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Rio Tilt-Pour Automatic Melting Furnace
The Rio Tilt-Pour Automatic Melting Furnace is designed to provide a safe, easy-to-use
electrical method for melting gold, silver and other non-ferrous metals for casting and
ingot-pouring applications. It offers precise control of melting temperatures up to 2028ºF
(1120ºC) through its user-friendly, programmable controller with LED display. The insulated
lid holds in heat and keeps oxygen out for a cleaner melt. Operates on 110 volt; 50/60Hz.
Melting capacities
1kg model: 14K gold: 821g (26.4 troy oz.)
850 watts;
13 amps
3kg model: 14K gold: 2799g (90 troy oz.)
1700 watts;
15 amps
Setting Up the Furnace
Unpack the shipping box and check to make sure your Automatic Melting Furnace includes
a crucible, a pair of crucible tongs, power cord and instruction manual.
Inspect the unit and accessories in case any damage has occurred during shipping (contact
Rio Grande immediately with any shipment issues). Make sure the inside of the heating chamber is free of any debris. If
there is a piece of wood or styrofoam between the control housing and heating chamber, remove it before operation.
Please Note: We recommend that you keep the carton and packaging material to reuse in the event the furnace must be
returned for repair or servicing.
If you haven’t done so already, choose an appropriate working site for the furnace. Make sure the top of your working surface
is composed of metal, ceramic, slate or any other surface that will not support a fire in case of a molten metal spill.
Allow at least 16 inches of space between the furnace and any surrounding combustible surfaces or items.
Heat emitted from the furnace requires at least this much open space to dissipate in order to avoid possible fire hazard.
Warning! Do not use this furnace in the same area with flammable or combustible materials as the furnace may ignite
these materials.
The furnace should be used only in a well-ventilated area as some alloys release fumes that can create
health risks. Follow all local and federal regulations for proper ventilation procedures.
After setting up your furnace in a work area that meets the above safety criteria, check to‑be sure the
is in the OFF position before plugging the furnace into a properly grounded 110–120 volt outlet.
front power switch
To avoid electrical shock, the furnace must always be used with a properly grounded outlet and with the
correct voltage and electrical current handling capacity.
In the event you need to replace the electrical system’s fuse, always use the correctly rated fuse. For the 3kg
model, use a 20-amp fuse; for the 1kg model, use a 15-amp fuse.
Rio Tilt-Pour Automatic Melting Furnace
Operational Safety
Your Rio Tilt-Pour Automatic Melting Furnace is designed to provide safe and efficient operation. Due to the extremely high
heat and molten metal involved in this process, a high degree of caution and care are critical to ensure its safe use. Please
note the following precautions before you proceed with operation of this furnace.
• Warning!Always use appropriate safety equipment, including safety glasses, appropriate heat-resistant gloves, a
fireproof apron and leather-toed shoes (or equivalent) when using this furnace. Molten metal can cause serious injury if
not handled properly and carefully.
• Warning!Keep hands, hair and clothing away from the melting chamber while it is hot. Do not let moisture drip into
the molten metal—a violent reaction may occur. Do not touch the furnace while it is in use or until a sufficient cooling
time has passed (2–3 hours after unit has been turned off ). The furnace generates high temperatures that can cause
severe burns or a fire.
Notice: Inspect your crucible for cracks, wear and deterioration prior to every use. Due to high heat, some of the
crucible material will naturally slough off over time and the walls and base will gradually become thinner. This may result
in leaking which can cause element and thermocouple failure.
Notice: Do not set the furnace temperature high enough to grossly exceed the melting point of the metal you are
loading. This could cause boiling and vaporization of the metal resulting in damaging contamination and failure of the
heating element.
Operating the Furnace
Before using your furnace, review the control panel descriptions below and become familiar with its operation.
ON/OFF Switch
Temperature “UP” Button
Temperature “DOWN” Button
Ramping Up”
LED Indicator
at Set-Point”
LED Indicator
LED Indicator
Please Note: The “U” button on
the furnace control panel is not
active. Do not press it.
Setting the Melt Temperature and Handling the Melt
Please Note: This unit is pre-set to Fahrenheit (°F).
1. Remove the crucible and clean the inside with a hard paper towel
to remove loose graphite or other debris. Close the lid and turn the
furnace on. The letters “tESt” will appear on the LED display and the
unit will perform a self-test. Once the test is complete, the current
temperature of the heating chamber will appear.
2. Push the “P” button once to program the set-point temperature.
The letters “SP 1” will appear. You can now adjust the set-point
temperature to your desired temperature by using the “UP” and
“DOWN” keys. Holding a key down for a few seconds allows you to
change the temperature setting more rapidly. When the set-point
temperature is correct, push the “P” button again to save it.
