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Pyramix 8.0 Release Notes
Please consult the Installation Guide located on the Pyramix Installation Media (USB
Memory card) for details on the hardware and software installation procedure and
Authorization Key registration process.
To install the Mykerinos board, TURN YOUR COMPUTER OFF (shut down then switch the
power off). Next plug the Mykerinos board into one of the PCI/PCI-Express bus slots on your
computer and turn the power back on.
Ravenna users will have to install the NET-MSC-GBEX1 PCIe Ethernet card provided by
Merging Technologies. TURN YOUR COMPUTER OFF (shut down then switch the power off).
Next plug the NET-MSC-GBEX1 card into one of the PCI-Express bus slots on your computer
and turn the power back on. The NET-MSC-GBEX1 card will only be operational once the
MassCore runtime is installed. Refer to the Pyramix Installation Guide for more details.
Additional installation step for multi-board application
In order to enable multi-board operation, all Mykerinos cards in your PC have to be
connected together using a special HDTDM ribbon cable. This cable has to be plugged into
the multi-pin connectors located on the top edge of the I/O daughter cards. Please contact
your Merging Technologies Sales Partner for information on how to order this HDTDM ribbon
• To install the Pyramix Virtual Studio software insert the Pyramix Virtual Studio
Installation Media - the installation program should auto-start.
• To install MassCore launch the MT Security Settings, go to the MassCore page and
install the MassCore RunTime (a MassCore base key is required).
Please check our Web site periodically for information, patches
and updates.
Merging Technologies
Le Verney 4, CH-1070 Puidoux Switzerland
T : +41 21 946 04 44 • F : +41 21 946 04 45
Pyramix v8.0 Install Procedure
Additional details on the System Requirements available in the Pyramix V8 Installation Guide.
Pyramix v8.0 is compatible with the following OS
Windows 7 Professional (32bit) MassCore/Mykerinos, MassCore/Ravenna, Native/Ravenna & Native
Windows 7 Professional (64bit) Native & Native/Ravenna only
Windows XP (32bit) MassCore/Mykerinos & Native.
Ravenna users must install the NET-MSC-GBEX1 PCIe Ethernet card provided by Merging Technologies.
Refer to the Pyramix v8.0 Install guide for details
MassCore/Ravenna is only supported under Windows 7 (32bit), user should never put the MassCore NETMSC-GBEX1 PCIe Ethernet card on a system that runs Windows XP or Vista or that is 64 bit.
Since Pyramix v8, the Mykerinos None-MassCore mode is no longer supported.
Merging recommends that you remove the present Pyramix version and that you remove the RTX version installed.
Before doing so you can back up your Projects and save your settings, keyboard shortcuts, templates.
1. Go to Windows Control Panel
2. Select “Add or Remove Programs” (XP) / “Programs and Features” (Vista & Windows 7)
3. Remove the installed Pyramix version (Pyramix 5.X or 6.2.X or 7.X versions)
Note: If Interval Zero does not appear in the Windows Programs & Features please refer to the document link here
MassCore users
1. Merging Recommends to uninstall MassCore by rebooting your system on the Windows boot line
2. From the Control Panel access the Windows “Add or Remove Programs” (XP) / “Programs and
Features” (Windows 7)
3. Select "Interval Zero RTX runtime", remove it and reboot your system
Install Pyramix 8.0
1. Run the Pyramix 8.0 installer
2. If asked to install Uncertified Microsoft Drivers please continue and confirm the install authorization (do
not use Wizard automatic detection). You can also enable the “Always trust Merging Technologies” option
3. Users might also be asked to install pending requirements like “Bonjour” for Windows, please proceed
3. Reboot your System
Enter your V8.0 keys (The Pyramix v7.1 keys are only valid for the Pyramix v8 beta & RC versions)
1. Launch MT Security Settings from Windows Start>Control Panel>MT Security Settings
2. Enter your Pyramix v8.0 Keys
Users that have to install MassCore will have to install the new MassCore Runtime
1. Make sure that your system is configured with the HyperThreading disabled. Refer to Pyramix v8
Installation Guide for all details
2. In MT Security Settings go to the MassCore Tab and install the MassCore Runtime
3. Close MT Security
4. Reboot your system and make sure that you select the “MassCore” boot entry line at Windows Start Up
If you do not select the MassCore boot line you could end up with a RTX blue screen.
Note: MassCore/Ravenna NET-MSC-GBEX1 PCIe Ethernet card users might have to wait up to 2
minutes after their system startup/login before the Horus shows up online and in MT Discovery
Ravenna: Refer to the Merging Ravenna Guide for all details.
