Product brochure Three phase UPS 225-1100 kVA
Power Xpert 9395 UPS
Unmatched green power
Eaton’s heritage in industry
-leading UPS design and production
For more than 50 years, Eaton has been safeguarding the critical
systems of businesses across the globe. Whether protecting a
single desktop or a large data centre, Eaton solutions provide
clean, uninterrupted power to keep mission-critical applications
working. We offer a comprehensive range of environmentally
sensitive, efficient, reliable UPSs, surge protective devices,
power distribution units (PDUs), remote monitoring solutions,
meters, software, connectivity solutions, enclosures, airflow
management and professional services. We work with IT and
facilities managers to effectively manage power in virtually
every business segment, including data centres, retail outlets,
healthcare organisations, governmental agencies, manufacturing
firms, broadcasting companies, financial institutions, and a wide
variety of other areas. Our solutions provide the power to make
a difference, helping you achieve your business goals while
maintaining an environmentally sustainable enterprise.
EATON Power Xpert 9395 UPS
Introduction and overview – Power Xpert 9395 UPS
With an unprecedented level of power performance, reliability
Stronger power performance
and energy savings, the state-of-the-art Power Xpert 9395 UPS
• Lowest input current THD enhances compatibility
The 9395 delivers a wide range of superior customer-driven
• Lowest output voltage THD
Leading sustainability
• PFC power supply compatible
has raised the bar in three-phase power protection technology.
benefits unmatched by competing UPS solutions, including:
• Energy Advantage Architecture to maximise UPS
• Lowest total cost of ownership and life cycle carbon footprint
• Reduced installation costs and environmental footprint
Highest scalability and reliability
• Scalable architecture that adapts to increasing
power requirements
• Optimum generator sizing
Customised solutions and
service capabilities
energy efficiency and reliability
• Highest efficiency ratings lowering energy costs
with upstream power systems
• Large Systems Group (LSG) provides tailored
solutions and end-to-end project development
• World-class service organisation
Robust manageability
• Superior control and connectivity
• Intelligent Power ® Software
• Hot Sync – wireless paralleling
• Advanced Battery Management technology (ABM)
• Inherent redundancy
• Concurrent maintenance
• Support for centralized configurations via Static Bypass
Module (SBM)
Integrated System Bypass Modules (ISBM)
225 or 275 kVA Uninterruptible
Power Module (UPM)
On site upgradable
UPM for redundancy or
All components for a
redundant, multimodule UPS are
Power Xpert 9395 UPS 825 kVA N+1 or 1100 kVA capacity
Key applications
• Large data centres
• Security operations
• Telecommunication installations
• Financial systems
• Server farms
• Transportation systems
• Process control equipment
Leading sustainability
Energy Advantage Architecture (EAA)
Energy Advantage Architecture is an umbrella name for Eaton´s complementary, innovative energy-saving technologies. Energy
Saver System (ESS) and Variable Module Management System (VMMS) technologies offer new ways to maximise UPS energy
efficiency without compromising on reliability. These technologies allow engineers and facility managers to get the best possible
performance from their UPS equipment while reducing financial and environmental costs.
Variable Module Management
System (VMMS)
Energy Saver System
Most UPS installations are only under 20-40
Energy Saver System technology
efficient when used at these lighter loads.
to reach the efficiency levels above
enables the Power Xpert 9395 UPS
per cent load, but UPSs are not optimally
99 per cent. The ESS significantly
The VMMS technology maximises parallel
improves UPS energy efficiency without
UPS system efficiencies at low load
compromising power quality, and builds
levels while supplying continuous double-
on the strengths of traditional double-
conversion power. It also optimally employs
conversion architectures in ways that
uninterruptible power modules (UPMs)
in the UPS to achieve higher efficiencies
increase reliability. The ESS’s advanced
in double-conversion mode. By switching unnecessary UPMs
architecture makes maximum use of UPS power paths while
is maximised. This is calculated according to the VMMS
infrastructure and hardware pre-dispositioning enable rapid
to a ready state, the percentage load level of the active UPMs
load threshold of the UPMs (80 per cent by default) and the
redundancy requirements specified in the system configuration.
