Network Camera VB-C50Fi
The VB-C50Fi is a fixed network camera with built-in network server, designed for those who seek the
highest standard in performance and style.
Superior image quality
The VB-C50Fi features precision Canon optics and leading-edge
imaging technology for smooth, high quality video capture.
Ultra-stylish, ultra-versatile
Compact, sophisticated design makes it perfect for use in the
most stylish of environments.
Extensive networking functionality
Connects directly to an IP network to capture and transmit live
video over local networks and the Internet. Functions include
motion detection, image recording, scheduling and more.
Class-leading 26x optical zoom plus 12x digital zoom
Superior low light color capture for color imaging with only 1 lux illumination
Smooth, high -quality digital video: 640 x 480 pixels at 30 frames per second
Multistreaming capability: simultaneous video transmission at varying picture sizes (640 x 480,
320 x 240, or 160 x 120) for viewing on a PC, PDA, or cellular phone
Motion detection and sensor-triggered actions for output to external devices such as alarms and
lamps (using the optional Multi-Terminal Module VB-EX50)
Scheduling functions for motion detection, image recording, email notification, and more
The VB-C50Fi supports various protocols, which
enables easy connection to practically any network.
Once connected, the VB -C50Fi delivers superior
performance for IP monitoring (network-based
security monitoring), webcasting, and other
Network connection
auto negotiation
Compatible protocols
Simultaneous client access
Up to 50 clients
Canon's superior optical, video, and network technologies come together in the VB-C50i, a first -class
solution to live video transmission needs.
This system configuration consists of the VB -C50Fi with Viewer Software. The Viewer software consists of
the Viewer for PC and the Viewer for Java.
Viewer for PC must be installed in advance from the supplied CD-ROM or the Web Page, while Viewer for
Java is not installed in advance but automatically downloaded from the VB -C50Fi. Since Viewer for Java is
downloaded each time you want to view videos, it is useful when viewing videos for the first time. Viewer
for PC, however, is more convenient when you want to view video frequently.
If you want to distribute live videos of places such as popular tourist destinations from Web pages, it is best
for your Web page visitors to use the Viewer for Java that does not need be to installed in advance.
Network Camera VB-C50Fi - Superior Image Quality
26x Optical Zoom
Zoom Presets
Advanced Signal Processing
Image Adjustment Control
Shade Correction
The VB-C50Fi features a Genuine Canon zoom lens with 26x
zoom magnification.
Up to 10 preset zooming distances can be programmed to enable different views of a scene. Fast
autofocusing ensures a seamless transition when the camera alternates between zoomed in and zoomed out
Color video with only 1 lux illumination
Offering class-leading low-light performance, the VB -C50Fi is able to capture
color video with as little as 1 lux* of illumination. Noise reduction keeps the
image clear at any level of lighting.
The VB-C50Fi comes equipped with a high-performance - inch CCD image
sensor for exceptional responsivity, excellent light sensitivity, sharp images, and
few pixel distortions. Some network cameras use CMOS sensors, which are
easier and cheaper to produce, but fall short in image quality - especially in
difficult lighting conditions.
*Imaging at 1 lux requires a shutter speed of 1/30 sec.
New DIC2SK imaging engine for high - quality motion capture
The VB-50Fi features Canon's exclusive high-speed DIC2SK
signal processor - the critical component behind its unmatched
video quality. Based on high-end digital camera technology and
improved upon for video, DIC2SK employs several complex
algorithms to efficiently process the signals received by the CCD.
Super-fast processing not only allows for smooth, clear motion
capture, but also results in video with amazing color fidelity and
dramatically reduced noise.
Video capture can be optimized for many different situations thanks to a
wide range of automatic and manual settings.
Available settings
Automatic exposure control
Manual exposure control: shutter speed, aperture, and gain
Manual focusing
Noise reduction
Backlight compensation (3 levels)
Automatic white balance
The new Shade Correction function
enhances images that are backlit,
making dark subjects easier to see
while preventing the whitening of
image detail in bright areas.
