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Remote Control Golf Cart
User Manual
Remote Control Golf Cart User Manual
Identification – main components
Handle and LED display
Operating functions and modes
Handset operation
Drive wheels
Use and maintenance
Contact details
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Remote Control Golf Cart User Manual
1 Introduction
Thank you for purchasing this golf cart. Please read this manual carefully before use.
After unpacking please keep the carton and all internal sections in safe storage. In the unlikely
possibility that you need to return the whole unit due to a defective component, you will need to
repack the unit in the original manner to ensure safe and secure transit.
Check all components are included in the package –
Main cart frame.
Drive wheels
Back support wheel
Battery complete with battery bag
Battery charger
User Manual
Tool kit
After unpacking the cart place the battery on charge whilst you assemble the unit. The battery will
be delivered with a charge but should always be placed on charge overnight before using.
Contents of this manual cover assembly from the delivery carton – operating instructions and
conditions – maintenance – and troubleshooting. Please note that our design and manufacturing
policy is aimed at continuous improvement – this can result in changes without notice to the
specifications contained in our websites and in this manual.
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Remote Control Golf Cart User Manual
Main component identification
LCD Display
Central hinge lock
Drive Wheel
Bag strap
Stabilizer wheel
Bag strap
Lower bag support
Upper Bag Support
Front wheel assembly
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Remote Control Golf Cart User Manual
Take cart and all of component parts
out of carton
Slide and hold the knob on the centre
hub cap and push the wheel fully on to
the axle
Pull spring bolt then install support wheel
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Remote Control Golf Cart User Manual
Pull the lock device and then raise the
frame support (wishbone) into the upright
Lift the main frame upwards to meet the
frame support.
Engage the slots in the hinge with the
metal bar on the frame support.
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Remote Control Golf Cart User Manual
Lift the upper handle frame up and over
the central locking hinge. Depress the
metal catch and ensure that the hinge is
locked in position around the frame
support bar.
Ensure that the locking catch is fully
engaged by pulling the upper part of the
catch outwards if necessary. Pull down
the upper bag support.
The cart is now ready to receive the
battery and golf bag.
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Remote Control Golf Cart User Manual
Put the battery into the battery case.
Connect the battery plug
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Remote Control Golf Cart User Manual
After playing or when the under voltage
indicator is on:
Disconnect the battery lead going to the
Remove the battery case and the battery
from the cart or move the cart next to the
AC outlet
To prolong the service life of the battery, Please:
Charge the battery after every use of the cart
Charge the battery frequently. When the cart is not in use for an extended
period if time, you should charge the battery once a month.
Avoid prolonged direct contact with water.
4 Handle and LED display
Imperial or Metric units change
Mode selection
On/off switch & speed control
Controller connected indicator
Metric or Imperial units
Current speed
Mode status
Speed stage setting
Battery capacity
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Remote Control Golf Cart User Manual
Operating functions and Modes
Depress the on/off switch for 3 seconds then release till the LED display
Press and hold for 3 seconds to turn the cart OFF.
Display units. Alter between Metric and Imperial units of speed and measurement. Click
the left-hand red button to make the change.
Mode Selection.
Click the right-hand red button to change progressively between
operational modes. Modes 5 and 6 will appear when the controller needs to be protected
or the controller is damaged.
General Operation. The on/off switch and the speed control are combined in the center
knob for easy operation. Twist the knob clockwise to increase speed. Press the Mode
button (right hand red button) repeatedly to scroll through the Operating Mode options
Quick ADC Function Quick ADC (Auto Distance Control) function is operated by SAVE
button in the right of handset. No matter which mode the cart works in, as long as you
press the SAVE button, the cart will enter into ADC function(Mode 3) directly, Press it
once,10m ADC function is available;
Press it twice means 20 meters is available; Press
it three times, the cart will run for 30m…..It can set 990m meters ADC function.
Operational modes
Competition mode (no display of any distance information)
Regular operation mode. Remote control operation. LED will display
battery capacity – current speed set – and distance traveled.
