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FULL HD 1080p
Important Safety Instructions................................................................................................................ 3
Front and Rear Panel............................................................................................................................. 4
Remote Controle ................................................................................................................................... 5
Connecting to a Television ................................................................................................................... 6
Connecting to a DVD Recorder or VRC .............................................................................................. 7
First time Installation ............................................................................................................................ 8
Troubleshooting .................................................................................................................................. 14
Technical Specifications ..................................................................................................................... 15
Important Safety Instructions
1) Read these instructions.
2) Keep these instructions.
3) Heed all warnings.
4) Follow all instructions.
5) Do not use this apparatus near water.
6) Clean only with dry cloth.
7) Do not install near any heat sources such as radiators, heat registers, stoves, or other apparatus
(including amplifiers) that produce heat.
8) Operate this product only from the type of power source indicated on the label. If you are not sure
of the type of power connected to your home, consult your local power company. Disconnect the
unit from the mains before any maintenance or installation procedure.
9) Protect the mains cord from damage and stress.
10) Only use attachments/accessories specified by the manufacturer.
11) Unplug this apparatus during lightning storms or when unused for long periods of time.
12) Refer all servicing to qualified service personnel. Servicing is required when the apparatus has
been damaged in any way, including damage to the mains cord or plug, if the unit has been exposed
to liquid or moisture, has been dropped or is not operating correctly.
13) Do not impede the air flow into the unit by blocking the ventilation slots.
14) Attention should be drawn to the environmental aspects of battery disposal.
15) Use the apparatus in moderate climate.
WARNING: To reduce the risk of fire or electric shock, do not expose this apparatus to rain or
WARNING: The batteries shall not be exposed to excessive heat such as direct sun light, fire, etc.
This symbol indicates that there are important operating and maintenance instructions in the
literature accompanying this unit.
This symbol indicates that dangerous voltages constituting a risk of electric shock are
present within this unit.
This symbol indicates that this product incorporates double insulation between hazardous
mains voltage and user accessible parts.
When servicing use only identical replacement parts.
This symbol on the product or in the instructions means that your electrical and electronic
equipment should be disposed at the end of life separately from your household waste. There are
collection systems for recycling.
For more information, please contact the local authority or your retailer where you purchased the
Front and Rear Panel
1.Front panel
1. CH-: Change channels or items from top to bottom on the menus
2. POWER BUTTON: Pust to turn on/off the main power supply
3. CH+: Change channels or items from top to bottom on the menus
4. REMOTE CONTROL SENSOR: used to channels without using the Remote Control
5. USB: For software upgrade and media playback
2. Rear panel
RF IN: Use to connect an antenna.
RF LOOP THROUGH: Use it when connecting to another STB
COAXIAL: This socket connects to a coaxial socket on your home theatre
HDMI: High definition multimedia interface
TV SCART: Use this connector to connect your receiver with your TV set using a SCART
Remote Controle
POWER: Switch the receiver in and out of standby model.
MUTE: Disable Audio output
<0>-<9>: Numeric keys.
CH-/CH+: Program changing keys.
MENU: Display main menu on TV screen, and press again to exit current
OK: To confirm current setting, or display all programs in no-menu
VOL-/VOL+: Turns up/down volume.
▲▼►◄: Press to move the cursor.
EPG: Shows the Electronic Program Guide.
FAV: Display your favorite channels list. Press FAV again to access to
the other favorite lists.
V-FORMAT: Switch the HDMI 720P and 1080P.
RECALL: Go back to the previous viewed channel.
Red/green/yellow/blue: Use to navigate between pages in teletext mode
and special functions in menu or EPG
PVR: Use to access recorded current in USB drive
ASPECT: Switch 4:3/16:9.
TTX: Switch on Teletext, if current channel has this option ,and use EXIT
key to quit Teletext
SUBTITLE: Display subtitle options (availability depends on the
LANG: Change the Audio language and Left/Right channel (availability
depends on the channel)
TIMESHIFT: Use after RECORD button for timeshift
EXIT: Use this key to quit current menu.
INFO: Display information about the current channel.
TV/RADIO: Switch between Digital Radio and DVB-T modes.
PAGE+/PAGE-: To navigate inside the menus.
TIMER: Use to access ON/OFF timer directly.
PVR and Multimedia keys
Installation the Batteries
Remove the battery cover from the rear of the Remote Control and place 2xAAA size batteries
inside the compartment.
Please make sure the battery polarities match the polarity markings inside the compartment.