It offers a more detailed view of the
whole scene - subjects in both the
foreground and background are clearly
Backlight Compensation vs. Shade Correction
Backlight Compensation
Shade Correction
Brightens the whole image
Brightens only the dark areas of an image
Performed by the camera
Performed by Admin Viewer software
Adjusted image is transmitted to all clients viewing the image Adjusted image can be viewed only on the
host PC through Admin Viewer
Works for live video only
Network Camera VB-C50Fi - Functions
Multistream Video Transmission
Motion Detection
Motion Detection in Detail
Advanced Scheduling Functions
Image Storage Functions
Works for live and recorded video
Other Features
The VB-C50Fi captures high-quality video (640 x
480 pixels, 30 fps). However, not all viewers may
want or be able to receive such high-resolution
video. A smaller-sized image may be just fine for
viewers with slow network connections or
video-enabled mobile phones, for example.
To better handle a diverse range of user needs, the
VB-C50Fi is able to broadcast the same video in
three different sizes. Viewers can request which size
they want.
Four areas can be selected for motion detection. (Areas may
overlap.) The VB -C50Fi can start a specified action such as
image recording when movement is detected in an area.
Sensitivity, area ratio, and duration of detected movement can
be independently set for each of the four areas.
Sensitivity: The larger the numeric value, the higher the
degree of sensitivity.
Area ratio: The proportion of the motion detection area to the
area of the selected detection area frame.
Duration: When motion exceeds the area ratio and continues
longer than the set duration time, the device detects motion.
Independent settings for each area
In a single monitoring scene, some types of movement may be more
common to one area than another. This is why the VB -C50Fi lets users set
different values in each area for how much motion is required to trigger
the VB-C50Fi.
The red area could be set so that it's only sensitive to unusual car
movement. Therefore, a person walking through this area will not be
detected because he or she is too small. Also, a car moving at a speed
normal to this area will not be detected. Instead, the VB -C50Fi will be
triggered only if something as large as a car moves faster than normal
through this area.
The Schedule Setting Tool provides various camera actions which
can be activated on a specific day of the week or at at specific times
of the day.
The Multi-Terminal Module VB-EX50 (sold separately) is required
to connect external devices to the VB -C50Fi.
Still images are captured at specified times and stored in the camera's
built-in memory.
Motion detection
The camera can be set to record images or trigger an external device when
motion is detected within the picture. (The VB -C50i/C50iR can
additionally be set for audio playback and auto-tracking.)
Night Mode
Settings can be made for low light image capture.
External Device Input
Sets camera operation for external device.
External Device Output
Sets the output time to external devices and the repetition interval, etc.
The VB-C50Fi is equipped with an internal RAM disk for
temporary storage of up to 15MB of captured images, and
features several functions related to image storage.
Available functions
Minimum storage intervals: 10 fps on contact with
an external sensor or motion detection, 1 fps
continuous capture
E-mail notificatio n if a sensor is triggered or if
motion is detected (text-only email or email with an
image attached)
When the VB -C50Fi approaches its storage limit, it
sends a warning message to a designated PC.
Captured images are then automatically downloaded
to this PC.
Easy network setup and management
Automatic IP settings using DHCP
Registration of DDNS and host name
Auto setting of HTTP proxy
Specify maximum packet size
Network bandwidth control
Security and privacy features
View restriction
Host access restriction
Password protected camera access
Camera access and control from an Internet -enabled mobile phone
Web page generation
Camera Unit
Video Signal
Conforms to NTSC/ PAL
Image Sensor
1/4-inch CCD
Number of Pixels
[NTSC] use: 340,000
(effective 630,000)
[PAL] use: 400,000
(effective 740,000)
f=3.5 - 91.0mm F 1.6 - 4.0
26x power zoom (shooting
at infinity)
Lens Filter Diameter
37 mm, pitch=0.75 mm
Auto/Manual Wide-angle:
0.01m to inf. Telephoto:
1.6m to inf.(Wide -angle:
0.02m to inf. Telephoto:
2.3m to inf. with night
Horizontal Field of View
Not Available
Not Available
Angular Speed
Minimum subject
Normal mode: 1lux (at 1/30
Imaging Mode
Normal/Night mode
(manual or schedule-based
Auto iris servo system
Infrared Cut Filter
insertion/removal (normal
mode/night mode)
Night mode:IR light
Not Available
Night mode:Effective
Not Available
Lighting Range
Backlight Compensation
3 levels
WebView (Canon original)
Video Compression
Motion-JPEG (for video),
JPEG (for still pictures)
Image Sizes
Video Quality
10 levels
Max. Capture Frame Rate 30fps(640X480)
Traffic Control
0.1fps ~ 30fps (variable)
Simultaneous Client
Connection Restrictions
Access control (password),
video connection time,
service time, Max. number
of simultaneous connections
(up to 50)
Camera Control
Yes (exclusive control,
control time restriction,
number of waiting clients)
10 positions
Preset Tour
Home Position Function
View Restriction
Motion Detection
Automatic Tracking
Not Available
Shade Correction
Recording:Memory for
RAM (Approx. 15MB)
Recording:Email with
Configurable 1 ~ 10fps up to
10 sec.