The result is maximised energy savings. In the event of an
increased load level on a critical bus, all UPMs in a ready
state are able to revert quickly to double-conversion mode by
connecting the existing PWM signals to the IGBT gates. VMMS
technology is made possible thanks to the Power Xpert 9395’s
modular design. It can also be used in multi-module single-UPS
reducing exposure to component failures. Its computational
transition from ESS mode to double-conversion mode when
In ESS mode the power converters are in a ready state and the
static bypass switch allows the UPS to supply power directly
from the mains. If mains power is lost or exceeds preset output
limits, the DC link, which is kept active, seamlessly switches to
double-conversion mode in less than two milliseconds. While
in ESS mode, the UPS is also able to detect whether an output
fault has been caused by a source or by a load. A fault at the
bypass source results in immediate switchover to the inverter,
whereas a fault in the load keeps the UPS in Energy Saver
System mode.
System with Eaton modular
Power Xpert 9395 UPS and VMMS
(825 kVA)
System without any multi-UPS
efficiency optimisation
(UPS 3 in idle mode)
System without any multi-UPS
efficiency optimisation
Full system efficiency is automatically
optimised according to load level
EATON Power Xpert 9395 UPS
Components engaged in different ESS operating modes
Input Power quality within load tolerance
Input Power quality within rectifier tolerance
Input Power quality out of rectifier tolerance
Easy Capacity Test reduces testing time
and minimises environmental footprint
With the Easy Capacity Test, the 9395 can test its entire power
train under full load stress, including the rectifier, inverter,
contactors, fuses, power buses, cabling, bypass (static switch),
magnetics and filter capacitors – all without an external load
being connected. The net result of this innovative load test is
and money during startup and commissioning tests. Eaton
field technicians are trained to use this load-testing capability
that there is no need to rent load banks, no temporary load
connections to make and no wasted energy, saving you time
Easy Capacity Test power flow
during service startup to ensure optimum calibration, maximum
efficiency and inherent redundancy. Furthermore, this feature
allows Eaton’s manufacturing sites to circulate the current during
the 9395 routine testing and in doing so to save up
to 6,715 kg CO2 per UPS.
Highest scalability and reliability
Scalable, redundant architecture meets
current and future requirements
Batteries: the heart of every UPS
The 9395 combines the reliability and redundancy of a
power, it is imperative that those batteries are healthy, charged
When a utility power outage causes a UPS to switch to battery
multimodule UPS into an integrated, pre-wired solution. With
and up to the task. Improper battery management is the number
a unique, flexible design that provides scalability, the UPS can
one cause of downtime. Many UPS batteries on the market
adapt to future changes in load demands and new requirements
today are constantly trickle-charged – a process that degrades
for higher reliability without requiring the purchase of an
additional UPS. For example, the 9395 UPS enables you to add a
275 kVA UPM in the field for N+1 redundancy or capacity.
the battery’s internal chemical composition over time, reducing
potential battery service life by as much as 50 per cent. To
address this, the 9395 uses a sensing circuit and innovative
three-stage charging technique to significantly extend battery
The reliable solution
Providing high availability for your critical systems at all times,
service life and optimise recharge time. In addition, temperature-
advancements that create an unprecedented level of reliability
adjusts the rate of charge to prolong battery life.
Surveys focused on efficiency in data centres reveal that UPSs
the Power Xpert 9395 UPS incorporates numerous technological
compensated charging monitors temperature changes, and
while emphasising serviceability, lowering MTTR and enhancing
Inherent redundancy option
Hot Sync – wireless paralleling
are often under-loaded – frequently at less than 50 per cent. To
In systems with multiple uninterruptible power modules
capitalise on this trend and create even greater reliability, the
and selective trip capabilities of Eaton’s patented Hot Sync®
UPS manufacturers cannot deliver this additional availability
availability that is the primary requirement for any parallel UPS
Concurrent maintenance for higher availability
Key design features of Hot Sync systems
completely isolate and service a redundant module while the
(UPMs), the 9395 leverages the synchronisation, load sharing
9395 can be configured with inherent redundancy. Traditional
technology. These capabilities are integral to the ultimate system
without adding a costly second UPS module.
