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For your installation, operation, and maintenance needs.
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LMW - Colony Collection Owner’s Manual
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About this Owner’s Manual
Laurel Mountain Whirlpools has gained popularity by the variety of bathtubs available and the extensive list of
options for each type of tub. This manual covers the installation, operation, and maintenance needs for all of
the Colony Series Laurel Mountain whirlpools, air baths, combo baths, and soaker tubs. If you have any
questions or need additional information on your Laurel Mountain Whirlpools bath, you can contact our
customer service department Mon-Fri at 1-800-930-0050 between 6:00 am and 6:00 pm EST.
*Your Laurel Mountain Whirlpools bathtub has been water tested prior to shipment. However, due to
transportation and potential on-the-job conditions, you should NOT install this tub until making a final
water test.
*Building material & wiring should be routed away from the pump or other heat producing parts of this tub.
*Please follow these instructions to insure an easy and safe installation process. Any deviations, additions,
or deletions to your Laurel Mountain Whirlpools tub or it’s hardware will void the warranty of this product
if written approval is not obtained from the manufacturer.*
Your Laurel Mountain Whirlpools unit was created to your order specifications. The tub was constructed from
an acrylic shell cast. It was then reinforced with a mixture of chopped fiberglass in a polyester resin applied to
the backside of the shell. The base of your unit was designed to give uniform support to the tub floor and has
been pre-leveled. It meets or exceeds load-bearing and impact resistance requirements of the listed standard
without evidence of crazing or cracking and with minimal deflection when installed in accordance to Laurel
Mountain Whirlpools printed instructions.
Immediately inspect your tub upon arrival. If any damage has occurred, make a notation on the freight
carrier’s proof of delivery. DO NOT remove the bath from its shipping container until you are ready to watertest and install. When you are prepared to remove the tub from its carton DO NOT LIFT the tub out by its
plumbing. We also recommend cutting cardboard from the shipping container to place inside the tub to
protect its floor. Even though your tub has been inspected and water tested prior to shipment, it is very
important that you perform a water test of your own to ensure all of the fittings and connections were not
damaged during transit. Take your tub to an area where you can fill it up, run electrical components, & drain
LMW - Colony Collection Owner’s Manual
it. Fill your tub to the overflow and if you have a pump and/or blower, operate it for 15 minutes. Inspect the
entire unit during and after for leaks. Any defects that are discovered MUST be reported at this time to
qualify for warranty coverage. Qualified plumbers and electricians MUST be used for all tub connections to
assure you follow local codes and acquire any permits required for the install. NEVER LIFT the unit by any
portion of the plumbing or stand in the unit during installation as this may cause serious damage to the unit.
*It is VERY important that your tub is supported by its base and not the rim.
*Take your installation measurements directly from your tub, as they may vary slightly from our literature.
When installing the drain fitting, you will notice it protrudes below the bottom of the tub. You will need to
allow clearance in the sub-floor for this dimension. Now you are ready to place your tub in its desired
location. Check the unit and sub-floor to ensure it is level. If it is not, insert wood shims between the subfloor and support base. Mark stud wall underneath the tub’s return lip. Remove the unit from position and
install a 1x stop to stud wall for lip to rest on to prevent deflection. At this time, check to see if any wiring
needs to be completed (see wiring instructions).
Since a great variety of installations are possible with this bath, special framing procedures may be needed. A
ledge under the rim, or an apron without a ledge, may be constructed as required. Where installation is
planned against a wall, install the tub against the studs as indicated, adding blocking below the rim to prevent
deflection or movement of the tub, but ensuring that the weight of the tub is not supported in any way by the
blocking (Diagram A). When placing the unit in a platform floor or cut out installation, the opening should be
1” smaller than the specified rim dimensions.
A 1” integral up-flange is available on many rectangular and corner models. These units should be placed in a
pre-measured studded pocket. Pre-drill holes through the flange to align with studs. Use screws to secure
studs (Diagram B). DO NOT attempt to nail directly through the flange. Always pre-drill the holes.
In every “system” installation, an access panel must be placed near the pump/blower for servicing. This
access may be through the wall or platform apron. In the case of a sunken installation, access may be through
the ceiling below the bathtub. See Diagram C for instructions for the access panel provided on the skirted tub.
LMW - Colony Collection Owner’s Manual
Rough in the wiring on a single 120VAC, 20 amp, GFCI protected dedicated circuit for each accessory installed
on the tub.
1) All electrical connections must be made by a licensed certified electrician in accordance with the
requirements of the National Electrical Code and applicable state and local codes and procedures.
2) All circuits connected to this unit must be equipped with Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter (GFCI)
protection. It is the tub installer’s responsibility to wire the circuit with GFCI.
