Quick Guide to entering requisitions on the web following steps:

Quick Guide to entering requisitions on the web  following steps:
Quick Guide to entering requisitions on the web
To Enter a Requisition please complete the
following steps:
1. Log in to Agresso, Using your name & Password
2. Choose Procurement from the menu on the bottom left of the
3. Choose Requisition – Requisition Standard from the top left of
the screen this opens your requisition.
4. Complete the following fields on the Requisition screen
 Supplier Name – Type or use search facility
 Cost Centre – Defaults to home budget, see drop down
list for other budgets to which you have access.
 Date – Defaults to today’s date.
 Requisition details – Choose the product you wish to
order eg. Stationery. Choose add if more than one
product is being ordered.
 Description – Type over the text with the product
information eg. Folders
 Quantity & Price – (not including VAT)
 Product Text – Enter text relevant to the order – eg.
Quote Ref etc
 GL Anaylsis – Sub analysis section needs to be completed
Eg. OfrTyp. Type or use search facility.
 Funds Check – Choose from the tool bar. This checks that
there are enough funds in the budget to cover the order.
 Save – This saves the order & sends it to the Cost Centre
Manager for approval.
Press Clear Screen before entering next requisition
What happens next?
You can attach documents for example quotations which will
be for internal use only.
Once saved the cost centre manager will receive an
e-mail informing them they have a requisition to
The approver must log in to Agresso to approve the
requisition. Once approved the system will
generate an electronic Purchase Order (PO) and
will e-mail it to the supplier.
Requisitioners will be advised once the PO has
been sent to the supplier.
If we do not have an e-mail address for the supplier
on Agresso the PO will be sent to the
Requisitioner.(Who will forward PO on to Supplier)
Add or delete lines from your order
The supplier will issue an invoice once the
goods/services have been sent/provided to MIC.
Accounts payable will process the invoice and an email will be sent to the requisitioner requesting
them to approve the invoice.
Approving the invoice means that you are
certifying that the goods/services have been
received and are in order for payment.
Notes ******
Sub-Analysis section – Type value or use search facility
If the supplier you wish to purchase goods from is
not available on Agresso you will need to complete
a Supplier set up form. See the Agresso web page.
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