SX-200 ICP
The Mitel® SX-200 IP Communications Platform (ICP) allows small and medium businesses
to enjoy all the features and functions that they are accustomed to with key and PBX
systems, plus all the benefits a full-featured IP system brings to the table. Designed for
up to 600 users, the SX-200 ICP improves the external image of your business by
enhancing customer service and employee productivity while reducing your capital
expenditures and operating costs – providing you investment protection for the future.
Platforms That Meet Your Needs
CX / CXi Controllers
The Mitel SX-200 CX / CXi Controllers have the
processing, memory, mass storage, power, and input /
output capabilities to support up to 100 IP phones or
100 ONS phones, or a combined total of 150 phones.
While both controllers provide a cost-effective solution,
the CXi offers the additional benefit of a 16-port
Power over Ethernet Layer 2 switch and a 10/100 Base T
WAN port. This permits small businesses without an
existing switch to effortlessly create an office network
with an “all in-one-box” solution.
MX Controller
The Mitel SX-200 MX Controller has the processing,
memory, mass storage, power, and input / output
capabilities to support up to 248 IP phones or
672 ONS / DNIC phones, or a combined total of
672 phones.
All of the SX-200 controllers are easily networked –
allowing your business to grow supported within
a stable telecommunications infrastructure.
Wide Range of Desktop Devices
Mitel is an industry leader in desktop devices.
Users have come to expect feature rich ergonomic
phones with exceptional voice quality, which Mitel has
consistently delivered – and continues to deliver. These
include affordable entry-level phones to products that
provide advanced desktop applications – from a broad
range of analog, digital, and IP phones, to wireless
devices, consoles, conference units and peripherals.
Advanced, Affordable Communications
Solutions for Small to Medium Businesses
Embedded Voice Mail and Unified Messaging
The SX-200 ICP comes standard with an integrated
highly featured voice mail system. Up to 24 ports
(MX Controller) or 16 ports (CX / CXi Controller) are
available for voice mail calls, with support for up to
750 mailboxes and five hours of storage time with an
internal compact flash (storage time can be expanded
with a hard drive). The embedded voice mail supports
such features as VCR-like controls for message playback,
message notification (via lamp on phone and/or a call
to a designated number), personal contacts (multiple
options for users who reach your voice mail to contact
you) and call recording.
The Unified Messaging application allows you to forward
your voice mails to your email, as well as have the
SX-200 ICP notify you if there is a system alarm or
if someone has dialed 911.
Multilevel Auto Attendant
The multilevel auto attendant is a standard part of
embedded voice mail on the SX-200 ICP. It provides
callers with an automated voice response that directs
calls based on user prompts. Now, companies can
answer their phones 24/7 and free up employees’
time for other projects.
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Key System and PBX Features
The best of both worlds are available with the SX-200
ICP. The key system features that you know and love like
park and page, line appearances and hands-free answer
back are all available, as well as over 350 other features
such as call forwarding, conferencing, speed dial, and
Automatic Call Distribution
Whether you need to set up an impromptu ring
group – having a couple of sales people’s phones ring
at once when a call comes in – or you need sophisticated
call routing with paths and timers, the SX-200 ICP can
accommodate them all with Automatic Call Distribution
(ACD). Paired with our Mitel Customer Interaction
Solutions tools, the SX-200 ICP will help you manage
your call center to its utmost efficiency.
Teleworker Solution
The Mitel Teleworker Solution enables businesses of all
sizes to easily enjoy the benefits of teleworking through
a low-cost “plug and work” solution that extends the
corporate network to virtually any location. Businesses
can now benefit from reduced overhead and increased
employee retention, while users can be more flexible and
productive in how they work.
Wide Desktop Portfolio
Cost-effective options for any
client’s needs
The right phone for the job at the right
price. Mitel has single line phones for
lobbies, multiline phones for office
workers, wireless phones for those who
are on the move, and state-of-the-art
conference units.
