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BizFAX-E100 Client User Manual
Table of Contacts
1. Introduction····················································································· 4
2. Operating Environment ····································································· 5
2.1 Hardware Environment······························································· 5
2.2 Software Environment································································ 5
3. Install BizFAX Client·········································································· 6
4. Usage of BizFAX Client ·····································································11
4.1 Log in Client ············································································11
4.2 Send FAX ················································································12
4.2.1 Sending fax from application programs ·······························12
4.2.2 Sending fax from Client software········································14
4.2.3 Description of ‘Create a New Fax’ Menu ·······························15 Receiver (Fax number) ·············································15 FAX Subject ····························································16 Fax Content ····························································16
4.2.4 Delay to Send FAX····························································16
4.2.5 FAX Broadcast ·································································17
4.2.6 Forward Fax ····································································19
4.2.7 Reply FAX ·······································································20
4.2.8 Check Results ··································································20
4.3 Receive Fax ·············································································21
4.4 Forward Fax to Email (FAX to Mail) ·············································21
4.5 Manage Fax·············································································22
4.5.1 Edit Subject ····································································22
4.5.2 Group Managment····························································22
4.5.3 Delete Fax·······································································23
4.5.4 Print Fax ·········································································23
4.6 Fax Editor ···············································································24
4.6.1 Veiw FAX ········································································25
4.6.2 Remark FAX ····································································25
4.6.3 Seal & Signature ······························································27 Get seal and signature··············································27 Set Stamp Image·····················································29 Set Password ··························································29 Application of Stamp ················································30
4.7 Fax Extension Management ·······················································31
4.8 Contacts Management·······························································32
4.8.1 Contacts Group Management ·············································32
4.8.2 Add New Contact ·····························································33
Page 2
BizFAX-E100 Client User Manual
4.8.3 Edit & Delete Contact························································34
4.8.4 Send Contact···································································34
4.8.5 Import Contact ································································35
4.9 Internal Communications among extensions·································37
4.9.1 Voice Talk ·······································································37
4.9.2 Text Chat ········································································37
4.10 Personal Profile ······································································38
4.11 Change Password ···································································39
4.12 Change Language ···································································39
4.13 Audio Settings········································································39
4.14 Sign out & Exit ·······································································40
Appendix A How to make fax file in TIFF format? ·····································41
Page 3
BizFAX-E100 Client User Manual
BizFAX paperless fax system is an intelligent fax server that combines the
traditional fax technology and network technology.
After connected the PSTN telephone line and built up the connetion with the
LAN or internet, by using the BizFAX Client software on their computers,
users can easily to create a safe, efficient and affordable fax system for
enterprise. Moreover, all of these are electronic processing on computer
without a piece of paper.
Through BizFAX Client software, every user is able to get the auto-receive,
auto-fax and management features. When sending a fax, users only need to
submit file to BizFAX server, and then system will auto fax the files in order.
Back up the faxes automatically and allow users to easily manage them. It’s
helpful to improve the progress of company internal approval, add personal
signature, make company seal, and Mail to FAX and FAX to Mail.
The advanced integration of BizFAX with internet, email and SMS help users
to send and receive faxes at any time any where.
Page 4
BizFAX-E100 Client User Manual
Operating Environment
2.1 Hardware Environment
CPU:Recommend to use more a CPU that power than INTELPIII500
Memory:Recommend to use more than 128MB RAM
Hard Disk:At least 1 G
2.2 Software Environment
Operating system:Windows XP, Windows 2000, Windows 2003, Windows Vista,
Widows 2008, Windows 7.
Page 5
BizFAX-E100 Client User Manual
Install BizFAX Client
This section shows how to install BizFAX Client software on the PC.
1. Download Client software from
2. Doube-click the ‘BizFAXClientSetup.exe’, Welcome to the BizFAXClient
Installation screen will come up.
Figure 3-1
3. Click Next to continue.
Page 6
BizFAX-E100 Client User Manual
Figure 3-2
4. Read through the software License Agreement, select ‘I agree with the
above terms and conditions’, and then click Next to continue. See
Figure 3-3
Page 7
BizFAX-E100 Client User Manual
5. Click ‘Next’ after going over the provisions
Figure 3-4
6. The Destination folder screen will offer you the option where you would
like BizFAXClient to be stored on your computer. Click Next to continue.
Figure 3-5
Page 8
BizFAX-E100 Client User Manual
7. A screen pop-up to notify you that:
(1)Launch BizFAXClient after installation.
(2)Create desktop shortcut;
(3)Start BizFAXClient when I start Windows
Enable the options by your own demands, and then click Next.
