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W1200 5-Ton Mini Electric Log Splitter
Rev. 12/03/08
 2009 Ardisam, Inc.
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Thank You . . .
for purchasing an Earthquake® Mini Electric Log
Splitter from Ardisam, Inc. We have worked to ensure
that the splitter meets high standards for usability and
durability. With proper care, your log splitter will provide
many years of service. Please take the time to read
this manual carefully to learn how to correctly operate
and maintain your log splitter Congratulations on your
investment in quality.
Safety & Safety Rules................................................ 3-4
Specifications & Electrical Requirements......................5
Operation................................................................... 6-7
Service, Troubleshooting, and Repair...................... 9-11
Fill out and mail the registration card located in your
Owner’s Manual packet. Warranty is valid only if your
completed registration card is received by Ardisam, Inc.,
at time of purchase.
Model Number________________________________
Serial Number________________________________
Date of Purchase______________________________
Place of Purchase_____________________________ One Year Limited Warranty
The Ardisam, Inc., Manufacturing Company warrants this
Earthquake® Mini Electric Log Splitter to be free from
defects in material and/or workmanship. Conditions of this
warranty include:
What is covered under warranty:
For the first year from the date of purchase, Ardisam will
furnish 100% parts and labor to correct any defect caused
by faulty material or workmanship. All repairs made under
warranty must have prior approval from Ardisam, Inc.
What is not covered under warranty:
This warranty applies only to products which have not
been repaired or altered outside our factory. It covers only
defects resulting from normal use, and does not cover
defects arising from misuse, alteration, negligence, or accident. Items subject to normal wear and tear, due to the
nature of their function are not covered under this warranty.
This warranty applies only to the original purchaser, and is
not transferrable. Anyunit used in a commercial application
is not covered.
How to obtain warranty service:
Call 800-345-6007 for service assistance, or return the
product to us at the address below with transportation
charges prepaid.
This warranty supersedes all other warranties either
expressed or implied, and all other obligations or liabilities
on our part. Ardisam, Inc., does not assume, and does not
authorize any other person to assume for us, any liability
in connection with the sale of our products. This guarantee
is void unless the warranty card is properly filled out and
returned to Ardisam, Inc., Cumberland, Wisconsin, within
two weeks of the purchase date.
Earthquake, A Division of Ardisam, Inc.
1360 First Avenue; P.O. Box 666
Cumberland, Wisconsin 54829
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EARTHQUAKE, Division of Ardisam, Inc.
Page 800-345-6007
Owner’s Responsibility
Important Safety Precautions
Safe and effective use of the mini electric log splitter
is the owner’s responsibility.
Please read this section carefully. Operate the mini
electric log splitter according to the safety instructions
and recommendations outlined here, and stated
throughout the text. Anyone who uses this log splitter
must read the instructions carefully and be familiar with
the controls.
• Read and follow all safety instructions.
• Maintain the log splitter according to directions and
schedule, included in this Earthquake Operator’s Manual.
• Check your log splitter before turning it on. Keep
guards in place and in working order. Replace damaged,
missing or failed parts before using it.
• Ensure that anyone who uses the log splitter is
familiar with all controls and safety precautions.
This symbol signifies important safety
instructions, which, if not followed could
endanger your personal safety. Read and
follow all instructions in this manual before
attempting to operate this equipment.
• Do not transport the log splitter with the motor
Special Messages
Your manual contains special messages to bring
attention to potential safety concerns, machine damage,
as well as helpful operating and servicing information.
Please read all the information carefully to avoid injury
and machine damage.
Avoid injury! This symbol and text highlight’s
potential hazards or death to the operator or
bystanders that may occur if the hazards or
procedures are ignored.
• Dress appropriately when operating the log splitter.
Always wear sturdy footwear. Do not wear sandals,
sneakers, or open toed shoes, and never operate the
log splitter with bare feet. Do not wear loose clothing
or jewelry that may get caught in moving parts. Always
wear safety goggles for eye protection. Everyday glasses
have only impact resistant lenses and are not effective
safety glasses.
• Always pay full attention to the movement of the
log pusher. Do not attempt to load the log onto the log
splitter until the log pusher has come to a complete stop.
