Canon XH A1s 3CCD High Definition Professional Camcorder

3CCD High Definition
Professional Camcorders
When it comes to professional
broadcasting, compromising is not
an option. The demands at this
level require equipment to be on
the cutting edge of technology, yet
simply to use. So for those seeking
a versatile, high performance and
lightweight camcorder, Canon has
answered your prayers.
demands perfection.
Introducing the
XH G1s and XH A1s – the newest generation from Canon’s professional
camcorder range. Featuring the DIGIC DV II image processor and three CCDs with 1.67 megapixels
each, every frame has excellent image quality with precise colour reproduction. A superb
Canon Genuine Canon 20x zoom HD lens with Professional L Series Fluorite and Super Range
Optical Image Stabilization ensures that optical quality and sharpness is second to none.
To further ensure your vision is realized, the
XH G1s and XH A1s lets you make manual
adjustments to fine-tune videos to your exact specifications. Much of the camcorders can
be customized to work they way you want them to. For industry-standard connectivity,
the XH
G1s even has a professional jackpack that allows it to integrate seamlessly with your
existing production environment.
For the perfect balance of flexibility, versatility and capability and an extensive array of features,
the XH
G1s and XH A1s will meet and exceed even the highest expectations.
Triple 1/3” Native 16:9 CCDS
The sophisticated 3CCD design used by the XH G1s and XH A1s employs
separate native 16:9 interlaced CCD sensors with 1.67 million pixels (1440
x 1080 pixels) each. This means you get exceptional video resolution and
picture quality with precise colour reproduction, low noise, and a wide
dynamic range.
in a class of
its own
Frame Rates
Capture and output video with your
desired frame rate to evoke a different
look and feel for your videos. Apart
from the standard 50i and 25F PAL
frame rate settings, the camcorder can
also be modified at any Canon Service
[Effective Pixels]
HD when selected Approximate 1.56 megapixels (1440 x 1080 pixels)
SD (16:9) when selected Approximate 1.56 megapixels (1440 x 1080 pixels)
SD (4:3) when selected Approximate 1.17 megapixels (1080 x 1080 pixels)
Still Images
Centre to include the 60i, 30F, and 24F
NTSC settings. Modified camcorders
offer the option of switching to 50i
or 60i capture in HD mode and PAL or
[Effective Pixels]
SD (16:9) when selected Approximate 1.56 megapixels (1440 x 1080 pixels)
SD (4:3) when selected Approximate 1.17 megapixels (1080 x 1080 pixels)
NTSC compatibility when shooting in
standard definition mode.
DIGIC DV II Image Processor
Engineered and manufactured by Canon, the DIGIC DV II image processor uses
proprietary algorithms to deliver superb image quality at ultra-fast processing
speeds. Operating at a 1440 x 1080 pixel resolution, colour and tonal range are
reproduced with amazing precision – especially in skin tones areas and in dark
and light scenes.
DIGIC DV II includes a hybrid noise reduction system that uses inter-frame and
intra-frame prediction to ensure virtually noise-free video output. This, along with
a new gamma system, reduces noise in monotone and shadow areas to give you
crystal clear high definition images.
Genuine Canon HD
20x Zoom Lens
Focus, Zoom, Iris Control
Located on the barrel of the 20x zoom lens are three manual
adjustment rings – one each for focus, zoom, and iris – that can
To ensure the XH G1s and XH A1s deliver only the highest degree
be operated simultaneously in either manual or autofocus mode.
of HD image quality, both camcorders utilise a high-performance
Each ring has a different shape and texture so that they can be
Genuine Canon HD 20x zoom lens to capture pixel perfect
identified by touch. Large steps have also been set between
HD imagery.
the rings to prevent accidental misuse.
Harnessing the best of Canon’s optical technologies, this professional L
A motorised high-speed zoom capability and 16 speed level
Series fixed lens incorporates Fluorite and Ultra-Low Dispersion elements
settings (fixed/variable) enables you to achieve a wide range of
that guarantee outstanding image resolution, contrast, and colour
zoom effects, while programmable lens presets enable frequently
reproduction throughout the entire zoom range. The lens’s 20x zoom
used focus and zoom actions to be saved for instant recall.
capability covers an extensive range of focal lengths from 32.5 to 650mm
The focus and zoom ring also have three levels of selectable
(35mm film equivalent), giving you exceptional versatility for a wide
responsiveness from more precise adjustments.
variety of shooting applications.
