect for a period of 1 year from
the date of purchase. We will fix or replace (at our
discretion) your defective Braille Quartz Clock at no
charge to you. Customer abuse, neglect or any attempt
to open and repair the clock voids this warranty. Using
this clock with a vibrator and AC adapter other than the
Reizen recommended vibrator and adapter voids this
warranty. Please return the clock to the address below,
postage paid with your original receipt and payment for
$5.50 to cover return shipping. All returned clocks are
subject to evaluation and approval.
Braille Quartz Clock
with power and vibrator jacks
REIZEN Inc., P.O.Box 3312, Farmingdale, NY 11735
Reizen is a Registered Trademark of Reizen, Inc.
Copyright © 2005 Reizen, Inc. All Rights Reserved.
“out” position moves the hands on the clock. With clock facing
you, turn the knob counterclockwise. Adjust to correct time by
looking at or feeling the hands. Tactile Braille is provided.
When finished, push the knob back in and replace the face
Congratulations on your purchase of the REIZEN Braille
Quartz Clock with Vibrating Option, one of the finest clocks
available for people who are blind or who have low vision.
Install your battery: The battery
compartment is located on the back of
the clock. Insert either your thumb or
index finger into the compartment’s
depression. Gently push the lid up and
pull back to remove the compartment door. Install one AA
battery into battery box located deep within the clock. With the
top of the clock facing away from you, the positive end of the
battery (with the nub) should be to the left as you install it.
Replace the battery cover starting with the top and finishing by
snapping the bottom into place. The top of the cover is the end
with two nubs, while the tactile word “Open” is at the bottom.
Telling the time: Remove the clear,
plastic face cover at any time to feel the
hands and Braille markings. While the
clock is sturdy and well made, we
recommend using a gentle touch for
long-lasting enjoyment of your clock.
Always replace the face cover when finished.
Setting the alarm: Set the alarm with
the face cover off and the knob on the
back in its “in” position. With the clock
facing you, turn the dial
counterclockwise until you see or feel
the small alarm hand is at the correct
Setting the time: Remove the clear,
plastic face cover. On the back of the
clock, just over the battery compartment
door is a large, black tactile knob. Gently
lift the knob out. Turning the knob in this
alarm time.
Alarm on/off: A ridged silver button
is provided on the side of your clock.
Slide the button all the way up to turn
the alarm on. When activated, the
alarm sounds a series of beeps until it
is deactivated by the off or the snooze
buttons. Slide it to the middle position to turn it off. Slide the
button to the bottom to activate the Vibration Mode. Vibrator
and AC Adapter must be connected for this function to work.
Snooze: A large matte silver button
directly at the top of the clock can be
pressed for an extra few minutes of
sleep once the alarm has gone off.
Or, press the snooze button at any time to provide extra
illumination to the face of the clock.
Vibrator and AC Outlets: Outlets
for optional vibration and AC power are
included on the lower back of your
clock. To use the vibration option, you
must also use an AC adapter available separately. Please
call for information.
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