With 9395 redundant models, Eaton field technicians can
other module carries the load – without going to bypass for
• No system-level single point of failure.
• Paralleled UPMs operate completely independently; one
module cannot affect or interfere with the others
– no domino-effect scenario.
• No additional circuitry is required for parallel operation; any
maintenance. The 9395 also features a fully front-accessible
design and can be installed against walls or back-to-back
in multimodule configuration. This service-friendly design
enhances maximum uptime and availability.
standard UPS can be used in a parallel system without
• This patented and proven technology has been successfully
deployed in thousands of systems around the world.
275 kVA + 275 kVA = 550 kVA
Four UPSs scaled to 550 kVA = 2200 kVA
Configurations up to 2200 kVA with 275 kVA steps
275 kVA
275 kVA
275 kVA
275 kVA
275 kVA
EATON Power Xpert 9395 UPS
275 kVA
275 kVA
275 kVA
System Bypass Module (SBM)
Unparalleled flexibility for your parallel UPS system
Four decades of experience in paralleling large UPS systems is
incorporated in the System Bypass Module (SBM) from Eaton.
The touch-sensitive SBM display shows a graphical view of
the entire system one-line diagram, with intuitive controls and
quick access to key information like remaining battery time,
The SBM supports centralised multi-module paralleled 9395
event/alarm history, system metering for kW and kVA, voltage,
design. Centralised systems are usually utilised in scalable
also provides terminal connections for system-level building
systems, providing additional flexibility in the installation’s
current, frequency, power factor and phase balance. The SBM
systems where it is the need to have full fault current capability
alarm inputs and relay outputs. To enhance flexibility, the
from day one due to selectivity issues. They are also used
system controls/monitoring section may also be deployed in
monitoring and user-friendly controls are available for alternative
in installations where high levels of short circuit currents are
The device includes a continuous-duty centralised static switch
custom or third-party switchgear, ensuring that the most reliable
power circuit components.
and a backfeed protection device. If needed it can be delivered
Eaton’s SBM centralised systems not only interact seamlessly
available as standard: 2000A, 2500A, 3200A, 4000A and
also incorporate the following features of Hot Sync® paralleling
with system-level circuit breakers for bypass. Five ratings are
5000A. The customisable cabinet features a 10-inch colour LCD
screen to display the status of System Bypass Module up to 32
UPM modules, and provides an intuitive user interface.
with energy-saving technologies, such as VMMS and ESS, but
technology, which has defined Eaton’s most mission-critical UPS
configurations for decades:
• Multiple UPS synchronisation and load sharing accomplished
without dependence on inter-module wiring networks.
• Peer-to peer architecture that operates the parallel system
without the need for master load share or master synchronisation controls. No single point of failure in the communication network
Power Xpert 9395 SBM
(System bypass module)
Stronger power performance
Double-conversion design for
the highest level of protection
Unlike some other commercially available UPS technologies,
for linear loads, and within five per cent for nonlinear loads
power from all input power anomalies and delivers 100 per cent
sensitive to a distorted voltage input. Additionally, the 9395
and frequency. Even when presented with the most severe
becoming more prevalent in new or updated data centres.
voltage THD is held within two per cent of nominal specification
without de-rating.
the double-conversion design completely isolates output
– making the 9395 ideal for supporting equipment that is
conditioned, perfect sine-wave output – regulating both voltage
excels at supporting leading power factor loads, which are
power disturbances, power output remains stable. Output
The 9395 handles leading loads, down to 0.8 power factor,
Customised solutions and
global service capabilities
Large Systems Group
Service – world-class support structure
The Power Xpert 9395 is Eaton´s offering for customers that
As an industry-leading UPS provider, we’re constantly working
power performance, maximum availability and cost-efficient
Our trained service team is on hand 24/7 to minimise risks by
need tailor-made solutions for large data centres requiring high
operation. Eaton’s project management team, Large Systems
Group (LSG), works together with our local sales and project
management teams to fulfil customer needs and to meet the
sophisticated requirements set by demanding installations,
environments and load applications. For example, solutions that
require a reduced footprint for containerised applications are
possible due to the modular and flexible design of the Power
Xpert 9395. Ultra-modular solutions, supporting the “pay as you
grow” approach, can be delivered by installing individual power
modules while keeping maximum full fault current capability on
static bypass from day one. Furthermore, UPSs used in marine
environments have special dependability requirements due to
the harsh environmental conditions and the critical nature of
the equipment they protect. Eaton has supplied marine UPSs to
hundreds of vessels over the years.