Figure 3-6
8. Enter into the Installing Files,system begin to installation step, which will
last for a while.
Page 9
BizFAX-E100 Client User Manual
Figure 3-7
9. When the installation is complete, a screen pop-up to notify you that the
software is installed successfully. Click Finish.
Figure 3-8
Page 10
BizFAX-E100 Client User Manual
Usage of BizFAX Client
4.1 Log in Client
After the installation, you can enjoy the powerful functions BizFAXClient
and launch BizFAXClient. Please enter your Ext.
Double-click shortcut
number and password and then click ‘Sign In’, see Figure 4-1.
Please pay attention when you
login at first time:
menuOptions, and enter the IP
address of BizFAX Server on Figure
4-2. You can get this IP from Admin.
About Ext. and Password
To obtain the Extension and
Password from your system Admin
before you log in BizFAXClient.
Figue 4-1
Page 11
BizFAX-E100 Client User Manual
Figure 4-2
4.2 Send FAX
After installed the BizFAXClient software, system will create a virtual fax
printer that named as ‘BizFAX
’ in printer folder in the control panel.
4.2.1 Sending fax from application programs
Application programs adopt the ‘Virtual Print’ way to realize the fax function.
All the programs are able to send fax by BizFAX Fax Printer as long as they
support print function. Open any type of document that supports print,
select ‘Print’ and see a prompt dialog box as Figure 4-3:
Page 12
BizFAX-E100 Client User Manual
Figure 4-3
Select ‘BizFAX’ on printer list and click ‘OK’.
System will generate a ‘Create new fax’ window and the file would be printed
as TIFF to add into task list.
Figure 4-4
Page 13
BizFAX-E100 Client User Manual
4.2.2 Sending fax from Client software
(1) Enter into FAX tag, click ‘Create’ to create a new fax.
(2) Click ‘add file’ to select the file you want to fax from computer.
Note: Only the file in *.bmp、*.dib、*.jpg、*.jpeg、*.png、*.doc、*.docx、*.xls、
*.xlsx、*.pdf、*.tif、*.tiff、*.txt or *.rtf format can be added in this way. The
files in other formats could be opened by the application programs and sent out
through ‘Prinit’.
Figure 4-5
Merge multiple files to fax once
If user wants to fax multiple files at the same time, he can click the ‘Add file’
button again to add other files into task list, or he can use the application
programs to open the files at first and choose ‘Print’to send them into fax
Beside the adding option, user is also able to delete the unnecessary files
from list after clicked ‘Delete File’button.
Page 14
BizFAX-E100 Client User Manual
Figure 4-6
4.2.3 Description of ‘Create a New Fax’ Menu Receiver (Fax number)
There are two ways to enter receiver (fax number):
1. Enter the numbers directly as Figure 4-7
The right way of entering fax number: for example here a company in
Xiamen city of China, city area code is 0592 and country code is 0086 :
(1)local fax number in this company:5503307
(2)doemstic long distance fax number:05925503307
(3)international long distance fax number: 00865925503307
Note: 9+5503307 or 0+5503307
When an ext. user sends a fax, he needs to plus a prefix number 0 or 9 that
usually required by the PBX phone system before dialing the receiver’s fax
Figure 4-7
2. Click on ‘Receiver’ and select contacts from address book.
Page 15
BizFAX-E100 Client User Manual
Figure 4-8
Select contacts’ fax number and click ‘Add’, it shows the selected number on
right box, click ‘OK’ to finish. FAX Subject
Mark the faxes for easy manageable and searchable. Fax Content
Fax File List
1)Add Fax:Select one or multiple files from computer to fax out once
2)Delete Fax: Delete file(s) from fax file list
User is able to view and check the selected fax file through ‘Preview’.
User is able to add signature or make notes on selected file. Click ‘Edit Fax’ to
amend contents, seal and add signature directly.
4.2.4 Delay to Send FAX
BizFAX is able to send fax in specific time that set up by users. User can set
up an idle time or the most cheapest call rate period to delivery fax and this
function is specially useful to send the international fax because of the time
Page 16
BizFAX-E100 Client User Manual
Figure 4-9
4.2.5 FAX Broadcast
System allows user to fax a same file to different numbers at the same time,
which means fax broadcast.
There are two ways to get fax broadcast service:
1.Enter fax numbers directly and separate them by semi-colon. See Figure
Page 17
BizFAX-E100 Client User Manual
Figure 4-10
2.Click ‘Receiver’ and select multiple contacts from address book to add
into right box as Figure 4-11.
