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Compact Color Image Sensor Camera
IV- C35M
New product news
Improve your productivity and quality using color
IV-C35M compact color image sensor camera has an
image processing. The
integrated color image processing function, for making
inspections or measurements that are not possible using a
monochrome camera, and it includes an improved
measurement program.
The operating environment has also been improved with
features like an as easy-to-read display and simplified
Remote keypad
(IV- S30RK1)
LCD monitor
(IV- C35M)
Color camera
(IV- C30C5)
Sharp Manufacturing Systems Co., Ltd.
Our headquarters has received
ISO14001 certification
(environmental management system).
The IV-C35M assists you with improved
inspection and measurement precision, as well
as offering better productivity and quality control.
A variety of color filters and a color extraction function clearly distinguish subtle differences in tone and density.
Conventional monochrome cameras cannot
distinguish subtle differences in hue and contrast,
even if they are equipped with custom filters. In
addition to filtering the three primary colors (red,
green, and blue), the IV-C35M can make accurate
images of objects using brightness and other
optional filters, in order to inspect and measure their
qualities. It also has a color extraction function.
Color filter functions for the three primary colors (RGB) and
brightness and 5 optional filters allow easy evaluation.
Color extraction function that can
evaluate a variety of colors.
Select the color components and brightness of an area you want to evaluate, and
display just the specified component. Then convert it to a 256 gray scale or
binary image.
Specify a color to extract from the original image.
The controller eliminates all areas of the image
except those that have the specified color. Then, it
converts what is left into a binary image.
The color filter can be set to display the specified color brightly after gray scale image
NOTE processing. This is effective in evaluating subtle differences in color, or for finding flaws or
dirt that have similar colors or tones.
Original color image
Color extraction
For example, you can
extract just the blue area
of the letter "E" in the
image on left.
Improvements in productivity and quality are critical
issues in production. Of course, these issues are equally
important to inspection and measurement processes.
Sharp has contributed new solutions for inspection and
measurement processes by developing low-priced, highperformance image sensor cameras that leave the others
behind. Now, aiming for even greater improvements in
productivity, we have developed the IV-C35M compact
color image sensor camera. It can inspect and measure
workpieces with minute differences in hue and contrast
that would have been impossible to evaluate using
conventional monochrome cameras. While keeping the
highly sophisticated specifications of earlier models, such
as a unique partial image capture function, this camera is
equipped with a variety of color filters and advanced
measurement programs. Operability has been greatly
improved with features such as interactive, descriptionbased parameter settings that can be used by anyone,
and an easy to read color screen. We would like you to
consider our IV-C35M compact color image sensor
camera if you want to make greater improvements in
productivity and quality control. It can be used for
inspections and measurements in many ways.
R (red) filter
G (green) filter
B (blue) filter
Displays red areas more brightly.
Displays green areas more
This color extraction function not only works with
hue and saturation, but also with brightness.
NOTE Therefore, achromatic objects that cannot be
processed using a color filter can still be extracted.
* The controller can extract up to 8 colors in one object type. By
specifying multiple object types, it can be used to evaluate even
more colors.
Conventional monochrome processing
Conventional gray image
If the hue or color saturation is
very similar between adjacent
areas, the images cannot be
The density of this image can
be measured. However, the
hue and color saturation cannot
be evaluated.
Other applications
The optional filter is effective if
the RGB filters are not used to
show areas as brighter.
Brightness filter Optional filter
Displays areas that are within the
specified brightness range (within the
specified upper and lower limits)
more brightly.
Specify the optimum color filter
parameters to use, based on
the original image conditions.
●Can be used to make the following inspections and measurements (using the color extraction function)
Check for lit LEDs in mobile phones
Check whether or not the LEDs in a mobile phone are lit
properly. (Also effective in inspecting the color indicators
on an LCD display.)
Check for incorrect wire harness
Detect whether a wire harness is wired as called
for in the specifications.
- Inspect letters with different colors or
background colors.
- Distinguish filled and empty containers
when both the material and the container
have similar colors.
- Detect missing pills in a card of pills.