Configurable to 1fps when
motion detected
Configurable 1 ~ 10 fps up
to 10 sec.
1fps per second (Max.)
Display/Control of
External PC (using the
bundled VBCollector)
Not Available
Audio:Audio IN/OUT
Not Available
Audio:Audio Playback
Not Available
Bundled (free)
Viewer for Java, Viewer for
PC, Admin Viewer
Network Video Recorder
VK-64/VK-16 v1.1
WebView Livescope
MV/LE V2.1 (Limited
Viewer for Pocket PC
(Limited Edition)
EthernetX1 (RJ45,
100Base-TX/10Base-T auto
Connector for
Multi-Terminal Module
VB-EX50 (option)
Connection with External Devices
Number of External I/O
IN: 2/OUT:3 (using the
optional Multi-Terminal
Module VB-EX50)
Recording Trigger
Schedule, motion detection,
external device input sensor
Contact Output Method
Linked with External device
input sensor or motion
Operating Environment
Temperature 0-40°C,
Humidity 20-85% RH
(condensation free)
(excluding attachments)
Approx. 480g
Power Supply
AC100V±10% using the
supplied AC Adapter
Camera Unit: DC13V 1.8A
Power Consumption
Standby: About W, Max.:
About 25W
Supplied AC Adapter
AC100-240V 50/60Hz
DC13V 1.8A (Max.)
Exterior (-) Interior (+)
(excluding attachment)
Approx. 230g
Network Camera VB-C50Fi - Bundled Software
VB Administration Tools: Main Features
VB Collector: Main Features
Viewer Software: Admin Viewer Ver. 3.6
Viewer Software: Viewer for PC Ver. 3.6
System Requirements
The VB Administration Tools are a collection of six separate modules.
View Restriction Tool
Set restrictions on the zoom range that viewers can
Preset Setting Tool
Set preset zoom positions, which enable viewers to
easily control the camera by selecting a desired
preset. Settings for Preset Tours can also be made.
Schedule Setting Tool
Set up Timer, Motion Detection, Night Mode,
External Device Input, and External Device Output
services to automatically perform on a specified
day of the week or at a certain time of day.
Log Viewer
Allows viewing and searching of a camera activity
log file.
Admin Viewer
Features special privilege functions such as
exclusive access to camera control functions, and
external device and motion detection operation.
The Panorama Creation Tool is only available for the VB -C50i/VB-C50iR.
VB Collector Ver. 2.1 makes it possible for images stored in the
VB-C50Fi's internal memory to be automatically downloaded to a PC.
Schedule-based downloading of captured images to a PC.
When the storage limit of the camera is nearly reached, a
warning is sent to the server and stored images are then
auto-matically downloaded to a PC.
Downloaded images can be viewed on a Web browser.
Animated playback of stored images.
Admin Viewer is a viewing application for network
camera administrators. In addition to giving users
control of camera functions and video display, the
software provides added monitoring functionality.
Pause/Restart Button
Pauses video during play, or starts play if currently stopped.
External Device Input and Motion Detection
Monitor motion detection and external device status. Press to view a window
that logs when unusual motion is detected or when external devices are
External Device Output
Change the ON/OFF status of external device output.
Advanced Camera Control
Admin Viewer provides camera controls not available in Viewer for PC and
Viewer for Java.