Always keep hands, feet, hair and loose clothing away
from any moving parts on the log splitter.
• Do not allow children to operate this log splitter.
Adults should not operate the log splitter without proper
Avoid damage! This text is used to tell the operator
of actions or conditions that may result in damage
to the machine.
NOTE: General information is given throughout
the manual that may help the operator perform the
operation or service of the machine.
• Do not operate any power equipment under the
influence of drugs, alcohol, or any medication that could
affect your ability to use the equipment properly.
• Always keep your work area clean and well lit.
• Keep all screws, nuts and bolts tight.
• Always inspect the logs to be split for nails or other
foreign objects. The ends of the logs must be cut square.
Branches must be cut off flush with the trunk.
• Do not overreach. Keep proper footing and balance at
all times. Never stand on the log splitter. Do not use the
log splitter as a step.
• Do not operate the log splitter from ground level.
Place log splitter at a comfortable height (24-32 inches),
on a stable, flat, and level work surface where there is
plenty of room for handling material. Bolt the log splitter
to the work surface if it tends to slip, walk, or slide.
EARTHQUAKE, Division of Ardisam, Inc.
Page 800-345-6007
• Do not use the log splitter in wet or damp areas or
expose to rain.
• Never try to split logs larger than those indicated in
the specifications table. Failure to do so may damage the
machine. Do not use the log splitter for anything other
than splitting logs. Do not force log through splitter.
• Never use an extension cord that is not rated for
outdoor use. The cord should not be longer than 30 feet.
• Check that the electric circuit is adequately protected
and that it corresponds with the power, voltage and
frequency of the motor. Check that there is a ground
connection, and a regulation differential switch upstream.
Ground the log splitter. Prevent body contact with
ground surfaces: pipes, radiatiors, ranges, refrigerator
enclosures, etc. Never open the pushbutton box on the
motor. Make sure your fingers do not touch the plug’s
metal prongs when plugging or unplugging the log
• Do not remove jammed logs with your hands. If an
object becomes lodged in the ram, unplug electric motor
before attempting to remove the foreign object.
• Do not use the log splitter in areas where fumes from
paint, solvents, or flammable liquids pose a potential
• Use only original equipment parts from Ardisam, Inc.,
including all nuts and bolts.
• Disconnect power by unplugging power cord when
not in use, before making adjustments, changing parts,
cleaning, or working on the log splitter.
• Maintain and keep the log splitter clean for the best
and most safe performance.
Warning Decal
EARTHQUAKE, Division of Ardisam, Inc.
Steps for Working on Mini Electric Log
1. Turn off motor switch. Unplug motor.
2. Replace or repair the part on the log splitter.
3. Check all parts that were repaired, or removed during
repair, to ensure they are secure and fit correctly.
NOTE: All repair parts must come from the factory.
Never replace parts that are not specifically
designed for this log splitter.
The Earthquake Mini Electric Log Splitter has been designed and manufactured to provide you with the safety
and reliability you would expect from an industry leader
in outdoor power equipment manufacturing.
Reading this manual, and the safety instructions it contains, will provide you with the necessary knowledge to
operate this equipment safely and effectively. We have
placed a safety decal on the log splitter to remind you of
some of the important information while you are operating the unit.
This important safety decal is illustrated below, and is
shown here to help familiarize you with the location and
content of the safety messages you will see as you perform normal log splitting operations. Please review this
decal now, and if you have any questions regarding its
meaning or complying with these instructions, reread the
complete safety instruction text in this manual, or contact
your local dealer.
Should this decal become unreadable, because of being
worn, faded, or otherwise damaged during the use of
your log splitter, please use the part number information
provided to order a replacement label from your local authorized dealer. These decals are easily applied, and will
act as a constant visual reminder to you, and others who
may use the equipment, to follow the safety instructions
necessary for safe, effective operation of your log splitter.
Page 800-345-6007
The Earthquake Mini Electric Log Splitter has been
designed as a home use model only. It is designed for
operating under ambient temperatures between 40° F.
and 105° F. and install at altitudes no more than 3,250 ft.
above M.S.L. The surrounding humidity should be less
than 50% at 100° F. The log splitter can be stored or
transported under ambient temperatures between -10° F.
and 130° F.
