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R30–A Series
Check the components
Your computer comes with:
• AC adaptor and adaptor cord
• Power cord/cable
• Documentation, including this Quick Start document and a Standard Limited Warranty
• Other components, depending upon model
Handling the cord on this product will expose you to lead, a chemical
known to the State of California to cause birth defects or other
reproductive harm. Wash hands after handling.
• Avoid prolonged physical contact with the underside or surface of the
omputer base and palm rest can become hot! Avoid prolonged contact
to prevent heat injury to skin.
•Certain computer chassis are designed to accommodate all possible configurations
for an entire product series. Your select model may not have all the features and
specifications corresponding to all of the icons or switches shown on the computer
chassis, unless you have selected all those features.
• Subject to Change. Product specifications, configurations, prices, system/
component/options availability are all subject to change without notice.
Getting started
Connect to a power source
Assemble the power cord/cable and AC adaptor and then connect it to your computer
and a live electrical outlet. You are now ready to start using your computer.
Connect to the Internet
Connect to a network to take full advantage of your computer’s features.
Backup your computer
It is strongly recommended that you create a back up of your computer before using
it for the first time. This will enable you to return it to its out-of-box state, if necessary.
For complete instructions on how to create recovery media, see the “Creating recovery
media” section in the electronic User’s Guide.
Register your computer
Enhance your ownership experience by taking a few minutes to register your Toshiba
Product at register.toshiba.com. Completing Product registration allows Toshiba to
provide you with Product information updates, special offers and promotions. Failure
to complete Product registration will not diminish your rights under the Standard
Limited Warranty.
Quick Tour
Front with display open
Web Camera indicator*
Internal microphone*
Web Camera*
Internal microphone*
NOTE: Your computer
may be enabled with a
touch screen feature.
AccuPoint® II
pointing device*
Power button
Primary and
Touch pad
ON/OFF button
Touch pad
eco Utility® button
Primary and
Fingerprint reader*
System indicator lights
AC power light/Battery light
ON/OFF light
* Available on certain models.
Internal storage drive light
** Location may vary.
Battery Module
Battery release lock
Expansion port*
Battery release
Memory cover
*Available on certain models.
Front with display closed
Wireless WAN indicator light*
Wireless indicator light
*Available on certain models.
Left side
RGB (Monitor) port*
HDMI™ Out port*
USB 3.0 port
(USB Sleep and Charge
Cooling vents
USB 3.0 port*
*Available on certain models.
Right side
Headphone/microphone jack
Media Card Reader
Optical disc drive
*Available on certain models.
Security lock slot
USB 3.0 port*
Smart card
Network port
The Start screen contains tiles that are shortcuts to your apps and programs. Rightclick on the background or swipe up from the bottom edge or swipe down from the top
edge and select All apps to see more.
Keyboard shortcuts
To go to the Desktop or
select the Desktop tile
Toggles between the
Start screen and the last
opened app
To reveal the charms
Mouse navigation
Search – Allows you to locate items (apps, photos, music,
documents) on your computer
Share – Allows you to share items (links, photos, and
Move your pointer
to the upper-right
corner of the screen
to reveal the charms.
Start – Takes you to the Start screen or, if you’re already
on the Start screen, returns you to your last app
Devices – Allows you to manage your hardware
Settings – Allows you to access your computer’s settings
(volume, brightness, connecting to the internet, and more)
Internet connectivity
1. M
ove your pointer
over the upper or
lower right corner
of the screen.
When the Windows®
charms appear,
click/touch the
3. E
nter the network
2. Click/touch the
security key (if
applicable). Click/
The Networks screen
touch Next. Your
appears. Select your
computer should be
network. Click/touch
Turn off your computer
Move your pointer to the upper-right corner of the screen or swipe in from the
right edge to reveal the charms.
Click/touch the Settings
Select Power
then Sleep/Shut down/Restart.
General Safety Instructions
Please read the following safety and operating instructions before using your
Product. Keep the information near your Product for future reference.
To reduce the risk of fire, bodily injury and/or damage to your Product, please
observe all of the following instructions:
AC Adaptor
Always use the Toshiba AC adaptor that was provided with your Product or as
specified by Toshiba.
Base or Palm Rest
Avoid extended contact between Product base or palm rest and your skin. Under
certain operating conditions such prolonged contact may result in skin irritation
and/or heat injury. Consider using a hard computer insulating pad or similarly
suitable hard insulating material when using Product on your lap.
Battery Pack
Do not expose the battery pack to heat or shock.
