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owner’s manual
Please enjoy your new Hideaway Hot Tub, but think
safety first. Read your Owner’s Manual in its entirety
before installing your spa and encourage all spa
users to do the same. More than just common
sense, this Owner’s Manual provides vital safety and
operational information.
We sincerely hope your spa life is a pleasant experience. If problems should arise, contact your Marquis
Spas dealer. Or contact Marquis Corp. at any of the
Marquis Corp.
596 Hoffman Road
Independence, OR 97351
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product reference
You will find the serial number on the silver tag in the
equipment area.
Name of Purchaser__________________________________
Date of Purchase ___________________________________
Address ___________________________________________
City _____________________State ____Zip Code _______
Signature __________________________________________
Telephone _________________________________________
Spa Model/Color ___________________________________
Spa Serial # ________________________________________
Pack Serial # _______________________________________
Dealer’s Name _____________________________________
Dealer’s Address ___________________________________
City _______________________State____Zip Code________
Telephone ___________________________________________
Every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy
of this manual. However, Marquis Corp. reserves the
right to improve its product without notice. This
could create a minor variation between this manual
and the actual product you receive. We apologize
for any inconvenience this may cause.
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owner’s manual index
120V, Cord Connected Models ....................................................... 4
240V, Permanently Installed or Converted Models ....................... 5
Safety ................................................................................................. 6-9
Location ............................................................................................. 10-11
Filter Cartridge ...................................................................................12
Electrical Requirements ....................................................................13-14
STARTING YOUR SPA ...................................................................... 15-16
OPERATING YOUR SPA ...................................................................17
Retreat................................................................................................................. 19
Rendezvous and Retreat..............................................................................20-24
Soundsations.................................................................................................... 25-27
Rendezvous and Retreat..............................................................................28
TROUBLESHOOTING ................................................................................... 29-30
LCD Diagnostic Messages ...........................................................................30
MAINTENANCE ................................................................................................31-34
Water Care Troubleshooting........................................................................ 35-44
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safety instructions
The following instructions are required to be printed by Underwriters
Laboratories (UL) as a condition of the listing of this product. They
contain important safety information. We strongly encourage you to
read and apply them.
2. WARNING: To reduce the risk of injury, do not permit children to
use this product unless closely supervised at all times.
3. DANGER: RISK OF CHILD DROWNING. Extreme caution must
be exercised to prevent unauthorized access by children. To avoid
accidents, ensure that children cannot use the spa or hot tub unless
they are supervised at all times.
4. DANGER: RISK OF INJURY. Connect only to a grounded source.
5. Do not bury the power cord.
6. WARNING: To reduce the risk of electric shock, replace a damaged
cord immediately.
7. A ground terminal (pressure wire connector) is provided on the
surface of the control box inside the equipment compartment. This
connector should be bonded with a minimum No. 8 AWG (8.4mm2)
solid copper wire between this unit and any metal ladders, metal
water pipes, metal enclosures of electrical equipment, conduit, or
metal equipment within five feet (1.5m) of the spa. If the spa is
located on a reinforced concrete pad, the reinforced steel should
also be bonded to the ground terminal.
8. WARNING: Your spa is equipped with a ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) on the end of the power supply cord. Before each use
of the spa, with the plug connected to the power supply and the
unit operating, press the “test” button. The unit should stop operating and the GFCI power indicator will go out. Wait thirty seconds and
then reset the GFCI by pressing the “Reset” button. The GFCI
power indicator will turn on, restoring power to the spa. If the
interrupter does not perform in this manner, it is an indication of an
electrical malfunction and the possibility of an electric shock. Disconnect the plug from the receptacle until the fault has been identified
and corrected.
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safety instructions
9. A ground terminal is provided on the terminal block (TB-1, terminal 7)
located inside the control box. To reduce the risk of electric shock,
connect this terminal to the grounding terminal of your electrical
service or supply panel with a continuous green, insulated copper
wire. The wire must be equivalent in size to the circuit conductors
supplying the equipment. In addition, a bonding terminal (pressure
wire connector) is provided on the outside of the control box for
bonding to local ground points. To reduce the risk of electric shock,
this connector should be bonded with a No. 8 AWG (8.42mm2) solid
copper wire to any metal ladders, water pipes, or other metal within
five feet (1.5m) of the spa to comply with local requirements.
