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Simply a
Way to Work
Business-Class Document Solutions
How Can the Muratec MFX-3510 & MFX-3530 Help Your Office Work Smarter?
Your business is transforming. Your role, expanding and evolving. Doing more with
less isn’t just a passing trend, it’s the new normal. Despite these challenges companies
must maintain exceptional customer service levels, meet project deadlines and process
information into systems that conform to new regulations and guidelines. While we
can’t address all of your business challenges, a multifunction printer (MFP) upgrade from
Muratec can assist your office in capturing, managing and distributing information more
efficiently, enabling you to thrive in the new normal.
Convert Paper
Documents into
Smart Digital Files
Gain Control of
Your Document
The MFX-3510 & MFX-3530 can help your office lower the costs
associated with capturing, managing and printing documents. We
start with high-yield, cost-effective imaging supplies to reduce
replacement frequency and lower your ongoing printing costs.
Standard features such as duplex printing, EcoMode, toner savings
mode and multi-up printing help reduce paper, toner and energy
consumption to lessen both environmental impact and operating
costs. And why pay for the ability to scan & print on 11” x 17”
when less than 3% of office documents are produced on that size?
The MFX-3510 & MFX-3530 support the most common paper sizes
(letter / legal) which dramatically lowers our hardware cost.
Enables Everyone
to Work Smarter
MFP’s that
Grow with
Technology &
Your Business
Utilize the MFX-3510 and MFX-3530
to quickly turn your paper documents
into electronic files that can be
e-mailed, stored in a PC folder, faxed
or transferred to a cloud-based storage/
workflow system. Create smarter
documents by including processing
instructions with your outbound e-mail,
add indexing information to automatically
archive your file into a document
management system or utilize Muratec’s
ScanDocs® software to create electronic
documents that can be instantly
retrieved from your PC.
There’s nothing more frustrating than investing in technology, only
to see it become obsolete as your business needs change. The
MFX-3510 & MFX-3530 were designed to meet the business
challenges of today, as well as tomorrow. As your company grows
you can easily add users (up to 100 per device) for scanning, printing
and general MFP use. Thinking about deploying mobile devices such
as smartphones & tablets throughout your business? With wireless
connectivity options our MFP’s can print from these devices. Moving
more workflow and PC management (terminal services) to the
cloud? Our MFP’s are ready to support a variety of terminal services
applications and cloud-based workflow and management applications.
Technology can help transform your document workflow
processes, but only if users can easily access and use the
solution. The MFX-3510 and MFX-3530 feature intuitive
operational panels that quickly guide users through
job execution and device programming. The MFX-3530
features a 5.8” touch screen interface that enables each
user to create custom mode screens to offer instant
access to the features and contacts they need most often.
Let’s Turn Your Paper Documents into Smart Digital Files
The MFX-3510 and MFX-3530 feature a high-resolution (600 x 600 dpi) color
scanner that can quickly capture your paper documents and convert them
into digital files. Once converted, these documents can be delivered to e-mail
addresses, PC folder locations (local PC or network storage), FTP locations
and/or USB flash drives.
Increase efficiency by pre-registering locations into the address book to gain instant
access to the e-mail addresses, PC folders and fax numbers you send to frequently.
Want to customize the file name, add processing instructions in the
e-mail body or create a metadata file to enable seamless indexing into
your document management system? With the MFX-3530 these functions can be
quickly performed to make document scanning even more efficient.
Additional scanning features:
• Scan monochrome documents at up to 40 images-per-minute or color
documents at up to 27 images-per-minute. (MFX-3530 scanning speeds)
• Automatically capture two-sided originals using the patented duplexing
automatic document feeder (DADF) found on the MFX-3530.
• Documents can be converted into TIFF, PDF or JPEG file formats.
• Up to (1,000) e-mail addresses and (300) PC folder shortcuts can be
registered into the address book for instant access.
• Create smart documents on the MFX-3530 using the optional
ScanTag® metadata capture feature. With ScanTag®, users can add multiple
lines of metadata that can enable automatic indexing into a variety of popular
document management solutions.
• Available for the MFX-3530, DirectScan® enables users to
scan documents directly into PC folders without having to install any additional
hardware or software connectors.
Complete Document Solutions
usiness-class fax solutions include a blazing-fast 33.6 Kbps modem, 1,000 location address book, transmission archiving (for auditing), fax
forwarding to e-mail / PC folders and transmission confirmation reporting.
• The MFX-3510 & MFX-3530 can integrate with a variety of popular fax server applications utilizing the optional e-mail gateway feature.
• Intuitive fax driver enables you to send faxes directly from a PC application. Easy access to your MFP address book, customizable cover pages
and multi-location broadcasting is supported.
Document &
Device Security
• Documents that are printed using the secure print feature are stored within machine memory for up to 24 hours. After 24 hours they are
automatically wiped from the machine memory. No other documents are stored in the machine’s memory.
• Machine settings can be quickly backed-up and restored by the IT administrator.