3) All bathtubs equipped with an inline heater require two dedicated circuits. One for the whirlpool system
and one for optional inline heater.
4) DO NOT splice a longer cord to the power supply cord and DO NOT connect to an extension cord.
All whirlpool, air systems, and heaters are equipped with a molded plug on the end of a power supply core.
Install a separate, dedicated 120VAC, 20 Amp GFCI protected electrical wall plug outlet inside the access panel
for each accessory equipped on the tub. For example, if the tub is equipped with a whirlpool system only,
then one GFCI wall plug outlet is necessary. If the tub is equipped with both whirlpool system and a heater
then two separate circuits with GFCI wall plug outlets are required. Be sure to count the number of
accessories before installing the GFCI wall outlets. Also, the power supply cords equipped with each accessory
are only 2.5’ long so locate the GFCI wall outlet within 1.5’ of the intended accessory.
Electrical Requirements
.75 hp Pump – 120V, 7.5 Amps
2 hp Pump – 120V, 9.5 Amps
2.5 hp Pump – 120V, 13.5 Amps
2 hp Blower/Heater – 120V, 12.0 Amps
Whirlpool heater – 120V, 12.0 Amps
Air / Soaker heater – 120V, 12.5 Amps
Air / Soaker heater – 240V, 16.0 Amps
Ozonator – 120V, 1.0 Amps
Please note, that when sizing the electrical circuits to power the unit, you should always check the rating
labels on equipment because there could be changes.
Install fill valves and spout in the desired locations. Note, due to various possible fill valve and spout locations,
the holes are not drilled at the factory. Make certain that the spout is long enough to clear the interior rim of
the tub. If installing fill valves on the deck of the tub, be sure that you have enough clearance for connections
of valve to tub and water connections before drilling/cutting into tub. Seal the joints under the tub rim and
against the wall with a water resistant seal. Then install a standard 1.5” trap to the drain and overflow.
Before proceeding, make a final operational check by filling the tub with water to the overflow and operate for
at least 5 minutes. Leave the water in the bath for 30 minutes, check the connections for leaks during and
after operation. Complete the installation with desired trim material on the back wall, side walls, and down
exposed interior walls.
LMW - Colony Collection Owner’s Manual
Laurel Mountain Whirlpools will not be held responsible for water damage of any kind in connection with the
installation and/or operation of one of our bathtubs. All whirlpool jets must be completely submerged below
water before starting the pump. Do not operate the pump without water as damage may occur. Do not
block the overflow drain and allow water to reach the controls as they are not waterproof and leaks to the
floor may occur.
Ensure your qualified electrician supplies a Ground
Fault Circuit Interrupter (GFCI) during installation.
This offers necessary protection to your unit and
should be tested periodically. To test, simply push
the <TEST BUTTON> and power should be
interrupted. Then push the <RESET BUTTON> and
power should be restored. If not, DO NOT use the
unit as this indicated there is a ground current
flowing and that a possibility of ELECTRIC SHOCK
exists. Disconnect the unit at once and call a
qualified electrician before further operation.
Use this tub for its intended purposes described in
this manual. The manufacturer does not recommend
using any attachements not specifically approved in
this manual.
Allow any electrical appliances near the
Use alcohol, drugs or medication. This will
greatly increase your risk of hypothermia or
Use this tub if you think or know you are
pregnant. Consult your physician first.
Allow children to use the bathtub without
adult supervision.
Operate the whirlpool without the suction
Insert any objects into any of the openings.
Use options NOT installed by the
Prior to using the whirlpool, the tub and its system(s) should be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected. DO NOT
use abrasive cleaners on the high-gloss acrylic finish. Use a non-abrasive cleaner and rinse thoroughly after
cleaning. To remove the labels on the tub, we recommend using fingernail polish remover if they do not come
off easily. Fill the tub up with water at least 2” above the highest jet, then add 2 tsp. of low sudsing automatic
dishwashing detergent and no more than 8 oz. of household bleach. Operate your whirlpool for 5-10 minutes
and then drain the tub. Refill the tub with water and run the system for another 5 minutes, then drain.
Repeat every 30 days unless an ozonator was purchased.
Your bath has an acrylic finish and will retain its high luster for years with proper care. Never use an abrasive
cleaner or pad to clean your bath tub. Always use a soft cloth or sponge along with a spray liquid non-abrasive
bath cleaner/disinfectant. On the metallic finish, use only a soft cloth and warm soapy water.
LMW - Colony Collection Owner’s Manual
If your bath has a whirlpool system, simply pushing the push-button located on the tub will turn the tub on or
off. The button next to it will cycle through the various speeds of the pump (low, medium, and high).
