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Zebra® QL Plus™
Durable Mobile Printers to Meet Your Changing
Business Needs.
Need a printing partner tough enough for the concrete jungle?
The durable QL Plus series of direct thermal mobile printers
can survive everything from warehouse floors to parking lots.
Plus, these powerful printers with secure wireless connectivity
process and print labels/receipts with complex graphics and
fonts quickly.
The QL Plus series of direct thermal printers has been designed
with the most advanced technology in rubberized over-molding
to maintain robust construction and minimal weight. With centerloading media, battery monitoring and an LCD, these printers
provide user-friendly options to keep your business moving.
QL Plus series mobile printers enabled with secure wireless
options are easily integrated into your infrastructure. Just a
glance at the LCD, and you can read your network settings,
or check the communications status. In addition, each printer
can be assigned a unique IP address for monitoring over the
network, and messages can be sent to the printer using the
POP3 functionality. All of these features make the QL Plus
printer an integral part of your network environment.
The QL Plus series’ wireless modules in Bluetooth® 2.0 or
802.11b/g offer the flexibility to adjust to a wide range of
connectivity needs.
QL Plus Series Thermal
t For complex mobile printing applications
requiring advanced wireless connectivity,
complex graphics and tailored applications
t Print speeds up to 4 inches per second
t Vertical or horizontal printing
t RS-232, USB 2.0 or wireless connections
Mobile A to Z
from Accessories to Supplies
Mobile Mounts
Mobile Media
Add dust and rain protection to your QL Plus mobile
printer with an environmental case. By adding an extra
layer of protection, your printer will be well prepared
for the harshest conditions.
Using the standard QL 420 Plus mobile mounting kit,
users can place a mount in their forklift or truck to
provide convenient storage for their QL 420 Plus while
on the move. For smaller mounting surfaces the flexible
RAM mount style Handi-Mount can be ordered. A
fanfold media bin can also be attached to this mount,
to extend the media capacity of the QL 420 Plus.
Zebra provides both in-stock and custom-made
receipt paper, labels, and tags specifically engineered
to ensure maximum performance in Zebra printers.
Custom options include watermarks, preprinted logos,
and terms and conditions. Zebra also offers quality
heat-, water-, and UV-resistant coatings for attractive,
reliable printouts. For details, contact your authorized
reseller, or call Zebra at +1 877 275 9327.
QL Plus Stands
QL Plus Series Lithium-Ion Chargers
Lithium-Ion Batteries
Users of the QL Plus series of mobile printers can
purchase a resting spot for their printer while not in
use. These convenient printer stands also are a useful
spot to place the printer while toggling through options
or programming the printer.
Fast Charger: Charges a single QL Plus series Li-Ion
battery at a time in approximately 2–5 hours.
Lithium-ion (Li-Ion) cells represent the latest in mobile
battery technology. Keeping a spare on hand ensures
you are charged and ready to go!
Users can also order a kickstand, as can be seen above
on the QL 220 Plus, which props the printer on a flat
surface. The kickstand can also be flipped upward for
use as a carrying handle.
Quad Charger: Charges up to 4 QL Plus series Li-Ion
batteries at a time in approximately 2–5 hours.
Meet the QL Plus
Connected today, connected
tomorrow, constructed to last!
With the most feature-rich offering of
any mobile printer in the market:
Durable, Lightweight Printer
t Rubber-infused plastic over-mold
design for tough conditions
t Damage-resistant to multiple drops
of up to 5 feet
t Weight of 2 pounds or less for
effortless mobility
Load and Go!
t Center-locking media loading
t Engage the easy-to-use peel and
present function with the flip of a
Flexible Software and
Communications to Meet Your Needs
Today and Grow in the Future
t Support for complex graphics, fonts,
and tailored applications
t Faster cabled file transfers via USB
t Wireless now or upgradeable later
t Richest support of wireless
t Simple integration with other Zebra
lines of printers by using ZPL®, XML
or EPL™ commands
Law Enforcement
Electronic Citations
Use electronic citation systems and QL Plus
printers to replace handwritten tickets—and
eliminate the cost, delay, and errors of manual
data entry.
Price Marking
By printing and applying markdown labels at
the location of the product via wireless LAN,
retailers can respond to sensitive market
changes more frequently.
Shelf Labeling
Use a QL Plus to print one or multiple shelf
labels at the point of application as required—
avoiding waste and improving efficiency.
Forklift-Mounted Printing
With the QL 420 Plus printer’s mobile mount
option, forklift operators can print product
identification, bin, and shipping labels at the
point of application—without needing to run
back to the shipping office to pick up labels.