- Check for the presence of an adhesive
agent when there is only a small
difference between the color density of
the base material and the agent.
Sorting inspection of parts
Inspect by evaluating the color of caps
Sort parts with almost no difference and which
therefore cannot be identified by their shape.
Sort caps and prevent contamination of different
types of material by checking the color of each cap.
For example, apply marks
with different color for each
part type. Then detect the
marks and sort different
types of parts.
Provide good or NG judgments and detect
incorrect positions of objects using area
measurement and object counting by binary
A wire harness inspection looks at the
arrangement of the wires by checking for the
specified wire colors using color evaluation and
color position measurement.
Determine whether a color mark matches the
reference color using color evaluation and area
measurement by binary conversion.
Evaluate whether the cap color matches the
reference color.
Thanks to the variety of measurement menu items and the simplified operation,
it can be operated by inexperienced people.
Reducing the cycle operation time contributes to improved productivity.
When you want to use the machine to make inspections and measurements with high precision
The measurement menu has been improved
urther by adding new menu items.
The IV-C35M can be used to make a variety of measurements
and inspections such as looking for uneven color or evaluating
the color of objects.
In addition to conventional measurement menu items, new
items have been added for color related functions. Just select
the menu program items that match your application. 18
measurement menu items are available. Use a remote keypad
to select items from the menu. You don’t need to spend the time
or pay the price of creating sophisticated programs for precise
measurements. You can start using the IV-C35M in your
operation the same day you receive it.
- For details about each measurement program, see the back cover of this leaflet.
Color filter
Color extraction
Gray image
Binary image
- Fault inspection
- Position deviation
- Degree of match inspection
- Lead inspection
- Point measurement
- Multiple position
- Multiple degree of match
- Area measurement by
binary conversion
- Object identification by
binary conversion
- Count objects by binary
- BGA/CSP inspection
- Point measurement
Binary image
* When a monochrome camera is connected to the IVC35M, the color evaluation, color unevenness
inspection, and color position measurement features
cannot be used.
- Color evaluation
- Color unevenness
- Color position measurement
- Area measurement by
binary conversion
- Object identification by
binary conversion
- Count objects by binary
Items in red are new menu
Do you want to shorten your cycle times?
Five CCD trigger functions are included in the controller
and there is no need for an external sensor.
Shorten the total processing cycle time
using two cameras.
Two color cameras (IV-C30C5) or two high-speed monochrome
cameras (IV-S30C3/C4) can be connected to one IV-C35M
controller. This feature can reduce the cycle time even more by
creating a system designed for things like simultaneous positioning
of two points, simultaneous inspection of two positions on a
workpiece, and capturing two images with a simultaneous shutter,
which can be shown on a split display screen.
* Combined use of color and monochrome cameras is not possible.
Inspect printing on packages
camera 1
IV- C35M
Select the set wizard from the main screen, and then just select the appropriate items on each screen. Since you can advance quickly
while confirming the settings you are making, you can eliminate mistaken settings and be ready to start operations within a short time.
camera 2
The set wizard is especially
effective for operators who are
not familiar with image sensor
cameras and want begin using
a camera for the first time.
- By inspecting both the front and
back of a package, you can
reduce the inspection process
cycle time. It can be used in a
number of applications to inspect
glass bottles, cans of food,
chemicals, and cosmetics.
A partial image capture function, a special feature from
Sharp, reduces the image-capture time even more.
If you want to reduce your inspection and measurement
times, you can use our unique partial image capture
function. The partial image capture function limits the area
an image is taken from, reducing the capture time by 1/2.
●Setting up measurement programs using the menu tree
●Screens can also be edited as you wish
The menu tree (which shows the layered organization of the screens at a glance)
allows you to advance through each layer and the necessary menu items quickly, with
confidence. If you want to see a screen to confirm your settings, you can go directly to
the specific screen from the menu tree.
You can edit the operation screen by moving, enlarging or
reducing and displaying or hiding information on the
operation menu.
Selected from a popup menu.