Disable Windows Firewall is recommended (no internet connection recommended)
Merging recommends to set the Merging MassCore NIC Ethernet card and Horus to Auto IP addressing
Enable Ravenna mode from the VS3 Control Panel (NOTE: the Merging Interface must be connected)
We recommend the installation of Google Chrome browser for Horus remote access
Use the Easy Connect (installed with Pyramix v8) to manage the Ravenna connection
User can now connect multiple Horus’s through the certified Merging network Dell switch. Refer to the Merging
Ravenna MassCore guide for all details and configuration.
For users with Pyramix and VCube installed on the same system, it is mandatory that you upgrade to VCube 4.0 to
go along side this Pyramix v8.0
Note: A MTCleanUp utility is available through Merging’s Support for those having problems with their installation.
Merging Technologies
Le Verney 4, CH-1070 Puidoux Switzerland
T : +41 21 946 04 44 • F : +41 21 946 04 45
Pyramix 8.0 Release Notes
New RTX 2011 version supporting up to 8 Cores
MassCore Ravenna Support
Requires the Merging PCIe Ethernet card NET-MSC-GBEX1
Configuration through the Ravenna Easy Connect tool (see description at end of release
MT Discovery tool installed with Pyramix for Horus web remote access.
Ravenna Easy Connect (See description at end of Release notes)
Multiple Ravenna devices over a network switch supported. Refer to the Merging Ravenna
MassCore Guide for all details.
See Horus specific documents (release notes and user manual)
New Automation Tracks Settings “VCA follows Masters”. This is for timeline editing when
moving clips both the Masters and the VCA will follow the automation when this option is
Added setting under Automation that checks that the Automation Track setting for
source/destination users
Will verify the project settings at opening and make sure that the Automation Tracks
Settings is set to “Master controls are linked to any Destination”, this is just a check
to avoid users from making mistakes. So it verifies the option selected under Menu
Automation>Automation Tracks>Master Control Link
Automation curve can now follow the Media is slipped (like envelopes are doing but it was not
yet possible for the automation)
A new entry in the Edit menu named “Link to Media Content” was added in order to
makes this work (optional because not everybody will want this behavior).
New Plugin The Noir Advanced Panner (VST)
Free of charge for all Pyramix users
This VST plug-in is essentially a panner employing phase and amplitude to achieve
superior results in comparison with simple amplitude panning. When the position of
the different sources is entered as well as information about the main mic pair, The
Noir Advanced Panner computes and applies the delays and gain appropriate to the
distances from each source to each mic of the main mic pair. This enables extremely
realistic left-right placement of spot mic sources in relation to the main mic pair
More details in the Pyramix User Manual
Merging Technologies
Le Verney 4, CH-1070 Puidoux Switzerland
T : +41 21 946 04 44 • F : +41 21 946 04 45
Search Media improvements
The Search Media icon in Pyramix toolbar will open this Search Media dialog (Menu
Media>Search Media)
The Search Query can now combine *,AND , OR in the field search content
Added 'Exact word match' check box in the search media dialog.
When enabled this option will search for exact words in the database. * can still be
This option is off by default
When disabled, the words are search partially, meaning 'car' will return results like
'car door opening' as well as 'caravan passing'
This check box applies to simple searches in Search media dialog AND to quick search
(top right of library frames)
A new button was added to the QuickSearch toolbar “A!”. this option is a short cut to
the "Search media" "Exact word match" check box.
The Library tab we can only search for libraries (.pml) we no longer search for projects
The search result now appears in top of the global libraries and once a search is performed
we will directly put the focus to that search result entry.
If there is no QuickMount present it will create one
New is the Search Filters view
The Filter view can be opened from the View>Filter or you can use the magnifier icon
Within the Search Filter we will parse the results accroding to the column in which
we've searched in
The Search filter always behaves as contain (*text*)
No more Mixer rebuild at plug-ins insertion
Plug-ins VS3 or VST can be added to the mixer without this one rebuilding
Rebuilds can still occur under such conditions
You need to increase the Mixer Delay Compensation value
A plug-in will require the load of some file (e.g. Altiverb Impulse Response)
Adding VS3 & VST plugins can be added in realtime operations but small interruption can
occur if the plug-in requires delay compensation
Visual improvements to the Effects section
Meter Bridge improvements
Peak + VU meter now displays VU scale to the right of the bargraph
Graphic updates to Solo/Mute buttons
Now supported in DXD
New Meter Bridge Settings Page
Added a save special as v7.x so that a library created/opened with 8.0 can be reloaded in
Pyramix v7.x.
