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HiPath OpenOffice EE
IP Communication for small businesses
HiPath OpenOffice EE. A complete Open Communications package for
your growing business, to save time, lower overheads, and enhance
your customer service. Open up your office to a new way of working.
Communication for the open minded
Siemens Enterprise Communications
Simplify Communications
Information technology has revolutionized the way businesses share information and ideas. Today we have more ways to communicate
than ever before, and we’re more mobile than ever before. The challenge for businesses is how to manage those communications, facilitate greater mobility and enhance productivity.
So, what’s the problem? With phones, fax, e-mail, voicemails and instant messaging at our disposal we can end up spending more time
checking messages, chasing contacts and logging calls than actually doing business. Now, there’s a way to easily manage your communications, save money, improve employee satisfaction and your customer’s opinion of you. With HiPath OpenOffice EE from Siemens
Enterprise Communications.
Big ideas
Communication systems are there to make
life easier for your staff, and for your customers. Yet with everyone using different
contact points, office phones and cell
phones at any one time, trying to get the
right message through to the right person
can be frustrating.
The more successful you become, the more
flexibility and space you’ll need to expand
your operations. With this in mind, HiPath
OpenOffice Entry Edition scales to thirty
users and offers the best networking available. So whether you need to support
home workers or staff in satellite offices,
you can rely on HiPath OpenOffice Entry
Edition to offer safe and secure feature-rich
And with increased mobility in the workforce, more time than ever is wasted trying
to access communications remotely: in
fact, a recent end-user survey conducted by
Insignia Research and commissioned by
Siemens found that respondents lost on
average 7.8 hours a month because they
couldn’t access the features and functions
they have in the office, when working off
Let’s put it right
HiPath OpenOffice Entry Edition is a complete Open Communications solution,
designed especially for small businesses,
that can reduce overheads, increase productivity and improve customer service.
Using the latest internet widget technology, HiPath OpenOffice Entry Edition
makes managing your communications
easy. Now tasks that were once time consuming, such as checking voicemail and
logging calls, can be done from your desktop at the click of a mouse.
Thanks to the integrated LAN and WAN
functionality, the HiPath OpenOffice Entry
Edition offers everything that you need to
be mobile – and you also receive all conventional telephony functions that you
expect from Siemens, as well as access to
Internet telephony and integration of
mobile phones.
Now you’re talking
Now available for the first time on small
business systems, HiPath OpenOffice Entry
Edition offers “dual-mode” mobile operation.
When in the office your dual mode handset
will connect directly to your HiPath system
over a wireless network. And should you
move out of your coverage area, HiPath
OpenOffice Entry Edition will automatically
direct calls via your cellular network.
Getting down to business
The newest member of the HiPath
OpenOffice Family, Entry Edition, gives you
the best conventional telephony functions
in connection with the flexibility of VoIP
By bringing together all your communications facilities and integrating your voice
services with your IT infrastructure, you
can run everything from your PC desktop,
instead of managing multiple systems.
Happy staff
HiPath OpenOffice Entry Edition’s graphical interface makes controlling your communications so much easier. And easy
things are a pleasure to use, which means
your staff are more likely to utilize the features and facilities throughout the day.
Converged communications mean that
people can operate effectively from any
location. So now time spent in hotels, cars,
and airports can become productive time.
Happy customers
Valued customers can be sure to get
through to you first time on one number –
a number you can direct to your preferred
device/location. Other customer calls can
be routed efficiently to the people best able
to deal with their requests. And after office
hours, the inbuilt auto attendant and voicemail facility can capture important calls
that would otherwise have been lost.
Happy business
HiPath OpenOffice Entry Edition gives
small businesses access to the latest cost
saving, productivity-enhancing technology
previously only available to large organisations. It speeds up and simplifies daily communication tasks, and lets you get on with
running your business. HiPath OpenOffice
Entry Edition brings together the functionality previously found in different network
devices, making it easier to buy, easier to
install and easier to manage.
Secure networking over the internet, and
access to new internet telephony services
means that your businesses can consolidate their network services – and that
means you can significantly reduce your
communications costs. Meanwhile, dualmode mobility cuts out all those expensive
cell phone calls made in the office.