Increase productivity
Integrated Switch on Mitel IP Phones
Save on cable costs
One drop to the desktop. Mitel IP phones
have a built in switch – once hooked up
users can simply plug their PC into the
back of the set for instant connectivity.
Wireless LAN Stand
Cut cabling costs with a wireless LAN
Experience freedom. The Mitel Wireless
LAN Stand quickly turns your IP phone
into a wireless device, allowing you to
communicate anywhere within your
wireless environment. And with the
10/100 port, you can bring your computer
along for the ride. The WLAN Stand can
also act as an access point, effortlessly
connecting up to six additional IP phones
within a secure network, bringing your
work and your communications together.
Quickly set up off-site or workat-home offices
Mobile Extension
Reach employees with a single number
Save on mobile costs
Teleworker Solution
Proven to increase productivity
Eliminates mobile costs from
home offices
Reduces telecom costs
Eases finance burden on trying to
consolidate phone bills from home users
who may use their personal home phone
for long distance communications
Conferencing and Collaboration
Brings all experts to the table –
regardless of geographical location
Eliminates having conferencing services
provided by an external vendor
Call once and stay connected. Mitel
Mobile Extension allows employees to be
mobile and yet easily reachable: one call
rings all devices associated with that
extension. Once answered, employees are
free to remain mobile or stationary – by
seamlessly one-touch transferring their
calls from the mobile to their desktop –
and back again – as the need arises.
Bring your desktop home. With Mitel’s
Teleworker Solution, employees can
access, through a secure Internet
connection, the same features and
functions that they have at the office –
at home. Calls to an existing extension
can be twinned to your Teleworker
phone allowing the workflow to
continue uninterrupted.
Geography should not dictate
productivity. Mitel’s Conferencing and
Collaboration Solutions allow employees
to draw upon subject matter experts who
otherwise would not be able to attend
a meeting in person and truly allows
team working.
Auto Attendant
Frees up admin to perform other activities
Efficient call routing. Mitel Auto
Attendant routes calls to appropriate
resources so callers reach their intended
destination quickly, without requiring
a live operator.
Allows 24/7 call answering
Your Assistant
The true meaning of convergence. Mitel
Your Assistant™ with presence immediately
identifies available resources allowing
employees to get answers from subject
matter experts through conferencing or
secure chat and resolve issues quickly.
Such features as PC-based call handling,
visual conference call management, secure
instant messaging, call history, and more.
enhance productivity and allow users to
effortlessly integrate all their voice and
data communications with one application.
Single access point
to all communications
Automatic Call Distribution
Increase productivity
Achieve first call resolution
Queues and prioritizes. With Automatic
Call Distribution, you can group together
the correct resources to respond to
customer questions and issues quickly
and efficiently.
Secure Hot Swapping
One phone – multiple users
Cross boundaries while maintaining
productivity. Secure Hot Swapping allows
users to “swap” the personality of their
phone set – including personalized speed
dials, class of service, etc., to another
phone of the same model.
Wide Variety of Standard Features
Flexible features, impressive functionality
within a high-quality phone system
Increase productivity effortlessly. The
SX-200 ICP includes a variety of features
that users have come to expect, such as:
Account Codes, ANI / DNIS, Broker’s Call,
Call Forwarding, Call Logging, Call Park
and Page, CENTREX, CLASS (analog /
digital), Direct Inward Dial (DID),
Emergency Calls (911) Reporting to PSAP,
Fax Tone Detection, Feature Keys, Hold,
Redial, Line Appearances, Messaging –
Advisory, Music-on-Hold (MOH), Night
Service, Personal Speed Call, Phone
Twinning, Recorded Announcement Device
(RAD) Support, Record-a-Call, Secretarial
Line, Subattendant, Tenanting, Transfer,
Trunk Answer From Any Station (TAFAS),
and more. Consult the SX-200 ICP Data
Sheet or the General Information Guide for
a complete list of the over 350 features.
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