Using the Remote Control
To use the Remote Control, point it towards the front of the Digital Set Top Box.
The Remote Control has a range of up to 7 metres from the Set Top Box at an angle of up to 60
The Remote Control will not operate if its pa h is blocked.
Sunlight or very bright light will decrease the sensitivity of the Remote Control.
Connecting to a Television
For a basic connection from your Set Top Box to the television, use the Composite connection
outlined below.
For the highest quality connection use a direct HDMI connection, see below.
Connecting to a DVD Recorder or VRC
First time Installation
After all connections have been made properly,switch on TV and
make sure the unit is connected to the main Power.Press power
button to switch the unit on.
If you are using the unit first time or have restored the unit to
Factory Default,the Installation Guide Menu will appear on you
TV screen.
OSD Language : Press RIGHT/LEFT key to select a
Country: Press RIGHT/LEFT key to select your country of
Channel Search: Press RIGHT or OK key to begin Automatic channel search
Once channel tuning is complete ,you can star watching TV programs.
Basic Operation
Program Manage Settings
To access the Menu,press the MENU button and select
[Program].Use the RIGHT/LEFT keys to navigate through the
menu.The Menu provide options to adjust the Program
Mangage Settings.Select an option and press OK or RIGHT to
adjust that setting.Press the EXIT button to exit the Menu.
(a) Program Edit
To edit your program prederences (lock/skip/favourite/move or
delete),you will need to enter the Program Edit Menu.This
Menu requires a password to access.Enter the default
password’0000’. The master unlock password is ‘8888’
Set Favourite Channels
You can create a shortlist of favourite programs that you can easily
access. Set Favourite TV or Radio program:
1. Select your desired channel then press the FAVOURITE
button. A heart-shaped symbol will appear and the is marked
as a favourite.
2. Repeat the previous step to select more Favourite channels.
3. To confirm and exit the Menu, press the EXIT key.
Disable Favourite TV or Radio Channel:
Select the Favorite channel and press Favorite button on the remote
control to cancel.
View Favourite Channel
While in normal viewing mode, press Favourite button and the Favourite Menu will appear.
1. Press UP/DOWN to browse through your Favourite Channels
2. Press OK to select your favourite channel .
Delete a TV or Radio Program
1. Select the Program and then press the BLUE button.
Awarning message will appear. Press OK to delete the channel.
2. Repeat the previous step to select more channels to delete.
Skip TV or Radio Channel
1. Select the chennel you would like to skip and press the GREEN button.
A skip symbol is displayed. The channel is marked as a skip.
2. Repeat the previous step skip to more channels.
3. To save your settings and exit the menu, press EXIT key.
Disable the Skip Channel function:
Select the Skip channel and press the GREEN button on the remote control to cancel.
Move a TV or Radio Program
1. Select the preferred channel then press the RED button. A move symbol will appear.
2. Press UP/DOWN to move the channel.
3. Press OK to confirm.
4. Repeat the above steps to move more channels
Lock Program
You can lock selected programs for restricted viewing.
Lock a TV or Radio channel:
1. Select the preferred channel then press the YELLOW button. A lock-shaped symbol is
displayed. The channel is now marked as locked.
2. Repeat the previous step to select more channels.
3. To confirm your settings and exit the menu, press the EXIT button.
4. Press the YELLOW button to disable the locked channels function.
5. To view the locked channels, you will be required to enter either the default password '0000'
or your last set password. The master unlock password is '8888'.
(b) EPG(Electronic Program Guide)
The EPG is an on-sreen TV guide that shows sheduled
programs seven days on advance for every tuned
channel.Press the EPG button on the Remote Control to access
the guide.
You can use the UP/DOWN key to select the preferred program. If
there is more than one page of information, use the BLUE button
for page up and the YELLOW button for page down.
Press “OK” button to schedule a recording as long as you have connected a USB device to the unit.
You can check the schedule menu that appears and then press “OK” to register scheduled recording.
During recording you can only use Volume and Stop keys of the remote control!
You can start a non scheduled recording any time by pressing REC button, as long as you have
already connected a USB device to the unit
(c) Sort
Sort you channels from the following options:
[By LCN] sort the channels in ascending order
[By Service Name] Sort the channels in alphabetical order
[By Service ID] Sort the channels according to the station
[By ONID] Sort the channels accroding to ONID
(d) LCN (Logical channel number)
Set LCN on or OFF if you want to sort the channels manually.