1x Optical Zoom
20x Optical Zoom
Super Range Optical Image Stablizer
Instant AF
The Super Range Optical Image Stabilizer (OIS) is capable of detecting
The high resolution of HD video makes subject focus more
vibrations across a wide frequency range. As a precision hybrid system,
critical than ever. Canon’s answer to this is the Instant AF system.
it works by combining electronic camcorder shake detection with lens
This hybrid autofocus system combines an external sensor
gyros that move the lens (‘lens shift’) to compensate for camcorder
with Canon’s proven high-performance internal AF system to
movement. This allows the camcorder to detect low frequency movements,
dramatically reduce focusing time and improve focus accuracy
such as slight body motion, that are outside the range of regular OIS
under all kinds of shooting conditions. Even in night scenes,
systems. The result is highly effective camcorder shake correction even
low contrast, or high brightness situations, Instant AF gives you
at long focal lengths.
perfect focus at the push of a button.
Neutral Density Filters
Two built-in Neutral Density (ND) filters (1/6 and 1/32) reduce
exposure by two or five stops for added image control.
Particularly useful when shooting in bright, sunlit conditions.
Without Super Range OIS
With Super Range OIS
for videos
you desire
White Balance
Three settings (STRETCH, MIDDLE, PRESS) provide a choice of dynamic range
adjustment affecting the dark areas of the image.
Four settings (AUTO, HIGH, MIDDLE, LOW) provide a choice of dynamic range (knee point)
adjustment in the highlight areas to control overexposure.
Master Pedestal
Setup Level
Horizontal Detail Frequency Select automatic gain control or one of 3 preset gains (low, medium, or high)
which can be assigned values from -3 dB to +36 dB.
Choose from Auto, Set (2 positions), Outdoor (5,600 k), Indoor (3,200 k), and Colour Temperature.
Fine-adjustments of presets (-9 to +9) also possible.
The NORMAL gamma curve provides the best results for conventional viewing on a TV monitor.
CINE 1 creates images that resemble the quality and appearance of film as viewed on TV.
The CINE 2 setting selects an appropriate gamma curve for images that will be transferred to film.
Adjust the video black reference from -9 to +9. Higher values brighten the darker
areas of the image, reducing overall contrast.
Black level can be adjusted from -9 to +9.
Image sharpness can be adjusted from -9 to +9.
Adjusts the H detail centre frequency. Can be set to HIGH (high range), MIDDLE (middle range),
and LOW (low range).
Noise Reduction 1 & 2
Colour Matrix
variables, so you can achieve a perfect look and
Colour Gain/Phase
feel for your videos.
Master RGB Gain
Six Colour Matrixes
The XH
G1s and XH A1s gives you control
over dozens of independently adjustable image
Provides a variety of methods and levels of noise reduction to accommodate numerous shooting
situations and desired image qualities.
NORMAL setting is a matrix suited for videos to be reviewed on a TV monitor. CINE 1 gives a
resulting quality and greyscale suitable for images on TV that resemble those in a movie,
while CINE 2 is a matrix setting for images being transferred to film.
Adjustable from -50 to +50 and -9 to +9 respectively.
Independently adjustable from -50 to +50, provides precise control over colour balance.
RG, RB, GR, GB, BR, BG matrixes, each independently adjustable from -50 to +50, provides even
finer colour control by altering two of the three primary colours.
Program AE Modes
with MiniDV
To meet all shooting requirements, seven programmed Auto Exposure Modes
are available for selection.
Full Auto
Similar to Full Auto, this mode provides point-and-shoot simplicity but with the option of
manually changing certain settings.
Shutter Priority
The user selects the Shutter Speed while the camcorder automatically selects the proper
Aperture for correct exposure.
Aperture Priority
The camcorder automatically sets Focus, Shutter Speed, Aperture, Gain, White Balance,
and AE Program Shift to deliver the best possible results.
