All in one versatility.
Plus DVD creation!
The creativity you crave.
With its DVD+
-RW drive and powerful recording software, VAIO
PCG-FR825P adds creative new dimensions to all in one
convenience. A Clear Bright LCD further enhances the fun of
movie editing and DVD playback with vivid, high contrast images.
Homemade DVDs in one click
Beautiful images on the Clear Bright LCD
Easy handling of AV files
Conventional LCD
Clear Bright LCD
Note: Screen image is simulated.
All In One
Watch and create DVD movies, play games and make
+RW drive.
your own music CDs with the DVD-
Visual Power
Slip a DVD video disc into the DVD+
drive and movies come to life on the
DVD videos in one click!
Clear Bright LCD. Or load your choice of
The PCG-FR825P enables fun and easy
DVD media, connect your DV or
DVD video creation. Simply load the
-RW drive with your choice of DVD
MICROMV Handycam*, and create your
own Hollywood-style DVD masterpiece.
media, connect your DV or MICROMV
You can also play games and music CDs,
Handycam*, and click the “Create DVD!”
create your own music CDs with Sony’s
button. Sony’s excellent Click to DVD
original SonicStage software, and write or rewrite as much data on DVD or CD
software lets you create your own
media as you need - a handy and space saving way to back up the data on
Hollywood-style DVD masterpiece with a
your hard disk.
* Availability depends on region.
single click. Adding chapter menus and colourful templates, trimming and
editing footage, and importing still photos is a breeze with Click to DVD!
Floppy disk drive is the essential way to
access a data library.
* Availability depends on region.
No need to worry about outdated media
Clear Bright LCD: the name says it all.
or loss of data stored on a conventional
floppy disk! You can really rely on the
The 15" Clear Bright LCD (1024 x 768) brings out all the beauty of your
PCG-FR825P. Its floppy disk drive
images, letting you more fully enjoy the PCG-FR825P. This bright screen
continues to provide a dependable
produces blacker blacks and displays images more vividly at higher contrast,
medium for home and personal use, so
with less reflection. You’ll find it perfect for viewing DVDs and 3D games.
you don’t have to change or sacrifice
data with the arrival of new technology.
Light from
Easy expandability
The versatile VAIO PCG-FR825P is well
Light from
equipped to cater to your wider needs. It
links with large monitors and connects to
Glare filter
(hight contrast filter)
AR (Anti Reflection)
Clear Bright LCD features
networks with absolute ease. Via USB
2.0 and i.LINK connectors, as well as a
Memory Stick direct slot, you have fast,
direct links to Handycams*, Cyber-shots*
Enhanced graphics accelerator
with ample video memory.
and portable devices such as Net MD
* Availability depends on region.
Not only has the LCD been vastly
improved, but overall graphics
Extend your movie viewing pleasure.
capabilities have been greatly enhanced
by the employment of ATI RADEONTM
It’s only natural that you’ll want to watch
IGP 345M Chipset Integrated Graphics
your DVDs on a larger TV screen. A
with a more than ample 64MB of internal
standard feature on the PCG-FR825P,
graphics memory. Watching DVDs,
the AV Out connector makes connecting
playing 3D games, and editing video
this PC to your TV’s video and audio
images becomes more fun than ever thanks to smoother, more accurate
input connectors simple.
image reproduction.
High performance CPU
with high speed front side bus.
Printer connector lets you connect peripherals used
with previous PCs.
Intel® Pentium® 4 processor 2.66GHz
with 533MHz system bus processes your
Most of today’s personal use printers
instructions much faster and more
and scanners connect by USB. This is
efficiently. Moreover, memory is
where problems could arise for older
expandable to 1GB* (default memory
model peripherals. But thanks to the
size is 512MB), which enhances
PCG-FR825P’s printer connector, new or
productivity when handling large files.
old models can be connected without
Windows XP Professional tops off this
any problems at all. This “legacy
totally balanced all in one notebook.
connector” helps you take advantage of
* By adding another 512MB memory module.
equipment you may already own.
Sony recommends Microsoft® Windows® XP.
15" XGA (1024 x 768)
TFT colour display
Elegant Style
Attractive styling for everyday use, anywhere.
When PCG-FR825P is closed, you can’t
help but notice the fashionable finish of
its outer panels. When open, it reveals a
darker metallic purple finish in the palm
rest area that faintly sparkles in bright
light. You have to admit, it’s simply
Built-in stereo speakers
Power button
Easy to view display and dark LCD frame.
Designed for understated elegance, the
Intelligent Touchpad
LCD frame is somewhat darker than the
palm rest area, which is the dominant
colour feature of the open display. This
subtle colour coordination is intended to
help reduce eye fatigue in extended use.
Streamlined, unified look of speaker cover area.
Sony’s meticulous attention to detail is
Memory Stick direct slot*
USB 2.0 connector (x2)
also reflected in the design of the
AV Out jack
(NTSC/PAL compatible, stereo)
keyboard top/speaker cover area. Colour
Microphone jack (monaural)
coordination with the bottom of the LCD
Headphone jack (stereo)
frame and hinge area creates a look of
i.LINK (IEEE1394) S400 (4 pin) connector
Floppy disk drive
PC Card slot (Type III x 1 or Type I/II x2)
* Also compatible with Memory Stick PRO.
seamless unity. Additionally, the unique
design of the dark speaker cover “hides”
the speakers from the view of the user,
reducing visual distraction during VAIO operation.