Picture Setting
To access the Menu,Press MENU then select [Picture] using the
RIGHT/LEFT key .The Menu provides options to adjust the
video settings.Press UP/DOWN to select an option and press
RIGHT/LEFT to adjust that setting.Press EXIT to exit the
(a) Resolution
You can change this setting if the picture resoltion dose not apper to be correct.This setting is
to match the most common setting for HDMI.
[480P] for NTSC TV system
[576P] for PAL TV system
[720P] for NTSC or PAL TV system
[1080P] for NTSC or PAL TV system
(b) TV Format
If the picture dose not appear to be cerrect you can change this setting.This should match the
most common setting for TVs in your country.
[NTSC]: for NTSC system TV.
[PAL]: for PAL system TV
Channel Search
To access the Menu,Press MENU then select [Search Channel]
using the RIGHT/LEFT key. The Menu provides options to
adjust the Search Channel settings.Press UP/DOWN to select an
option and press RIGHT/LEFT to adjust the setting. Press EXIT
to exit the Menu.
(a) Auto Search
This option will automatically search for channels and save
them once the scanning is complete. All previously saved
channels and settings will be deleted.
1. Select (Auto Search) and press OK or RIGHT to star
channel search.
2. To cancel channel search,press EXIT .Any channels that
have been found will be saved.
(b)Manual Search
This option allows you to scan for new channels without deleting
previously saved channel and settings.
Select (Manual Search) then press OK or RIGHT. The channel
search screen will appear.
Press the RIGHT/LEFT key to select the channel frequency
Press OK to start searching channels.
If a channel is found,it is saved and added to the channels list.If channels can not be found during
searching ,the unit will exit automatically.
(c) Country
Select your country of residence.
(d) Antenna Power
Enable Antenna Power if an external active antenna is connected.
Time Setting
To access the Menu,Press MENU then select [Time] using the
RIGHT/LEFT key .The Menu provides options to adjust the
time settings.Press UP/DOWN to select an option and press
RIGHT/LEFT to adjust the setting. Press EXIT to exit the
(a) Time offset
Select auto or manual for GMToffset adjustments.
(b) Country Region
Select the Country Region when [Time Offset] is set to Auto.
(c) Time Zone
Select the Time Zone Offset when [Time Offset] is set to Manual.
To access the Menu,Press MENU then select [Option] using the RIGHT/LEFT key .The
Menu provides options to adjust the OSD Language,Subtitle
Language and Audio Language.
Select an option and press RIGHT/LEFT to adjust the setting.
Press EXIT to exit the Menu.
(a) OSD (On Screen Display) Language
Select an OSD language.
(b) Subtitle Language
Select the preferred subtitle language.
(c) Audio Language
Select the preferred audio language for watching TV channels.
If the language is not available, the default program language will
be used.
System Setting
To access the Menu,Press MENU then select [System] using
the RIGHT/LEFT key .The Menu provides options to adjust
the system settings.
Press UP/DOWN to select an option and press RIGHT/LEFT
to adjust the setting. Press EXIT to exit the Menu.
(a) Set Password
Set or change the password for locked programs. Enter your old password nor the default
password’0000’. You will then be asked to enter your new password. Press OK button to confirm
your new password.
Once it is confirmed, press EXIT to exit the Menu. The master unlock password is ‘8888’’.
(b) Restore Factory Default
Reset you STB to the Default Factory Settings.
In Main Menu select [Restore Factory Default] using the RIGHT/LEFT keys and press OK or
RIGHT to select. Enter your password or the default password ‘0000’ and press OK to confirm. This
option will delete all preset channels and settings. The master unlock password is ‘8888’
(c) Information
View model, hardware and software information
(d) Start Time
This is the time that the unit will scan for software updates
To access the Menu, Press MENU then select [USB] using the
RIGHT/LEFT keys. The Menu provides options to playback
Music ,Photo and Multimedia files .It can support AVI,
MP3,WMA,JPEG and BMP formats.
The unit will only support USB device with FAT32 file system.
It will not support NTFS file system.
When a USB device is attached you can select from the Music,
Photo, Movie or PVR options in this menu using the
RIGHT/LEFT keys and OK to select. If a USB device is not
connected ,the warning message ‘no USB device is found’ will
(b) Photo configure:
-Slide Time: adjust slide show interval to 1~8 seconds.
-Slide Mode: adjust slide show effect as mode 0~59 or random.
-Aspect Ratio:
[Keep]: Play picture in its original aspect.