Layered organization of display screens
in the menu tree.
operation screen
With the partial image capture function,
Image capture
time is
cut in half
Capture the whole image.
Operation screen
after being edited
Scanning direction
CCD trigger
A maximum of 32 object types can be registered, to deal
with lots of different object types and small lot production.
Want to decrease the time spent setting up a process? Want to use a simple operation to make settings quickly?
The menu tree and set wizard functions guide you through the operation procedures.
Even a beginner can set up the camera easily, without any difficulty.
●Make settings using the set wizard.
Five CCD trigger functions are
included: color, binary conversion,
average density, gray search, and
edge detection. Since the controller
can trigger measurement when a
specified color is detected, there is no
need for an external sensor. You can
cut your initial costs and you don’t
need to position or adjust an external
sensor for each object type.
To make inspections and measurements of multiple object types
and small lots, each object type can have different object shapes
and colors, so the number of items you can register is actually
larger. The IV-C35M can register up to 32 object types, the largest
number in the field, and it allows you to make a quick change of the
object being processed. By using a memory card (192 Mbytes), you
can actually save the settings for up to 1200 object types.
No need for a tilting angle correction jig, since the
IV-C35M has a 360°-rotation correction function.
Since the controller can correct the rotation of an image through a
full 360°, it can evaluate large angular deviations in printing on
packages, and it can be used as a robotic eye for a chucking
Electronic shutter function can be set as high as 1/10000sec
The shutter speed can be set between 1/30 and1/10000 sec for
each object type, and you can obtain stable, clear images, even
when the objects are being fed at high speed.
This unit can adjust the light level without changing the lighting
when the object type is changed.
Do you want to export your product?
The IV-C35M has applied for CE marking and it can be
installed in machines intended to be sold overseas.
It can be installed on products that will be shipped abroad. It will
provide productivity improvements in overseas production bases,
the same as when used in domestic factories.
* When you want to capture 240 lines of
the 480 lines available.
Even operators with experience in
setting up image sensor cameras
NOTE will find that the unique menu tree
is effective.
SHARP’s unique function and support
software contribute to improved quality.
■System configuration
Do you want to improve development
and design productivity?
Image processing library for the IV-S30 series
Monitor display
The display can be
switched while
continuing to make
NG image display
instruction manual
Library instruction
IV-S30KC3 (3 m)
IV-S30KC5 (5 m)
cam era and a high-speed
monochrome camera is
not possible
USB cable, RS232C cable (between a personal computer and the
IV-C35M main housing, for transferring programs)
* The U SB port c a n onl y be us e d w i th W i ndow s 9 8 .
Since the IV-C35M can display the
measurement area in any color and
the results of the evaluation can be
display in any specified color, you
can easily see for yourself if the
result is OK or NG.
(This function is available even
when a monochrome camera is
Camera lens
Camera lens
LED lighting
◎ Camera lens (IV-S20L16)
Operating environment Windows95/98/Me/NT4.0/2000
Personal computer
IBM PC/AT or compatible machine
Pentium 90 MHz minimum (recommend Pentium 133 MHz or
32 M-bytes minimum (recommend 48 M-bytes or more)
Hard disk
30 M-bytes or more free space
A mouse or pointing device compatible with
800 x 600 pixel resolution (1024 x 768 recommended) 256
colors or more
LCD monitors
LED lighting equipment
◎ Color camera (IV-C30C5)
◎ High-speed monochrome camera (IV-S30C3)
Bare chassis type 10.4" TFT color LCD
IV-10MTV 10.4" TFT color LCD with a mounting frame
10.4" TFT color LCD with a built-in remote
keypad and a mounting frame
Integrated light source and controller in one
◎ Camera cable (IV-S30KC3/KC5)
7 * 2 -M3 t ap
For Windows 95/98/Me/NT4.0/2000
■IV-S30SP operating environment
CD-ROM drive
RS-232C port
USB port
Remote key pad
LED lighting
*2 The IV-60LD is useful when a monochrome
camera is used.
*3 EIA cameras purchased elswhere cannot be used.