10. Your spa uses ground fault circuit interrupters in the electrical subpanel. Before each use of the spa and with the unit operating press
the Test button on each breaker. The switch should click over to the
“Trip” position. Wait thirty seconds and reset each GFCI breaker by
switching it completely off and then completely on. The switch
should then stay on. If either of the interrupters does not perform in
this manner, it is an indication of an electrical malfunction and the
possibility of an electric shock. Disconnect the power until the fault has
been identified and corrected.
11. Install the spa so proper drainage is provided.
12.DANGER: RISK OF ELECTRIC SHOCK. Install the spa at least five
feet (1.5m) away from metal surfaces, in accordance with the
National Electric Code ANS/NMFPA70-1993. Each metal surface
must be permanently connected to a minimum No. 8 (8.42mm2)
solid copper conductor attached to the wire bonding connector on
the terminal box provided for this purpose.
13.DANGER: RISK OF ELECTRIC SHOCK. Do not permit any
appliance, such as a light, telephone, radio, or television, etc. within
five feet (1.5m) of the spa or hot tub.
14.WARNING: To reduce the risk of injury:
• The water in the spa should never exceed 104°F (40°C). Water
temperatures between 100°F (38°C) and 104°F (40°C) are considered safe for a healthy adult. Lower water temperatures are recommended for extended use (exceeding 10 minutes) and for young
• Since excessive water temperatures have a high potential for
causing fetal damage during the early months of pregnancy,
pregnant or possibly pregnant women should limit spa water
temperatures to 100°F (38°C).
• Before entering a spa, the user should measure the water temperature with an accurate thermometer since the tolerance of temperature-regulating devices may vary as much as +/- 5°F (3°C).
• The use of drugs, alcohol, or medication before or during spa use
may lead to unconsciousness with the possibility of drowning.
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safety instructions
Persons suffering from obesity or with a medical history of heart
disease, low or high blood pressure, circulatory system problems, or
diabetes should consult a physician before using the spa.
• Persons using medications should consult a physician before using
a spa since some medication may induce drowsiness while other
medication may affect heart rate, blood pressure, and circulation.
Do not remove the suction fittings.
16.DANGER: RISK OF INJURY: Never operate a spa if the suction
guard(s) is broken or missing. Never replace a suction guard with
one rated less than the flow rate marked on the original suction
guard. The suction guard(s) in the spa are sized to match the
specific water flow created by the pump. Should the need arise to
replace the suction guard(s) or the pump, be sure that the flow
rates are compatible.
17. DANGER: Children are especially sensitive to hot water. At no time
should children have unsupervised access to the spa. Children must
not be allowed to climb onto the spa cover. All Everyday Hot Tubs
are equipped with a locking cover that meets the ASTM F1346-91
Standard for Safety Covers. Always lock the child resistant locks
after using the spa for your children’s safety.
WARNING: Children should not use spas or hot tubs without adult
WARNING: Do not use spas or hot tubs unless all suction guard(s)
are installed to prevent body and hair entrapment.
WARNING: Do not use drugs or alcohol before or during the use of
a spa or hot tub to avoid unconsciousness and possible drowning.
WARNING: People using medications and/or having an adverse
medical history should consult a physician before using a spa.
WARNING: The use of alcohol, drugs, and medication can greatly
increase the risk of fatal hyperthermia.
WARNING: Before entering the spa or hot tub measure the water
temperature with an accurate thermometer.
WARNING: Water temperature in excess of 104°F (40°C) may be
injurious to your health.
WARNING: Prolonged immersion in a spa or hot tub may be
injurious to your health.
WARNING: People with infectious diseases should not use a spa.
WARNING: Pregnant or possibly pregnant women should consult a
physician before using a spa or hot tub.
WARNING: To avoid injury, exercise care when entering and exiting
the spa or hot tub.
WARNING: Do not use a spa or hot tub immediately following
strenuous exercise.
CAUTION: Maintain water chemistry in accordance with
manufacturer’s instructions.
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safety instructions
AVERTISSEMENT: Ne pas placer d’appareil électrique (luminaire,
téléphone,radio, téléviseur, etc.) moins de 1.52 m de cette cuve de
AVERTISSEMENT: Ne pas laisser les enfants utiliser une cuve de
relaxation sans surveillance.