Enhanced hinge mechanism for durability
and smooth operation.
To improve linkage between the LCD
DC-IN connector
-RW drive
Battery bay
panel and body, Sony has streamlined
the hinge mechanism. Independent
placement of hinge tags allows higher
bending rigidity for the LCD panel, so
opening the panel feels crisp and
smooth. Even after repeated opening
and closing, this durable mechanism
assures smooth action that will last for a long time.
Modular (RJ-11) connector
Network (RJ-45) connector
Monitor connector (VGA, D-sub 15 pin)
Printer port (D-sub 25 pin)
USB 2.0 connector
Powerful software for creative minds.
Almost anything you can imagine, you can create and communicate on VAIO. Powerful software capabilities
make professional level image editing and music production simple and fun for everyone.
Click to DVD
One-click create
Edit create
Simply connect your DV or MICROMV Handycam*
via i.LINK cable and click once. Your VAIO will
automatically create a Hollywood-style DVD, ideal
for viewing on the larger screen of your TV.
Adding chapter menus and various templates,
trimming, editing and importing still images for
Album and Slideshow with your favourite music is
a breeze. And to make selecting your memories
easier, Sony’s exclusive Click to DVD lets you
navigate your masterpiece with convenient
motion thumbnails.
One-click automatic DVD recording
Creative control over DVD production
Just connect the VAIO
with your DV or MICRO
MV Handycam* via
i.LINK cable, launch
Click to DVD Automatic
Mode, and click the
“Create DVD” button.
Sit back, relax for a
while... and enjoy your
own DVD!
Type a title, choose a movie or still image
setting, and select a menu background. Then
capture video content, reorder and rotate
images to create an Album or Slideshow, import
pictures, trim or rearrange footage, attach music,
and add chapter titles. Then enjoy DVD... the
way you like it!
One click
2.Capture Video
+Edit Video
How long does it take to create a DVD?
Enjoy your DVD
If your DV source is 60 minutes long, Click to DVD takes a total of about 160-180 minutes to create a
DVD. And burning another copy takes only around 30 minutes (DVD-R) or 60 minutes (DVD-RW).
4.Create DVD
+Create Menu
Drag’n Drop CD+DVD
Remarkable Drag’n Drop CD+DVD software lets you write DVD+
-R/RW and CDR/RW media. You can easily create original CDs and DVD data backup by
dragging and dropping files with your mouse! In addition to making music CDs
and CD-R based data backup, Drag’n Drop CD+DVD provides functions for
DVD based data backup. Software includes Music Box, Data Box, and Disc
Backup Box.
2.Capture Video
+Edit Video
3.Import Pictures
+Create Album
3.Import Pictures
+Create Album
4.Create DVD
+Create Menu
4.Create DVD
+Create Menu
5.Enjoy your DVD
DVD media
Video Audio Integrated Operation
DVgate Plus
You can import movies from DV or
MICROMV Handycams* by simply
connecting and using the one click button.
Then edit your movies with Adobe®
Premiere® 6 LE and export them to DV or
MICROMV Handycam equipment (MPEG1
and MPEG2 file export also possible), or
record them to DVD using Click to DVD.
DVgate Plus makes every step easy.
Net MD Walkman*
You can download music easily from the
Internet and transfer music to portable
audio players. Or record and store music
freely on your hard disk for “play” like a
jukebox. And when you want your music
“to go”, create an original compilation CD
with the CD-R on your VAIO.
Adobe® Premiere® 6 LE
SonicStage Mastering Studio
This professional video editing software
lets you easily create and edit your own
Hollywood quality videos. Just place visual
materials along a timeline window, then
drag and drop to rearrange them. You can
add sophisticated titles, transitions and
much more. Then export the results to
Click to DVD and realise your movie
making potential!
This advanced music mastering software
lets you import analogue music - including
old LP records and cassette tapes - edit
the music, and write your own high-quality
optimised CDs. Leading features include
Super Bit Mapping, support for recording
in a 24bit/96KHz** sampling mode; and
four high-performance third-party
effector modules.
PictureGear Studio
Network Smart Capture
By connecting your VAIO with your digital
camera via USB cable, or inserting
Memory Stick media, you can
automatically import photos to VAIO’s
hard drive. Since photos are displayed as
thumbnails on the screen, browsing is a
breeze. You can also create screensavers
and slideshows, as well as photo albums
you can print or save as PDF files.
This handy tool for visual communication
lets you capture still and moving images
from a Digital Handycam* connected via
i.LINK cable or optional Visual
Communication Camera (PEGA-UVC10)*.
You can even take images automatically at
intervals with a Web camera. The images
can be attached to email or uploaded to
your Web site.
Adobe® Photoshop® Elements
Creating and editing your digital images
has never been easier, thanks to Adobe®
Photoshop® Elements. These state-of-theart image editing tools free you to explore
your creativity. After personalising your
photos, you can print them, email them or
post them on the Web. It’s the fun way to
master the elements of digital imaging.
* Availability depends on region. ** EDIROL AUDIO capture UA-5 USB audio interface device from Roland is required. Note: Song titles, names of artistes, and other information shown in the SonicStage screencapture above are provided for illustrative purposes only.
Download PDF