AF/MF: Select auto / auto for domes / fixed at infinity / manual focus or
manual focus
Speed: Set camera operation speed
Note: Pan/tilt/home buttons are only available when using PTZ cameras such
as the VB-C50i/C50iR.
Camera-specific features
Set camera-specific features such as settings for exposure, digital zoom and
night mode.
Shade Correction
When the background of an image is bright, making the subject difficult to see,
you can adjust the contrast of the dark areas to make the subject more visible.
Unlike backlight compensation, image adjustment of bright areas is restrained
to prevent whitening of the background.
Viewer for PC lets users remotely view
captured video and perform camera
control functions from virtually any
network-connected Windows PC. Users
can modify video display settings, save
and print still images, and more.
Detailed information about the
connected network camera can be
accessed from the View menu. Useful
for checking up on camera settings and
network traffic, users can ensure
optimal networking performance.
Video Source Size Change Button
Makes the displayed video resolution one level coarser or smoother. Making the image coarser
increases the frame rate, while making it smoother improves the video quality.
Full Screen Mode Button
Displays the video at full-screen size. Pressing the [Esc] key returns the view to the original video
Pause/Restart Button
Pauses video during play, or starts play if currently stopped.
Register Connected Site Button
Lets you register a camera site during connection.
Video Information
Frame rate, size, captured image size, compression type.
Connection Information
Protocol, video [WV-TCP], camera control [WV-TCP], video/camera [WV-HTTP], proxy, local time
Camera Information
Pan, tilt, zoom, backlight compensation, camera model (The VB -C50Fi does support pan/tilt movement.)
Network bandwidth indicator, video data restriction
Setup properties
Starting protocol
Connect to a camera server by the WV-TCP protocol or the WV-HTTP protocol
HTTP Protocol
Settings for connecting by the WV-HTTP protocol
Set video display size used at startup
VB Administration Tools Ver. 2.1
Windows 2000 (SP4), Windows XP (SP1a or SP2)
Web Browser
Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0 (SP1 or SP2)
VBCollector Ver. 2.1
Web Browser
Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0 (SP1 or SP2)
Netscape 7.1 or 7.2
Hard Disks
20 GB HDD or greater required (NTFS formatted)
Viewer Software (Viewer for PC Ver. 3.6)
Windows 2000 (SP4), Windows XP (SP1a or SP2)
Web Browser
Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0 (SP1 or SP2),
Netscape 7.1 or SP2
Viewer Software (Viewer for Java Ver. 3.6)
Web Browser
Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0 (SP1 or SP2),
Netscape 7.1 or SP2
Java VM
MSVM Release (Java VM provided by Microsoft)
Java Plug-in 1.4.2 (Java VM provided by Sun Microsystems)
Network Camera VB-C50Fi - Accessories
The optional Multi Terminal Module VB -EX50 enables
connection of various types of external devices to the VB -C50Fi
for image recording triggered by an external device, for example.
Connector types
Video In/Out for analog video cameras already in use
External Sensor In/Out for sensors and alarms
The VB-C50Fi does not support audio input or output.
Mounting holes
Upper hole:f 8mm (5/16in.) Max.
Lower hole:f 4.5mm (11/64in.) Max.
Connecting to the VB -C50Fi via a multi-cable (supplied with the
(26 pin connector)
Multi-Terminal Module VB-EX50).
External Device Input
Connecting with external devices.
(Available input: 2)
External Device Output
Connecting with external devices.
(Available output: 3)
Video Output Connector
Connecting with a display. Note that this is a video output from the
(BNC connector)
Video Input Connector
Connecting with an external camera.
(BNC connector)
Audio Output Connector
Connecting with a speaker with built -in amplifier.
(Monaural mini-jack)
Special Connector
This Connector will not be used.
(RS-232C Connector)
1 1/8 x 5 1/32 x 2 19/32 in.(HxWxD)
Approximately 135g (excluding the multi-cable)
Operating Environment
Temperature: 0 - 40 °C, Humidity: 20 - 85% RH
(condensation free)
Lens magnification: 0.74x
Expands field of view to to 65°
VB-C50Fi with the Wide Converter
WL-37 attached