AVERTISSEMENT: Pour éviter que les cheveux ou une partie du
corps puissent être aspirés, ne pas utiliser une cuve de relaxation si les
grilles de prise d’aspiration ne sont pas toutes en place.
AVERTISSEMENT: Pour éviter l’évanouissement et la noyade
éventuelle, ne prendre ni drogue ni alcool avant d’utiliser une cuve de
relaxation ni quand on s’y trouve.
AVERTISSEMENT: Les personnes qui prennent des médicaments ou
ont des problemès de santé devraient consulter un médecin avant
d’utiliser une cuve de relaxation.
AVERTISSEMENT: La consommation d/alcool ou de drogue
augmente considérablement les risques d’hyperthermie motrelle dans
une cuve de relaxation.
AVERTISSEMENT: Avant d’utiliser une cuve de relaxation mesurer la
température de l’eau l’aide d’un thermométre précis.
AVERTISSEMENT: Il peut être dangereux pour la santé de se plonger
dans de l’eau plus de 40°C.
AVERTISSEMENT: L’utilisation prolongée d’une cuve de relaxation
peut être dangereuse pour la santé.
AVERTISSEMENT: Les personnes atteintes de maladies infectieuses
ne devraient pas utiliser une cuve de relaxation.
AVERTISSEMENT: Les femmes enceintes, que leur grossesse soit
confirmée ou non, devraient consulter un médecin avant d’utiliser une
cuve de relaxation.
AVERTISSEMENT: Pour éviter des blessures, user de prudence en
entrant dans une cuve de relaxation et en sortant.
AVERTISSEMENT: Ne pas utiliser une cuve de relaxation
immédiatement aprés un exercice fatigant.
ATTENTION: La tenteur de l’eau en matières dissoutes doit être
conforme aux directives du fabricant.
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safety instructions
Prolonged immersion in hot water can result in HYPERTHERMIA, a
dangerous condition which occurs when the internal temperature of
the body reaches a level above normal (98.6°F, 37°C). The symptoms
of hyperthermia include dizziness, fainting, drowsiness, lethargy, and a
body temperature above 98.6°F (37°C). The physical effects of hyperthermia include unawareness of impending hazard, failure to perceive
heat, failure to recognize the need to exit the spa, physical inability to
exit the spa, fetal damage in pregnant women, and unconsciousness
resulting in a danger of drowning.
WARNING: The use of alcohol, drugs, or medication can greatly
increase the risk of fatal hyperthermia in hot tubs and spas.
Persons taking medications which induce drowsiness such as tranquilizers, antihistamines, or anticoagulants should not use the spa. Pregnant women and persons with a medical history of heart disease,
diabetes, or high blood pressure should consult a physician before
using the spa.
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safety instructions
• Be sure your spa is connected to the power supply correctly – only
use a licensed electrical contractor.
• Shut off power supply (unplug 120V models) before draining the
spa or servicing the electrical components.
• Test the Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter (GFCI) monthly.
• Always test the water temperature with an accurate thermometer
before entering the spa to be sure that it’s a safe temperature.
• Remember that wet surfaces can be very slippery. Take care when
entering and exiting the spa.
• Lock the spa cover when the spa is not in use, whether it is empty
or full of water.
• Keep the water clean and sanitized with correct chemical care.
• Turn on the jets when adding ANY chemicals to the spa water.
• Clean the filter cartridge monthly to remove debris and mineral
buildup which affects the performance of the hydrotherapy jets,
limits the flow, or trips the high limit thermostat which will turn off
the entire spa.
• Don’t use the spa with the equipment compartment door
• Don’t use the spa for more than 10 minutes of time at water
temperatures in excess of 102°F (39°C).
• Don’t allow the jet pump to operate for an extended period of time
with the cover in place. Extended pump operation causes a slow
heat buildup due to water friction. The spa equipment controls are
equipped with a built-in safety timer that automatically shuts off the
jet pump after 15 minutes of continuous operation should it have
been left on inadvertently.
• Don’t operate the spa at any time with the filter cartridges
• Don’t lift or drag the cover by using the tie-down straps; always lift
and carry by using the external handles.
• Don’t store chemicals in the spa’s equipment compartment.
• Don’t hesitate to call your Marquis Spas dealer with any questions
or maintenance concerns.