Runs on Windows95/98/NT4.0/2000
IV-S30LB1 Runs on Windows95/98/NT4.0/2000
■External dimensions (unit: mm)
It runs on Windows95/98/Me/NT4.0/2000 platforms, and
allows users to specify data, and to manage and analyze
inspection results using a personal computer.
Image processing library
Adjustable range of focus.
Camera side
* Secure the camera installation
angle bracket using M3 tapped
holes (3 positions) at a distance
of 20 mm from each other.
◎ Controller (when a controller angle bracket is installed)
◎ Camera angle bracket
◎ Remote keypad
<Camera cccessories>
10゜ 10゜
Read the OK/NG results easily by looking at a
colored display of the measurement area and
evaluation result information.
Color camera
A printer compatible with Windows95/98/Me/NT4.0/2000
One drive
One port or more
One port recommended
◎ BNC conversion
* The U SB port c a n onl y be us e d w i th W i ndow s 9 8 .
* 512x480 pi xel s 192MB .
When a f l ash memory card
i s used.
IV-C35M, IV-S32MX/33MX, IV-S30RK1, IV-C30C5, IV-S30C1/C3,
IV-S30KC3, IV-S20L16, monitor
Personal computer Running Windows 95/98/ME/NT4.0/2000.
C compiler
HITACHI SH-4 C compiler V5.0.
COMPUTEC JTG debugger, HITACHI PC card emulator E10A (A
PC card slot is required in your personal computer)
Color camera
IV-C35M/S30 series
●Cable (3 m)
*1 Combi ned use of a col or
C mount, 2x, 4x
17 mm dia. mount, 2x, 4x
Cable for IV-C30C5/S30C3/C4 camera, 3 m
Cable for IV-C30C5/S30C3/C4 camera, 5 m
C mount lens with a 16 mm focal length
Keys for remote entry
Compact Flash TM
◎ Monitor cable
Store 264 NG images* on a flash memory card.
When a compact flash
memory card is installed
in the controller housing,
NG images can be
stored on the card.
Specification or details
Color filter and color extraction functions.
Register 32 object types.
C mount
Micro, high speed IV-S30C4
Camera cable
Camera lens
Remote keypad
Memory card
--Parameter setting support
Personal computer
Item name
Description of functions, with sample problems
You can set and store various data and evaluate
samples over the Internet simply, securely, and
quickly in the familiar Windows environment.
Parameter setting support software for the IV series
■IV-C35M product line
■Product configuration of the IV-S30LB1
■Development environment
Split display
Image processing
Automatically transferred
to a personal computer
RS232C and USB
cables to connect a
DOS/V personal
computer are
accessories for the
Monitor cable
Image processing library (approx. 300 types), OS (a part of µ
ITRON), program transfer software
Development methods, memory areas, I/O map, and sample
260, 000
Parameter setting
support software
A maximum of
128 NG images
can be stored.
X 480 TFT
10.4 " 640pixels
(Controller accessory)
image display
memory card
Integrated remote keypad and
rack mount type with a frame
260, 000
X 480 TFT
10.4 " 640pixels
Although the color image sensor camera IV-C35M has a
variety of inspection and measurement functions, the IVS30LB1 image processing software library can meet your
needs simply and quickly if you want to add functions for
special inspection and measurement purposes, change the
display, or just need a certain function. If you can write
programs in the C language, you can create your own original
image sensor systems using this standard library software, a
C compiler, and a debugger.
For Windows 95/98/Me/NT4.0/2000
260, 000
Bare chassis model
Parallel I/F
Serial I/F
The IV-10MTK has a similar
function as the remote keypad (IVS30RK1). However, when this cable
is connected, an IV-S30RK1 remote
keypad cannot be connected.
Measurement condition
IV- S30LB1
X 480 TFT
10.4 " 640pixels
This function is used to decrease production problems and
improve productivity and quality. While making measurements
you can check the NG image history (maximum of 128 images)
and display both the current image and other NG images on a
monitor. Using a USB port, it can automatically transfer NG
images to a personal computer. You can immediately analyze
faults and can take effective countermeasures to improve
productivity and quality.
