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Instructions for use
Keep these instructions
Mode d'emploi
Conservez cette notice
Instrucciones para el uso
Repase y guarde estas instrucciones
Lea cuidadosamente este instructivo antes de usar su aparato
115 V~60Hz 680W
Experts have established that the optimum environmental conditions for our well being and for
the home are obtained between 40% and 60%
relative humidity. Lower relative humidity can be
achieved with higher room temperatures. For
lower room temperatures the achievable relative
humidity will be on the higher side, closer to
60%. Therefore, with lower room temperatures,
you are recommended to heat the room even
This considerably increases the dehumidifying
power of the appliance.
With heating, the condensation formed by the
water vapour on windows and other cold surfaces evaporates into the air to be collected by the
Air always contains a certain amount of water in
the form of vapour. This determines the level of
humidity in an atmosphere.
The capacity of the air to hold water vapour
increases with temperature.
This is why in our homes, as soon as the temperature decreases, the vapour contained in the air
condenses, as is evident on the colder surfaces
in the room, such as the windows, walls etc.
The purpose of a dehumidifier is to remove the
excess moisture from the air, avoiding the damage caused by condensation.
7. Air outlet grille
8. Drain hose to be used at the back of the unit
9. Pump tube to be used at the front of the unit
10. Connector for PUMP draining (first remove
stopper; only on pump models)
11. Wheels
Control panel
Water level viewing window
Condensate collection tank
Air intake grille
Dust filter
Thank you for choosing a De'Longhi product.
Take a couple of minutes to read these instructions.
This will avoid danger or damage to the appliance.
Fundamental safety warnings
Symbols used in these instructions
Danger! This is an electrical appliance, it
is therefore important to respect the following
safety warnings:
• Do not touch the appliance with wet hands.
• Do not touch the plug with wet hands.
• Make sure the outlet used is always accessible, enabling you to unplug the appliance
when necessary.
• Always unplug the appliance using the plug itself.
Never pull the cable as it might be damaged.
• To disconnect the appliance completely from
the electricity supply, you must unplug it from
the outlet.
• If the appliance malfunctions, do not attempt
to repair it yourself.
Turn the appliance off, unplug from the outlet
socket and contact a Service Center.
• Do not move the appliance by pulling the
power cable.
• It is dangerous to modify or alter the characteristics of the appliance in any way.
• If the power cable is damaged, it must be replaced by the manufacturer or an authorized technical service center in order to avoid all risk.
• Do not use extension cords.
• The appliance must be installed in accordance
with the rules on household appliances in
force in the country concerned.
• This appliance is not intended for use for
water damage restoration of commercial/household properties.
• The appliance must be connected to a properly grounded outlet. Have your electrical
circuit checked by a qualified electrician.
These symbols draw your attention to important
It is vital to respect these warnings.
Failure to do so may result in electric shock,
serious injury, burns, fire or damage to the
Failure to observe this warning may result in life
threatening injury by electric shock.
Failure to observe this warning may result in
injury or damage to the appliance.
This symbol draws your attention to important
recommendations and informatio
Problems and repairs
In the event of problems, first try and resolve
them by reading the information given in the
"Troubleshooting" section on page 9.
If the appliance requires repair, always contact a
Center authorized by the manufacturer.
Always insist on original spare parts. Repairs carried out by unauthorized personnel may be dangerous and invalidate the guarantee.
Danger! Keep packaging materials (plastic
bags, polystyrene foam) out of reach of children.
Danger! The appliance is not intended for
use by persons (including children) with reduced
physical, sensory or mental capabilities, or lack of
experience and knowledge, unless they have been
given supervision or instruction concerning use of
the appliance by a person responsible for their
safety. Always supervise children. Make sure they
do not play with the appliance.
Read these instructions carefully before installing
and/or using the appliance.
• Keep these instructions.
If the appliance is transferred to other owners,
they should also be given these instructions.
• Failure to respect the instructions may result
in injury or damage to the appliance.
The manufacturer is not liable for damage deriving from failure to follow these instructions.
Appropriate use
The appliance is designed and produced for
domestic use only.
