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Cardell® – the name you trust
for veterinary monitoring.
A line of monitoring
solutions that delivers
unmatched performance in
exam, treatment and surgery.
• Preferred by top teaching schools and used at every U.S. veterinary school
• Used worldwide at thousands of veterinary schools and practices
• Used by the world’s leading referral and emergency practices
• Validated in published, peer-reviewed studies on cats, dogs and more
• Full-time clinical support team
• RACE certified provider of monitoring education
• Leading provider to monitoring wet labs at national/regional conferences
• Demo equipment available
“The Cardell® Monitor has proven to be an effective tool because it is easy to use
and delivers reliable readings, even on cats, kittens and puppies.”
Lorraine K. Jarboe, DVM, DABVP
2010 President, American Association of Feline Practitioners
“I have tried many of the monitors on the market today, and I went with
Cardell® because it accomplished the goals that we needed. It is accurate,
simple to use, and our technicians really love it.”
Fred Metzger, DVM, DABVP
Owner Metzger Animal Hospital, State College, PA
The Cardell® Family of Monitors
“We need patient monitors that are reliable workhorses that we can count on
at all times, in all situations. Cardell® Monitors pull all of the best technologies
together in a family of monitors that are used throughout our hospitals.”
Neil Shaw, DVM, DACVIM
Medical Director, Blue Pearl Vet
From diagnostic to multiparameter monitoring,
Cardell® technology is designed to quickly provide
accurate and consistent readings. Advanced motion
artifact suppression technology is designed to help
eliminate errors caused by shivering, panting or other
movement common with animals. Readings are
displayed in 15-20 seconds, designed to provide critical
information needed to get ahead of potential issues
with your patient’s health.
No other blood pressure monitor manufactured today has as many peer-reviewed,
published studies comparing its accuracy and reliability to direct invasive blood pressure,
the gold standard. Following are two studies that have validated the Cardell® non-invasive
blood pressure for reliability and accuracy for use on animals versus direct pressure.
Sawyer DC, Guikema AH, Siegel EM. Evaluation of a new oscillometric blood pressure
monitor in isoflurane-anesthetized dogs. Vet Anaesth Analg. 2004 Jan;31(1):27-39.
Pedersen KM, Butler MA, Ersboll AK, Pedersen HD. Evaluation of an oscillometric
blood pressure monitor for use in anesthetized cats. J Am Vet Med Assoc.
2002 Sep 1;221(5):546-50.
With its touch screen technology,
veterinary specific algorithms, and
updated interface, the Cardell®
Touch multiparameter monitor
is designed to make anesthetic
procedures safer and more efficient.
Smaller, lighter form factor
designed for easier
transportation without
sacrificing visibility
Cardell® Touch
Customizable alarm
settings for up to
three users
Designed to be more versatile and easier to use than its
predecessors, the Cardell® Touch can help veterinary professionals
improve patient care and efficiency by simplifying every step of the
procedure, from patient setup and alarm adjustment, to data export
and analysis.
Above all, an anesthesia monitor should be safe, reliable and
user-friendly. The Cardell® Touch is designed to be both highly
advanced and easy to use. With veterinary-specific algorithms and
exclusive Cardell® Blood Pressure Technology, the Touch is the
latest innovation from the most trusted name in veterinary vital
signs monitoring.
Simple patient set-up
with intuitive 10.5" touch
screen or traditional-style
Distinctive features:
Optional integrated 3-channel
printer, prints waveforms or
tabular readings with manual,
alarm-triggered and timed
printing options
• 10.5" touch screen designed to make patient set up faster
and easier
• Redesigned menus and improved controls for intuitive navigation
• Smaller, lighter form factor to allow for easy transportation
• USB port for downloading patient data
• Customizable alarm settings for up to three users
• World Class Cardell® BP, Nellcor® SpO2
Cardell® Touch
on a Matrx VMS® Plus
• Upgrade to CO2 monitoring at any time by adding a Respironics SideStream® or mainstream CO2 module
• Invasive Blood Pressure and Phasein™ multigas available
• Enhanced ECG data export capabilities
• Optional integrated 3-channel graphical printer
• 2-year warranty
Add CO2 or Multigas
at any time.