Connect the main leads to a standard 110V ±10% electrical supply which has protection devices under-voltage,
over-voltage, over-current, as well as a residual current
device (RCD) with a maximum residual current of 0.03A.
Model Number
1500W IP54
Log Capacity
Diameter *
2 - 10 inches
20 inches
Splitting Force
5 ton
Hydraulic Pressure
2,300 psi
Hydraulic Oil Capacity
3.75 quarts
Overall Size
37 inches
11 inches
20 inches
93 lbs.
*The diameter of the log is indicative - a small log can be difficult to split when it contains knobs or a particularly tough fiber.
On the other hand, it may not be difficult to split logs with regular fibers even if its diameter exceeds the max. figure indicated
EARTHQUAKE, Division of Ardisam, Inc.
Page 800-345-6007
1. Before attempting to use, familiarize yourself with all the
operating features and safety requirements of your log splitter.
1. Wedge
2. Oil tank
3. Carrying handle
4. Supporting leg
5. Motor w/push switch
& circuit breaker
6. Rubber feet
7. Rolling wheel
8. 2-hand operating
hydraulic control lever
9. Safety guard for 2-hand
operating hydraulic
control lever
10. Log pusher
11. Log retention brackets
Fig. 2
For your own safety, do not connect the log splitter to the power source
until the machine is completely assembled and you read and understand
the entire instruction manual.
For your own safety, never forget to bolt the support let to the log splitter,
lift the log splitter by the handles at both ends and place it on a 60-75cm
high, stable, flat and level work surface.
Fig. 2
Never use the log splitter if it is not in perfect order or if it needs servicing.
Before starting work, check correct functioning of all the safety devices
(ZHB, push button).
Before operating the log splitter, it is necessary to fit the rolling wheel (2) Fig. 2, on supporting shaft
(1) as shown. Insert the wheels on the shaft, block it using the washer (3), and fasten by the lock nut (4).
Assemble the supporting leg on the machine body, use the two bolts, washers to fasten the supporting
leg on the machine body.
Use the bolts to fasten the safety guard on the supporting bracket to protect the ZHB hydraulic control lever.
Turn the rubber knob onto the ZHB hydraulic control lever for comfortable operation.
NOTE: Before operating the log splitter, the bleed screw should be loosened by 3-4 rotations so air can go in
and out of the oil tank smoothly. Air flow thru the bleed screw hole should be detectable during log splitter
operation. Before moving the log splitter, make sure the bleed screw is tightened to avoid oil leakage from
this point.
Failure to loosen the bleed screw will result in
air being compressed and decompressed in the
hydraulic system. Continuous air compression
and decompression will blow out the seals of the
hydraulic system and cause permanent damage
to the log splitter.
EARTHQUAKE, Division of Ardisam, Inc.
DO NOT adjust the maximum pressure limiting
screw. The pressure limiting screw has been sealed
at the factory to prevent unauthorized adjusting.
Resetting the screw will cause the hydraulic pump
to fail to output enough splitting pressure or cause
too much pressure, which may result in serious
injury, as well as damage to the machine.
Page 800-345-6007
The Earthquake Mini Electric Log Splitter requires
the use of both hands to operate. The user’s left hand
controls the hydraulic control lever, while the right hand
controls the pushbutton switch. The log splitter will freeze
upon absence of either hand. The log pusher will return
back to the starting position only after boths hands release the controls.
contol lever
Never force pressure on the log splitter for more
than 5 seconds in order to split excessively hard
Fig. 1
Always set logs firmly on the log retaining plates
and work table. Make sure logs will not twist, rock
or slip while being split. DO NOT force the blade by
splitting the upper part of the log. This will break the
blade or damage the machine. SEE FIGURE 1.
Split log in the direction of its grain. Placing logs across
the log splitter for splitting is dangerous and may seriously damage the machine. Do not attempt to split two
logs at the same time.
Fig. 2
1. Release both controls.
2. Once the log pusher completely stops at its starting
position, insert a wood wedge under the jammed log.
3. Start the log splitter to push the wood wedge under
the jammed log.