Improvements on the database speed
The database size will longer increase rapidly
Project will open and relink quicker
Media Manager
Quick Convert and Sampling Rate Conversion can now export to BWF or PMF
Track Header
The Track Header “Eye” button accessing the Always Visible option has been added
Constant Bit Rate support (now available in drop down list as CBR)
Merging Technologies
Le Verney 4, CH-1070 Puidoux Switzerland
T : +41 21 946 04 44 • F : +41 21 946 04 45
CD import
Dialog revamping
New option which allows importing with the CD pause time and Indexes markers
The Hepta SRC property Page now features a gain (dB) edit box, for setting an additional gain
If conversion involves DSD to PCM, the gain will be applied on the filter’s pre computed
Lookup table (hence 64 bit precision floating point domain), so avoiding any clipping for the 0
– 6 dB (SACD) range if dealing with a level above 0 dB (SACD) with an appropriate gain
value. Obviously, the 6 dB offset required by DSD to PCM conversion is implicit and thus not
reflected by this value.
If performing PCM to PCM conversion, the gain value is applied after the SRC stage and
before the dithering stage.
TimeCode and Current Day (0) improvements
The TimeCode scale is now colored in Red the region below 00:00:00:00 and above
23:59:59:2x of Day 0
The TimeCode display of the Main Transport Window and bottom Transport toolbar displays a
little +1 or -1 or +X or –X in red indicating the day when not in day 0.
CMX EDL Export now always relocates clips in the Day 0. This involves compositions or clips
crossing midnight to be split half at the beginning of the day, the other half at the end.
To perform like a tape machine, we implemented a while ago a mode where, when controlled
through 9 Pin, we jump to the nearest timecode to where we currently are when receiving a
Locate command. This involved often jumping to day -1 or day +1 and caused problems
when recording with media ending up at timecode not supported by other workstations.
GoTo Timecode improvements
A normal Goto TimeCode in the timeline now allowed to jump to another day than Day 0
A new “Locate Settings” section has been added under General
In this section there are two settings controlling the behavior of Locate commands, when
issued from the User Interface (Goto TimeCode) or issued from remote controllers (typically
Sony 9-Pin – Cue Up with Data), being Locate:
Always in Day 0 (GoTo will always locate cursor in day 0)
To Nearest matching TimeCode (GoTo will locate cursor to nearest point)
To keep the current behavior by default as in version 7.1 and previous, the default is set to
“Always in Day 0” for the User Interface, and “To Nearest matching TimeCode” for remote
Bugs fixed Pyramix v8.0 RC3
MT5143: Fixed. Record format reverting to MTFF after Digital Release
MT5076: Fixed. Search Filter view: Horizontal scroll bar missing
MT5107: Fixed. Monitor panel: loosing Selected Output configuration
MT5126: Fixed. Easy Connect: Potential Hang due to Lock host sampling rate
MT0373: Fixed. Monitor's Buses names are not updated when modifying those in the mixer
MT0584: Fixed. At times Monitoring Sources can no longer be displayed in Monitor window
MT2531: Fixed. Aux channels configuration is not notified to the monitor
MT5007: Fixed. Monitor Panel: Not taking the Bus or Subgroups naming
MT5117: Fixed. Performance problem when playing DSD files into a DXD project
MT5018: Fixed. Truncate the name for OMF/AAF import and also at the archiving
MT5140: Fixed. Talkback monitor section loose connection when switching projects of different
sampling rate
Fixed. New Pyramix v8 keys mandatory, as v7.1 keys will no longer valid
Fixed. Added Quick Search button for Exact Word Match mode
Fixed. Delay compensation problem when adding a SubGroup bus
Fixed. VST hosting bug with Speaker arrangement, causing crashes with Algorithmix NoiseFree or
ScratchFree and fixing routing issues with Waves UM225 and UM226
Fixed. Top most VS3 Plug-ins user interface issue which prevents the user to see an eventual
MessageBox underneath
Fixed. MassCore system random blue screen at shutdown. Some system configurations were not
shutting down correctly and generated a Blue Screen RTX
Merging Technologies
Le Verney 4, CH-1070 Puidoux Switzerland
T : +41 21 946 04 44 • F : +41 21 946 04 45
Bugs fixed Pyramix v8.0 RC2
MT5104: Fixed. Oasis crash when changing Format & Sync in Pyramix settings
MT5102: Fixed. GPIO Sealevel SeaLINK driver update to support FX suffixed modele (8206FX)
MT5100: Fixed. Some projects (DSD) will crash at opening if project has automation
MT5098: Fixed. Automation VCA issues (corruption and update problems)
MT5091: Fixed. Easy-Connect: At times fails to load ASIO host (exception)
MT5088: Fixed. DSD DXD sample rate mismatch
MT5078: Fixed. Automation line is present on VCA strips even if VCA master is not automated
MT5057: Fixed. Easy Connect blocked by old Ravenna ALC connections.