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installation instructions
For your portable spa to function properly and
safely, it must be located on a hard, flat, level
surface. Inground spas require special installation
techniques and should be planned in conjunction
with your spa dealer. Improper installation can
result in structural damage to the spa and the
voiding of your spa warranty. Items to discuss with
your dealer include: local construction codes;
electrical service requirements; serviceability of
equipment; present underground obstructions
such as gas, water, and telephone lines; safety
measures such as fences and locks; and visibility
of the spa installation from the home, street, and
• Allow for sufficient water drainage around the
spa to help preserve the equipment and support
structure. This includes indoor installations.
• A filled spa can weigh in excess of 4,000
pounds and the location should support the
weight of the filled spa.
• Locate the equipment compartment where it will
be accessible. Your spa MUST be installed to
permit access for servicing the equipment
above and/or below any decks or floors. Access
is essential and must allow adequate room for
• Leave access to the circuit breakers in the sub
panel (240V models) or to the interrupter switch
(GFCI, 120V models) on the end of the power cord.
• Be sure the spa is level and in the final position
BEFORE filling with water. Check for power
cords, tools, and hoses that may be caught
underneath the spa.
Spa surface temperatures can reach in excess
of 150°F (65°C) if left exposed to the sun.
Significant damage can occur if this is allowed to
happen, including warping and blistering of the
surface. Damage, that occurs as a result of this
exposure is not covered under the warranty.
• CAUTION: Never try to move a spa that has not
been fully drained. To do so could result in damage to the spa and physical injury to the mover.
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installation instructions
To install the spa outdoors, we recommend a
reinforced concrete pad at least four inches thick.
The reinforcing material should be attached to a
#8 AWG bonding wire per national and local
electrical code.
If you place the spa on the ground, even temporarily, place concrete pavers under the entire
bottom of the spa. The concrete pavers should be
a least two inches thick and level across the entire
surface. The spa will inevitably settle and not
remain level on this surface, thus it’s important to
get it onto a solid foundation as soon as possible.
Be sure the deck can support the weight of your
filled spa by checking the deck’s maximum load
capacity. Consult a qualified building contractor or
structural engineer. Minimum requirement is 100
pounds per square foot.
There are special requirements if you place your
spa indoors. Flooring material must provide
adequate traction when wet. Proper drainage is
essential to prevent water puddling. Proper ventilation to the area is required. The addition of a ventilation system may be necessary. See your contractor
for details.
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installation instructions
Your spa is equipped with shut-off valves (see
EQUIPMENT DIAGRAM) that shut off the water
flow to the equipment system for dealer service.
At times, a new spa or one that has recently been
serviced, may have the shut-off valves partially
closed which can restrict the water flow and
hinder jet performance. Be sure the valves are
fully open.
Shut-off valve in
open position
1) Center filter
cartridge over canister
When a freeze condition is detected (which
occurs when the temperature in the heater
housing drops to 55°F (13°C) the jet pump is
automatically activated. In areas with extremely
cold winter conditions, your spa should be fine as
long as it is left running at normal operating temperatures. For extra protection see your dealer for
an optional freeze sensor. If you plan to turn the spa
off, follow the instructions in this manual (see
In the case of extended hot weather, the spa
water temperature may reach and maintain 104°F
to 106°F (40°C to 41°C) or higher. This is due to the
ambient temperature and the full insulation in the
spa cabinet. You may have the option of shortening the pump-run time. See SPA CONTROL
OPERATION for available options.
Your portable spa is equipped with the Constant
Clean™ Filtration system.
2) Screw filter
cartridge in place
3) Snap Vortex filter top
in place
NOTE: It is very important that the components of
these filtration systems be installed properly in the
proper part of the spa.
1. Hold the Vortex filter cartridge and center it in
the opening of the filter housing.
2. Use the filter handle and turn the filter
cartridge clockwise to screw it in place. (Use
caution not to overtighten as damage may
occur to threads and is not covered under
3. Grasp the edge of the dome-shaped Vortex
filter top. Center it over the ring and gently
snap in place.
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Safety guard of
suction fitting must
remain in place.
installation instructions
The suction guard(s) in the footwell of your spa is
an opening through which the jet pump draws
water. Suction fittings are equipped with a safety
guard. Suction through the fittings can be strong.
The safety guard(s) must remain in place and
undamaged. A fitting with a damaged guard(s) can
be dangerous, especially to small children or people
with long hair. Should any part of the body become
drawn to a fitting, turn the jet pump off immediately.