Use this appliance only as described in this
instruction manual.
As with all electrical equipment, the instructions aim
to cover as many eventualities as possible.
However, caution and common sense should be
applied when operating and installing this appliance.
Electrical connections
Before plugging the appliance into the outlet,
check that:
• The outlet, power supply corresponds to the
working voltage indicated on the rating plate.
• The power outlet, and electrical circuit are
adequate for the appliance.
• The power outlet, matches the plug. If this is
not the case, have the plug replaced by a qualified electrician;
• The outlet is properly grounded.
General safeguards
When using the appliance to dry laundry, do
not place it under dripping clothes or where
the unit would come in any contact with water.
Do not install the appliance in rooms containing gas, oil or sulphur. Do not install near
sources of heat.
Do not use the appliance on sloping surfaces.
Keep the appliance at least 2 ft (61cm) away
from flammable substances (alcohol etc) or
pressurised containers (e.g. aerosol cans).
Do not rest heavy or hot objects on top of the
Always transport the appliance upright, NOT
on its side.
Remember to drain the condensate tank before moving the appliance.
If the appliance was transported on its side,
you must wait at least 6 hours before using it
(24 hrs is recommended).
contains fluorinated greenhouse gases covered by the Kyoto Protocol. Avoid perforating
the refrigerant circuit of the appliance.
Maintenance and disposal must be carried out
by qualified personnel only (R410A,
GWP=1975); (R134a, GWP=1300).
R410A and R134a are refrigerant gases that
complies with EC environmental regulations,
nevertheless avoid perforating the refrigerant
circuit of the appliance.
At the end of its service life, the air conditioner
must be disposed of at a suitable collection centre.
The materials used for packaging can be recycled.
You are therefore recommended to dispose of
them in special differentiated waste collection
Do not use the appliance outdoors.
Position the appliance in the room to be dehumidified. A free space of at least 2 ft (61 cm) must
be left at the front of the dehumidifier, so as not to
block the air outlet.
For efficient ventilation a space of about 2-4 in (510 cm) should be left at the back of the appliance.
The condensate can be drained in one of the following ways:
A) Draining into the tank
The condensate can be drained directly into the
tank. The tank can be easily removed (fig.1).
When the tank is full, remove (fig.1) and empty it
into a sink. When finished, replace it properly.
NOTE: The tank must be positioned porperly for
the unit to function.
If you hear the intermittent sound of the beep, it
means the tank is not in the proper position.
B) Continuous external draining
If the appliance is to be operated for long periods
but you are unable to empty the tank regularly, you
are recommended to use continuous draining.
fig. 1
fig. 5
1) Remove the continuous drain cap 1 by turning
it counterclockwise then remove the rubber
stopper 2 from the spout (fig. 2).
Note: Some leakages from the spout could happen when removing the rubber stopper 2 (fig. 2).
C) Continuous draining using the
pump (only on pump models)
The patented heavy-duty pump system allows
water removal of up to 13 ft (4m) in height.
If you want the water to flow directly to a drain,
connect the condensation discharge tube supplied
(9) to the connection pipe located on the
lower front part of the unit unit (you will first need
to remove the stopper labeled PUMP) (fig. 6).
Select the dehumidifying function and press the
PUMP button.
fig. 2
2) Insert the drain cap 1 in the condensate drain
hose (8) till the end (fig. 3) then screw the
cap into the spout. (fig. 4).
Note: With the condensation discharge hose
missing and the pump switched ON, the display
will show the symbol PUMP blinking.
To eliminate this problem:
• Check the hose is correctly positioned;
• Disconnect and reconnect the plug.
fig. 3
3) Make sure the end of the hose is no higher
than the spout (Fig. 3) or water could remain
in the tank. Make sure there are no kinks in
the hose (Fig. 5).
fig. 6
Keep the rubber stopper to close
the spout.