(Internal) Battery
Your Product may contain an internal battery for powering the real-time clock.
Replacement or service should be done by an authorized Toshiba service provider.
Circulation and Cooling
Allow sufficient air circulation around Product and AC adaptor during use and
while charging the battery to ensure adequate cooling of the device. Prevent
direct exposure to heat sources.
Unplug Product from the electrical outlet before cleaning. Do not use liquid
cleaners or aerosol cleaners. The injected combustible gas produced by these
types of cleaners may remain inside of your product. The electrostatic spark from
the motor or contact point of switch may ignite the gas residue, which could
result in an explosion, fire, or burn injury. Instead use a lightly dampened cloth for
cleaning in general and remove dust with a dry cloth.
Comfort Recommendations
When you use your Product, rest your eyes periodically and relax or stretch
your muscles to avoid strain. Adjust your chair, feet and Product accordingly
to achieve optimal working posture. Please refer to Toshiba’s “User Comfort
Recommendations” in the User’s Guide.
Viewing Recommendations
Some individuals may experience health-related complications when exposed
to certain images or flashing lights (for example when playing videos or games).
Discontinue use and consult a physician if you experience any health-related
Choking Hazards
Keep Product away from small children. This Product is not a toy and may be
hazardous to small children, for example, small detachable parts may be a
choking hazard.
Do not disassemble, modify, tamper with or repair your Product.
Dispose of Product or any components in compliance with all applicable laws.
Foreign Objects
Never push a foreign object through an opening in the Product. Never allow metal
objects (such as screws, staples, or paper clips) to enter Product. This could
cause a short circuit.
Keep Product away from radiators, stoves, heat sources or other equipment that
produce heat.
Hot Surfaces
Allow the equipment’s internal components and hot-pluggable drives to cool
before touching them.
Unstable Surfaces
Do not use Product on an unstable table, cart or stand.
Operating Environment
Never expose your Product to excess heat, extremely low temperatures,
sudden temperature variations, or dusty environments. This could cause system
malfunction, loss of data or damage to Product.
Power Cables/Cords and Power Source
Always use power cables/cords and power sources that comply with the voltage
and frequency specifications and requirements of the country of use.
Service Provider
Disconnect Product from the electrical outlet and take Product to an authorized
Toshiba service provider if:
• AC adaptor or power cable/cord is damaged.
• Liquid has spilled into Product or an object (such as a screw, staple or paper
clip) has entered Product.
• Product has been dropped, subject to shock or impact and/or damaged in
some way.
• Noticeable signs of overheating, smoke, deformation, cracks, leaks or unusual
odor occur.
• Service is needed on component inside compartments requiring opening or
removal of covers.
Never operate your Product during a thunderstorm. An electrical surge caused by
the storm may cause system failure, loss of data or hardware damage.
Wireless Functionalities
Turn off your Product and/or all wireless functionalities where electronic devices
are regulated or controlled or when near a person with any medical electric
Operate your Product on a hard flat surface to ensure reliable operation and good
ventilation. Using your Product on a soft surface such as carpet or sofa can block
slots, vents or openings and cause overheating.
Water and moisture
Do not use Product in a wet location. Do not connect/disconnect a power plug/
cord with wet hands.
Need Help?
Most problems are easy to correct. Save time with one of these simple solutions.
Consult the electronic User’s Guide
(Internet connection required)
Start Screen
To access the electronic User’s Guide through your Start screen
1. C
lick/touch the TOSHIBA Central
2. Click/touch User’s Guide
Note: The User’s Guide will be automatically downloaded and saved on your
computer so that you can access it at a later time. The User’s Guide
opens in the default PDF reader software; you may be required to
complete a setup process.
For solutions to the most common problems, refer to the “If Something Goes
Wrong” section of the User’s Guide.
Visit Toshiba’s Support Web site
Technical support is available online at Toshiba’s Web site at
support.toshiba.com. At this Web site, you will find answers for many
commonly asked technical questions plus many downloadable software
drivers, BIOS updates, and other downloads.
Portégé, AccuPoint, and eco Utility are either registered trademarks or trademarks of Toshiba America Information Systems, Inc. and/or Toshiba Corporation.
HDMI, the HDMI Logo and High-Definition Multimedia Interface are trademarks or registered trademarks of HDMI Licensing, LLC.
Microsoft and Windows are either registered trademarks or trademarks of Microsoft Corporation in the United States and/or other countries.
Wi-Fi is a registered trademark of the Wi-Fi Alliance.
All other brand and product names are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective companies.
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