Long hair should be restrained in a bathing cap,
never allow it to float freely in the spa. Replace any
missing or damaged suction guard(s).
NOTE: It is normal for the flow rates of the suction
fittings to vary from strong to barely noticeable.
It is the responsibility of the spa owner to ensure
that all electrical connections are made in accordance with all electrical codes in effect at the time
of installation.
120 Volt:
120V units must only be connected to
a properly grounded, grounding type
15 amp dedicated receptacle. 120V
equipment is designed to operate on
60Hz alternating current only at a
voltage of 120, 12.5 amp. maximum
load. Only use the cord provided with
the spa, do not use an extension cord.
To Convert 120V to 240V:
All connections must be made by a licensed
1. Disconnect power by unplugging from
receptacle and remove cord from terminal
2. Remove white wire connected to J11 and J32
completely and discard.
3. Install 240V power line as indicated on page 14.
4. Set dip switch 10 to off position.
5. For units for use in other than single-family
dwellings, a clearly labeled emergency switch
shall be provided as part of the installation. The
switch shall be readily accessible to the
occupants and shall be installed adjacent to,
within sight of, and at least five feet (1.52 m)
from the spa.
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installation instructions
Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters (GFCI) are available
from your Marquis Spas dealer.
NOTE: Ensure the GFCI is properly installed. Failure
to do so may result in spa malfunction or damage
which is not warranted.
A pressure wire connector is located on the exterior
of the control box. This pressure wire connector
should be bonded with at least #8 AWG (8.42mm2,
#6 in Canada) copper wire to any metal ladder, metal
water pipe, common bonding grid (reinforced concrete slab, ground plate beneath the spa), or any
other metal within five feet of the spa.
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starting your spa
Your spa is equipped with solid-state Comfort
Controls specific to your spa model. Please see SPA
To start your spa, you need a spa water test kit and
an underwater thermometer. It is important to follow
each of these steps when starting your spa. Once
you have completed the following steps, refer to the
WATER TREATMENT section for proper start-up
water maintenance.
NOTE: Your spa has been filled and test-run at the
factory. The first time your spa is filled with water,
some discoloration from residual test water may
appear. This will disappear when the spa is completely filled and the filtration system is functioning.
Test the water for the proper chemical balance and
adjust as necessary. PROPER CHEMICAL BALANCE IS IMPORTANT for your safety and the
longevity of your spa.
Allow the spa to circulate on high-speed (see SPA
CONTROL OPERATION) for four to five minutes to
discharge air from the plumbing system. Do not
expect hot water immediately from the jets; the
heater will take several hours to heat the water.
Start-up procedure for all models
1. Place spa on a hard, flat, level surface. Make
sure the power supply is off.
2. Make sure the suction guard(s) in the footwell
are in place and undamaged.
3. Open the equipment door. (SEE EQUIPMENT
DIAGRAM). Tighten all disconnects and open all
shut-off valves.
NOTE: Keep the drain valve closed at all times
except when draining the spa (do not rely on the cap
to stop the flow of water). Not doing so could result in
damage to the drain valve due to freezing water.
Fill spa with water to
two-thirds of the way
up the Vortex skimmer
4. Install filter cartridge. (See INSTALLATION
INSTRUCTIONS, Filter Cartridge(s).)
5. Fill the spa with water to two-thirds of the way
up the Vortex skimmer openings. The use of a
Fill Filter is recommended, especially in areas
with high mineral content in the water.
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Use TEMP+- pad to set
water temperature.
Spa cover helps
maintain a constant
water temperature.
starting your spa
6. Turn the power on.
7. Your spa is now in “pump priming” mode and a
“Pr” message displays in the LCD window of
the control panel. While in this mode the spa
appears idle, which lasts approximately four to
five minutes if not exited manually. To exit
manually, press the TEMP+- pad.
8. At this time the spa should have water flowing
from the jets. If the pump has not primed and
the water is not flowing from the jets after two
and vent air from the pumps by slightly opening
the pump unions. After turning the power on
again, the spa initiates a new priming mode.
Repeat steps above.
9. The system requires approximately two minutes
of water flow to determine the water temperature. After two minutes of water flow, the temperature is displayed as actual water temperature. After you have manually exited the priming
mode (or allowed the spa to automatically exit)
the LCD window momentarily displays 102°F
(39°C) and then the display switches to - - °F.
