The Office Communicator
Modern offices require a completely integrated
communication solution. Presenting: Matrix Vision, a
premium feature packed PBX specially designed for modern
offices. It is packed with unique features that are powered by
microcontroller based design. Designed after a study of the
ways in which modern businesses operate, Matrix Vision
offers integrated solutions to your office communication
Its SMT hardware design ensures a very compact design and
low power consumption. SLIC used for extension interface
ensures robust, reliable and maintenance free performance.
The unique features provided in the system not only ensure
smooth communication but also efficient call management.
Special features are provided that give professional response
to the callers enhancing the image of the organization. Matrix
Vision is “The PBX for Office” designed for people who don't
Get the power of Matrix Vision for your office, because those
who compromise cannot accelerate their growth.
Matrix Vision is available in two variants:
Vision standard and Vision premium. Vision standard
has two models while Vision premium has one model
to offer with fixed configuration.
(I) Vision206S: PBX with 2 Trunk Lines and 6
Extension Lines with Standard Features
(II) Vision308S: PBX with 3 Trunk Lines and 8
Extension Lines with Standard Features
(III) Vision309P: PBX with 3 Trunk Lines and 9
Extension Lines with Premium Features
This provides the options for selecting the right
model that suits the exact requirement of any
Matrix Vision offers intelligent features like Auto
Redial, Auto Call back, Call Follow me, Conference,
Abbreviated Dialing, Hotline, etc. that enhance the
convenience in the organization. It also offers
efficient call management by way of Alternate
Number Dialing, Auto Attendant, CLI based routing,
Direct Inward Dialing and Dial by name. The features
like Allowed and Denied list, Automatic Call
Disconnector, Call Budgeting, Dynamic Lock, Least
Cost Routing etc. ensure tight control over the cost
of communication.
Facilities like RS232C Port for PC connectivity,
Printer Port, Digital Input Port for sensors, Digital
Output Port for control applications, Analog Input
Port for playing external music, Analog Output Port
for paging application, Door Phone Port, PMS
Interface etc. are built into the Premium Model at no
extra cost. These normally warrant additional
investments in most other brands. There are no
hidden costs, simply a comprehensive solution for
your business. Additional features like Auto
Attendant, Inbound Call Analysis, Security Dialer,
SMDR etc. are also available in the Premium models
of the Matrix Vision.
Allowed and Denied Lists
This function prevents misuse of long distance and
international dialing to control telephone cost. It
allows dialing of a few fixed numbers and restricts
dialing of other numbers in the same area. For
example, an extension can dial only '22-2626-8573'
but not any other number starting with '22'. A
comprehensive list of numbers can be included in
the Allowed and Denied Lists.
Alternate Number Dialing
Whenever redial or auto redial is used, the Vision
dials out the next alternative number instead of the
same number that is found engaged.
Auto Redial Multiple Numbers
This feature redials a busy number till it gets through.
The user is free to concentrate on his work while the
system is trying a busy number. As soon as the
number is connected, the extension gets a special
ring, and the number connected is also displayed on
the telephone when the call goes through. Each user
can submit up to 3 busy numbers for auto redial.
Vision Standard
Vision Premium
Matrix Vision is built around microcontroller based
architecture and utilizes state-of-the-art SMT
Technology thus offering robust, reliable and
maintenance free operation and performance. All in
all, a feature packed and futuristic PBX!
Bring that winning difference to your organization by
switching to Matrix Vision. Because only those grow
faster who don't compromise.
Auto Attendant
This feature allows the caller to directly reach an extension without the help of an operator. The system has an
Auto Attendant that can play different messages like Welcome Message, Dial by Name, Dial Extension, Busy,
No Reply, Wrong Number Dialed, Transferring to Operator etc. These messages can be recorded in a 4-minute
voice module. It also allows the caller to reach a desired extension by dialing the name of the extension user.
Auto Call Back
When the user dials an extension, and does not get a
reply, or if the extension is busy, the user can activate
the Auto Call Back feature. As soon as the called
extension is free or available, the dialed extension rings
and gives a call back to the user, whereby the user
extension rings and the call is established.
External Music Port
The external music port allows an external music
source to be connected to the Matrix Vision. The
desired music or jingle can be played while a person is
kept on hold.
Battery Charger
The system has a built-in battery charger circuit. A
single battery of 12 V, 7 A.h. can be connected to it. It
allows a back-up time of up to 3 hours. In case of power
failure, the system automatically transfers to battery
and is transferred back when the power supply
Caller Line Identification (CLI-DTMF)
The function identifies the phone number of the caller
and displays it on the telephone. The CLI is displayed
for both internal and external callers. Even in case of a
call being transferred from one extension to another,
the system informs both the numbers. For functioning
of CLI, the trunk line should support DTMF CLI.