Eaton offers customised 9395-based
systems for different markets, including:
• Mega data centres
• Marine and offshore
• Oil and gas
• Rail and track, underground, traffic, tunnel, mines
• Aviation
• Industrial applications
• Defence/military
EATON Power Xpert 9395 UPS
to ensure that our service standards meet your needs precisely.
detecting and addressing problems before they cause disturbances or downtime. In the Europe, Middle East and Africa
region Eaton´s service network consists of more than 120 field
engineers who receive comprehensive, up-to-date training
on the latest products and technologies. We are confident in
guaranteeing the experience and know-how of our servicing
resources and their ability to provide a dedicated support package – helping to ensure your equipment is running safely, reliably, sustainably and energy-efficiently at all times.
Robust manageability
Powerful solution: Intelligent Power® software
Eaton 9395 UPSs come equipped with a ConnectUPS
Web/ SNMP card. This tool is a complete UPS monitoring,
control and shutdown solution for networked IT environment. If there is an alert, the Web/SNMP card notifies
users and administrators via email. During a prolonged
power failure the protected computer systems can also
be shut down smoothly with Intelligent Power Protector
The ConnectUPS-X Web/SNMP card allows you to con-
nect your 9395 directly to the corporate network and internet. This solution allows you to conveniently monitor and
manage your UPS through a standard web browser. As an
additional feature, the unique three-port switching hub on
the X-Slot model provides additional network connections.
Ethernet connectivity
Intelligent Power® software
Eaton’s Intelligent Power Manager (IPM) is a user-friendly
monitoring tool for UPSs, ePDUs and environmental sensors.
It collects data through the network, storing it in a database
for later viewing and analysis.. IPM has a powerful alarm
function which collects alarm events from individual devices
and sends alerts via email.
Intelligent Power Protector (IPP) performs an orderly
and controlled shutdown of powered computers if a power
failure exceeds the battery backup time. IPM can be used to
monitor and manage all IPPs running in the network, which
dramatically reduces the workload of administrators and
minimises the possibility of error.
Intelligent Power® software is a welcome addition to today’s
virtualised data centres. Web-based interfaces simplify
usage, allowing access from any computer in the LAN or
remotely via the internet. Intelligent Power Manager plugs
into leading virtualisation management systems like VMware
vCenter, Microsoft Systems Center and Citrix XenCenter,
consolidating power information in the same tool that is used
to monitor and manage physical and virtual servers, storage
and networks. In case of power failure it can also trigger
actions like live migration of virtual machines, controlled
shutdown or disaster recovery.
SmaRT solutions
Power Xpert 9395 UPS Gets SMaRT®
The 9395 UPS is the first power quality product to receive
Due to its outstanding environmental performance, the Power
certification. As a result, the UPS can contribute to Leadership
Solution™” label. Eaton uses this label to identify products
Sustainable Materials Rating Technology (SMaRT®) Gold
in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED®) points for buildings
and projects seeking LEED certification. SMaRT products must
offer multiple environmental and economic benefits such as cost
Xpert 9395 UPS has been awarded the “An Eaton Green
that offer proven exceptional environmental benefits to its
customers, consumers and our communities.
savings, design innovation and product differentiation as well as
meeting life cycle environmental performance requirements.
A closer look inside the Power Xpert 9395 (275 kVA)
(4 slots)
topology converter/
inverter section
Web/SNMP card
8-line backlit LCD
Redundant auxiliary
power supplies
AC input and output
Input circuit breaker
Redundant fans
Top or bottom access
Static bypass
(continuous duty)
Input and output contactors
UPM easy service
Base with
inter-unit cabling
ISBM Section
EATON Power Xpert 9395 UPS
UPM Section
Technical specifications
UPS output power rating (0.9 p.f.)