Figure 4-11
Page 18
BizFAX-E100 Client User Manual
4.2.6 Forward Fax
User can transfer the received faxes to both internal extension users and
external contacts.
1.Forward to internal extensions
Click the right mouse on the selected fax and choose ‘Forward’ from the
pull-down menu. Click on ‘To’ to select receivers from ‘Fax Extensions’ as
Figure 4-12.
Double click on the extension names or click ‘Add’ to add the selected
extensions into right list.
Figure 4-12
2.Forward to external contacts
Click the right mouse on the selected fax and choose ‘Forward’ from the
pull-down menu. Click on ‘To’ to select receivers from ‘Contacts’ as Figure
Double click on the extension names or click ‘Add’ to add the selected
contacts into right list.
Page 19
BizFAX-E100 Client User Manual
Figure 4-13
4.2.7 Reply FAX
User can reply to the sender directly for the received fax.
Click on the right mouse on the selected fax, choose ‘Reply’ on pull-down
menu, system will pop up a window where user can edit the fax for remark,
seal and signature.
After the above edition, user can reply the modified fax file to sender.
4.2.8 Check Results
Once sent out from Client, the fax task sumbmitted to Server side. If the fax
file is waiting in line for processing or is sending fax, the file will be saved in
the ‘Outbox’.
If fax sent successfully, the file file will forward to the ‘Sent Items’. User can
check the recipients, subject, created time and status in this window.
If user fails to send, the fax file will be saved on ‘Outbox’. System shows the
failure reason on the ‘Statu’ of Client, such as busy, no answer, and dead
If user wants to resend the failure fax, just click on selected file; choose
‘Send’ on menu, submit failure number to server side again.
Waiting process – file is waiting in line for faxing
Page 20
BizFAX-E100 Client User Manual
Sending – system is sending fax
Sent successfully - fax is successfully delivered.
Resending- fax is being resend.
Waiting for idle trunk – trunks are busy, system is waiting for an idle
Transmission failure, waiting to try again
Have no valid line - User dialed a wrong access number. For example,
the trunk correct access number is ‘9’, but user dialed ‘7’ that led to the
unavailable of valid trunk.
Wrong router, calls can not pass through – Send fax to an invalid
The callee is busy, waiting to try again.
The callee is busy, system will not try again. – The callee is busy,
the retry times has reached the number that configured in server.
Transmission failure, system will not try again. – After the several
retry times that configured for failure fax, system still fails to send out,
so will not try again.
Transmission over time, system will not try again. – After the
several retry times that configured for failure fax, system still fails to
send out, so will not try again.
4.3 Receive Fax
After enabled Client, BizFAX will pop up a prompted interface on the lower
right corner for the newly received fax.
Figure 4-14
Click ‘Check Fax’ to view contents by the fax editor directly. Click ‘Close’ to
close the interface and user can login Client to check.
4.4 Forward Fax to Email (FAX to Mail)
Send incoming fax to email. In order to auto forward all the incoming faxes
to an appointed email addrss, user requires to pre-setup the email server on
BizFAX Server side.
On Client side, user also needs to do the operation: click ‘File’  ‘Edit
Profile’  enable ‘Sending incoming fax to the Email’, please see Figure 4-15
Page 21
BizFAX-E100 Client User Manual
Figure 4-15
Once user changed the email address on the Client window as above, his email
information on Server side will be updated at the same time.
4.5 Manage Fax
4.5.1 Edit Subject
The role of the subject is same as a label. User can add a subject for both
received and sent faxes in order to manage them easily in future.
When sending a fax, sender can add a subject on ‘Create a new fax’ window,
from which receiver will quick to know the contents.
For received fax, user can click on selected fax and choose ‘Edit Subject’
from pull-down menu.
Figure 4-16
4.5.2 Group Managment
Create a folder will be helpful to manage faxes.
1.New Folder
Choose ‘Inbox’ and click right mouse, select ‘New Folder’ from pull-down
Page 22
BizFAX-E100 Client User Manual
Figure 4-17
Create a name for this folder on the following box
Figure 4-18
2.Drag fax to folder
Click on the selected fax file and hold down the mouse, drag it into required
4.5.3 Delete Fax
After clicked ‘Delete’ button, it will prompt a check window ‘Are you sure to
move the fax(s) to deleted items folder’.
1. Click ‘Yes’
The deleted items will be saved on trash folder temporary.
Users can easily to restore the miss deleted file from trash folder to
origital position.
If need to permanently delete the fax, on trash folder, click ‘Delete’ on
selected fax will be OK.
2. Click ‘No’
Will not to delete the fax.