• Route inbound fax documents to an e-mail address or PC Folder.
• Require user log-in prior to gaining machine access.
• Create secure PDF’s that require password entry prior to viewing (MFX-3530).
• Create an audit trail of device communication to record the details of outbound fax and e-mail transmissions (Muratec exclusive feature).
• The MFX-3510 features an intuitive 5-line LCD interface, 48 one-touch buttons for instant fax/e-mail transmissions and easy-to-navigate menus.
• The MFX-3530 features a 5.8” monochrome touchscreen that enhances the user experience.
• The MFX-3510 & MFX-3530 were designed with the busy workgroup in mind, meaning users can quickly and easily replenish paper cassettes,
change toner & drum cartridges, clear paper jams and execute machine operations.
• The optional 2-bin output tray can separate print, copy or fax documents to create distribution-ready output.
• The My MFP mode enables each machine user to create a custom home screen that displays the features they most frequently access.
• Users can insert both letter & legal size documents into the document feeder and the device will correctly identify each size and produce
output on the appropriate paper size (assuming both paper sizes have been loaded into the cassettes).
p to 37 page-per-minute output speed.
• S tandard PCL5 / XL enables printing compatibility with a majority of operating systems and applications (Windows, UNIX, SAP, AS/400).
ptional PostScript 3 printing enables compatibility with Macintosh operating systems.
p to (3) optional paper cassettes can be added to the MFX-3530 to provide high-volume print environments with additional paper capacity
and instant access to multiple paper types when printing.
Mobile Print Solutions
Color Scanning
Intuitive Operation
Professional Document Output
MFX-3510 / MFX-3530 Configuration
• 37 page-per-minute printing
• 80-sheet automatic document feeder
• Duplex printing
• 500-sheet paper cassette
• 100-sheet bypass tray
• 5-line LCD interface
• Duplex printing
• 37 page-per-minute printing
• 80-sheet duplexing automatic document • 500-sheet paper cassette
• 100-sheet bypass tray
feeder (DADF)
• Ethernet & USB connectivity
• PCL 5e / XL printing
• Color scan to e-mail, folder, FTP & USB
• 5.8” touchscreen interface
• Ethernet & USB connectivity
• PCL 5e / XL printing
• Color scan to e-mail, folder, FTP & USB
MFX-3510 + 3510CAB
• Paper cabinet includes area for
paper, supply and manual storage,
as well as locking wheels for
portability and stability.
MFX-3530 + 3510CAB
MFX-3510 + 3510CAS
+ 3510CAB
• Paper cabinet includes area for
paper, supply and manual storage,
as well as locking wheels for
portability and stability.
• Paper capacity of 1,100-sheets
(maximum for MFX-3510)
• Paper cabinet includes area for
paper, supply and manual storage,
as well as locking wheels for
portability and stability.
MFX-3530 + 3510CAS
+ 3510CAB
MFX-3530 + (2) 3510CAS
+ 3590CAB
MFX-3530 + (3) 3510CAS
+ 3590CAB
• Paper capacity of 1,100-sheets
• Paper cabinet includes area for
paper, supply and manual storage,
as well as locking wheels for
portability and stability.
• Paper capacity of 1,600-sheets
• Small paper cabinet includes area
for paper and manual storage,
as well as locking wheels for
portability and stability.
• Paper capacity of 2,100-sheets
(maximum capacity for MFX-3530)
• Small paper cabinet includes area
for paper and manual storage,
as well as locking wheels for
portability and stability.
PostScript3 (PS750)
Barcode Printing (BC750)
PostScript3 Memory Expansion (PSMEM750)
• The PS750 can be added to enable compatibility with Macintosh operating
environments or specialty print applications.
• Features PDF Direct printing application that enables drag-and-drop PDF printing.
• PS3 enables printing from the following Linux environments:
-RedHat 3-5, 9
- SUSE 10.1 - 10.3, 11
- Fedora 4-10
• The BC750 enables the printing of barcodes including UPC/EAN,
Interleave25, Code 39, Code 126, PostNet and more.
• 1 GB memory expansion increases PostScript printing performance for
specialty printing applications.
• This option is strongly recommended if using the PDF Direct printing feature.
2-bin Output Tray (35102BN)
Mechanical Counter (DA7664)
Stamp Kit (3530STAMP)
Wireless Connectivity Option (SX600)
• Side output tray separates print, fax or copy jobs
from printing in the primary output tray.
• 2-bin tray capacity is 150-sheets.
• Quickly access machine print counts using
this hard counter.
• This scan stamp places a small stamp on each scanned
page to insure that it was scanned.
• Available on the MFX-3530 only.
• Use this option to connect your MFP wirelessly to
a network.
• Assists with mobile printing applications.
MFX-3510 / MFX-3530 Specifications
Print Speed (Simplex)
37 pages-per-minute
Print Speed (Duplex)
10 pages-per-minute
User Interface (3510 / 3530) 5-line LCD / 5.8” Touch Screen
Document Feeder Capacity80-sheets
Duplexing Automatic MFX-3530 only
Document Feeder
Standard Paper Capacity 600-sheets (includes 100-sheet
bypass tray)
Maximum Paper Capacity
1,100 / 2,100 sheets
(3510 / 3530)
Cassette Paper Weight 20 - 28 lb.