Monitoring CO2 can alert you to trouble with
your patient within two breaths.
Masimo® IRMA™
Durable, accurate mainstream CO2 or
multigas probe with fast initialization time
Masimo® ISA™
Sidestream CO2 or multigas module with
enhanced water removal system.
Upgrade your Cardell® Touch to monitor
CO2 multigas at any time.
Diagnostic Monitoring
Each of our monitors come with the accessories needed to allow for full monitoring
capability, including cuffs, probes, sensors and connecting cables appropriate for the
parameters chosen. They have been carefully selected to allow optimum performance on
animals. Several optional accessories are also available. Consider stocking key
accessories should they require replacement due to accident or normal wear and tear.
Cardell® 9401 / 9402
Purchase accessories directly from the Animal Health store at:
Designed to be compact, lightweight and durable, with an intuitive
interface to make our monitors easier to use. And they're designed
to fit anywhere you need them: on a narrow shelf, hanging on a
cage or IV stand, or in a carry bag for ultimate mobility.
Popular uses:
• All areas including exam, treatment, surgery, recovery
• Monitoring patients as they move around your hospital
• Mobile practices and field monitoring purposes
9401 / 9402 features:
• Provides systolic, diastolic, mean arterial pressure and
heart rate in seconds
Cardell® 9401
• Screening mode automatically calculates average
of last five readings
• Pulse rate range from 20 to 300 beats/minute
• Set auto measurement from 1-90 minutes
Cardell® BP Kit
Seven cuff sizes ranging from 2 – 10 cm in
width, made from a soft, hypoallergenic
material and a complimentary Cardell®
Cuff Selector.
CO2 Sampling Tubes and Adapters
Available in two sizes to help minimize
dead space. Sidestream sample lines
have built-in filters for moisture
management without messy water traps.
Nellcor® V-SAT Pulse Oximeter Sensors
Durable non-slip clips in two sizes.
Can be applied to the tongue, lip, ear,
toe-webbing, prepuce or vulva. Ten foot
extension cable is also available.
ECG Cables and Lead Wires
Paired with copper clips, designed to be
malleable and ultra-conductive. Includes
electrode gel to help sustain readings.
YSI Temp Probes
Designed to be durable and deliver accurate
readings from either end of the patient.
Large probe is included with the
Cardell® Touch.
Esophageal ECG Probe
Combines 3-lead ECG, temperature and
respiration into one probe, compatible
with the Cardell® Touch.
MAXFAST-1 Reflectance Sensor
Can be applied to the tail (wrap included),
designed for head and neck surgery or
dental procedures.
9400 Series Travel Case
Custom-designed nylon bag with access flaps
for all connections. Buttons can be pressed
through the viewing window for selfcontained monitoring, protected from
the elements.
Stand and Mounting Options
Rolling stands and other mounting options
available, designed to help protect your
investment and allow for easy movement.
All rolling stands feature a storage basket.