Specimen Labels
Healthcare facilities can print specimen labels
at the point of collection, and also print a bar
coded label for the patient’s chart, reducing
the risk for dangerous misinformation.
Pharmacy Labels
Pharmacies can scan the prescribed medicine
and print bar coded labels with patient
information when using the QL Plus anywhere
in the pharmacy, minimizing the risk for
wrongly filled prescriptions.
Extend the arm of your stationary
printers by adding wireless mobile
Route Accounting/
Field Service
Use a QL Plus printer where a label is needed
such as a reship label or proof of service label
Shipping and Receiving
Receiving Verification/Inventory Updates
Apply QL Plus-printed bar code labels as
deliveries are received to record product
arrival, and scan these labels throughout the
process for tracking purposes.
Pallet Labeling
When breaking into a pallet to remove a
partial order, employees can label the partial,
and re-label the pallet in real-time to maintain
inventory accuracy.
Zebra QL Plus Series Printers
QL 320 Plus™
QL 420 Plus™
Take 2-inch label, ticket, and receipt printing where
stationary and larger mobile printers dare not go—
whether it’s down store aisles, on hospital rounds, or
onto retail pharmacy counters. Strap or clip on the sleek,
1.04-pound QL 220 Plus network-addressable label/
receipt mobile printer and move with ease!
Zebra’s popular QL 320 Plus mobile printer, for print
widths up to 3 inches, was the first to offer the flexibility
of 802.11b/g radio modules to meet evolving needs
and wireless standards. Count on its durable design
to endure tough manufacturing or shipping/receiving
Bring the flexibility of wireless printing to your 4-inch
label or receipt applications with Zebra’s QL 420 Plus
mobile printer. Built to survive the rigors of warehousing,
distribution, and route accounting, the QL 420 Plus
offers a mobile mount option to allow printing in a forklift
or vehicle.
Maximum Print Area
Maximum Print Area
Maximum Print Area
Label length: 32"/813 mm
Label length: 32"/813 mm
Label length: 32"/813 mm
203 dpi/8 dots per mm
203 dpi/8 dots per mm
203 dpi/8 dots per mm
Maximum Print Speed
Maximum Print Speed
Maximum Print Speed
3”/76.2 mm per second
4”/101.6 mm per second
3”/76.2 mm per second
16 MB RAM; 8 MB Flash
16 MB RAM; 8 MB Flash
16 MB RAM; 8 MB Flash
Physical Characteristics
Physical Characteristics
Physical Characteristics
Media Specifications
Media Specifications
Media Specifications
Label and liner width: .63”/16.0 mm to 2.18”/55.4 mm
Label and liner width: 1.25”/31.75 mm to 3.12”/79.2 mm
Label and liner width: 2.0”/50.8 mm to 4.12”/104.6 mm
QL 220 Plus™
Wireless Connection
Choose the wireless connectivity that
suits your needs:
t 802.11b/g—the latest and greatest
WLAN connectivity
t Bluetooth 2.0—low-power consumption
short-range connectivity
t Cable-ready—connect to a wider variety
of terminals than any other mobile
t Support for advanced wireless security
standards such as 802.11i, VPN and
t Zebra can upgrade your QL Plus printers
as application needs change
A ZebraCare Depot service agreement is a cost-effective means of planning and
budgeting your annual maintenance expenditures. This back-to-factory service
ensures that trained and certified Zebra technicians will bring your printer back
to factory specifications every time. Zebra offers four plans to meet your specific
ZebraCare Depot Standard
The standard ZebraCare Depot package covers all labor and parts (excluding printheads, accessories, and
batteries), cleaning and adjustment, preventative maintenance, and three- to five-day turnaround.
ZebraCare Depot Advantage
ZebraCare Depot Advantage includes all the standard features with the addition of two-day or better
turnaround on all corrective maintenance and free firmware upgrades upon request.
ZebraCare Depot Advantage Overnight
ZebraCare Depot Advantage Overnight provides the features of the ZebraCare Advantage plan, plus
includes free next-day return shipping.
Advanced Printing
t Communicates in printable ASCII
t Compatible with mainframe, mini and
PC hosts
t Downloadable graphics, fonts label
templates and formats
t Automatic serial number selection in
defined fields
t Advanced utilities to manage Flash
file systems, obtain information about
firmware and applications, configure
security and networking and set
operating parameters
t Programmable label odometer
ZebraCare Depot Advantage Plus
With the ZebraCare Depot Advantage Plus program, we will maintain a pool of up to 6 percent of your
inventory at our facility for same-day exchange, provide free overnight shipping, and offer monthly activity
You may also extend any agreement’s benefits by selecting one or both of the
service options below:
Comprehensive Coverage
Upgrades your service agreement’s coverage to include printhead replacement and physical damage repair.