MT5049: Fixed. Several double-click on REConnect stream in a row causes crash
MT5038: Fixed. Ravenna: MADI i/o not working if toggle between Standard and Extended
MT5013: Fixed. Pyramix v8 / USB sync: LTC counter turns even if nothing is connected on LTC.
MT5010: Fixed. Pyramix random hang on Exit caused by Virtual Transport related.
MT4983: Fixed. Track monitoring reverting at times
MT4977: Fixed. Fader automation: Unwanted offsets when working with Faders and groups
MT4928: Fixed. Easy Connect: Add a repair connection or warning that the connection must be
MT4912: Fixed. Ravenna/Horus : Remove RTX Server log from being displayed
MT4892: Fixed. Strip linked to VCA : draw automation in Real Time
MT4502: Fixed. In reverse playback, LTC and playback one frame offset ( only with Mykerinos X)
Fixed. Mixer Routing will now properly display the Ravenna naming
Fixed. PanNoir VST potential crash at opening bug
Fixed. Fade Library view
Bugs fixed Pyramix v8.0 RC1
MT5077: Fixed. Reconform: partial selection will delete other tracks content
MT5075: Fixed. Mixer: Converting a Direct Monitoring strip will not enable SubGroup Bus routing
MT5074: Fixed. Mixer: Project crash due to StripTools at closing
MT5068: Fixed. Mixer: In Ravenna Cannot change the VS3 and VST processing ordering
MT5066: Fixed. Pyramix random Crash on Exit making you loose you project
MT5065: Fixed. Mixer: Adding VST effects in Configure Page does not actually add them to the
processing chain
MT5060: Fixed. Source destination: Automation slip in 4 point editing if destination is stereo
MT5056: Fixed. Automation reacts too slow to timeline events
MT5055: Fixed. Media Manager: unable to mount files recorded in different folder target (BWF
MT5045: Fixed. Search history not kept (in search box list)
MT5061: Fixed. Global library: Cannot rename library items if library comes from v7.1 version.
MT5058: Fixed. Mixer: StripTools updates are not accurate if removed
MT5059: Fixed. Mixer: Converting a direct monitoring strip to normal will hang or crash Pyramix.
MT5046: Fixed. Playback with BusTools Automation ON causes continuous Mixer Delay
Compensation update
MT5035: Fixed. Media Manager one file per track - Multiple files confusion
MT5014: Fixed. Ravenna ASIO: Switch from 1FS to 4FS causes ASIO to stop working
MT4970. Fixed. Crash when dropping MM media into the timeline.
MT4986: Fixed. Easy Connect: Does not initialize connections correctly that went from un-visible
to Ravenna and back to visible.
MT4682: Fixed. Automation: Load Changed EDL & reconform, will lose the automation tracks for
Buses and Returns strips
MT4389: Fixed. Trimmer: When trimmer is playing and Timeline Play starts trimmer should stop
MT4793: Fixed. Crash when opening a second project if the Automation Track dialog is open.
MT3767: Fixed. Remove the Pre/Post roll settings in the Machine properties dialog
Fixed. FinalCheck GUI was sometimes not attached to mixer
Bugs fixed Pyramix v8.0 beta6
Workspace: some workspace recall make Pyramix crash or Hang
VST on multistem bus may cause crash in MassCore when Plug in has latency
Easy Connect: Does not keep setting "Force Host sampling Rate..”
Pyramix Native: Does not exit cleanly (crash or hang)
Merging Technologies
Le Verney 4, CH-1070 Puidoux Switzerland
T : +41 21 946 04 44 • F : +41 21 946 04 45
MT4592: Fixed. Timecode display jitter at every frame :11 display
MT4904: Fixed. Performance issue in SRC Hepta playback (on the fly)
MT4841: Fixed. Undo taking longer on large clips group.