The XH G1s and XH A1s
r e co r d b o t h H D a n d
SD formats on MiniDV
tapes, allowing users
the convenience of switching between formats while using
the same recording media. High-grade digital videocassette
The user selects the lens aperture size while the camcorder automatically selects the proper
Shutter Speed for correct exposure.
tapes can be used for application where high robustness
is critical, and consumer-grade tapes utilised for more
The user can select any combination of Aperture and Shutter Speed.
The camcorder automatically adjusts exposure for optimum results when the subject is illuminated
by a concentrated light source (such as a spotlight) while the background is relatively dark.
economical applications.
The camcorder selects slower Shutter Speeds to capture proper exposure in low lighting conditions.
Still Image Capture
Apart from recording HD videos, the XH G1s and XH A1s can also capture digital
documentaries, news stories and storyboarding. A still image histogram and EXIF
still images to a memory card. Still images can be captured at Full HD (1920 x 1080)
metadata adds more functionality while features such as auto exposure bracketing,
resolution. This allows the camcorder to have many other applications complementing
selectable metering modes, continuous shooting and the ability to use EOS System
its video-recording capabilities such as making images for promotional videos,
Speedlite flashes have also been included.
from shooting
to production
Interfaces for Every Objective
The XH G1s and XH A1s provide users with a full range of input and output ports to
meet just about any interface requirement. This includes the following interfaces:
• Two XLR Mic/ Line Terminals
• HDV/ DV Terminal (IEEE1394)
• Component Output
• Video (V2) Jacks (BNC Connector/Output only)
• LANC Terminal
• Headphone Jack with Volume Control
• Microphone Terminal (3.5mm Stereo Mini-Jack)
• AV Terminal (3.5mm 4-pin Mini-Jack Input/ Output)
• Memory Card Connector (SD Cards, MultiMediaCards supported)
Professional Jackpack*
While smaller HD camcorders give you greater portability,
they may not be suitable for professional applications as they
Video: complied with SMPTE292M
Embedded audio standard: Compliant with SMPTE299M
Time code standard: Compliant with SMPTE RP 188 (LTC)
lack the necessary interface capability. But with the XH G1s,
you get the best of both worlds.
The camcorder features a Professional JackPack with HD/
SD-SDI output, GENLOCK input, and SMPTE Time Code
in/out connectors that make it compatible with most
professional setups. The HD/SD-SDI interface can delivers
576/50i: Compliant with ITU-R BT.656
Embedded audio standard: Compliant with SMPTE272M
Time code standard: Compliant with SMPTE RP 188 (LTC)
full resolution uncompressed HD/SD-SDI video output.
GENLOCK enables multi-camcorder synchronization in live-
480/60i: Compliant with SMPTE259M
switched environments, while the SMPTE input/output
Embedded audio standard: Compliant with SMPTE272M
port accommodates time code requirements during multi-
Time code standard: Compliant with SMPTE RP 188 (LTC)
camcorder shoots and post-production.
* XH G1s only
SMPTE Time Code Input & Output Terminals
Genlock Input (HD or SD reference signal synchronization
in Genlock HD mode)
Flash Accessory Shoe
Optional accessories such as E-TTL II Canon Speedlite flashes
can be mounted on to the camcorder’s flash hotshoe for more
versatile shooting.
New Audio
Recording Features
Apart from the standard 2-channel audio recording capability,
various new functions have been added for greater control
over audio recording. They include separate sensitivity settings
(CH1, CH2), simultaneous use of built-in microphone and
XLR input, audio limiter switch, XLR microphone sensitivity
selection, and output channel switching.
Canon Console is an advanced software package developed
to address the creative needs of modern users. Incorporating
many of the traditional aspects of a camcorder control unit,
it gives users remote access to basic camcorder settings and
operations from a laptop or desktop computer.
With Console, video footage can also be directly recorded to a
computer’s hard drive while allowing you to view the on-screen
vectrascope and waveform monitors. Camcorder operators
can use the software in a variety of shooting conditions,
like mounting the camcorders on a crane, studio, or in an
inaccessible location.
* A single IEEE1394 cable is needed to connect the XH G1s/A1s to a PC.
the way you
want it to
Customization Features
Various customization features allow the camcorder to be precision-tailored for
different environments, users, and objectives. In all, there are 23 image adjustment,
22 display options, and 21 custom function settings that can be changed during
operation. These settings can then be saved and exported to other Canon Pro DV
camcorders* using an SD card or Canon’s Console software, making it easy to set
up multiple camcorders at the same shoot.
