Desktop inkjet printer / cutter
Add Unlimited Value To Your Business
with the Versatile VersaSTUDIO
High-Quality and Low Cost Durable Outdoor Prints
Four Colours
The VersaSTUDIO BN-20 enables you to launch a stream of new businesses from your desktop. This compact professional inkjet
can produce durable graphics for outdoor applications, and its Print&Cut capabilities allow you to produce labels and decals with
ease. Metallic silver ink is perfect for creating striking effects, and white ink is ideal for transparent or coloured media applications.
In short, the versatility of the VersaSTUDIO BN-20 adds unlimited potential to produce creative applications and add value to your
Add Value to your Business with Metallic Prints
Four Colours + Metallic Silver Ink
Eye-Catching Creativity on Transparent Media
Four Colours + White Ink
All Types
Mobile Phone and
Laptop Wraps
Window Signs
Make shop windows come alive! See-through window
displays are easily produced using transparent media.
The effective use of white ink adds impact to display
Roland Print&Cut versatility
enables you to print and
digitally die cut graphics in one
seamless workflow for custom
labels and decals, including
mobile phone skins,
laptop wraps and more.
All Types
Labels and Decals
Posters and Decals
With the BN-20, you can produce POP displays in
unique shapes and colours that attract attention and
drive retail sales. Create a single POP or an entire
campaign, profitably, with all the convenience of our
easy-handling 220cc ink cartridges.
Handle short runs for transparent stickers! Transparent
labels and decals give a luxurious feel. Now you can
handle short runs for teams, clubs and other groups.
Using Metallic Silver ink, you can add luxurious
accents and premium value to posters, decals
and photographic reproductions.
Package Designs
Cut Vinyl Signage
Low-cost prototypes for design proposals. The
BN-20 gives you the freedom to create package
design prototypes on silver media. This increases
your ability to offer winning proposals while
minimising costs.
All Types
From pinstriping for vehicles and motorcycles to window signs
and displays, contour cutting is essential to your production
workflow. The BN-20 enables you to cut vinyl signs using a
wide variety of fonts*.
A Complete Solution on Your Desktop
*The BN-20 supports TrueType and OpenType fonts.
All Types
Labels and Decals
for Outdoor Display
The BN-20 comes with award-winning Roland
ECO-SOL MAX ink for outdoor signs, labels and
decals. Graphics are easy to produce and durable
up to three years outdoors without
Durable Inks
*1 Three-year outdoor durability is based on
accelerated weather tests conducted by Roland
DG. Results may vary depending on the location
and application. Some applications, including
vehicle graphics, may require lamination.
Heat Transfers for
Garment Decoration
Right at your desktop, you can print quality heat
transfers and contour cut them into any shape for
stylish results. Apply Metallic Silver ink for hundreds
of striking metallic colour effects.*3
The BN-20 enables you to print graphics up to A2 size
or 480 mm wide (18.9”), including crop marks for easy
finishing. Featuring its own print management and
design software, the BN-20 is a complete business
solution in a box.
Four Colours
Four Colours + Metallic Silver Ink
Four Colours + White Ink
*3 Metallic silver ink should only be used as a spot colour as mixing it with
other colours will negatively impact washability.
Roland Professional Print Management Software Included
Roland VersaWorks® supports Adobe® Illustrator®, CorelDRAW® and other popular design software packages. Choose from a
wide variety of layout functions including scaling, cropping, rotating, auto layout and tiling to optimise your print media. VersaWorks
also features Roland Color System Libraries for accurate colour matching of traditional and metallic colours, and variable data
printing which allows you to efficiently create a series of signs, labels and name badges in which the text and graphics
change from one print to the next.
Roland VersaWorks System Requirements
Operating system
Video card and monitor
Free hard-disk space
Hard-disk file system
Optical drive
Windows® 7 Professional/Ultimate (32/64-bit); Windows Vista® Business/Ultimate (32/64-bit); Windows® XP Professional Service Pack 2 or later (32/64-bit)
Core™2 Duo, 2.0 GHz or faster recommended
2 GB or more recommended
A resolution of 1,280 x 1,024 or more recommended
40 GB or more recommended
NTFS format
DVD-ROM drive
*Roland VersaWorks™ is a 32-bit application, which runs on 64-bit Windows® with WoW64 (Windows 32-bit on Windows 64-bit).
Application software compatible with Cutting and Print&Cut
Adobe® Illustrator ® 10, CS, CS2, CS3, CS4, CS5 / CorelDRAW ® 11, 12, X3, X4, X5
Easy-To-Use Roland Design Software Included
R-Works* allows you to immediately start designing graphics for the BN-20, even if you do not have any design software of your own. With R-Works, you
can quickly import commercially-available stock photos or personal photos taken with a digital camera. Create original layouts with text and graphics for
custom T-shirts, labels and decals.
* R-Works does not correspond to a white ink loading type.