Individual jets may be adjusted by turning the jet ring/trim clockwise and the water flow will increase, while
turning the jet trim counterclockwise will decrease the water flow. The jets can be closed if turned far enough
counterclockwise. The 8 jet system has a 2 hp pump and requires a 20 amp dedicated circuit, 120V.
The air bath is operated by touching the control pad pictured below.
1. ON/OFF – Press to start, press again to stop
2. INCREASE SPEED – Press and hold to increase the speed of air flow. Release when desired speed is reached.
3. DECREASE SPEED – Press and hold to decrease the speed of air flow. Release when desired speed is
4. PULSE CYCLES – Pressing this button once will turn on Wave Mode which fluctuates the blower from
minimum to maximum power. Pressing the button again changes to Pulse Mode. In Pulse Mode, the blower
will release air in short, intense bursts. Pressing the button again will return the blower to normal.
Standard Drying Cycle – An automatic drying cycle will start 20 minutes after the blower is turned off. The
blower LED blinks while waiting for the purge cycle.
24 Hour Programmable Drying Cycle – The system must be stopped prior to activation or deactivation.
Activation – Determine at which time you wish the purge to activate. At that precise time press and hold
Button 2 on the keypad for 5 seconds. All of the LED lights will flash twice to confirm the activation is
complete. The purge cycle will now start at the programmed time every 24 hrs. In the event of a power
failure the program will be automatically deactivated.
Deactivion – Press and hold Button 2 for 5 seconds. All of the buttons will flash once to confirm deactivation.
1) 16 lateral turbo air injectors spaced around the lower side walls of the tub.
2) The system functions with a 2 hp blower / 600W air heater that is separate from any other systems.
3) This system requires a 20Amp dedicated circuit, 120V.
4) The air heater is designed to provide a warm air massage. It is not designed to heat the bath water.
LMW - Colony Collection Owner’s Manual
Whirlpool Inline Heater
The inline heater is designed to MAINTAIN the temperature
of the bath water between 101-104 degrees Fahrenheit. These
limits cannot be increased or decreased. The Heater is operated by a
pressure switch which is programmed into the heater. This switch allows the
heater to operate only when there is sufficient water flowing through the system.
DO NOT BYPASS THE SWITCH. This option is equipped with a molded plug on the
end of a supply cord. Check your local codes and install a 120VAC 20amp GFCI protected dedicated circuit wall
outlet within 1.5’ from the heater unit. Plug the cord into the outlet. Every time the whirlpool unit is
activated, the heater will activate as well, and will MAINTAIN the water’s temperature between 101-104 F.
Water Heater for Air Bath and Soaker Tubs
The on/off button on the bath tub activates/deactivates the heater. The heater has a built-in 20 minute timer
and is a low flow/high efficiency pump, providing silent operation. The option is equipped with a molded plug
on the end of a power supply cord. Check your local codes. For the LM305 install a 120 VAC 15amp GFCI, and
for the LM306, install a 250 VAC 25amp GFCI. Both water heaters should have a GFCI protected dedicated
circuit wall outlet located within 1.5’ from the heater unit. Plug the cord into the outlet. This heater is
designed to MAINTAIN the temperature in your bath water between 101-104 deg Fahrenheit. These
temperatures are preset and cannot be adjusted.
Hydrotherapy Back Massage System & Neck Massage Pillow
Neck Massage Pillow Control
Back Massage Functioning - Includes 8 jets that function on an independent 3/4 hp (7.5Amps). 2 jets work at
a time cycling up and down your back. This system requires a 20Amp dedicated circuit, 120V.
Back Massage Controls – DO NOT OPERATE the back massage system before you are in the tub and ready
for use. Doing so will spray water out of your tub! (1) The push button located at the bottom left of the
photo above turns the unit on and off. The dial (2) on the left is the Air Control for the back massage system.
Adjusting this will increase and decrease the intensity of the jets. The large dial (3) on the right will adjust the
cycling speed of the jets from completely stopped on 2 active jets, to quickly cycling up and down through the
entire back massage system.
Neck Massage Controls – DO NOT OPERATE the neck massage before you are in the tub and ready for use.
Doing so will spray water out of your tub! The middle button (4) is the On/Off button. Pushing the button on
the left will adjust the speed of the neck massage jets and set them to pulse simultaneously. Press once for
fast, twice for medium, and three times for low speed. The button on the right performs the same function,
only with the jets alternating back and forth. Once activated, the neck massage will run on a 20 min timer.