* Selected models only
Optional Hard Disk Drive Recording
Canon offers professionals in the field the option of recording video to HDV tape and
directly to an external Hard Disk Drive by using the FS-CV DTE Recorder.
Other New Features
Compact Design
Not only are the
XH G1s and XH A1s
full of professional quality features and
functions, they are also designed for optimum
portability that gives users a high level of
mobility when using them. The reduced size
• Push AE available in Manual Mode
• AGC LIMIT, IRIS LIMIT and FOCUS LIMIT Functions included
• Gain Fine Tuning (Any setting from 0 dB to 18 dB in increments of 0.5 dB)
• Supports Large-Capacity MMC Cards (4GB or more)
• Colour Temperature Setting Range increased to 2,000 K to 15,000 K
• Magnifying possible during movie recording
• 2-Step switching for Line Output Level
• -18 dB Test Tone added
and weight of these camcorders make them
easily transportable and manoeuvrable major advantages for location work and
shooting in tight spaces.
Custom Presets
Store up to 9 sets of customised image adjustments in the camcorder for instant
recall. Two Custom Keys can also be programmed to provide instant access to a
number of shooting functions.
High-Resolution Widescreen LCD and EVF
See with absolute clarity with the high-resolution LCD monitor and electronic viewfinder.
The 0.57” widescreen EVF has approximately 269,000 dots for unsurpassed image
sharpness, while the 2.8” 16:9 widescreen LCD displays images using 207,000 dots.
Choose from 22 levels of shooting data display as well as an image only option.
Peaking, magnifying (2x), and zebra pattern display are also available.
Frame Overlays
Aspects guide for industry-standard picture formats including 4:3, 13:9, 14:9, 1.66:1, 1.75:1,
1.85:1, and 2.35:1 are available for display on the viewfinder. A centre crosshair mark,
horizontal level marker and a grid can also be shown.
Memory Card Slot
Several memory card formats can be used with the XH G1s and XH A1s,
including SD, SDHC and MultiMediaCards. They allow users to transfer
custom settings from camcorder to camcorder and are used to store digital
still images taken with the camcorder.
Improved Monitoring Features
To assist you in making sure that the shots you see are the shots you get, the XH G1s and
XH A1s has a number of enhancements in function monitoring. They include a display of
remaining recording capacity when using an external Focus Enhancements FS-CV Hard
Disk Drive Recorder, as well as an external EVF Monitor Output Terminal.
4:3 Video Output
A 4:3 output is included, especially useful in situations where a widescreen monitor is not
available for viewing 16:9 footage. Videos shot in 16:9 format will be displayed in letterbox
format when viewed on a standard definition 4:3 monitor.
Hot Shoe
Handle Zoom Lever
View Finder Component Out
External Microphone Holder
A/V1 Terminal
HDV/DV Terminal
SD/HD Component Out
Remote Sensor
Headphones Terminal
PHOTO Button
VIDEO2 Terminal
Tally Lamp
Zoom Speed Adjustment Dial
Grip Zoom Lever
HD/ SD SDI Terminal
For XH G1s only
GENLOCK Terminal
TIME CODE Terminal
Cassette Compartment
CH1/CH2 Input Terminals
Input Channel Selection Switch
External Control Mode
OFF Power Off
M Manual
Tv Shutter-Priority
Av Aperture-Priority
Easy Recording
DISP. (Display) Button