10. The factory default setting for water temperature is 102°F (39°C). Use the TEMP+- pad on the
control panel to set the water temperature to
the desired level. (See SPA CONTROL OPERATION, Temperature Display And Adjustment.)
Your spa heats at the rate of approximately one
degree per hour for 120V systems, and five
degrees per hour for 240V systems.
When the spa is not in use, the spa cover should be
kept on the spa to retain the water’s heat and to
keep out dirt, leaves, etc. Your heater maintains a
constant water temperature between uses.
For your safety and convenience, the cover is
equipped with adjustable straps, safety locks, and
handles. Use the exterior handles to remove and
replace your cover. We suggest that you use the
safety locks to help keep out unintended users and
prevent the cover from being blown off in windy
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operating your spa
This small jet provides a targeted stream of water.
The Cascade Neck jets are turned on and off
(when the jet pump is on) using the small teardrop
neck jet control lever.
Use this control to increase or decrease the air
flow to the neck jets.
Neck Jet Control
perfect fit!
Use the Bather’s
panel to set the
select the
filtration, and
turn on the jets
and lights.
Component Identification
HK™12 Jets
HK™8 Neck Jets
Bathers Control Panel
Filter Canister
Suction Fittings
Floor Drain
Neck Jet Valve
Ozone Injector Fitting
Spa Frog® Return Fitting
Spa Frog®
Physical Specifications
Interior Depth
Seating Positions
Weight Dry/Lbs.
Weight Full/Lbs.
Water Capacity/Gallons
Total Therapy Jets
68" x 68"
perfect fit!
Use the Bather’s
panel to set the
select the
filtration, and
turn on the jets
and lights.
Component Identification
HK™12 Jets
HK™16 Jets
HK™8 Neck Jets
Bathers Control Panel
Filter Canister
Suction Fittings
Floor Drain
Neck Jet Valve
Ozone Injector Fitting
Spa Frog® Return Fitting
Spa Frog®
Physical Specifications
Interior Depth
Seating Positions
Weight Dry/Lbs.
Weight Full/Lbs.
Water Capacity/Gallons
Total Therapy Jets
77" x 77"
perfect fit!
spa control operation
Pump priming feature begins at start-up. When your
spa is energized, the LCD window displays a “Pr”
message. This mode lasts approximately four to five
minutes, if not exited manually by pressing the
TEMP pad.
Press the LIGHT pad to turn the underwater and
entryway (option) lights on and off. The low-voltage
system produces a night light for evening use and
makes entering and exiting the spa safer. After
being on for 60 minutes, the lights automatically
turn off.
Use the JETS pad on the bather panel or remote
control. First press of the JETS pad activates pump
on low-speed (and starts soak timer). Second
press of the JETS pad activates pump on highspeed. Third press of the JETS pad turns jets off for
all-quiet mode. Fourth press of the JETS pad turns
pump back to low-speed. If the pump is already on
low (heating, filter cycle) then the first press starts
the soak timer. After running on low- or high-speed
for 15 minutes, the pump automatically turns off
(unless in heating or filtering cycle).
The soak timer starts the first time you press a JETS
pad. The LCD window displays the elapsed time (130) for 55 seconds then switches to the current
water temperature for five seconds then back to
the timer. It continues to alternate for the entire 30
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spa control operation
minutes. The timer runs for 30 minutes regardless
of other functions in use (jets, temperature, or light).
You can manually cancel the timer by pressing the
TEMP+- pad and then the LIGHT pad.
Factory Default Settings:
• Filter Cycle Duration: F2 (2 hours)
• Filter Cycles: 2C (twice per day)
• Smart Logic: 1H (1 hour)
These settings represent the most commonly used
settings, but your use may be different, depending
upon many variables – frequency, number of
bathers, duration, water capacity, etc. These variables affect the quality of water and the way it
should be managed to achieve the most effective
cleansing. Selectable choices for the settings of the
operation systems allow flexibility and ensure your
Everyday Hot Tub remains easy to maintain for your
particular set of circumstances.
The ozonator greatly reduces the amount of chemical sanitizer you need in the water to keep your
water clean. The ozonator functions whenever the
system is operating on filter or clean up cycles. You
should occasionally inspect your ozonator to ensure
it continues to light (see MAINTENANCE, Every
Three to Four Months). A good time to do this is
when you drain and fill your spa.