VRLA, AGM, Gel, Wet Cell (NiCd batteries and
flywheel on request)
Charging method
ABM technology or Float
Efficiency in doubleconversion mode (full load)
Temperature compensation
With EMP
>94% (According to IEC 62040-3)
480 V (40 x 12 V, 240 cells)
Efficiency in doubleconversion mode (half load)
Battery nominal voltage (leadacid)
>93% (According to IEC 62040-3)
Charging current / Model
Significantly increased efficiency at low loads
Default A
Max* A
VMMS (double conversion)
Efficiency in Energy Saver
System (ESS) mode
Up to 99%
Distributed parallelling with Hot
Sync technology
*Limited by maximum UPS input current rating
Dimensions and weights
225 kVA, 275 kVA
1350 x 880 x 1880 mm (WxDxH)
830 kg
225, 275 kVA redundant
1890 x 880 x 1880 mm
1430 kg
450, 500, 550 kVA
1890 x 880 x 1880 mm
1430 kg
450, 550 kVA redundant
2630 x 880 x 1880 mm
2030 kg
Inverter/rectifier topology
Transformer-free IGBT with PWM
Audible noise
<76 dB; <81 dB (825 and 1100 kVA)
Field upgrade module,
225 or 275 kVA
740 x 880 x 1880 mm
600 kg
Altitude (max.)
1000 m without derating (max 2000 m)
675, 825 kVA
3710 x 880 x 1880 mm
2520 kg
675, 825 kVA
+ 1 redundant
4450 x 880 x 1880 mm
3120 kg
1100 kVA
4450 x 880 x 1880 mm
3120 kg
Internal N+1 redundance
In 550 : 275 kVA
In 825 : 550 kVA
In 1100 : 825 kVA
Field upgradeable
Input wiring
3 ph + N + PE
Nominal voltage rating (configurable)
220/380, 230/400, 240/415 V, 50/60 Hz
Options – Eaton 9395 SBM
Input voltage range
+15% / -15%, +10% /-10% for bypass
9395 SBM ratings
Input frequency range
45-65 Hz
Input power factor
Rating (A)
Input ITHD
<3-5% on nominal load, depending
on the utility UTHD
Dimensions and weights
SBM 2000
2200 x 1032 x 1880 mm (WxDxH)
1400 kg
Soft start capability
SBM 2500
2200 x 1032 x 1880 mm
1400 kg
Internal backfeed protection
Yes, standard
SBM 3200
2200 x 1032 x 1880 mm
1550 kg
SBM 4000
2500 x 1032 x 1880 mm
2400 kg
SBM 5000
2500 x 1032 x 1880 mm
2500 kg
Output wiring
3 ph + N + PE
Nominal voltage rating
220/380, 230/400, 240/415 V, 50/60 Hz
Output UTHD
<3% (100% linear load); <5%
(reference non-linear load)
Output power factor
0.9 (e.g. 250 kW at 275 kVA)
Permitted load power factor
0.7 lagging - 0.8 leading
Overload on inverter
10 min 100-110%; 30 sec 110-125%;
10 sec 125-150%; 300 ms >150%
4 communication bays
Overload when bypass
Continuous <115%, 20 ms 1000%
Note! Bypass fuses may limit the overload capability
Serial ports
1 available
Relay inputs/outputs
5/1 programmable
In the interests of continuous product improvement all specifications are subject to change without notice.
External battery cabinets with long-life batteries,
NiCd batteries and flywheel on request, X-Slot connectivity (Web/SNMP, ModBus/Jbus, Relay, Hot Sync,
ViewUPS-X remote display), integrated manual bypass
for 225-550 kVA
Standards compliance
Safety (CB certified)
IEC 62040-1, IEC 60950-1
IEC 62040-2
IEC 62040-3
Eaton is dedicated to ensuring that reliable, efficient and safe power
is available when it’s needed most. With unparalleled knowledge of
electrical power management across industries, experts at Eaton
deliver customised, integrated solutions to solve our customers’
most critical challenges.
Our focus is on delivering the right solution for the application. But,
decision makers demand more than just innovative products. They
turn to Eaton for an unwavering commitment to personal support
that makes customer success a top priority.
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