And of course, happy colleagues and happy
customers means greater productivity, and
myPortal Entry
myPortal Entry is a new on-screen interface
that lets you control your voice communications at the click of a button - making
your life easier and your business communications more efficient.
Call Journal
When you’re busy it’s all too easy to lose
track of what calls you’ve made. But with
myPortal Entry Call Journal all your calls are
logged automatically – and you can check
them at a glance. You can even set timed
reminders to call people back; where a popup prompts you with one click to set up the
Team Function
Team Function helps you to connect the
right calls to the right people, by enabling
you to forward calls and send text messages to your team’s phones.
myPortal Entry
Voicemail Control
Checking through all your voice messages
can be time consuming. But with Voicemail
Control you can access an integrated voicemail system from your screen. This means
you can see all your messages at once, and
choose which are the important ones without having to listen through them all.
Can't remember how to invoke a feature on
your phone, or tired of dialling a string of
numbers to reach contacts over and over
again? Well now you can set them up on a
soft-key - one click to dial, what could be
Status-based Call Diversion
A missed call can be a missed opportunity.
With Call Diversion you can easily re-route
your calls when you're busy or going away.
A status icon is there to remind you when
it's set.
Call Control
Unwanted calls can waste valuable time.
With the Call Control, all your calls appear
on your PC screen. Then you can choose
which to take or which to deflect to voicemail.
Searching around for numbers is frustrating - especially when you’re in hurry. By
importing them into myPortal Entry, you’ll
only need to look in one place, and click to
HiPath Wireless
Inter-site networking
Campus mobility for voice and data
devices. It ensures the highest performance VoWLAN solutions without compromising network security. With OptiPoint
wireless devices or laptop PCs with
OptiClient software, it promises the simplest deployment and most efficient management of a converged mobility infrastructure.
Join up satellite offices so everyone works
together as one unit. HiPath OpenOffice EE
can be integrated in all HiPath 3000 and
HiPath 4000 networks and in devices from
other vendors with open protocols such as
Always available,
integrated voicemail
Thanks to the integrated voicemail, if
someone happens to be away from their
extension, no calls are lost. Your staff have
a secure mailbox that can easily be operated via user friendly menus on our
phones. Just look at these great features:
• Up to 24 individual mailboxes
• Up to 2 hours of recording capacity
• Select from 2 personal greetings
Plus, the “Auto Attendant” function means
callers can be directed to the right department without the need for a dedicated
optiClient Attendant
The PC-based attendant console with new
graphics gives a clearly structured interface
with easy access to specialized features.
Based on Windows, it integrates with other
business applications and directories and
can easily be customized for each operator.
Always ready to answer,
integrated call distribution
With Universal Call Distribution, incoming
calls are only presented to staff that are
logged into the system and ready to take
calls. For customers, that means no more
long waits to get answered. For staff, that
means a fair distribution of calls, and only
calls when they’re ready to take them.
• Up to 150 agents can be defined in the
• Up to 10 groups
• Login on any phone
• Hold calls in queues with music and
• Set priority for certain calls
• Distribute calls on longest wait time
Web-Based Management
All standard administration and maintenance functions have been integrated into
the HiPath OpenOffice EE system, and
require no expert knowledge. They are
accessible via Web-Based Management
(standard browser).
Call accounting
HiPath OpenOffice EE has an built in log of
call data records that can be exported for
Mobility options
Our mobility options are ideal if you need
onsite mobility, have staff that travel often
and can't be tied to an office, or have staff
that work from home 100% of the time.
And with negotiated call rates and call
packages they could save you money too.
Mobile Options that move
with you
• Onsite Mobility
a wireless LAN is ideal for staff that
are regularly away from their desks.
OptiPoint WL2 gives them all the features of their deskphone in a compact, mobile device. Works for data
and voice.
– Hot desking
allows users to log in to any phone
and transfer their personal preferences. Teamed up with a WiFi network that allows wire-free PC connectivity and you have the best on-site
mobility solution.