4.5.4 Print Fax
If user wants to print out the fax, only open it and click ‘Print’ button, system
will prompt a window as Figure 4-18.
Page 23
BizFAX-E100 Client User Manual
Figure 4-19
4.6 Fax Editor
The fax editior co-works with BizFAXClient to view, edit and make remark on
fax file.
Option 1: Double click on a fax file in Client, click ‘Reply’ or ‘Forward’, and
click ‘Edit Fax’ on the pop window to access fax editor.
Option 2: Click ‘Create’, and add the file you want to fax on pop window,
finally click ‘Edit’ to access fax editor.
Page 24
BizFAX-E100 Client User Manual
4.6.1 Veiw FAX
Figure 4-20
:from left to right: fit width, fit height, fit visible, actual size
:from left to right:Rotate Counterclockwise 90°, Rotate 180°, Rotate
Clockwise 90°
4.6.2 Remark FAX
It helps user to modify the file contents.
Page 25
BizFAX-E100 Client User Manual
Figure 4-21
:Move page
:View page
:Add text
Before making remark on fax, click ‘Font’ to change the size, style and font
of characters.
Page 26
BizFAX-E100 Client User Manual
Figure 4-22
4.6.3 Seal & Signature Get seal and signature
Step 1:Save a paper with a seal or a signature into computer.
Method 1: Send the paper from physical fax machine to virtual fax extension,
and login this virtual fax extension and download the paper to computer.
Method 2: Scan the paper by a scanner and save it on computer; Click right
mouse on the newly scanned file and choose ‘Print’ to conver it into TIFF format
file by ‘BizFAX’ virtual printer.
The purpose of this step is to convert file into editable TIFF format.
Step 2: Use the FaxEditor to open the saved file.
Click on the saved file, click right mouse and chose ‘Open’  ‘Program’, and click
‘View’ on pop-up window, select the FaxEditor.exe that under the BizFAXClient
installation path, click ‘Open’ to edit file.
Page 27
BizFAX-E100 Client User Manual
Figure 4-23
Step 3:On the opened FaxEditor, click ‘Remark’  ‘Get Stamp’, drag mouse to
choose on stamp or signature, and then release mouse to extract the stamp or
signature image from paper. Enter a name on the pop-up window as Figure 4-23
The stamp and sigunature images will be saved as BMP & TIFF format.
Figure 4-24
Page 28
BizFAX-E100 Client User Manual
Step 4:After clicked ‘Save’, the extracted images will be saved into manager as
Figure 4-25
Figure 4-25
Step 5:Click ‘OK’ to finish the operation of extracting stamp and signature. Set Stamp Image
There are two methods to set stamp image:
1.Import Stamp
Click ‘Remark’ -> ‘Stamp Image’ -> ‘Set Stamp’; on the prompt ‘Set Stamp
Image’ window -> click ‘Import Stamp’. User can import the BMP and TIF
formart pictures that already saved in computer. The accuracy is better around
Click ‘Remark’ -> ‘Signature Image’ ->’Set Signature’; on the prompt ‘Set
Signuature Image’ window  click ‘Add Image’. Set Password
Cick ‘Remark’  ‘Set Stamp’, open the following figure:
Page 29
BizFAX-E100 Client User Manual
Figure 4-26
The lefe area is the list of all stamps and stamp image shows on the right
For the safety of using stamps, users can set password on the following
Figure 4-27 Application of Stamp
All the imported stamps will be listed under pull-down menu of
just select a stamp to seal on fax file.
Figure 4-28
If it has password protection, system will prompt the following box, user is
Page 30
BizFAX-E100 Client User Manual
asked to enter password.
Figure 4-29
All the added signature images will be listed under pull-down menu of
icon, just select a signature to seal on fax file.
Figure 4-30
4.7 Fax Extension Management
Fax extension refers to all users that using fax system. They are able to
check each other’s information (ext. number, email address and mobile
number) and forward faxes and send SMS among extensions.
There are two types of fax extensions: physical fax extension and virtual fax
extension. Physical fax extension means the real fax machine, and virtual
fax ext. stands for the ext. registered by BizFAX Client to manage faxes.
Extension Status:
It means the virtual fax extension is offline.
It means the virtual fax extension is available.
It stands for a physical fax machine.
Extensions Group:
Through clicking ‘View’  ‘Show Extensions Group’ to see all groups of
Page 31
BizFAX-E100 Client User Manual
All members in this
Figure 4-31
4.8 Contacts Management
After signed in BizFAXClient, you can see Contacts tag. Here, you are possible to
add, edit, delete, rename, send, import and export contacts.