1 PU
fig. 4
Fan speed
temperature button
button °F/°C
humidity level Increase
humidity level
button *
* (only on some models)
Description of buttons
6 Timer button
If you press the TIMER button the display will
show the hours after which you want the appliance to switch OFF or ON. Once the timer is set the
user can no longer adjust the %RH (Relative
1 ON/Standby" button
ON/Standby" button
2 "Fan" button
Press this button to select the Fan Speed (MIN or
Meaning of the codes or symbols which may be
3 Thermometer button
Temporarily displays the temperature measured in
the room by the appliance. If you press the button
once you will see the room temperature in F for a
few seconds, then in C for a few seconds, then the
display will return to the current level of humidity
in the room. If you press the button multiple
times, it will cycle through these displays faster.
Note: Temperatures displayed are indicative only.
-- --
Indicates that the appliance is in standby
Tank warning symbol
If the water tank is full, improperly positioned or
missing, the tank warning light will start blinking.
An alarm will sound until the tank is either emptied or correctly positioned into place.
4 Humidity increase/decrease buttons
These buttons are used to adjust the desired
humidity level, with 5% increments; they are
also used to set the timer. From 0 -10 the hours
increase by 30 min. and from 10-24 the hours
increase by 1 hour increments.
Defrosting indicator symbol
With an ambient temperature of less than 59°F
(15°C) the appliance performs defrosting cycles.
While the appliance is defrosting, the defrosting
symbol comes on and remains on until defrosting
is completed. This symbol will also be displayed if
the unit is switched on immediately after being
turned off. The unit requires 3 minutes before it
can function again.
5 Pump button
(only in some models)
When you press the “Pump button” the display
will show “PUMP/POMPE”. If the display shows
“PUMP/POMPE” blinking, it means that the pump
is not operating correctly.
1) Plug the appliance into a an outlet.
2) the display will show “-- -- “ to indicate that
the appliance is in stand-by and ready for use.
If the display shows “
” it’s necessary to
empty the tank or the tank is incorrectly positioned
3) Press the ON/Stand-by
How to program the delayed start
function: From the OFF Position
1) With the unit in the stand-by position, press
button. On the right side the display
will show
and the number of hours after
which the appliance will start operating.
2) Use the + and - button to set the desired
hours. Wait few seconds to set the set
Dehumidifying Mode
The display will show on the left side the room
appliance. The symbol
and the remaining time will remain on the display.
3) When the selected time is reached, the
appliance will start working.
humidity level (ex.:
63) and on the right side
the display will show the degree of humidity
you want to reach (ex.: 58
Press the “+” or “-“ button to set the desired
humidity level (30% means a dry environment,,
80% a humid environment).
Press the “
” to select the fan speed
(MIN/MAX). If you select MAX, the appliance will
operate to the maximum speed. If you select MIN,
the appliance will operate to the minimum speed.
and the noise levels will be reduced.
Press button “
” to display the Temperature
on the LCD display. On the left side the display
will show first the °F and then the temperature
in °C.
After few seconds, the display will automatically
show the humidity level.
When the appliance reaches the humidity set
point the appliance will automatically stop
working but the fan will work at the minimum
As soon as the humidity increases above the set
point, the appliance will automatically
resume dehumidification operation.
How to Program the delayed stop
function: From the ON Position
1) With the unit in the ON position, press the
button. On the right side the display will
and the number of hours after
which the appliance will stop operating.
2) Use the + and - button to set the desired
hours. Wait few seconds to set the appliance.
The symbol
and the remaining time
will remain on the display.
3) When the selected time is reached, the
appliance will stop working.
How to modify or disactivate the
If you wish to modify the set value, press once
the timer button and pess then buttons + and -.
If you wish to disactivate the timer press the timer
button twice.
Continuous Dehumidifying Function
In order to operate the continuous dehumidifying
function press button “-” untill the display will
show “--”.
With this function the appliance will operate continuosly.
Note: When switching the appliance
on or when the electricity
is restored, the
appliance will start working on the previously
selected mode.
If the appliance is not used for long
Always unplug the appliance from the power outlet before performing any cleaning or maintenance operations.
For safety reasons, never wash the dehumidifier
using a jet of water.
Cleaning the cabinet
After unplugging the appliance from the
power outlet, empty the tank.