A reliable product
built by SHARP, an
expert in LCD
Customize your image-processing equipment,
simply and quickly by using our imageprocessing library.
Color LCD monitor that makes the image processing
system more compact Rack mount type with a frame
Laptop personal
Displays previous NG images and the current image at the
same time. Automatically transfer NG images to a personal
computer through the USB port, while continuing to measure.
Programmable controller
Do you want to eliminate problems?
◎ The controller angle bracket is a controller accessory.
◎ The monitor cable and BNC conversion connector are controller accessories.
Compact Color Image Sensor Camera IV-C35M
■ Specifications of IV-C35M controller
Image sampling system
Number of pixels
Image memory
No.of assignable object type
Maximum number of reference images
stored / number of whole screens stored
Gray search time
Gray search, edge detection precision
Image processing
Color image
Adjust brightness level
Comparative calculation
between images
Space filter
Binary threshold value
Binary noise elimination
Binary image mask
Positional correction method
Number of measurement programs
Window shape
Distance and angle measurement
Arithmetic operation
NG image memory function
Memory card slot
Other functions
Input relays
Output relays
Auxiliary relays
Parallel interface
Generalpurpose serial interface
Computer link
Image output
Number of cameras
Compatible cameras
Make settings
start input
Color filter (R, G, B, and optional)
Color extraction (hue, saturation, and brightness)
Gray search
Adjust saturation level
Gray level changes
Micro PLC
9ms *1
Pixel, sub-pixel
Saturation correction
Number of points
Number of points
External dimentions
Dividing, subtracting, and filtering
Subtracting, absolute value of difference (between
camera 1 and reference image, between camera 2
and reference image, between camera 1 and
camera 2)
Magnification by "n" processing g(+/-) correction,
histogram expansion, mid-range emphasis
Smoothing (center/average), edge emphasis, edge
extraction, horizontal edge, vertical edge
Fixed and threshold value corrections (variation
difference/variation rate)
Expansion to contraction, contraction to expansion,
area filter
Specified window (rectangle, circle, oval), any binary
image mask
X/Y correction, rotation correction
Maximum 6 per object type (measurement 0 camera 1, measurement 0 - camera 2,
measurements 1 to 4) *2
Rectangle, circle, oval (when using area
measurement by binary conversion, object counting
by binary conversion, object identification by binary
Measure distance (between two points, X
coordinate, Y coordinate), measure angle (3 points,
2 points against horizontal line, 2 points against
vertical line), auxiliary point (center, circle center,
gravity center, line over 2 points, crossing point of
two straight lines)
Four basic operations (+, -, X, /), root, absolute
value, TAN, ATAN, maximum, minimum, average ,
Maximum 128 images (8 whole screens)
One (compatible with a 192 Mbyte capacity card)
Year, month, day, hour, minute
Display measuring time, light level monitor function,
crosshair cursor display, change display language
between Japanese and English, Run screen lock
function, display setting menu "yes/no", change
image display (through/freeze), change image
brightness (bright/dark)
Parallel input: 8 points
Parallel output: 8 points, general-purpose serial
interface Computer link: 16 points
Picture taking
Connection to controller
Operation ambient temperature/
Operation ambient humidity
Operation atmosphere
Outside dimensions (mm)
Color evaluation
Color unevenness
Color position
Area measurement by
binary conversion
Object identification by
binary conversion
Count measurement
by binary conversion
RS232C/RS422 (2.4 to 115.2 kbps)
Color CCD trigger, CCD trigger (gray search)
Trigger input (parallel I/F), general-purpose serial
I/F, keypad trigger (for manual measuring)
C mount
Interline transmission method, 1 CCD color
Full pixel type, partial image scanning is available
33.3 ms [full mode]
1/3 inch
512 (horizontal) × 480 (vertical)
Settable between for each object type, between 1/30
and 1/10,000 sec.