Optional Marquis
Ozonator reduces the
need for chemical
Your spa is preset at the factory with a default
setting to filter itself using the jet pump on lowspeed for two hours twice in a 24-hour period.
These settings represent the filter settings necessary for average use. The timing of the first filter
cycle is determined by when the spa was initially
energized. The first cycle begins six minutes after
this initial power-up. The second filter cycle begins
12 hours after the first cycle.
To adjust the filter settings
First press of the SETTINGS pad displays the filter
time settings (F1, F2, F4, F6). Use the TEMP+- pad to
scroll through the options. When desired selection
has been reached, press SETTINGS pad again to
enter selection and advance to the filter cycle
settings (2C, 1d, 1n). For example, if you select 2C
and F2, your spa will filter two hours twice a day for a
total of four hours of filtration daily.
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spa control operation
Use the TEMP+- pad to scroll through filter cycle
options. When desired selection has been
reached, press the SETTINGS pad to enter selection and advance to the SmartClean™ settings.
Selectable filter cycles and cycle duration
• 2C: twice per day (once every 12 hours)
• 1d: once during the day
• 1n: once during the night
• F1: 45 minutes
• F2: 2 hours
• F4: 4 hours
• F6: 6 hours
Since a spa is always covered when not in use, it
stays fairly free of debris or outside contamination.
Contamination to a spa’s water occurs during
usage, so filtering immediately after usage is the
most effective time to clean the spa water. Your
spa is preset at the factory with a default setting to
filter for one hour (1H) every time your spa is used.
This filtration cycle begins 30 minutes after the spa
light or jet pump has been deactivated. The pump
runs on low-speed to filter the water for the cycle’s
Selectable SmartClean Settings
• 1H: 1 hour
• 2H: 2 hours
• 3H: 3 hours
• 4H: 4 hours
• OH: Off
To adjust the SmartClean settings:
Use the TEMP+- pad to scroll through options. When
desired selection has been reached. Press SETTINGS pad to enter selection and exit settings mode.
Factory Default Settings:
• Temperature: 102°F (39°C)
The LCD window displays the actual water temperature. Pressing the TEMP+- pad makes the
numbers flash, then pressing the pad again (repeatedly) increases the set temperature one
degree at a time, up to 104°F (40°C). After a short
perfect fit!
spa control operation
pause, the actual temperature displays. Press
TEMP+- pad repeatedly to decrease the set temperature to 80°F (27°C).
*NOTE: In event of a power outage, all settings
revert to the preset, default settings.
Your spa comes preset in the standard heat mode.
For most applications, the standard mode should be
used. If you are in a warm weather climate and the
spa does not require as much heat, the economy
mode may work best. For a vacation home or for
very infrequent use, the sleep mode provides
filtration and circulation with lower energy demand.
In economy mode your spa heats only during the
filter cycle. In sleep mode your spa will maintain a
water temperature that is 20°F (7°C) below the set
temperature. This ensures your spa will be ready to
use more quickly (allow about one hour per one
degree F for heating your spa’s water) when
increasing the temperature to the desired level.
The spa’s heat mode can be adjusted to one of
three different settings:
Standard Mode
The spa water heats to the temperature as set at
the bather’s panel. In this mode the filtration pump
turns on for two minutes every half-hour to “poll” or
check the water. If heat is needed the unit heats to
the set temperature. The LCD window steadily
displays the actual temperature in this mode.
Economy Mode
In this mode the spa only heats to the set temperature during a filter cycle. The LCD window displays
“Ec” alternately flashing with the actual temperature
when the spa is up to temperature and “Ec” steadily
when the spa’s water temperature is below the set
Sleep Mode
Your spa will maintain a water temperature that is
20°F (7°C) below the set temperature. Heater
functions only during a filter cycle. The LCD window
displays “SL” flashing alternately with the actual
temperature when the spa is up to set temperature
and displays “SL” steadily when below set
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spa control operation
To Adjust the Heat Mode:
First press the SETTINGS pad to display the heat
mode settings (St, Ec, SL). Use the TEMP+– pad to
scroll through the options. When desired selection
has been reached, press SETTING pad again to enter
selection and advance to the filter cycle settings (F1,
F2, F4, F6).