[Discard]: Play picture in full screen mode.
(c) Movie Configure:
- Aspect Ratio:
[Keep]: Play movie in its original aspect.
[Discard]: Play movie in full screen mode.
- Subtitle Specific:
[Small]: Displays the subtitle as small mode.
[Normal]: Displays the subtitle as normal mode.
[Big]: Displays the subtitle as big mode.
- Subtitle BG:
[White]: Displays the subtitle in white background.
[Transparent]: Displays the subtitle in transparent background.
[Grey]: Displays the subtitle in grey background.
[Yellowgreen]: Displays the subtitle in yellowgreen background.
- Subtitle Font Color:
[Red]: Displays Subtitle in red font.
[Blue]: Displays Subtitle in blue font.
[Green]: Displays Subtitle in green font.
(d) USB PVR Configure:
The most unique feature on your is its ability to record live TV. There is two ways you can go about
this the first is to simply connect a USB storage device to your and press the record button on the
remote. The other way is to schedule a program to record using the blue button.
To schedule a recording follow the below steps:
Press “timer” button enter into “schedule” menu, then press the red button start to edit.
Highlight the yellow you wish to setting start-time, end-time, channel No.
Press the OK button
Press the EXIT button
The schedule window will be displayed with a number of options. You will be able to select from
the following two options:
Mode: View or Record
Once you have made your selections press the enter key to confirm
the recording time slot.
If at anytime you wish to delete a Scheduled recording event, you
can press the blue button to view the list of scheduled events. Use
the arrow keys on the remote to highlight the event you wish to
delete then press the blue button to delete it.
The recording files can be deleted on this unit, you can go to the PVR, and press yellow bottun to
delete it. The program is recorded to file at. PVR format, which can be played back on this unit and
PC using a suitable player, but can not be played back on DVD or PDVD
For recording the high definition TV programs, the version of usb device should be 2.0 or above,
otherwise the unit may can not record the hd programs correctly.
When recording to usb stick or external hard disc on this model, you have to wait a few seconds
before pushing rec. after inserting the media. Otherwise the unit can freeze in the signal. If that
happens, then please take off power and connect again to fix this.
Scheduled recording only works when the unit power is on,it can not work when the unit is standby.
- We cannot guarantee compatibility (operation and/or bus power) with all USB mass storage
devices and assume no responsibility for any loss of data that may occur when connected to this unit.
- With large amounts of data, it may take longer for the system to read the contents of a USB device.
- Some USB devices may not be properly recognized.
- Even when they are in a supported format, some files may not play or display depending on the
(e) Timeshift
When you are playing the program, you can insert the USB, and at
any time you can press the [Time shift] button, the frame will be
paused, and you may press the [PLAY] button after a second, it
will start to timeshift now. You may press the PLAY button to
return the normal program playing, and the timeshift is continuing,
you may see from the below picture’s bottom which is showing the
time shift status. In this case, you may make the unit to play the recorded program from the start.
Press [Info] key to see time shift information as below:
You can press [fast forward]/[fast back] to move the slide to left or right of the current recording.
Note: Time Shifting will only be available when USB HDD is connected to the system and
read/write speed is high enough to do that.
Press [Stop] button to end the timeshift, and it will back to the normal playing of the program
Potential Reasons
Power isn’t connected
What to do
Connect the power
The power switch is not on
Switch on the power
DVB-T cable not connected
Plug in the DVB-T cable
Aerial cable is faulty
Check aerial cable and connections
No or incorrect connection with
audio cable
Connect the audio cable correctly
The program is a radio program
The battery is exhausted
Press<TV/Radio>key to shift into TV
Change battery
Remote Control is not facing or
close enough to the STB
Adjust the position of the Remote Control
and move closer to the unit
The signal is too weak
Check aerial cable and connections.
No picture
Screen shows’
No Signal’
No sound from
Remote Control
is not responding
Picture is
breaking up
Technical Specifications
Sub Item
Input Frequency
RF Input level
IF Bandwidth
7MHz and 8MHz
Decoder Format
Output Format
Output Port
Decoder Format
Audio Output
Supported Capacity
576P , 720P, 1080i, 1080p, 4:3 ir 16:9
MPEG-1 (layer1&2&3 ), WMA, AC3
Supported Media
Supply Voltage
~100-240V 50/60Hz
Maximum power
Standby Power
The manufacturer reserves the right to change the configuration, technical or any other parameters
without prior notice.
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