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Rio Tilt-Pour Automatic Melting Furnace
3. Once the temperature set-point is saved, the furnace will quickly
begin to ramp up to that temperature and the red LED “ramping
up” arrow displays. The ramp-up time for the 3kg model to reach
1950°F is around 20 minutes; this time will vary depending upon
the temperature chosen and the amount and type of metal in the
furnace. When the set-point temperature is achieved, the square
green LED will come on. The red LED “overshoot” arrow will appear
next, indicating the furnace has gone slightly beyond the set-point.
The LEDs will alternate off and on as the furnace self-adjusts to the
set-point. Please Note: It is normal for the temperature to fluctuate
slightly above and below the set-point.
4. Using the tongs included with the furnace, grasp the crucible
around the grooves in its upper sleeve (as shown). Carefully
lower the crucible into the heating chamber and close the lid.
Warning! At this time, the heating chamber is extremely
hot. Use caution and always wear heat-resistant gloves when
performing any operation near the heating chamber.The
temperature shown on the display will ramp down slightly
when you first add the crucible. It will return to your set-point
temperature after a few minutes.
5. Beginning with small pieces, slowly add metal to the crucible—
fill the crucible only to 1/4–1/3 of its capacity at first. Once that
is melted, add more metal until you have the amount needed
for your casting.
Warning! Use caster’s tweezers to handle the metal pieces.
Do not drop larger, heavier pieces into the crucible as the shock
could fracture it.
Please Note: We recommend using separate crucibles for
different metals to avoid cross-contamination.
6. When you have fully charged the crucible with metal and the
temperature is slightly below set-point, stir the metal with an
appropriate stirring rod (sold separately, see back page). After
the metal has reached casting temperature, open the lid fully
to lock it in position.
7. Grasp the handles at the back and side of the furnace,
keeping your thumb on the lid tab to secure it. Pour
smoothly and quickly into your mold; the metal will
immediately begin to cool. If casting multiple flasks,
repeat as needed.
• Warning! Never tilt the furnace more than 90°; the
crucible can slide out of the furnace spilling hot metal.
• Warning! Always wear appropriate heat-resistant safety
gloves (such as the Kevlar® gloves) whenever you are
handling a hot crucible.
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Rio Tilt-Pour Automatic Melting Furnace
8. When you are finished melting, turn off the power switch, close the lid over the heating
chamber and unplug the unit (to avoid accidental activation). Place the hot crucible in
an inert environment (such as the crucible cooling jar sold below) to help slow graphite
deterioration caused by exposure to oxygen. If you don’t have an inert environment, put
the crucible inside the unit to cool.
Replacement Parts & Accessories
Replacement graphite crucible (grooved), 1kg
Stirring rod, 7” (pkg/10)
Replacement graphite crucible (grooved), 2kg
Holder for stirring rod
Replacement graphite crucible (grooved), 3kg
Tweezers, 18" L
Replacement tongs
Kevlar® safety gloves
Crucible cooling jar
Crucible Tongs & Safety
The Rio Tilt-Pour is specially designed to allow you to pour molten metal without having to lift the crucible from the furnace;
however, if you decide to lift the crucible to pour your metal, the quality of your tongs is critical to safely doing so. Poorly
designed tongs are frequently the cause of spills and potentially dangerous accidents when picking up and pouring molten
metal from a crucible. The tongs provided with your Rio Automatic Melt Furnace are far superior to many others found in the
marketplace. They have been tested extensively and proven to be safe and effective at handling high-temperature crucible
melts time and again.
Poorly Designed Crucible Tongs
Rio-Tested Crucible Tongs (as supplied)
The handles on Rio tongs
cannot cross over one
another. Your grip remains
constant and dependable as
you lift and pour the crucible.
They are also made from
thicker gauge (6mm) metal.
Rio tongs make full contact all
the way around the crucible
sleeve for a secure, confident
grip when lifting and pouring.
The handles on many tongs can
cross over each other as you
close them. This can cause an
instantaneous loss of gripping
pressure and uncontrolled
spilling. They are also made from
thin gauge (typically 5mm) metal.
The poor design of these tongs
leaves gaps in its contact area
with the crucible sleeve, creating
an incomplete and a dangerously unsecured hold on the hot
If the tongs supplied with this Rio furnace become worn or need to be replaced, we recommend purchasing the replacement
tongs designed for the Rio furnace. See the parts list on the back page; visit our website or check your Rio Grande tools &
Equipment catalog to order.
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