MT4337: Fixed. Timeline/Timecode: you often have project set on the wrong day (-1 or +1)
complicating the workflow
Fixed. WMA and WMV playback support
Fixed. Timecode generation null on output if General Settings have been opened once
Fixed. Timecode timeline display improvements
Bugs fixed Pyramix v8.0 beta5
Radio button misbehavior in Media Manager's Quick Convert
Mixer: A converted Direct Monitoring strip, can cause a crash.
Memory leak when in dubbing mode
VB Plugins not working in V8
Ravenna: No more empty slot in the Record circular buffer
Media Manager: missing clips after Sampling Rate conversion
Media Manager UID conflicts
DiscWrite: Buffer progress bar not active progress status broken
DiscWrite DDP generation not working
Recording: Red recording block disappears during recording
Bugs fixed Pyramix v8.0 beta4
MT4958: Fixed.
and re-opened
MT4925: Fixed.
MT4916: Fixed.
MT4951: Fixed.
MT4961: Fixed.
MT4897: Fixed.
MT4882: Fixed.
MT4852: Fixed.
MT4911: Fixed.
MT4964: Fixed.
MT2823: Fixed.
Effects: External Insert plug-in doesn’t see the Ravenna Connection unless enable
Media Manager View Options Set as default resetted after a restart
VS3: VU Meters and Bus Tools no longer top most.
Right click Menu on a media in Media Manager is very long
Bars & Beat sounds path not correct on x64bits
Digitizing session: New session does not see mounted Media Manager folders
Global Library: cannot rename a clip or snapshot (it reverts to previous name)
Easy Connect: added notification if connection cannot be made
Ravenna/Horus: Sampling Rate simultaneously done (PMX and Horus)
Some VSTs presets not handled by automation (e.g. Fabfilter plugins)
CD Import function doesn’t import CD Stop Markers correctly.
Bugs fixed Pyramix v8.0 beta3
MT4933: Fixed. Mixer: Crash when enabling or disabling Direct Outs
MT4926: Fixed. Mixer: Crash when adding a Bus to some Mixers.
MT4932: Fixed. Easy Connect: Connections not updated after a Horus shutdown reboot.
MT4930: Fixed. Easy Connect: Ins and Outs entries will all disappear if disabling the Horus
ASIO/Core audio clock
MT4905: Fixed. Easy Connect: Blocking sampling rate status due to mismatch sampling rate
MT4924: Fixed. Ravenna source: multi-cast address collision (causing potential distortion in audio)
MT4855: Fixed. MTDiscovery: Make MTDiscovery refresh the Horus entry
MT4849: Fixed. Pyramix will crash in exit if Tango connected
Bugs fixed Pyramix v8.0 beta2
Make MTDiscovery use the Horus name so that a bookmark stays valid
Mixer: Removing an automated VCA will crash the Mixer
Mixer: Missing Strip and Mixer Automation entry
Mixer: Crash when changing the Delay Compensation value on some Mixers
Import CD with SRC will crash Pyramix
Convert produces a infinite loop when rebuilding the mixer
Ravenna: Loosing Outputs when changing sampling rate
Monitor: Monitor panel muted after a Pyramix restart
Easy Connect: Easy Connect update visible to Ravenna status
Merging Technologies
Le Verney 4, CH-1070 Puidoux Switzerland
T : +41 21 946 04 44 • F : +41 21 946 04 45
MT4843: Fixed. Ravenna Random Glitch (MSC peak) in realtime operations in MassCore/Ravenna
MT4885: Fixed. AAF Import: AAF sampling rate was not applied to PMX anymore
MT4868: Fixed. Ravenna: Connections are not always active in Mixer (if changing sampling rate)
MT4891: Fixed. Crash when changing stem numbers through the Mixer bus menu
MT4880: Fixed. Monitor: Monitor panel muted after a Pyramix restart
MT4872: Fixed. Media Manager trimmer crash.
MT4870: Fixed. Ravenna: Delay compensation offset
MT4858: Fixed. Ravenna: Delay Compensation integration
MT4882: Fixed. Mixdown: mixer caught in a loop (activate/deactivate) and rebuilding will cause a
crash with certain projects
MT4876: Fixed. Easy Connect: Remove un-necessary warning message box.
MT3601: Fixed. Monitor Panel: Sources section empty at project opening (Win7) missing refresh
Fixed: SRC Hepta support for 32 kHz files
Fixed: MTDiscovery will no longer hide at opening (minimized)
Bugs fixed Pyramix v8.0 beta1
MT3186: Fixed. Mixer: Cannot switch sampling rates at times the mixer is stuck at the current or
wrong sampling rate.