Paper Loading (Cassette) Face Up
Bypass Paper Weight 20 - 43 lb.
Paper Loading (Bypass) Face Down
Output Tray Capacity 250-sheets
Output Position Face Down
Duplex Printing 1:2, 2:2
Dimensions (H x W x D) 18.9” x 21.4” x 20.19” / 48.5 lbs.
Weight (3510)
Dimensions (H x W x D) 18.9” x 21.4” x 20.03” / 53.13 lbs.
Weight (3530)
DHCP Compliant Yes (Default On)
Ethernet Connection Standard 10/100 BaseT, RJ-45
Network ProtocolTCP/IP
Local Connection
Standard USB 2.0
System Memory
512 MB
Toner Yield
24,000 @ ISO 19752
Drum Yield60,000
Platen Glass 8.5" x 14"
First-Copy-Out-Time 5 seconds
First-Copy-Out-Time 10 seconds
(Document Feeder)
Warm-up Time (3510 / 3530) 27 seconds / 12 seconds
Paper Tray Selection
Automatic or Manual
Mixed Original Copying
Standard (Letter/Legal)
Image Combination
2:1, 4:1, ID Copy
Zoom Ratio25 - 400% (platen) / 25 -100%
(document feeder)
Number of Copies1-99
Electronic SortingStandard
Resolution (dpi)600 x 600
256 levels
File Formats PDF, TIFF, JPEG, Secure PDF
Scan to E-mail Standard
E-mail Address Entry LDAP (MFX-3530), Address
Book, Manual
Scan to USB Flash Drive Standard
Scan to FTP Standard
Scan to Network Standard
Compatibility TWAIN
MFX-3510 Simplex Mono
25 images-per-minute
Scan Speed (300 / 600 dpi)
MFX-3510 Simplex Color
8 images-per-minute
Scan Speed (300 / 600 dpi)
MFX-3530 Simplex Mono
40 images-per-minute
Scan Speed (300 dpi)
MFX-3530 Simplex Color 27 images-per-minute
Scan Speed (300 dpi)
MFX-3530 Duplex Mono 32 images-per-minute
Scan Speed (300 dpi)
MFX-3530 Duplex Color 20 images-per-minute
Scan Speed (300 dpi)
Special Scan Features Scan to Color Printer
E-Mail Attachment Support
Outbound Scan Archiving
Domain Name Shortcut
Batch Scanning
Resolution 600 x 600 dpi
OS SupportWindows XP, Vista, Windows 7,
Windows 8, Server 2003 & 2008;
Mac OS 10.2 – 10.7
Various Linux, UNIX (Sun
Solaris, AIX), SAP, Citrix and
Standard PDL PCL 5e / XL
Optional PDL PostScript3, Barcode, PDF Direct
As an ENERGY STAR partner, Murata Machinery, Ltd. has determined that these products meet the
­ENERGY STAR guidelines for ­energy efficiency.
Muratec and the Muratec logo are trademarks and/or registered trademarks of Murata Machinery, Ltd. or
its subsidiaries in the United States and other countries.
Other names, such as those of products of other companies, are the trademarks or registered trademarks
of their respective companies.
All specifications subject to change without notice.
PCL Fonts 80 Fonts
PostScript 3 Fonts 136 Fonts
Print from USB Flash DriveStandard
Secure Print Standard
Modem Speed
33.6 Kbps
Max. Compression JBIG
Address Book 1,000 locations
Group Dialing
100 groups
PC-based Faxing Yes
Fax Server Integration Yes (Optional)
Security ReceptionYes
Fax Forwarding to E-mail
Outbound Fax Archiving
Special Fax Features Delayed Transmission
VoIP Support
Custom Coversheet Insertion
Batch Transmission
Options & Accessories
Item No
500-Sheet Paper Cassette* 3510CAS
Paper Cabinet** 3510CAB / 3590CAB
PostScript3 PrintingPS750
Barcode Printing BC750
PostScript Memory PSMEM750
PostScript3 and Barcode Printing PS750BC
Mechanical Counter DA7664
Stamp Kit 3530STAMP
Wireless Connectivity Kit*** SX600
ScanDocs® Document Retrieval SCANDX
* (1) additional paper cassette can be added to the MFX-3510. Up to (3) additional
paper cassettes can be added to the MFX-3530.
** The 3510CAB can be used on the MFX-3510 or MFX-3530 if (0) or (1) paper
cassettes have been added to the base model. The MFX-3590CAB can be used if
(2) or (3) paper cassettes have been added to the MFX-3530 base model.
***The SX600 wireless Ethernet bridge can connect the MFP to a network wirelessly.
Performance and functionality will vary by network.
Not all features and options available at the time of product launch.
Some features are available as paid software options.
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