4. Repeat above procedure with sharper sloped wood
wedges until the log is completely freed.
Fig. 3
DO NOT try to knock the jammed log off the wedge
using a hammer or other device. SEE FIGURE 3.
EARTHQUAKE, Division of Ardisam, Inc.
Page 800-345-6007
replacing hydraulic oil
Fig. 1
Replace the hydraulic oil in the log splitter after every
150 hours of use. Take the following steps to replace the
1. Make sure all moving parts are stopped and the log
splitter is unplugged.
2. Remove oil drain bolt and dipstick. Make sure bleed
screw is closed tight.
3. Turn the log splitter on the support leg side over using
a one gallon or larger capacity container to drain the
hydraulic oil. SEE FIGURE 1.
4. Turn the log splitter on the motor side. SEE FIGURE
5. Refill with 3.75 quarts of fresh hydraulic oil.
6. While keeping the log splitter vertical, clean the surface of dipstick on the oil drain bolt and put it back into
the oil tank.
7. Make sure the level of the refilled oil is between the 2
grooves around the dipstick.
8. Clean the oil drain bolt before re-threading it back in.
Make sure the bolt is tightened to avoid leakage before
placing the log splitter horizontally. Loosen bleed screw
3-4 turns before operation.
oil drain container
Fig. 2
Periodically check oil level to ensure it is between the 2
grooves around the dipstick. If the level is it is below the
lower limit, fill until level is correct.
The following hydraulic oils, or equivalent, are recommended for the log splitter’s hydraulic transmission
SHELL Tellus 22
ARA Vitam GF 22
BP Energol HLP-HM 22
sharpening wedge
When the log splitter wedge becomes dull and/or worn,
sharpen the wedge using a fine-toothed file and smooth
any burrs or crushed areas along the cutting edge.
EARTHQUAKE, Division of Ardisam, Inc.
Page 800-345-6007
Ordering Repair Parts
Service Information
Parts can be obtained from the store where your mini log
splitter was purchased or direct from the factory. To order
from the factory, call or write to:
INC. AT 1-800-345-6007. WE WELCOME YOUR
In the event you experience trouble operating your mini
log splitter, follow the suggestions in the troubleshooting
guide in this section.
The guide will help you pinpoint the causes of common
problems and identify remedies.
For more complicated repairs you may want to rely on
your retailer, an authorized mechanic, or Ardisam, Inc.
(contact your retailer for a list of authorized mechanics in
your area). A parts catalog is included in this section.
We will always be glad to answer any questions you
have, or help you find suitable assistance. To order parts
or inquire about warranty, call or write us at the address
found in the next column, under the section ordering
repair parts.
Ardisam, Inc.
1690 Elm Street, Cumberland, WI 54829
Phone (715) 822-2415 Main Fax (715) 822-2223
Please include the following information with your order:
1.Part numbers
2.Part description
4.Model number and serial number
Possible cause
Fails to split logs
1.Log is improperly positioned
1.Refer to Log Splitter Operation Section for perfect log loading
2.Reduce the log size before splitting
on the log splitter
3.Refer to Sharpening Wedge Section
to sharpen the cutting edge
4.Locate leak(s) and contact the dealer
5.Contact the dealer
2.The size or hardness of the log exceeds
the capacity of the machine
3.Wedge cutting edge is blunt
4.Oil leaks
5.Unauthorized adjustment was made onto
the maximum pressure limiting screw
The log pusher moves with a jerking
motion, makes an unfamiliar noise or
vibrates excessively
1. Lack of hydraulic oil and excessive air in
the hydraulic system
1. Check oil level for possible oil refilling. Contact the dealer.
Oil leak occurs around cylinder ram or
from other points
1.Air sealed in hydraulic system while operating
2.Bleed screw is not tightened before moving the log splitter
3.Oil drain bolt with dipstick is not tight
4.Hydraulic control valve assembly and/or
seal(s) worn
1.Loosen bleed screw 3-4 rotations
before operating the log splitter
2.Tighten the bleed screw before moving the log splitter
3.Tighten the oil drain bolt with dipstick
4.Contact the dealer
EARTHQUAKE, Division of Ardisam, Inc.
Page 800-345-6007
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