MT4674: Fixed. Workspace reset after a Delete track/undo
MT4675: Fixed. VST Ghost Effect in the mixer breaks snapshot automation
MT4769: Fixed. Automation: Source Destination not keeping automation editing status
MT4767: Fixed. Automation: Fade editor "fade safe" option changes the automation ripple
MT4754: Fixed. Undo a Delete automation region (without clips) has a bad behavior
MT4750: Fixed. Paste in Auto-Ripple without automation in clipboard will not move automation.
MT4740: Fixed. S/D should empty the automation clipboard when copied from the source
MT4739: Fixed. S/D 4 points editing automation not rippled
MT4737: Fixed. Automation VCA delete with Auto-ripple don't follow
MT4582: Fixed. Automation Track Master setting lead to bad behaving in Auto-ripple
MT4568: Fixed. Digitizing Session: Missing Media Manager Refresh after Capture
MT4538: Fixed. Media manager: timeline media files become offline if renamed in Media Manager
MT4509: Fixed. MTFF: Crash in Mixdown if selecting non consecutive channels source (e.g.
Surround bus L&R
MT4440: Fixed. Automation: Master Bus displayed in Track will not undo properly if moved via
Fade Editor
MT4435: Fixed. Fade Editor: Moving clips with automation will carry Automation even if it is
disabled in menu
MT4286: Fixed. MassCore Core load calibration
MT4204: Fixed. AES2DSD: no input signal in DSD P3D
Merging Technologies
Le Verney 4, CH-1070 Puidoux Switzerland
T : +41 21 946 04 44 • F : +41 21 946 04 45
Technical Notes & Known Issues
Technical Notes:
MassCore not supported on Core2Duo with Pyramix v8. Minimum requirement is a QuadCore.
MassCore is supported under Windows 7 and XP-SP3 (32 Bit only)
If your Core indicator in Pyramix is always overloading (red)
The Hyper-Threading must be disabled in the Bios. If it was enabled you might have to uninstall RTX MassCore and re-install it
If under the Bios power options you have entries such as the Intel SpeedStep and CPU C
State make sure that those options are disabled
We recommend that you do not use more than 65-70% of the Core resources, to avoid intense
graphic refresh burst related problems. Three safe core zones have been set. Eventually this will
be optimized further.
0% to 65% Green zone (best performance)
65% to 75% Orange zone (moderate risk)
75% to100% Red zone (performance could be at risk if major screen redraws are initiated
by the user).
If the Core indicator blinks (red), this will indicate a drop, only be concerned if the drop occurred
during Playback/Mix down or record. To reset the Core drop simply do a Mouse click on the Core
indicator, for more information please refer to the appropriate section in the User Manual.
If you have VST Core peaks users should increase their VST Engine Buffer size value, located
under the Pyramix Settings. More information available in the User Manual.
External Insert plug-ins: The same input and output cannot be used in the External Insert plug-in
and the Mixer at the same time, they are exclusive to either one.
MassCore: Core indicator will show a peak/overload after a save on large project or when
rebuilding the Mixer (project open-close). Known as issue MT3113.
Since the Release of version 8.0, Pyramix systems are only available in either Native or MassCore
versions. Mykerinos Technology will continue to be used as I/O, but the DSP mixing power on the
cards officially becomes legacy technology. This doesn’t mean that your Mykerinos Based systems
is obsolete as you can upgrade any Mykerinos system to MassCore without having to do anything
but purchase a MassCore License *.
* please consult the recommended minimum PC requirements for MassCore at
Since Pyramix v8 the Mykerinos ASIO driver has been discontinued. We recommend that you use
the MTASIO Bridge driver.
The Timezone time-stretch tool is no longer supported in Pyramix v8. Prosoniq MPEX3 is
recommended. Contact your local dealer.
The PureNotes Denoiser VST plug-in (developed by Flux) is no longer supported in Pyramix v8.
Contact your local dealer.