CLI Based External Call Forwarding (ECF)
The system offers the facility of forwarding selected
incoming calls to a desired external number. Selective
call forwarding is possible by defining a string of
numbers. For example, the system could be
programmed such that all numbers with the prefix '22'
are forwarded to the residence number, however a very
important number'22-2626-8573' is forwarded to the
mobile number.
CLI Based Routing
The system can be programmed such that particular
numbers land at specified extensions directly without
the assistance of an operator, thus saving time and cost
of the callers.
Class of Service
Matrix Vision allows the supervisor to decide upon the
access rights to features for each extension. Thus
allowing you to configure the system as per your
requirements. For example, Extension 201 (middle
management executive) can have features like
Conference, Auto Redial, Access to Abbreviated
Dialing Group-1 of Global Directory, Alarms, Do Not
Disturb and Call Transfer Only, whereas Extension 501
(Pantry) can be configured to dial intercom numbers
Direct Inward System Access (DISA)
Direct Inward System Access (DISA) allows a user to
access the system’s resources from a remote
location. Thus a user can make calls to and from any
of the stations, activate/deactivate features of any
station and even program or administer the system.
Direct Outward System Access (DOSA)
Direct Outward System Access (DOSA) allows a
user to access the system’s resources from a remote
location. Thus a user can make calls to any external
number, from a remote location, using the trunk lines
connected to the system. This is a password
protected access to ensure security.
Door Phone Port #
Available in the premium model, this port gives the
option of connecting a 2- wire door phone. If this port
is not used for the door phone, then it can be used as
a normal extension port, thus providing an additional
Hot Outward Dial
This function is of great use for those stations which
make more trunk calls than internal calls. As soon as
the station user picks up the receiver, he/she gets
access to the desired trunk line, saving time and
effort. This function also offers a variant whereby a
specified telephone number may be dialed as soon
as the handset is picked up, or after a pre-defined
3- Party Conference
It allows 3 people to converse in a single conference.
A useful feature to consult or conduct a meeting with
colleagues over the phone, saving time and
increasing productivity.
Flexible Numbering
This function allows you to define the extension
numbers as per your convenience. You can have 1,
2, 3 or 4 digit extension numbers. Not only that but
within the same system, you can also have
combinations of 1, 2, 3 and 4 digit extension
numbers. You can even have conflicting extension
numbers defined like 2, 22, 222 and 2222 in the
same system.
Inbound Call Analysis #
Incoming calls can be stored in the memory with
details like Caller Number, Trunk, Extension, Date
and Time of the Call, Duration of the Speech, etc.
These calls can be analysed on the basis of filters
like Caller Number, Extension, Missed Calls,
Duration, etc. Result of the analysis can be sent to a
computer through the RS232C port.
Internet Ready Port (e-Port)
A special port is provided to connect the modem
to the Matrix Vision. This port connects the
modem directly to the trunk line eliminating noise
and thus increasing data transfer speed. Further,
this e-port is an extra port leaving all regular
extensions ports for voice calls.
Least Cost Routing
The system can be programmed to ensure that
least cost is incurred for each call by choosing
specific trunk lines on the basis of their prevailing
tariffs. This function has great utility today with the
presence of multiple basic service providers
offering different tariffs for different destinations
during different hours.
Live Call Supervision
A security feature. The supervisor can know the
phone number with whom an extension user is
Security Dialer
A highly effective security feature that dials 3
different numbers and plays a pre-recorded
message in case of an emergency. For example,
it could dial the police station and play an
emergency message giving the address to the
office. The Matrix Vision can be connected to any
emergency switch like movement detector,
smoke detector, magnetic contact, glass break
sensor etc. The system can also be used to
activate a hooter in case of an emergency.
Scheduled Dialing
The system can be programmed to dial a number
at a predefined time. This facility is of great utility
and can be used to lock ling distance calls lines at
fixed timings thereby preventing misuse. If
desired, the Matrix Vision can lock the long
distance or international calling facility everyday
after working hours. This would prevent misuse,
even if the facility has been
left open
Programmable Access Codes
This function allows you to define feature access
codes as per your convenience. This feature
offers the users great convenience as they do not
have to remember the new codes in case of
change of the system.
Public Address System (PAS)
The Public Address System Port allows any
station user to make announcements on external
Remote Programming
Matrix Vision can be programmed from a remote
location. This does not require a PC or any other
specialised device at the site.