• AC or rechargeable battery (4 hours) – works on 100 volt
to 240 volt
• Stores 99 minutes of readings or the last 5 hours
• High and low alarm setting for all parameters
• 13 cuffs in 7 different sizes included
• 3-year warranty; 1 year on battery pack
9402 features:
• Nellcor® all-digital OxiMax® SpO2 technology designed to
provide superior accuracy and works in low perfusion and during patient motion
• A reflectance SpO2 sensor (MaxFast-1) is available for use on
the base of the tail during dental procedures
Measures systolic blood pressure
Measures diastolic blood pressure
Measures MAP
Measures pulse rate
Has automated cycle
Has user-selectable alarms
Detects artifacts
Efficient and user-friendly
Noise will NOT interfere
Patient acceptance
Simple measurement process
Mode of operation
Prep of measurement site
Canine measurements
Feline measurements
Cardell® 9402
Measures individual pulse wave, momentary situation
Shear & apply gel
Can be learned with some practice
Can be learned with some practice
Average all pulse waves over 10-15 seconds
Easy to learn
Can be learned with some practice
Essential Facts of Blood Pressure in Dogs and Cats; Egner, Carr & Brown © 2003
Cardell® Touch
Non-invasive Blood Pressure (NIBP)
Cardell® NIBP
Cardell® NIBP
Pulse Oximetry (SpO2)
Nellcor® Oximax® 9402
Nellcor® Oximax®
CO2 (End Tidal Carbon Dioxide)
Optional (add anytime) Masimo® IRMA™
mainstream or ISA™ sidestream
3-Lead Standard, 5-Lead Optional
SpO2 Pulse Rate (9402)
9401/9402 (PR)
2-Channel YSI
Indirect: Impedance
Direct: EtCO2 (optional)
Invasive Blood Pressure
2-Channel (optional)
Anesthetic Gases
Masimo® Phasein™ Multigas mainstream or
sidestream (optional)
LED Numeric
10.5" LCD Resistive Touch Screen
Integrated (optional)
Waveform Display
4-Channel Standard, 6–8 Channels Optional
ECG Vector
Waveform Display
ECG Recall
12 Minutes
ECG Gain
Auto, x¼, x½, x1, x2, x4
HR/PR Range
30 – 300 bpm
15 - 300 bpm
NIBP Modes
Manual, Auto, Screening
Manual, Auto, Stat
Graphical Trends
120 Hours
Tabular Trends
Parameter Alarms
User defined high/low
3 user-defined high/low with 4 defaults (cat,
dog, horse, other)
Download to PC
USB stick
PC Download Capability
Automated Visualizer Software
Video Output
3 lb
9.1 lb
Battery Life
4 Hours
2 – 4 Hours
100 – 240V
100 – 240V
Warranty on
Monitor (years)
Blood Pressure - Cardell®
Technique: Oscillometric
Parameters: Systolic, diastolic, mean
Automatic Cycle Times:
1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 10, 15, 30, 60 min.
Determination Time:
- Small cuff: 18 seconds typical @ 160
breaths per minute 120/80
- Large cuff: 26 seconds typical @ 75
breaths per minute 120/80
Max time allowed: 150 sec.
Initial Inflation: 150 mmHg
Range: 20-265 mmHg
Motion Artifact Suppression: Yes
Pulse Oximetry (SpO2) - Nellcor ®
CO2 - Mainstream
CO2 - Sidestream
Oxygen Sat. Range: 0-100%
SpO2 Accuracy: 70-100% = ±2%
Pulse Rate Range: 20-300 BPM
Probe: Digital lingual sensor w/ small and
large clips
Optional Probe: Max-Fast® reflectance
Initialization: <10 seconds
Zeroing: <1 second
CO2 Accuracy: 0-15 vol% +/- (0.2 vol%
+2% of reading)
Respiration Rate Range: 0-150
breaths per minute
Routine Calibration: None
Durability: 100 × 6 ft drop test
Airway adapter volume: Regular (<6
mL), Small (<1 mL)
Brand: Masimo® ISA™
Initialization: Auto zero <3 seconds, full
initialization <10 seconds
CO2 Accuracy: 0-15 vol% +/-(0.2 vol%
+2% of reading)
Respiration Rate Range: 0-150
breaths per minute
Water Removal System: Nomoline
Sampling line
Routine Calibration: None
Airway adapter volume: Regular (<6
mL), Small (<1 mL)
Heart Rate Range: 20-300 BPM
Lead Selection: I, II, III, aVR, aVL, aVF, V
Lead Fault Alarm: Audible, Visual
ECG Cable/Leadwire: 3 or 5 lead
Sweep Speed: 12.5/25/50 mm/sec.
ECG Calibration: 1mV
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