The 1630 Import Module is no longer supported in Pyramix v8
Windows 8 has not been certified by Merging
Merging Technologies
Le Verney 4, CH-1070 Puidoux Switzerland
T : +41 21 946 04 44 • F : +41 21 946 04 45
Known issues:
Dolby E comes as a separate installer and is no longer bundled into the Pyramix installer; please
contact Merging Support if needed. The Dolby E - VST plug-in can be authorized through a
Merging VST Key
Pyramix v8.0 projects are NOT compatible with the previous Pyramix Releases. In order to open
such projects in an older Pyramix version please make sure that you perform the proper Save
Special option. A Save Special “Save as Version 7.1” was added to the list
Pyramix v8.0 Libraries format are NOT compatible with the previous Pyramix Releases. In order to
open such libraries in an older Pyramix version please make sure that you perform the proper
Save library option. A Save “Save as Version 7.X” was added to the list
We do not recommend users to record in the MTFF file format
The Final Check Metering is not supported in DXD/DSD mode
Low Memory Condition Warning:
A warning informs users when the system is reaching Low Memory Conditions. In order to save a
project under such conditions Pyramix will switch to Save to Disk mode as not enough memory
might be available otherwise. This warning was added in order to prevent a Runtime Error on
Note that the Save time in Save to Disk mode in Low Memory Condition might take a longer time
since the memory is being dumped to disk in order to allow the users to save their projects. We
recommend afterwards to exit and restart Pyramix in order to free all memory.
This Low Memory warning threshold can be adjusted by the user if one wishes it to come earlier or
later. With every systems and workflows being different, Merging leave you the ability to adjust
when the Warning will show up.
Close Pyramix
Type regedt32 in the run command
In the registry go to HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Merging
Technologies\Pyramix\Settings\Save to disk threshold (this key will only appear if at least
one save was made using that version)
Default value in Decimal mode has been set to 15
- The higher the value is set, the earlier the Low Memory warning will come
- The lower the value is set, the riskier it is for you to encounter a Runtime Error at save
(previous Pyramix versions value would have had this value set to 0)
Merging is planning soon support 64 bit operating system; this will provide a very solid platform to
accommodate the ever growing project size requirements of some of our users and significantly
reduced the memory consumption of Pyramix when confronted with the task of loading enormous
libraries with lots of automation present.
Cannot use DiscWrite with Pyramix:
Workaround: Re-install Pyramix (maybe run clean up after un-installing Pyramix) or Re-install the
Gear driver. Users can consult the Gear site for more details
Cannot install Pyramix Native: If you have a HASP error and rollback, make sure that you unplug
your Merging Dongle from the system and try to re-install Pyramix
Timeline and Realtime Sampling Rate Conversion: clicks may occur when doing playback or
mixdown in a region where 2 overlapping clips reference the same media with different sampling
rate than project.
Workaround: Convert those Medias to the project's sampling rate, prior to using such a workflow
ADR keyboard is by default disabled. To enable it you must download and run the proper Registry
Multiple projects opened simultaneously: We do not recommend users to have more than 8
project opened at the same time (due to GDI object limitation).
The Render Tool will create a temp file for the CEDAR and Nova v0.99 in C:\ Be aware that
Merging cannot change the Temp file patch of such third party Render.
Interchange: AAF non-embedded export to Pro Tools 7x could generate « Could not complete your
request because an unexpected error happened while trying to find an audio media file’s format”
error. We recommend to use AAF Embedded when exporting to ProTools 7. ProTools 8 is known to
be working in such case.
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Eucon not detected under Win7 x64
Workaround: Make sure that you install both the x64 and then the x86 Eucon drivers.
Media Manager and Library recommendations and changed behaviors
The Database Location path is set under Settings>Application>Location>Default Database Location.
Otherwise the database path will be C:\Documents and Settings\<User Name>\Application
Data\Merging Technologies\Pyramix
For better performance Merging strongly recommends that you move the Database location on your
fastest system Drive. SATA2 - 7200 rpm Disks are recommended and not necessarily C:\OS default
drive (as a drive with less activity and more speed should be performing better)
Merging recommends that your Disk have the indexing disabled and that you make sure that the
Power Management is set accordingly for better performance.
Disable File Indexing (XP + Vista + 7):
1. Open “My computer”
2. Right click on each drive and select “Properties” from dropdown menu
3. Un-Check the indexing check box
Verify the Power Management:
Go under Windows Control Panel and open Power options
XP Users: Set “Power Scheme” to “Always On” and set Turn off Hard disks to “Never”
and System Standby to “Never”
MassCore users Under Vista & 7: Power plan should be “RTX – recommended”
Native Users: Make sure you select the “High Performance” power plan
For ultimate performance Merging recommends that you (not mandatory)
Set your Antivirus to off while running Pyramix
Set Windows Automatic-Update to “notify me”
Avoid active internet connection while running Pyramix
Keeping Mounted Folders when closing and restarting Pyramix can speed up your workflow: Set
option under All Settings>Application>General> “Mount all Media folders that were Mounted at
previous Application Exit”
You can clear the History of the Media Manager under the Media Manager>Media Folder menu, or
that your disable the Keep Media Manager History option located in the Pyramix Settings, this will
clear the History at each Pyramix exit.