MAGN. (Magnification) Button
Record Review Button
AGC (Automatic Gain Control) Switch
Dioptric Adjustment Lever
AWB (Automatic White Balance) Switch
PUSH AF Button
POWER Indicator
Open (Open The LCD Display) Switch
Side Panel
MENU Button
Focus Ring
Zoom Ring
Iris Ring
ND Filter Switch
Focus Mode Switch
EXP. LOCK Button
OPEN (Open The Battery
Compartment) Switch
WHITE BAL. (White Balance) Switch
Battery/Memory Card
Card Access Indicator
GAIN Switch
Custom Display Settings
Item No. Description
Video Recording System
Two Rotating Heads, Helical Scan Azimuth Recording; HDV 1080i; DV Consumer Digital VCR SD Specifications
(PAL: Compliant with PAL System: 1080/50i) (NTSC: Compliant with NTSC System: 1080/60i)
Audio Signal Recording
HDV recording: 2-channel recording/MPEG1 Audio Layer II (Sampling frequency: 48 kHz / Bit rate: 384 kbps)
DV recording: PCM digital audio 16-bit (48 kHz), 12-bit (32 kHz) / 4-channel recording not possible
Image Sensor
1/3-inch, 3 CCDs, Approx. 1.67 Megapixels per CCD
Tape Format
Tape Speed
Recording/Playback Time
Viewfinder (CVF)
LCD Panel
Built-In Microphone
Frame Rate
Lens Interchangeability
Image Stabilizer
Videocassettes bearing the “MiniDV” mark
• Approx. 18.83 mm/sec (HDV/DV: SP Mode)
• Approx. 12.57 mm/sec (DV: LP Mode)
• Approx. 18.81 mm/sec (HDV/DV: SP Mode)
• Approx. 12.56 mm/sec (DV: LP Mode)
• Max. 80 minutes (HDV/DV: SP Mode) / Max. 120 minutes (DV: LP Mode)
0.57-inch Colour Wide-Screen LCD display with approx. 269,000 dots
2.8-inch Colour Wide-Screen LCD display with approx. 207,000 dots
Stereo (using Electret Condenser Microphone)
• 1080/50i, 25F (PAL/50i)
• 1080/60i, 30F, 24F (NTSC/60i)
Super Range Optical Image Stabilizer (Lens-Shift System)
AF System
Instant AF System - Hybrid AF (TTL-Video Signal Detection System and External Phase Difference Metering System) and Normal AF (TTL-Video Signal Detection System) selectable.
TTL 128-Segments, New White Extraction System FAWB. Includes Auto, Set (2 positions), Preset (Outdoor: 5,600K, Indoor: 3,200K), Colour Temperature
Setting Function. The Colour Temperature Setting Ranges from 2,000K to 15,000K (100K intervals) Initial Setting is 5,500K. White Balance fixed at
“Auto” during Full Auto Mode.
White Balance
HDV/DV Terminal: Special 6-pin (IEEE1394 compatible) (Both Input/Output)
AV (A/V1) Terminal: 3.5 mm 4-pin Mini-Jack (Both Input/Output)
Microphone Input Jack: 3.5 mm Stereo Mini-Jack
Headphone Input Jack: 3.5 mm Stereo Mini-Jack
Component Terminal: • PAL: 1080i/576i supported
LANC Terminal: 2.5 mm Stereo Mini-Jack
Battery Terminal: Special 5-pin
Memory Card: Special Multi-pin
GENLOCK Terminal: BNC Connector (Input only)
HD/SD-SDI Terminal: BNC Connector (Output only)
• SD-SDI, PAL: Compliant with ITU-R BT.656, SMPTE272M, SMPTE RP 188 (LTC)
• SD-SDI, NTSC: Compliant with SMPTE259M, SMPTE272M, SMPTE RP 188 (LTC)
• HD-SDI: Compliant with SMPTE292M, SMPTE299M, SMPTE RP 188 (LTC)
VIDEO (V2) Terminal: BNC Connector (Output only)
XLR Terminal: XLR 3-Pin Jack (2 systems); Switchable between MIC/LINE
• NTSC: 1080i/480i supported
Time Code Terminal: BNC Connector, 1 System (Input or Output Set Manually)
Operating Temperature
For Performance: 0 to 40°C, 85% (Relative Humidity) / For Operation: -5 to 45°C, 60% (Relative Humidity)
Dimensions (W x H x D)