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Remote Control Golf Cart User Manual
Displays distance traveled during a particular period. In this mode the hand
transmitter can instruct the cart to go forward – to stop – turn left or right – but not to reverse
Preset Distance Control. Cart will travel for the distance pre-set into the panel. When
in this mode, turn the central round red knob progressively to input required distance - then press
this same button to start the cart. The speed can be adjusted whilst it is running. Press the MODE
button to exit the Preset Distance mode and to select another operational mode. As in Mode 2 the
cart will not reverse in mode 3.
Indication modes
Controller protection mode. Cart will shut down to protect the controller should it
become overheated – for example if the cart is trapped by an unmovable object. Marked by
flashing error signal.
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Remote Control Golf Cart User Manual
MODES 6 – 7 – and 8 - please see section at end – above Troubleshooting.
6. Handset Operation
Five buttons in the middle of the remote control transmitter.
The left direction arrow turns the cart to the left
The right direction arrow turns the cart to the right
The “Up” direction button makes the cart walking forward. It also
provides acceleration.9 step to accelerate forward. Press this button
each time, golf caddies accelerate once, reach to top speed.
The “Down” direction button makes the cart move in reverse. It is
necessary to bring the cart to a complete standstill before changing
directions – forward to reverse – or reverse to forward. This button is
also used for braking. 9 step to accelerate back-forward. Press this
button each time, golf caddies accelerate once, reach to top speed.
The STOP button is used to stop the cart. 2 step.
within one second, the cart will stop
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Press this button
Remote Control Golf Cart User Manual
Start Up Remote System
When using the remote function first time, you must establish the connection between
handset and controller.
During the first 3 seconds when you start the golf cart, press any button on the handset
until golf cart starts moving.
The remote system will then be active.
Adjustment function:
The two top buttons marked with SET and SAVE are be used if it is necessary to adjust
the alignment of the cart.
Alignment adjustment:
The two buttons at the top of the transmitter are only for emergency use if it is decided
that the alignment of the cart is permanently and drastically pulling to one side or the other
on flat ground. Before making any adjustments with these buttons it should be understood
that a golf cart with a very narrow wheelbase and with an uneven – and sometimes shifting
– load will probably never be able to maintain a forward direction and a straight line –
mainly because even a small directional bias at the start quickly magnifies to a much larger
directional deviation. Indeed the whole point of having a remote operation cart is to be able
to ignore the exact position of the cart – as long as it is within the fairway and clear of other
golfers and water hazards. The user has the ability to bring his cart and clubs over to him
when he gets up to his ball.
To initiate this process start the golf cart moving forward, and then press the “set”
button once.
Pressing the “left arrow” button one time will cause the left-hand drive wheel to reduce
in speed by 1.5%
Pressing the same button twice will produce a speed reduction of 2%
This process can be repeated up to a differential reduction of 15%
All of the above applies equally to the “right arrow” button
Having completed this process pressing the save button will save the chosen settings
If the “set” button is pressed – followed by the “save” button, and neither the “right” or
“left” arrow buttons have been pressed, then the power to both drive-wheels will be
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Remote Control Golf Cart User Manual
Transmitter use
Your transmitter has been designed for ease of use whether you are left or right
Take time to practice the difference between a single touch of a key and a prolonged
push especially with left and right functions.
Never store the transmitter in a pocket with metal or sharp objects, or loose change.
Never allow the transmitter to get immersed in water.
Because of the need for a removable battery cover, the transmitter is not waterproof, so
when playing in the rain it is important to store it in a dry place like a pocket, and to
protect it during use.
The transmitter takes a replaceable battery, you will need to carefully remove the
belt-clip and then slide off the battery compartment cover to replace it.
Do not use a rechargeable battery in the handset as these batteries do not give
sufficient voltage for this transmitter
Drive wheels
The drive wheels are “handed”. There is a left and a right wheel – these are marked with an “R”
and a “L”. This ties up with the Right and Left hand side of the cart, when viewed from the rear. To
attach the wheels, push the black button sideways and then slide the wheel on as far as possible.
It will engage into the slotted groove on the axle, and the hub to the drive-coupling. Once in the
place, release the button and pull the wheel outwards slightly to lock in place. You will hear a
small click.