Merging recommends Pyramix users save their project on a Disk were no OS resides for better
performances (C:\ not recommended).
Merging Technologies
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Technical Notes:
Windows 7 (32 bit) mandatory for MassCore Ravenna (XP not supported)
VS3 Control Panel Ultra/Extra low latency are not supported in Ravenna mode
Find the Recommended configuration for Pyramix v8 Ravenna here
The Horus Ravenna interface is limited to 32 input Banks + 31 output Banks
E.g. 32 banks of 8 inputs channels under Easy Connect equals a 256 inputs limit
For ultimate performance we recommend that under Easy Connect you enable only the necessary
connections, as every extra Ravenna connection will use some bandwidth (Core or Network)
Ravenna user should avoid connecting multiple Horus to any a router/Network not certified by
Merging. Refer to the Merging Ravenna MassCore Guide for all details on the certified Ravenna
switch and configuration
Only Ravenna devices can be connected to the Merging PCIe Ethernet Controller Card NET-MSCGBEX1. Avoid mixing up non-Ravenna device on this network, like Controllers such as
Tango/Isis/Euphonix or other network devices. The same will apply if you are connected to the
Dell Power Connect 2816 certified for Ravenna network use.
Don’t connect a 100MB Ethernet device if the switch is not multicast; otherwise the flow control
will reduce drastically the bandwidth
When configuring the VS3 Control Panel it will not be possible to choose a mode where both
Mykerinos and Ravenna will function at the same time. User must either work in MassCore
Mykerinos or MassCore/Ravenna or Native
MassCore/Ravenna NET-MSC-GBEX1 PCIe Ethernet card users might have to wait up to 2 minutes
after their system startup/login before the Horus shows up online and in MT Discovery
A Ravenna ASIO driver is available for Horus users that wich to use their notebook GbE Network
RJ-45 system socket. Refer to
Known issues:
Horus Ravenna: Switching from MADI Standard (56) to MADI Extended (64) can generate small
glitch, avoid doing so during realtime operations
Be aware that non-certified Ravenna configurations might not capable of sustaining 384 I/O @ 1FS
(44.1/48 kHz). If you experience noise similar to static reduce the Ravenna I/O count enabled in
the Ravenna Easy Connect
Merging recommends that Ravenna users disable the Windows Firewall, as it can partially block
some of the Ravenna I/O connections
Peaks might show up under Pyramix Core section if you power OFF or disconnect the Horus.
Recommendation: A valid connection an online Horus is always required if the Horus is PTP
Master. Reset peaks by Mouse Clicking on the Core section.
Avoid changing a network address on your system or disconnecting Ethernet ports on your system
when MassCore Ravenna is running
Cannot use the ISIS since running Ravenna with the Merging PCIe Ethernet Controller Card NETMSC-GBEX1
Recommendation: Refer to the ISIS support document below
In order to create Ravenna I/O connections please refer to the Ravenna Easy Connect guide (installed
along with Pyramix)
Each Horus will then appear in your Ravenna Easy Connect utility where you will see the name of each
Horus online. You will be able to dispatch each Horus I/O connections with the Ravenna Easy Connect
Sudden stoppage of the Ravenna Easy Connect:
Merging Technologies
Le Verney 4, CH-1070 Puidoux Switzerland
T : +41 21 946 04 44 • F : +41 21 946 04 45
If the Ravenna Easy Connect utility ends up crashing or stopping you can simply launch it back from
the Windows Start menu under Merging Technologies>Ravenna Easy Connect.
Windows Firewall:
The Windows Firewall can block communication between MassCore and Horus. We recommend users
to disable the Public Network Firewall
1. Go in Windows Control Panel > Windows Firewall.
2. Click on “Turn Windows Firewall on or off”
3. Go to the Public Network section and select “Turn Off Windows Firewall”
Disable Antivirus:
Merging also recommends users to disable their Antivirus, some Antivirus as Avast have been known
to block the Horus discovery and Ravenna I/O Connections
Merging Technologies
Le Verney 4, CH-1070 Puidoux Switzerland
T : +41 21 946 04 44 • F : +41 21 946 04 45
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