LMW - Colony Collection Owner’s Manual
Chromotherapy Mood Light
The ColorGlo LED Multi-Color bath light comes pre-programmed with 10 light modes. To change modes,
switch the unit off and then back on within 5 seconds. To resume a lighting mode, leave the unit switched off
to save the last lighting mode displayed in memory. That same lighting mode will display the next time the
unit is switched on. DO NOT attempt to service the electronic components yourself. Any opening, altering or
tampering with this product will void the manufacturer’s warranty. DO NOT submerge the transformer in
water or allow it to get wet. Keep the unit dry at all times. DO NOT allow this unit to freeze.
This factory installed option sanitizes your whirlpool. When your whirlpool system is operating your ozonator
is generating ozone which is mixed with the re-circulating bath water. The ozone helps neutralize soaps, body
oils and other organic and inorganic materials. This unit eliminates the need to run a sanitation solution
through the tub’s circulating system.
This option uses your favorite pure essential oils and their fragrances to treat your mind and body. A few
drops added to a felt pad in the aromatherapy canister provides the scent to relax and achieve your desired
mood. Place the cap on the canister and operate your air massage system. The scent is drawn into the air
system and blown through the air injectors.
Solo Touch Control
The Solo Touch system operation and installation information is shown below.
Pulsating Mode- The pump speed varies automatically with a cycle period of approximately 10 seconds. Speed
10 is the default speed but the keypad will remember the last speed used after being shut down and will
automatically revert to that speed. *Wait 5 seconds after powering on the unit to adjust the speed settings*
LMW - Colony Collection Owner’s Manual
Laurel Mountain Whirlpools Warranty
This Laurel Mountain Whirlpools bath is warranted to the original purchaser to be free from defects in material and
workmanship for the following periods. The bathtub shell carries a limited lifetime warranty. The pump, blower and
heater have a limited 10 year warranty. All other parts have a limited 5 year warranty. Proof of purchase is required.
This warranty is issued to the original purchaser and shall be effective from the date of purchase as shown on
purchaser’s receipt. Laurel Mountain Whirlpools will repair or replace (at their choice) any unit which proves to be
defective in material or workmanship under normal use and service, having been properly installed. This warranty is the
only express warranty made by Laurel Mountain Whirlpools and is limited to the duration of this warranty. Any labor
charges and/or damage incurred in installation, repair or replacement as well as incidental and consequential damages
connected therewith are excluded and will not be paid by Laurel Mountain Whirlpools. Some states do not allow the
exclusion or limitation of incidental or consequential damages, so the above limitation or exclusion may not apply to
you. This warranty is void for any damage to the bath due to abuse, misuse, neglect, accident, improper installation, any
use violating instructions furnished by us, or repair not authorized in writing by Laurel Mountain.
Won’t depress
-Won’t Start
-Motor hums
Remove trim ring and plunger. Clean
interior, lubricate with small amount of
-Check to see if on/off switch or
pneumatic switch is ON.
-Check electric power supply. Reset the
circuit breaker or replace fuse if
-Check ground fault circuit interrupter.
Reset if tripped.
-Check to see if both ends of plastic air
switch tubes are connected.
Check for binding of motor shaft or
obstruction in pump. Manually rotate
motor shaft to see that shaft turns freely.
-Check to see if highest jet is clogged.
Check to see that water is at a high
enough level for pump to prime.
-Check for air leak in suction line. Slightly
loosen pump union & then retighten by
-Check for obstruction in piping system.
-Fails to
-Check electric power supply. Reset the
circuit breaker or replace fuse if necessary.
-Check ground fault circuit interrupter.
Reset if tripped.
-If the system has been functioning for an
extended period of time, it is possible that
the thermic protection has shut off the
motor. Allow to cool off for at least 30
minutes before further use.
-Runs but no
air blown
through jets
Verify that the main air hose from the
manifold to the blower is properly
connected. If necessary, reconnect and
tighten clamps.
If the air outlets of a jet head are obstructed
by soap or other residues, fill the tub with
warm water, then switch the system on and
off several times. The air outlets should be
cleared, if this is not sufficient, carefully tap
on the jet heads with the handle of a screw
driver or similar tool while the blower runs.
-Pump Unions
-Pump o-ring
or seal
-Pipe to Jet
Loosen pump unions and inspect o-ring
for proper sealing. Retighten.
Call Laurel Mountain Whirlpools
customer service at 1-800-930-0050
-Does not
appear to
be working
Low/no water
Turn the trim ring around the jet. This
will open/close the jet.
-Fill the tub to working level & operate
blower on high for 5 minutes. Carefully feel
the flexible connection hose where it
connects to blower. The hose and its
immediate area should feel warm to the
touch, if not,call Laurel Mountain Whirlpools
-If your tub is installed against 2 outside
walls, adequate insulation is recommended
to minimize heat loss.
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