• Mobile Working
– Cell Phone Integration: Take advantage of HiPath OpenOffice feature
rich functionality (EX: Transfer calls,
toggle between two calls, or set-up
an internal conference call from your
mobile phone)
– One mailbox – not two
– Remote control for status access via
• Dual Mode Mobile Operation
– Intelligent switching of calls between
WiFi and Cellular keeps your mobile
bills down
• Home Working
– One Number Services for your
mobile phone. Give out only one
number to all your contacts. Eliminate contacts having to remember
multiple numbers to reach you.
The following voice features can be used
with HiPath OpenOffice EE:
• Professional HiPath ComScendo Voice
Feature Set where voice quality is clear
and crisp
• SIP for end-user devices and internet
• Easy to operate
• Team work
• Call distribution (UCD)
Network security
• Statefull Inspection Firewall with selective port release, NAT, STUN
• VPN-IPSec, functionality for VPN teleworker support
• Codecs (G.711, G.729, G.723)
• Virtual LAN support (VLAN)
• 802.1p L2 QoS
• Fax over IP (T.38)
• Embedded router
• Demilitarized Zone (DMZ), secure integration of mail and web servers in a customer network.
Open interfaces
HiPath OpenOffice EE has a number of
open interfaces that allow interworking
with other applications and systems.
More information on these interfaces can
be found on the Wiki pages under:
Session Initiation Protocol
The standard protocol for internet telephony based on the architecture of popular
internet applications. This allows you to
connect to a new breed of Internet Telephony Service Provider (ITSP).
Technical data
HiPath OpenOffice EE is part of Siemens
portfolio of solutions for small businesses.
A secure and reliable LINUX-based communication system for voice and data, it’s
available in two formats depending on your
trunk connections:
The ideal choice for any requirement, with
expansion modules, adapters, and accessories (such as a headset), and the flexibility
to meet the needs of each individual
The OpenStage family represents the next
generation of communication devices. It is
intuitive in functionality and interface,
interoperability is guaranteed and the
devices are multimodal to allow access to
various services and applications. The
OpenStage product family includes four
models, is extremely user-friendly and supports the simple implementation of features.
OpenStage 20 (ice blue or lava)
OpenStage 40 (ice blue or lava)
OpenStage 60 (ice blue or lava)
OpenStage 80 (silver-blue metallic)
OpenStage 40
Customizable for various workplace environments, OpenStage 40 is specially recommended for use as an office phone, e.g.
for desk sharing, people working in teams
or call center staff.
• HiPath OpenOffice EE analog
Up to 6 FXO trunk interfaces
• Up to 30 IP workpoints (SIP or H.323)
• Up to 4 analog extension ports
• 4-port LAN switch
OpenStage 20, 20E
This fully functional hands-free telephone
features an intuitive and interactive user
interface and is a universal solution for efficient and professional telephony.
OpenStage expansions:
• OpenStage 40 BLF
• OpenStage Key Module
OpenStage 80
Premium features, materials and components turn this device into an extraordinary
user experience. The best-in-class LCD display and an open platform for productivityenhancing applications unlock the full
business potential of the phone. Open
interfaces for easy synchronization with
other devices, like PDAs and mobile phones
are specially designed with the needs of
the top level manager and executive in
• HiPath OpenOffice EE ISDN
Up to 4 S0 interfaces
PC client
optiClient 130
By adding a headset or handset, your PC is
transformed into a communication center
for voice, data, e-mail and Internet. A soft
client installed on the desktop PC or notebook offers all telephone functions over an
IP network and provides a standardized
interface regardless of location.
• DMZ access
All the IP networking
functions you need in a
single system
• Quality of Service (QoS)
IEEE802.1p, ToS prioritization and DiffServ are all implemented to prioritize
your voice communication to ensure it
arrives without delay and with no loss in
• Gatekeeper
All devices are registered to protect
against unauthorized access.
• DSL Router
Allows multiple users to share access to
the Internet (DHCP, NAT/NAPT).
• Gateway
Allows break out from your LAN to the
traditional TDM-based carrier networks
via either Analog or Digital trunk connections.