DC7.4 V (Battery Pack)
• Approx. 163 x 192 x 394 mm (6.4 x 7.6 x 15.5 in) (Not including the Grip Belt, including the Lens Hood and Eyecup)
• Approx. 140 x 189 x 321 mm (5.5 x 7.4 x 12.6 in) (Not including the Lens Hood, Eyecup and Grip Belt)
• XH A1s
Approx. 2135 g (4.7 lb) (Not including the Lens Hood and Eyecup)
Approx. 2400 g (5.3 lb) (Including the Lens Hood, Eyecup, BP-950G, Tape and Memory Card)
• XH G1s
Approx. 2200 g (4.9 lb) (Not including the Lens Hood and Eyecup)
Approx. 2465 g (5.4 lb) (Including the Lens Hood, Eyecup, BP-950G,
Tape and Memory Card)
C.Fn-01 C.Fn-02 C.Fn-03 C.Fn-04 C.Fn-05 C.Fn-06 C.Fn-07 C.Fn-08 C.Fn-09 C.Fn-10 C.Fn-11 C.Fn-12 C.Fn-13 C.Fn-14 C.Fn-15 C.Fn-16 C.Fn-17 C.Fn-18 C.Fn-19 C.Fn-20 C.Fn-21 Recording Mode Icon
Camcorder Data 1
Camcorder Data 2
Zoom Indicator
Focus Distance Display
ND Filter Displays
Image Effects
Focus Assist Functions
Customised Functions
HD Standard Icon
Recording Mode in Standard Definition
Frame Rate Display
Tape-Related Icons and Displays
Remaining Time on the Tape
Tape/Card-Related Displays
Light Metering-Related Displays
Still Images-Related Icons
Remaining Still Images on Memory Card
Audio-Related Displays
Condensation Warning Icon
Battery-Related Displays
Wireless Remote Display
Custom Function Settings
Item No. Description
C.Fn-00 C.Fn-01 C.Fn-02 C.Fn-03 C.Fn-04 C.Fn-05 C.Fn-06 C.Fn-07 C.Fn-08 C.Fn-09 C.Fn-10 C.Fn-11 C.Fn-12 C.Fn-13 C.Fn-14 C.Fn-15 C.Fn-16 C.Fn-17 C.Fn-18 C.Fn-19 C.Fn-20 Shockless White Balance / Gain
AE Response
Zoom Ring Control
Zoom Key Speed
Focus Ring Control
Buttons Operation 1
Buttons Operation 2
Ring Operation Direction
Dial Operation Direction
IRIS Limit
Photo Button
Marker Level
Focus Assist Black & White Interlock
Object Distance Unit
Zoom Indicator
Colour Bars
1kHz Test Tone
Tally Lamp
Custom Recording
Package Contents
Optional Accessories
• XH A1s/XH G1s Camcorder Body
• Filter Set (FS-72U)
• Wireless Controller (WL-D5000)
• Wide Converter (WD-H72)
• Battery Pack (BP-950G)
• Compact Power Adapter (CA-920)
• Power Supply Coupler (DC-920)
• AC Cable
• Stereo Cable (STV-290N)
• Battery Video Light (VL-10Li II/VL-10Li)
• Zoom Remote Controller (ZR-1000/ZR-2000)
• Battery Pack (BP-950G/970G/930/945)
• Car Battery Adapter (CB-910/920)
• Shoulder Strap (SS-1100)
• Dual Battery Charger/Holder (CH-910)
• Digital Videocassette (HDVM-E63PR)
• System Case (HC-4200)
• SD Memory Card (SD-32M)
• DV Cable (CV-250F)
• D Terminal Component Cable (DTC-1000)
• SCART Adapter PC-A10
• Lens Hood
• Tripod Adapter (TA-100)
• Eyecup
• 2 x AA Battery (For WL-D5000)
• Adjustable Band (For External Microphone Holder)
Wide-Converter (WD-H72)
Attachment Screw Diameter : ø72mm, P0.75
: Approx. 0.8x
Optical System
: 4 Groups, 4 Lens (Multi-Coating)
*Exclusively for XH G1s and XH A1s
• Shooting Brace (SBR-1000)
• Canon Speedlite (220EX/420EX/430EX/430EX II/550EX/580EX)
• Tripod Adapter Base
• Lens Cap
System Case (HC-4200)
Battery Video Light (VL-10Li ll)
Aluminium Trunk Case Dimensions
Height : Approx. 342 mm
Width : Approx. 427 mm
Depth : Approx. 243 mm
Lock-support pin added to prevent accidental slipping
out from the accessory-shoe by inserting the pin into the
dimple of the base. Pin can retract (by spring) to fit shoes
without dimple.
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