R-Works System Requirements
Windows® 7 Professional/Ultimate (32-bit); Windows Vista® Business/Ultimate (32-bit); Windows® XP Professional Service Pack 2 or later (32-bit)
Printing technology
Roll outer diameter
Roll weight
Core diameter
Printing/cutting width*1
Type and capacity
Ink cartridges
Printing resolution (dpi)
Cutting blade
Blade offset
Cutting speed
Blade force
Software resolution (when cutting)
Distance accuracy (when printing) *2 *3
Distance accuracy (when cutting) *2 *4
Repetition accuracy (when cutting) *2 *5
Alignment accuracy for printing and cutting *2 *6
Alignment accuracy for printing and cutting
when reloading media *2 *7
Print heater *8
Power-saving function / Power requirements
During operation
Power consumption
Sleep mode
During operation
Acoustic noise level
During standby
Dimensions / Weight
Power on
Power off
Included items
Piezoelectric inkjet
150 to 515 mm (5.9 to 20.3 in.)
Maximum 1.0 mm (39 mil) with liner, for printing
Maximum 0.4 mm (16 mil) with liner and 0.22 mm (9 mil) without liner, for cutting
Maximum 150 mm (5.9 in.)
Maximum 6 kg (13.2 lbs.)
76.2 mm (3 in.) or 50.8 mm (2 in.)
Maximum 480 mm (18.9 in.)
Roland ECO-SOL MAX (220 cc cartridge)
Five colours (cyan, magenta, yellow, black, and metallic silver or white) or
Four colours (cyan, magenta, yellow, and black)
Blade holder
Magenta, 220 cc
Yellow, 220 cc
Cyan, 220 cc
Black, 220 cc
Metallic silver, 220 cc
White, 220 cc
Cleaning liquid, 1 pc.
For thick, reflective and fluorescent vinyl, 2pcs.
Blade holder with blade extension adjuster, made of resin
Maximum 1,440 dpi
Roland CAMM-1 series compatible
0.25 mm (9 mil)
10 to 150 mm/s
30 to 300 gf
0.025 mm/step
Error of less than ±0.3% of distance travelled, or ±0.3 mm, whichever is greater
Error of less than ±0.4% of distance travelled, or ±0.3 mm, whichever is greater
±0.1 mm or less
±0.5 mm or less
Error of less than ±0.5% of distance travelled, or
±3 mm, whichever is greater
Temperature: 35°C (95°F)
USB (compliant with Universal Serial Bus Specification Revision 2.0)
Automatic sleep feature / AC 100 to 240 V ±10 %, 1.5 A, 50 / 60 Hz
Approx. 90 W
Approx. 5.5 W
62 dB (A) or less
42 dB (A) or less
995 (W) x 585 (D) x 291 (H) mm (39.2 (W) x 23 (D) x 11.5 (H) in.) / 35 kg (79.4 lbs.)
Temperature: 20 to 32°C (68 to 90°F), humidity: 35 to 80%RH (no condensation)
Temperature: 5 to 40°C (41 to 104°F), humidity: 20 to 80%RH (no condensation)
Power cord, USB cable, blade, blade holder, Roland Software Package,
Software RIP (Roland VersaWorks), User's Manual, etc.
Optional Stand
*1 The length of printing or cutting is subject to the limitations of the program. *2 Using Roland specified media, loaded correctly, temperature: 25°C (77°F),
humidity: 50 %RH, all pinch rollers are used, 25 mm or more for both right and left margins and 35 mm or more front margin, excluding expansion or contraction
of the media, and all correction and adjustment functions of this machine have been made properly. *3 Using Roland specified media, print travel of 1m. *4 Using
Roland specified media, cut travel of 1m. *5 Range for assured repetition accuracy: Length 1,000 mm *6 Provided that media length is under 1,000 mm.
Excluding possible shift caused by expansion/contraction of the media and/or by reloading the media. *7 Using Roland specified media, data size: 1,000 mm in the
media-feed direction, 480 mm in the carriage-movement direction. No lamination. Automatic detection of crop marks at 4 points when media is reloaded.
Excludes the effects of skewed movement and of expansion and contraction of the media. *8 Warm-up is required after power up. This may require 5 to 20
minutes, depending on the operating environment. The preset temperature may fail to be reached 35°C (95°F) depending on the ambient temperature and media
About Metallic Silver and White Inks
Due to the nature of white and silver inks, the pigment in these inks will settle in the cartridge and ink flow system, requiring you to shake the cartridge before each use. Outdoor durability is three years for CMYK inks, one year for white ink, and
one to three years for metallic silver ink, depending on the media used. Roland strongly recommends lamination for both indoor and outdoor graphics to ensure the quality of metallic inks.
Roland DG products that feature this environmental label meet the company’s criteria for
environmental consciousness, a set of standards based on ISO 14021 self-declaration type II. For
more information, please visit
This product meets the energy efficiency requirements specified by ENERGY
STAR. ENERGY STAR is a U.S. registered mark.
Roland reserves the right to make changes in specifications, materials or accessories without notice. Your actual output may vary. For optimum output quality, periodic maintenance to critical components may be required. Please contact your Roland dealer for details. No guarantee or warranty is implied
other than expressly stated. Roland shall not be liable for any incidental or consequential damages, whether foreseeable or not, caused by defects in such products.
Adobe, PostScript, PostScript 3 and the PostScript logo are trademarks of Adobe Systems Incorporated. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners. Roland DG Corp. has licensed the MMP technology from the TPL Group.
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