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Brad Williams
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June 2, 2008
Re: 1989 Wellcraft San Remo 42 Express Cruiser "ELYSIUM"
Dear Mr. Williams,
This letter reports the results of a survey of the above vessel which was inspected on
the 2nd o f June, 2008, at Pettis Marina in Cranston, Rhode Island while hauled. You requested the
inspection to establish its condition and value.
The survey guidelines are provided,
for t he most part, by the "N.F.P.A., and
A.B.Y.C., Uni ted Stat es Coast Guard Standard s, and the “Code of Federal Regulations”, as published for pleasure yachts,
and t he values guideli ne is the current edition of the “BUC” book along with current
market condit ions.
The survey of this vessel is based solely
on a careful visual inspection of all accessible
portions of it’s hull and equipment. Certain
parts of the hull and structure can be inspected
only by removing decking, liners, bulkheads
and sheathin g. These areas were not inspected.
It is my normal practice to conduct a survey
which includes a sea trial. The sea trial enables me to make a determination concerning the engines
and reduction gears. In order to make a proper inspection of these important components, they must
be brought up to operating temperature and run under a load at RPM for a period of tim e. Inspection
and operation of the engines was limited.
The vessel was built by the Wellcraft Marine Company of Sarasota, Florida, in 1989. The
vessel is cu rrently registered and bears the Number RI 7965 K. The hull ID number is
WELC5051J889 and is moulded into the transom . Pertinent dimensions of the vessel are: the LOA
is 42' 10", the Beam is 14' 6", and the Draft is approximately 3' 2". The Displacement, according
to the book is 25,000 pounds.
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1989 Wellcraft San Remo 42 Express Cruiser "ELYSIUM"
Hull and Structures
The hull is a typical polyester laminate
reinforced with fiberglass matt and woven
roving in a modified deep Vee configuration.
The freeboard finish is white gelcoat with stainless trim, and is in very good condition, overall,
with just a few superficial mars and scratches.
The hull - deck attachment is secure and reinforced. I was unable to locate any delamination
or separating of glass, including the engine
bearers and stringers. The bottom (sections
below the water line) was sounded with a mallet
and was found to be in good condition and has a
proper coat of anti fouling paint just applied. The
propeller shafts are in good condition as are the
shaft logs, cutlass bearings and struts. The
bronze three blade propellers are in good condition, Note photo on page ten. The rudder posts
are secure and properly packed. The topsides,
fore deck and all walkways, are also white gel
coat and are in good condition. All through hulls
are in good condition and their related valves are
working properly. The vessel is equipped with an
integral swim platform with attached stainless
steel swim ladder. There is a stainless bow
pulpit, and solid life rail which are properly
installed, in good condition, backed, and secure.
The entire deck was checked for excess laminate moisture and none was noted. All deck
hardware is properly backed. The bridge weather enclosure (appears to be a recent upgrade)
and related supports are in good, secure condition. All hatches and ports are in good condition and tight to the weather.
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1989 Wellcraft San Remo 42 Express Cruiser "ELYSIUM"
Main Cabin
The main cabin houses the
galley-dinette and salon. This
area is spacious, nicely finished
and in good condition. (The
Photo at left indicates the removal of carp as new carpet is
being installed). The jointer
work is made up of plastic, some
Teak, and for the most part,
looks very good. The upholstered
sections show average use, good
care, and maintenance. The
doors and ports are in good
condition and tight to the
weather. The overhead liner
also appears in very good, clean
condition.. The entire deck is
plywood and is well supported.
All deck supports were checked
from below and all are secure.
Lighting is good throughout the
vessel. The dinette converts to
sleep two adults. The entire
interior area is in good condition
and clean.
Aft deck, and Bridge Operating
The operating station is well
designed and the controls are easy to operate. The upholstery is in very good condition
overall. The compass is accurate on its
present heading. The shifts and steering are
also smooth operating and in good condition.
Steering is hydraulic and the related lines are
in good condition. There is a complete color
keyed canvas enclosure, that covers the
entire operating station and bridge area. The
canvas enclosure, and supporting structure
appear are in good serviceable condition.