Clean and reposition the filter.
Cover the appliance with a plastic bag to protect it from dust.
Power supply voltage
Absorbed power
Maximum power input
Freeze protection device
Fan speeds
Air filter
Clean the appliance using a damp cloth then
dry with a dry cloth.
Do not use petrol, alcohol or solvents to clean
the appliance.
Do not spray liquid insecticide or similar products as they may deform the plastic.
Cleaning the air filter
Operating limits:
relative humidity
If the filter is dirty, air circulation is compromised
and the efficiency of the dehumidifying and air
purifying functions decreases.
It is therefore good practice to clean the filter at
regular intervals. The frequency depends on the
duration and conditions of operation.
If the unit is used constantly or systematically,
you are recommended to clean the filter once a
To remove the filter, pull it down as shown in figure.
fig. 7
See rating plate
41°F - 89.6°F (5°C - 32°C)
Check the following points before calling your local authorised Service Centre.
The appliance is operating in
dehumidifying mode, but the
humidity does not decrease.
The filter is blocked.
Clean the filter.
The temperature or humidity
in the room are too low.
In certain conditions, it is normal for the appliance not to
dehumidify (in certain cases,
it is recommended to heat the
The room is too big for the
dehumidifying power of the
Too many sources of humidity
in the room (pots of boiling
water, etc.).
The humidy set point is too
Decrease the humidity set
The safety device has tripped.
Wait for 3 minutes to pass.
The tank is missing.
Replace the tank.
The tank is full.
Empty the tank.
The tank is incorrectly
Position the tank correctly.
The temperature in the room is
very low.
Increase room temperature.
“E2”/”E3” is displayed
One of the sensors on the
appliance is faulty.
Call the Service Centre.
The pump tube 9 is missing or
clogged or blocked.
Check the hose is correctly
positioned or unclogged, To
reset the alarm disconnect and
reconnect the plug. If the problem persists, call the service
The appliance does not
work for 3 minutes after
is displayed
is displayed
This warranty applies to all home appliances with
De’Longhi or Kenwood brand names.
Limited Warranty
We warrant each De’Longhi appliance to be free from defects in material and workmanship. From the purchase date, our obligation under this warranty is to provide one
(1) year free parts and labor on the entire appliance, with an additional four (4) years
free on any part of the sealed system consisting of the compressor, evaporator, condenser and factory connected refrigerant tubing. Labor and all other parts during the
additional four (4) year warranty are to be paid by the owner. All appliances in need of
repair are to be shipped to an authorized De’Longhi service center at the owner’s
expense, and De’Longhi will then incur the return shipping costs. After the first five (5)
years of ownership, all expenses (all parts, labor and shipping) are to be paid by the
owner of the unit. This warranty shall apply only if the appliance is used in accordance
with the factory directions that accompany it, and on an Alternating Current (AC) circuit. This warranty is in lieu of all other warranties and representations, expressed or
implied, and all other obligations or liabilities on our part. We do not authorize any other
person or company to assume for us any liability in connection with the sale or use of our
appliance. This warranty shall not apply to any appliance that has been repaired or
altered outside our factory nor shall it apply to any appliance that has been subjected
to misuse, negligence or accidents.
If repairs become necessary, see contact information below:
U.S. Residents:
Please contact our toll free hotline at 1-800-322-3848
or log onto our website at
CANADA Residents:
Please contact our toll free hotline at 1-888-335-6644
or log onto our website at
MEXICO Residents:
Please contact our toll free hotline at 1-800-711-8805
or log onto our website at
The above warranty is in lieu of all other express warranties and representations. All implied
warranties are limited to the applicable warranty period set forth above. This limitation does
not apply if you enter into an extended warranty with De’Longhi. Some states/countries do
not allow limitations on how long an implied warranty lasts, so the above exclusions may not
apply to you. De’Longhi does not authorize any other person or company to assume for it any
liability in connection with the sale or use of its appliance.
How does country law apply?
This warranty gives you specific legal rights, and you may also have other rights, which
vary from state to state/country to country.
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