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Remote Control Golf Cart User Manual
When the voltage of the battery is too low to operate the cart (below 10.8 volts) the
controller will cut power supply to the motors. In order to push the cart manually it is
necessary to move the wheels out by one notch on the drive axle.
If you want to pull the
cart you will also need to change the wheels over to the other side of the cart. Securely
locate part A (the drive coupling) into part B (the wheel hub) for the normal drive
connection. For the freewheel mode depress the small latch on the outside of the wheel
catch mechanism - twist and pull the wheel (this moves the drive coupling out from the
hub) and locate it into the outer axle slot. The wheel should spin freely.
8 Use & Maintenance
1) Regularly check to see if the battery is damaged
2) Keep the battery surface clean, and check underneath the battery cover to make sure
that no dirt or water has attached to it.
3) Check the battery connections – underneath the small plastic covers – for any signs of
corrosion or bad connection.
4) Check that the wires from the battery cover are firmly fixed to the terminal posts.
5) After use always place the battery on charge – in warm dry conditions.
6) If the cart will be used again soon then you can leave the battery on charge until that time.
Always allow sufficient charging time to completely charge the battery – overnight or 6 to
8-hours should be sufficient.
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Remote Control Golf Cart User Manual
7) If the battery is to be stored – for instance over winter – and not used it can be
disconnected. If disconnected for storage always recharge the battery completely at
intervals – at least once every 30 to 45 days. Allowing the charge of the battery to drop to
a completely exhausted state can shorten the life of the battery.
8) Do NOT charge the battery with a different charger than the unit supplied with the cart.
9) If stored, place the battery on a wooden shelf – not on a concrete floor. Keep away from
fire – flames – heaters – and do not allow it to be in a temperature of over 45 deg C (113
deg F)
1) Do not attempt to open the case of the charger
2) Only use the charger to charge the battery of this golf cart
3) Operate only indoors – in clean dry conditions
4) Immediately remove from the mains electrical supply in the event of the charger
(over 70 deg C)
1) Clean the whole cart as convenient. Remove any caked mud and grass cuttings.
2) Store it indoors in dry conditions
3) Always remove the battery from the cart as soon as possible.
Fault Instruction (When the screen displays the following)
Mode 5
Indicates a fault in the sensor system from the drive system to the
controller. Could be a faulty sensor or could be a problem with the wheel not engaging
Mode 6
General problem alert. Turn cart off and restart.
Mode 7
indicates the cart is in the status of overload. Please do not keep this
situation too long. Shut down or push to assist. Meanwhile the cart can reduce the
speed (electricity output) to release the overload.
Mode 8
Indicates the cart is in the status of being badly overloaded by weight.
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Remote Control Golf Cart User Manual
Please reduce the weight of the load and minimize this situation.
The following is general information for the customer. If you have a persistent problem always call
the service department. It will always help if you can tell them the sequence and condition of the
LED lights.
Possible cause
With the ON/OFF switch turned ON –
Bad wire connection. Either to the switch in the
the speed control knob is turned for
handle – or at the connection plugs to the
speed. The LED on the handle does not
illuminate. There is no forward
movement of the cart.
Same conditions as above – but the LED Bad wire connection to the motor. Either at the
is illuminated
connection plugs to the controller – or even internal
to the controller.
The battery is not accepting a charge.
Faulty charger. (The battery can easily be checked
at any auto-repair center). Check for correct
connection of the plugs into and out of the charger.
10 Safety
Read this manual carefully so that you understand and are able to follow all safety
instruction and methods of use before you use the golf cart.
Do not let children use the cart.
If you feel ill, tired or have been drinking alcohol or taken medication you should not use
the cart.
All repairs not described in this manual should only be carried out by trained personal.
Only use original spare parts. This also applies to the battery.
Only lend the cart to people who are familiar with the use.
The cart must only be pushed. Never pull the cart until the wheels have been changed
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Remote Control Golf Cart User Manual
Waste electrical products must not be disposed of with the household waste. This tool
should be taken to your local recycling centre for safe treatment
.Contact details:
Cart-Tek Golf Carts
Bend, Oregon
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