The bridge is equipped with stainless life rails
which are secure and properly backed.
Overall, the bridge, including the operating station and upholstery is in good.
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1989 Wellcraft San Remo 42 Express Cruiser "ELYSIUM"
There is a two unit Compact
120/12 volt refrigerator / freezer
and a Counter top electric stove,
which were not tested, but appear in
serviceable condition. The counter
top in the galley is comprised of
white Corian which is in good
shape. There is a large stainless
steel sink located between the stove
and refrigerator in the galley area.
The sink and its related faucets and
over board drain are in good condition and clean. The sole in the galley
and forward is also plywood an d is
in good condition and secure. No
rot was found in any deck timbers
or supports. The galley is located a few steps
forward and below the main salon and dinette.
The galley, overall, is in good condition.
The heads (one forward and one in the
master stateroom) are in good condition. The
heads are equipped with showers, hand basins
and an electric/manual Wilcox-Crittenden standard toilets. The shower units are an integral part
of the inner liner. The shower stalls are good
sized fiberglass enclosures. Each shower is
equipped with a sump pump and overboard drain.
There are macerator units, Y-gates, and ho lding
tanks installed. The head plumbing is in good
condition and conforms to A.B.Y.C. standards.
Fire fighting and safety equipment
Fire extinguishers and safety equipment on
board include:
Several Kidde BC size 0 dry chemical.
Automatic FireBoy (out of Date)
Adequate PFD’s (in good condition)
A throw ring, Signal Flares, Whistle, Bell, and
First Aid Kit were not noted
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1989 Wellcraft San Remo 42 Express Cruiser "ELYSIUM"
A large berth (Owners Stateroom) is located aft and down from
the main Salon. This area is clean,
nicely finished and upholstered.
There is adequate lighting and
ventilation in this area. The deck in
this area is properly supported, and
carpeted. The carpet is being
replaced in this area. Otherwise this
area is in very good condition. I
was unable to locate any excess
moisture on any surface in this aft
cabin. This area also appears
lightly used.
The forward berth area
(V-Berth), pictured at left, is also
clean and in excellent condition. No
fresh water leaks were noted in any
berth area. Also, housed in the Vberth area are several lockers and
rode storage.
Head liners in both areas were
clean and in good condition and
secure. All berth areas are
equipped with adequate lighting,
locker, and drawer space. Adjacent heads with showers are provided forward and aft.
Electrical and Electronics
The electrical panels are in good shape. The
3 position battery disconnect switches mounted on
the panels are in good condition and properly
wired. All DC circuits were rung out and fou nd to
be in good condition. The 120 Volt power panel,
breakers, and circuits were found to be in op erating and safe condition. All wiring is properly
harnessed and secure, (conforms to A.B.Y.C.
standards) as can it be observed through out the
vessel. Telephone circuits and receptacles are
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1989 Wellcraft San Remo 42 Express Cruiser "ELYSIUM"
Photos Page
Figure 1
Figure 4
Figure 2
Figure 3
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Figure 5
Figure 6
1989 Wellcraft San Remo 42 Express Cruiser "ELYSIUM"
Engines and mechanical spaces
Propulsion is by a pair of counter rotating
fresh water cooled Turbo charged Caterpillar
3208 Turbo diesel engines with reduction gear.
The engines are rated at approximately three
hundred and seventy five horse power each.
Visual inspection of the engines, oil, filters, and
related connections show no signs of abuse. The
fuel lines are reinforced rubber and are in good
condition, but do needs some harnessing. The
stringers that support the engine mounts are
heavily built and fiberglass covered and tabbed
to the hull. The stringers also provide rigidity to
the hull. The stringers are in good condition.
The raw water intakes are equipped with a
proper sea water strainer, but the rubber hoses
to the intakes are brittle and should be replaced.