Abbreviated Dialing (Global, Personal)
Alarms (Duration, Remote, Daily, Time)
Allowed and Denied Lists
Alternate Number Dialing
Analog Input Port (AIP- External Music Port)#
Analog Output Port (AOP- PAS Port) #
Auto Attendant #
Auto Call Back (Busy, No reply)
Auto Redial (Multiple Numbers)
Auto Shut Dynamic Lock
Battery Charger
Call Follow Me
Call Forward (All, Busy, No reply)
Call Park
Call Pick Up (Group, Selective)
Call Privacy
Call Splitting
Call Transfer (On Ringing, Busy, Screened,
Trunk to Trunk)
Class of Service
CLI (Caller Line Identification)
CLI base ECF
CLI Based Routing
Communication Port (RS232C)
Conference (3 Party, Unsupervised)
Continued Dialing
Day Night Mode (Auto, Manual)
Dialed By Name #
Digital Input Port (DIP Sensors)
Digital Output Port (DOP-Control Applications)#
Direct Inward Dialing (DID)
Direct Inward System Access (DISA)
Distinctive Rings
Do Not Disturb (DND)
Door Lock#
Door Phone #
Extension Groups
External Call Forward (ECF)
External Music Port #
Flash Timer
Flexible Numbering
Group Call (Pilot Number)
Hot Outward Dialing (With Delay, With Number)
Hunting Schemes
Inbound Call Analysis
Interrupt Request
Internet Ready Port
Least Cost Routing
Live Call Supervision
Live System Programming
Programmable Feature Access
Programmable Timers
Public Address System Port #
Relay Port (Inteeswitch) #
Remote Programming
Scheduled Dialing
Security Dialer #
Selective Trunk Access
Toll Restriction
Trunk Groups
Trunk Reservation
Voice based External Music (Music on Hold) *
Voice Greetings for Alarms*
Voice Guided help for DOSA and DID *
Voice Message for Auto Redial *
Voice Message for Night Services *
Voice Message for Security *
Walk-in Class of Service
: Space Division CMOS Crosspoint Switch
CO Lines (FXO)
Off Hook Line Impedance
Loop Limit
Pulse Dialing
DTMF Dialing and Reception
CLI Reception
Call Maturity
Power Fail Transfer
: 600 Ù
: 1500 Ù
: 10 PPS +/- 5%, Make/Break =33:67, 40:60, 50:50
: As per ITU-T Q.23 & Q.24
: Delay
: Solid State (Over Voltage and Over Current)
: Push-type (Single Pair Wire, 0.5mm/0.019inch)
: All CO lines to fixed stations
Station Lines (FXS)
Loop Limit
Loop Current
Ring Voltage
Off Hook Line Impedance
Pulse Detection
DTMF Detection
CLI Presentation
: 250 Ù Max. (Excluding Telephone)
: 35 mA Max.
: 50 Vrms, 25 Hz
: 600 Ù
: 10 PPS +/- 5%, Make/Break = 33:67
: As per ITU-T Q.24
: Solid State (Over Voltage and Over Current)
: Push-type (Single Pair Wire, 0.5mm/0.019inch)
Additional Ports
Analog Input Port
Analog Output Port
Digital Input Port
Digital Output Port
: 0.7 Vrms, Isolated, 1K Ù, Push-Type Connector
: 0.7 Vrms, Isolated, Push-Type Connector
: Loop Sensing-Open/Close, 5mA, Push-Type Connector
: 0.2A at 125AC, 0.7A at 30VDC, Push-Type Connector
Transmission Parameter (Between FXS-FXO)
Return Loss
Insertion Loss
Inter-Channel Cross-Talk
Idle Channel Noise
Longitudinal Balance
: More than 18 dB
: Less than 2 dB
: Less than -65 dBm
: Less than -65 dBmOp
: Better than 40 dB
Power Supply
: 90-265 V AC, 47-65 Hz
Power Consumption (Typical) : 15W
Battery Backup
: 12 V DC, 7-10 A.h
Dimensions (W x H x D)
Unit Weight
Shipping Weight
: 26.0 x 39.0 x 8.0 cm (10.2 “ x 11.4 “ x 3.1 “)
: 2.0 kg (4.4 lb)
: 3.5 kg (7.7 lb)
: Wall Mount
Operating Temperature
Operating Humidity
Storage Temperature
Storage Humidity
: 0 °C to 55 °C (32°F to131 °F)
: 5-95% RH, Non-Condensing
: -40 °C to 85 °C (-40 °F to 185 °F)
: 0-95% RH, Non-Condensing
Door Phone
Housed in an aesthetic and stylish package, it provides
the much desired security and convenience for any
SOHO user. It resembles a normal door bell and serves
dual purpose of a phone and a bell.
1 Trunk Line and 3 Extension Line PBX
2 Trunk Line and 5 Extension Line PBX
2 Trunk Line and 6 Extension Line PBX
3 Trunk Line and 8 Extension Line PBX
2 Trunk Line and 6 Extension Line PBX with Standard Features
3 Trunk Line and 8 Extension Line PBX with Standard Features
3 Trunk Line and 9 Extension Line PBX with Premium Features
2 Trunk Line and 6 Extension Line PBX with Premium Features
3 Trunk Line and 8 Extension Line PBX with Premium Features
4 Trunk Line and 12 Extension Line PBX with Premium Features
6 Trunk Line and 16 Extension Line PBX with Premium Features
394-GIDC, Makarpura,
Vadodara-390010, India.
Phone: +91 265 2630555
Fax: +91 265 2636598
SMS ‘MATRIX’ to 99987 55555
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