4.8.1 Contacts Group Management
Before editing contact’s profile, you can classify it into group at first, which
will be easier to manage and send fax by group at once.
You can see contacts in group way thorugh ‘View’ ‘Show Contacts Group’ (see
Figure 4-32)
Page 32
BizFAX-E100 Client User Manual
Figure 4-32
4.8.2 Add New Contact
You can add new contact through MenuAdd New Contact or click the mouse to
open the adding screen.
Please edit contact’s profile on following screen, such as name, office phone,
and company name and so on.
Page 33
BizFAX-E100 Client User Manual
Figure 4-33
4.8.3 Edit & Delete Contact
Select contact and click on mouse right to choose edit or delete from pop-up
4.8.4 Send Contact
Contacts information are shareable among extensions. Click on the selected
contact, click on mouse right click ‘Send Contact’ on menu  Open the window
as Figure 4-34 to select the extension.
Note: You can select all through Ctrl+A or click on Ctrl or Shift to choose
multiple contacts.
Page 34
BizFAX-E100 Client User Manual
Figure 4-34
4.8.5 Import Contact
User can import contacts in quantity from menu ‘Contacts’--> ‘Import Contact’.
1. Select the file (.csv) you want to import and click ‘Open’button (figure
Figure 4-35
2. Double click the item to select corresponding address, see Figure 4-36
Page 35
BizFAX-E100 Client User Manual
Figure 4-36
3. Click ‘OK’ to finish this step.
4.8.6 Export Contacts
You can export contacts to save up on computer as well.
1. Select the routing that you want to save, and then click ‘Save’ to finish as
Figure 4-37
Figure 4-37
2. Enter the file name and click ‘Save’ button to export contacts into csv file.
Page 36
BizFAX-E100 Client User Manual
4.9 Internal Communications among extensions
For the convenience of communications among extensions, BizFAX
embedded an instant talk system allow users to get voice calls or text chat
with other members.
4.9.1 Voice Talk
There are three ways to make a call between extensions:
1)Double click on the extension number that you want to call
2)Enter the ext.number directly on the box and click ‘Call’ button
3) Dial the ext. number on the small keyboard and click ‘Call’ or ‘Enter’
Figure 4-38
4.9.2 Text Chat
BizFAXClient provides the internal instant message system for users to chat
easily with other members on extensions listing.
On extensions list, select the member you want to chat with, click ‘Start Chat’
button or click mouse right to open the chat screen.
Page 37
BizFAX-E100 Client User Manual
Figure 4-39
4.10 Personal Profile
For the convenience communication with your colleagues and friends,
BizFAXClient provides personal information management, so that you can
update profile at any time.
After signed on BizFAXClient, click ‘File’  ‘Edit profile’ to open personal
information screen.
Figure 4-40
Here you are allowed to change name, mobile phone number and Email
When receive a fax, auto forward to this email: After received a fax,
system will auto transfer it to the pre-arranged Email addess.
Page 38
BizFAX-E100 Client User Manual
4.11 Change Password
User can change password through ‘File’ ‘Change Password’ setting, open the
chat box as Figure 4-42 to change password.
Figure 4-41
4.12 Change Language
BizFAXClient has multiple language versions. You can change the Client
language through ‘Tools’  ‘Change Language’.
4.13 Audio Settings
You can open the screen as Figure 4-42 to set up audio device and adjust audio
volume. Click on menu ‘Tools’ - ‘Options’  ‘Audio Settings’.
Page 39
BizFAX-E100 Client User Manual
Figure 4-42
4.14 Sign out & Exit
Sign Out:
You can sign out BizFAXClient on menu ‘File’  ‘Sign Out’
You can exit from BizFAXClient on menu ‘File’ ‘Exit’ or you can click on
BizFAX icon on right tray and click ‘Exit’ to exit as Figure 4-43.
Figure 4-43
Page 40
BizFAX-E100 Client User Manual
Appendix A How to make fax file in TIFF format?
Here, we take use of BizFAX’s virtual fax printer (BizFAX) to make .TIFF fax file.
Take an example of a Word format file:
Step 1: Open the Word format file, click ‘File’ –‘Print’.
Step 2: Select the ‘BizFAX’ on pop-up screen and click ‘OK’, BizFAX will transfer
the word file into TIFF format file.
Figure A-1
Step 3: Open the installation routing of BizFAXClient, there is a FaxFile folder,
where is the transferred TIFF files saved.
For example, BizFAXClient was installed on
D:\Program Files\Yeastar\BizFAXClient, as Figure A-2
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BizFAX-E100 Client User Manual
Figure A-2
Figure A-3
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