Battery Coverage
Zebra’s Battery Refresh Program is designed to automatically send out new Zebra lithium ion batteries on
an annual basis. Benefits include:
t 15% cost savings on battery expense
t Automatic replacement of batteries
t Environmentally safe disposal and recycling of used batteries
t Protection against price increases
t Improved safety
t Power management controls
Specifications at a Glance*
Standard Features
ZebraLink™ Solutions
Options and Accessories
t 16MB RAM/8MB Flash memory
t Print method: Direct thermal
t Rubber-infused plastic over-mold design for tough
t Battery monitoring via a battery low indicator light or
gauge on the LCD
t Lithium ion battery
t OpenACCESS™ design and center locking
t media loading
t Label Vista™ and Windows® printer drivers
t QuickFlip™ peel and present mode
t 32-bit processor
t ZebraDesigner™ Pro
t ZebraNet™ Bridge Enterprise
t Label Vista
t Zebra Mobile SDK
t 802.11b/g wireless local area network (WLAN) or
Bluetooth 2.0
t Media width auto-sensing feature
t Linerless printing
t Spare lithium ion battery packs
t Battery chargers (AC/DC)
t International character sets
t Fanfold media bin (QL 420 Plus only)
t Mobile mount (QL 420 Plus only)
t Battery eliminator
t Soft case
t Kickstand
t XML Support Applications and Documentation
utility CD
Operating Characteristics
t Operating Temp.: 5º F/-15º C to 122º F/50º C
t Storage Temp.: -13º F/-25º C to 158º F/70º C
t Operating Humidity: 10% to 80% non-condensing
t Storage Humidity: 10% to 90% non-condensing
t Water resistant to IP14 standards and IP54 rated
with optional soft case
t 7.4 V Lithium ion battery (2.1 Ah QL 220 Plus,
QL 320 Plus; 4.2 Ah QL 420 Plus)
t External charger options
Communication Interface Capabilities
t Wireless security features (i.e. VPN or WPA/WPA2)
t 8 pin din (RS232C)
t Selectable baud rate: 9600 to 115.2 Kbps
t Xon/Xoff or Hardware flow control
t Bluetooth option
t Wireless LAN (802.11b/g)
t USB 2.0
Agency Approvals
FCC and CE Class B compliance; design certified
by CSA; CB Scheme report; NOM certified; C-Tick
Printer Languages & Firmware
t CPCL-Native
t ZPL II-x.8
t EPL2
t Wavelink Avalanche® Support
t Motorola® MSP Support
t File mirror via ftp or secure ftp
Media Characteristics
t Max. Roll Size (O.D.):
t QL 220 Plus: 2.2”/55.9 mm
t QL 320 Plus/QL 420 Plus: 2.6”/66.7 mm
t Core Size (QL 220/320/420 Plus): Interchangeable
3/4”/19.1 mm or 1-3/8”/34.9 mm
t Tag Receipt Thickness: 2.5 mil to 6.0 mil
t Label Thickness: 2.5 mil to 6.5 mil
t Media Type: Roll-fed, die-cut, linerless, receipt,
fan-fold (QL 420 Plus)
For optimum print quality and printer performance, use
genuine Zebra™ supplies
Fonts and Character Sets
t Five resident scalable, rotatable fonts available from
12-48 pt.
t Downloadable soft fonts from Label Vista software
t Optional international character sets
Graphic Features
Graphics, line and box drawing features; PCX
Bar Code Symbologies
t Linear Bar Codes: Code 39, Code 93, Code 128;
Codabar; Interleaved 2-of-5; FIM Postnet; UPC-A,
UPC-E, 2 & 5 digit add-on; EAN-8, 13, 2 & 5 digit
add-on; MSI/Plessey; UCC/EAN 128
t 2-Dimensional: Aztec, Data Matrix, GS1 DataBar™
(RSS) family (12 bar codes), MaxiCode, PDF417, QR
Contains UFST® from Monotype Imaging, Inc.
*Specifications subject to change without notice. ©2008 ZIH Corp. Label Vista, QuickFlip, EPL, EPL2, and all product names and numbers are Zebra trademarks, and Zebra, Encore, Cameo, ZPL, and ZPL II are registered
trademarks of ZIH Corp. All rights reserved. GS1 DataBar is a trademark of GS1 US, Inc. UFST is a registered trademark of Monotype Imaging, Inc. Bluetooth is a registered trademark of Bluetooth SIG, Inc. Windows is a
registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation. Wavelink Avalanche is a registered trademark of WaveLink Corporation. Motorola is a trademark of Motorola, Inc., registered in the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office. All other
trademarks are the property of their respective owners.
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