The engines exhaust through approved rubber
composite hoses, fiberglass tubes and then
overboard at the sides. The entire exhaust
system is in basic good condition, but does need
maintenance. The Onan generator engine exhausts through approved rubber hose and silencer to overboard. See note on hose chaffing on page eight. The fuel lines and filters to the
generator set are in good condition. The raw water intake hose to the generator should be
replaced. There are appropriate bilge pumps mounted. The fuel tanks are aluminum and
only partially visible. There are water cooled Cruise Air air conditioners properly installed
that provide heat and air-conditioning to all living compartments. The units were not
checked out while operating.
The bonding system installed is in good condition. There are no traces of oil in the
bilge, and the bilge is clean overall. The batteries on board are properly boxed and secured but not covered.
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1989 Wellcraft San Remo 42 Express Cruiser "ELYSIUM"
Item Specific List
1. Coast Guard Safety and Signallin g package..... Not complete
2. AC/DC Isolation.....No Isolation system installed, GFCI installed (ABYC Standards)
3. AC/DC ground system...... DC ground in accordance with ABYC standards,
Dynaplate mounted on transom
AC ground, as originally equipped (Closed loop system).
4. DC control panel.....
original, at control station, well maintained. DC wiring is original
stranded copper with original harnessing in place.
5. AC con trol panel..... In main salon in original condition.
Fuel system
6. Fuel lin es.... Flex line, in good condition, US Coast Guard approved
type rubber reinforced line, need harnessing. Note photo on Photos page.
6a. Fuel line shut-off valve...... bronze valves, at manifold tank
7. Fuel tan k..... Aluminum, well secured, sections that can be observed are in good, clean
condition, no oxidation noted.
Propulsion system
9. Exhaust system engines.....US Coast Guard Approved type rubber to fiberglass pipe in
need of m aintenence. See photo # 2, original supports
in place.
9. Exhaust system generator....Hose chaffed, section should be replaced and chaffing gear
installed or re-route the hose/
10. Engine mounts..... secure
11. Engine shaft logs..... secure, properly clamped
Hull and Mechanical systems
11A. Engine compartment ventilation.....two Coast Guard Approved type 12 volt blowers
along with approprait flexible ductwork to hull outlets, not connected or hooked up.
12. Rudder shaft logs.... secure
13. Rudder towers.... good condition
14. Steerin g gear and controls.... Hydraulic to manual, lines and hardware are original and
are in good condition
15. Overboard fittings..... all bronze fittings below the water line, shut-off valves are in
working condition, Related hoses need replacement,
See Photo #3. Overboard fittings are plastic above the waterline
and in servicable condition
16. Backu p ground tackle....... not observed (Client is acquiring backup ground tackle)
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1989 Wellcraft San Remo 42 Express Cruiser "ELYSIUM"
Electrical and Electronics, continued
Two shore power cables are on board and in good condition. The running lights conform
to the CFR and ring out okay. Electronics includes, Autopilot, Radar, Horn and Intercom, GPS
with chart p lotter, a VHF transceiver, a depth finder. The electric motors which operate the
toilet pump and fresh water system are in good working order.
Piping, Tanks, and Systems
The water heater appears to be original and is in working order. The fuel fills, vents, and
feed lines are in good condition and equipped with proper fuel shut-offs. The septic systems are
in operable condition.
Ground Tackle
Appropriate ground tackle is installed. A second (backup) ground tackle system is not on
board. Adequate dock lines and fenders are on board. The anchor windlass also lightly u sed.
This vessel is in overall good condition, and shows about average use. It's value would
be app roximately $120,000.00 in today's m arket.
Replace all brittle intake hoses attached to through hull fittings. (See Figure 4 on page
six for example)
Replace all rusted hose clamps on exhaust systems. (See Figure 3 on page six for
Replace section of exhaust hose from generator which is chaffed and provide
chaffing gear.
Reconnect engine room exhaust vent systems. (See Figures 1 & 2 on page six for
Figures 5 on page six indicates brittle engine cooling system hoses which should be
Have the Automatic engine room fire extinguisher inspected.
Ensure that a complete Coast Guard Safety and Signalling Package is aboard.
James Cross, Certified Marine Surveyor
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1989 Wellcraft San Remo 42 Express Cruiser "ELYSIUM"
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