• Firewall
Permits access for specific users to protect your company’s voice and data network against unauthorized external
OpenStage 60
Offers top-notch functionality and innovations, combining a maximum of usability
with a clear, intuitive and sleek design. An
open application platform and personalization options make this phone the first
choice for boss-secretary environments
and people interacting with lots of other
Communication via
Wireless LAN Access Points
optiPoint WL2 professional
WLAN phone with menu guidance and a
complete range of voice functions, an
extensive phone book and access to LDAP
directories – up to 4 hours talk time and 80
hours standby time.
• Virtual Private Network (VPN)
IPSec encryption and authentication
secures a network that covers multiple
locations. Remote access to the LAN
allows external telephones to connect to
the system giving them full access to
voice features. Business data exchanged
via the Internet remains confidential.
• Codecs
G.711/723/729 standards are used to
compress voice traffic to make the most
efficient use of your network
• LAN Switch
4 port Ethernet switch to provide backbone connectivity for your LAN.
Supported standards
RFC 894 Ethernet II Encapsulation
IEEE 802.1Q Virtual LANs
IEEE 802.2 Logical Link Control
IEEE 802.3u 100BASE-T
IEEE 802.3X Full Duplex Operation
IP / Routing
RFC 791 IP
RFC 2822 Internet Message Format
RFC 1918 IP Addressing
RFC 1332 The PPP Internet Protocol Control Protocol (IPCP)
RFC 1334 PPP Authentication Protocols
RFC 1618 PPP over ISDN
RFC 1661 The Point-to-Point Protocol
RFC 1877 PPP Internet Protocol Control
RFC 1990 The PPP Multilink Protocol
RFC 1994 PPP Challenge Handshake
Authentication Protocol (CHAP)
RFC 2516 A Method for Transmitting PPP
Over Ethernet (PPPoE)
RFC 3544 IP Header Compression over
• RFC 2663 NAT
RFC 2401 Security Architecture for IP
RFC 2402 AH - IP Authentication Header
RFC 2403 IPsec Authentication - MD5
RFC 2404 IPsec Authentication - SHA-1
RFC 2405 IPsec Encryption - DES
RFC 2406 ESP - IPsec encryption
RFC 2407 IPsec DOI
• RFC 3323 A Privacy Mechanism for the
Session Initiation Protocol (SIP)
• RFC 3325 Private Extensions to the Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) for Asserted
Identity within Trusted Networks
• RFC 3326 The Reason Header Field for
the Session Initiation Protocol (SIP)
• RFC 3489 STUN - Simple Traversal of
User Datagram Protocol (UDP) Through
Network Address Translators (NATs)
• RFC 3515 The Session Initiation Protocol
(SIP) Refer Method
• RFC 3550 RTP: Transport Protocol for
Real-Time Applications
• RFC 3551 RTP Profile for Audio and
Video Conferences with Minimal Control
• RFC 3581 An Extension to the Session
Initiation Protocol (SIP) for Symmetric
Response Routing
• RFC 3891 The Session Initiation Protocol
(SIP) Replaces Header
• G.711; G.729; G.723
VoIP with SIP
RFC 2409 IKE
RFC 2410 IPsec encryption - NULL
RFC 2411 IP Security Document Roadmap
• RFC 1213 MIB-II
• IEEE 802.1p Priority Tagging
• RFC 1349 Type of Service in the IP Suite
• RFC 2475 An Architecture for Differentiated Services
• RFC 2597 Assured Forwarding PHB
• RFC 3246 An Expedited Forwarding PHB
(Per-Hop Behavior)
• RFC 2198 RTP Payload for Redundant
Audio Data
• RFC 2327 SDP Session Description Protocol
• RFC 2617 HTTP Authentication: Basic
and Digest Access Authentication
• RFC 2782 DNS RR for specifying the location of services (DNS SRV)
• RFC 2833 RTP Payload for DTMF Digits,
Telephony Tones and Telephony Signals
• RFC 3204 An extension to the Session
Initiation Protocol (SIP) for QSIG signaling
• RFC 3261 SIP Session Initiation Protocol
• RFC 3262 Provisional Response
Acknowledgement (PRACK) Early Media
• RFC 3263 SIP Locating Servers
• RFC 3264 An Offer/Answer Model with
the Session Description Protocol
• RFC 3310 HTTP Digest Authentication
• RFC 3311 Session Initiation Protocol
RFC 1305 NTPv3
T.38 Fax over IP
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