Random shutter
Round, 12-pin male connector
Using custom camera cables (IV-S30KC3: 3 m, IVS30KC5: 5 m)
0 to 45oC/35 to 85% RH (non-condensing)
No corrosive gases or dust
30 (W) × 32 (H) × 40 (D)
50 g (not including the lens)
■ Measurement menus that can be used for various inspections
Input: 8 points, Output: 9 points
Internal trigger
Lens mount method
Reading system
No. of effective pixels
Pixel shape
Shutter speed (s)
8 points, timer setting range: 0.01 to 9.99 seconds
(countdown timer)
8 points, counter setting range: 000 to 999 (counts
Built-in compatibility with certain SHARP, OMRON,
Mitsubishi, and Yokogawa models
USB device node, 12 Mbps
1 channel, EIA 525 lines, 2:1 interlaced
Maximum of 2
Color: IV-C30C5, High-speed monochrome: IVS30C3/IV-S30C4
Using the IV-S30RK1 remote keypad for IV series
and the IV-S30SP parameter setting support
software for IV series
8 points: One external trigger, 5 object type change,
2 exernal input
1 point: + or - common
12/24 VDC
10.8 to 26.4 VDC
9 points: One READY, 8 user spacific logical output
(Y0 to Y7)
1 point: + or - common
12/24 VDC
10.8 to 26.4 VDC
100 mA DC
MOS FET open drain system
2 points: 24 VDC and 0 V
24 VDC (±10%), 12W
Approx. 600 g
130 (W) X100 (D) X 42 (H) mm (excluding
protruding portions)
Approx. 600 g
■ Specifications of the color camera IV-C30C5
Optical system
128 points, special area 18 points
External trigger
Common for input
Rated input voltage
Input voltage range
Common for output
Rated output voltage
Load voltage range
Rated max. output current
Output system
Power terminals
Power supply voltage / power consumption
Operating ambient temperature/humidity
600 / 8 screens
Brightness correction
Shading correction
Gray image
16,770,000 colors, 256 level gray scale, binary
conversion, edge detection
512 (horizontal) x 480 (vertical), approx. 240, 000
One screen for displaying captured images. One
color screen for displaying camera information and
*1 This is true when the search area is 256 x 256 pixels, the model is 64 x 64 pixels, and
the compression is set to 3.
*2 Measurement 0 is only used for positional deviation measurements.
Evaluate whether the extracted color matches the
reference color
Evaluate color unevenness based on the size of certain
extracted areas of color that are outside the reference color
Measure the position coordinates of a workpiece with the
same extracted color as the reference color.
Measure the extracted color area on a workpiece.
Check for the existence and measure the size of the
extracted color areas on multiple workpieces
Count the number of separate areas on a workpiece with
extracted color.
Detect flaws or dirt on a workpiece that are the same color
Fault inspection
as was emphasized using a color filter function.
Measure positional deviation between an area on a
Position deviation
workpiece whose color was emphasized (using the color
filter function) and a reference position.
Degree of match
Evaluate whether a workpiece is good or not good by the
degree of match with a reference image.
Area measurement by Measure the area of the color on a workpiece that was
binary conversion
emphasized using a color filter.
Count objects by
Count the number of separate colored areas on a
binary conversion
workpiece that were emphasized by using a color filter.
Object identification by Check for the existence and measure the size of the areas
binary conversion
of emphasized color on multiple workpieces.
Evaluate whether workpieces are present or not at multiple
Point measurement
specified points.
Measure the lead width and length, and the distance
Lead inspection
between the leads in an emphasized color.
Measure the number of objects, area, filet diameter and
BGA/CSP inspection distance between centers of gravity on BGA/CSP chips
whose color has been emphasized.
Measure the position and number of workpieces with a
Multiple position
degree of match to the reference image that is larger than
a specified level.
Measure the degree of match of each workpiece by
Multiple degree of
comparison with a reference image. Count the ones with a
match inspection
degree of match larger than the specified level.
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the leaflet may be different from the images actually displayed on the monitor.
To use this device effectively and safely!
- Make sure to read the instruction manual before use. Make sure to supply the specified power and voltage.
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The details in this pamphlet were correct as of March 2002.
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