The HEAT light illuminates when the heater is on. The
pump circulates on low-speed whenever the thermostat calls for heat.
Once you find and establish the settings that work
best for your individual needs, use system lock to
keep from inadvertently changing the settings.
Press the TEMP+- pad and then immediately press
the SETTINGS pad. Unlock by repeating sequence.
While the system is locked, you may still operate the
jets and light. The LCD window displays LC to indicate
the system is locked when you try to change the
temperature or settings.
Dolphin Remote (optional)
Use the pads to control Soundsations audio system.
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spa control operation
Dolphin Remote Soundsations™ operation
It is designed with sophisticated technology that will
allow you to consolidate many of your existing
remote controls along with the Soundsations audioready system in your spa. It’s packed with easy-touse features such as:
Preprogrammed to operate the cable converter
supplied by your cable system provider.
Preprogrammed technology for easy setup.
Color-coded keys to quickly locate popular
Code library for video and audio components
Code Search to help program control of older
Learning function to allow programming with
another infrared (IR) remote
Combination IR and RF (radio frequency) capability that can send commands through the optional
RF base station to devices in your house.
Before you can use your Dolphin remote, you will
need to program it to operate the specific home
entertainment components you wish to control.
Follow the instructions detailed in Dolphin Remote
manual to set up your remote and enjoy our new
remote control.
perfect fit!
spa control operation
Spa location and speaker cord routing
The factory-installed speaker cord located inside the
spa’s equipment compartment is 100 ft. long. You
must locate the spa close enough to the audio
source to allow the cord to be run so it is not exposed
to damage and does not create a trip hazard.
NOTE: A 200 ft. long speaker cord is available as an
optional replacement for the supplied 100 ft. cord.
Ask your Marquis Spas retailer for details.
Do not replace the supplied speaker cord with any
other type of cord.
WARNING! Risk of electric shock: Audio source must
be placed in a protected location at least five feet
from the spa. Do not use a portable stereo. Do not
use home audio equipment outside.
Decide on the best path for the speaker cord and
then route the speaker cord out of the equipment
compartment in the most appropriate manner for the
The speaker cord must be installed by a licensed
electrician in accordance with the National Electric
Code and all local building codes. Additional installation advise from an A/V technician may be helpful or
necessary if there are any special circumstances,
such as connecting to unique or complicated home
theater systems.
CAUTION! Risk of electric shock: The stereo cordconnection within the equipment compartment and
the supplied 100 ft. cord which is used to conduct the
audio signal to the spa are intended to carry a low
voltage (12V) audio signal supplied by a conventional
household-type audio system. The cord-connection
and cord are not to be used for any other purpose.
2 inches (5.0cm)
Outer jacket
1/2 inch (1.3cm)
Strip approximately 2" off
the outer jacket of the
speaker cord.
CAUTION! Before making any connections, turn off
the stereo receiver and unplug it from the power
source. Failure to do so may result in damage to the
1. To prepare the end of the speaker cord, strip
approximately 2" off the outer jacket.
2. To prepare the ends of the wires, strip approximately
½" of insulation from each wire. Then, twist the bare
ends of each wire so there are no loose strands of wire.
WARNING! Never use broken or frayed wire, as
damage or electrical shock may result.
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spa control operation
Wire connections.
CAUTION! Exposing too much wire or having wires
with frayed ends could cause wires to touch each
other, which could damage the equipment.
3. Wire connections
A. Red = Right (+)
B. Black = Right (-)
C. White = Left (-)
D. Green = Left (+)
NOTE: Do not connect speaker cord to any speaker
terminals already in use.
4. Check all connections to the stereo receiver.
Make sure all wires are connected in phase
(+ to + and – to –). Correct any wiring problems
before reconnecting the stereo receiver to the
power source.
You should perform a routine inspection (every
three months) of the Soundsations Audio System
to ensure that the system is operating properly.
If the cord or cord-connection is damaged; if the
door to the equipment compartment shows signs
of deterioration; if excessive water is entering the
equipment compartment; or if there are other signs
of damage to related components, turn off the spa
and have the damaged component repaired by a
qualified service person.
Recommended components
Use stereo receivers rated from 60 to 120 peak
watts per channel and rated from 8 to 16 ohms.
The Soundsations Audio System has automatic
protection circuits to protect against overload. This
circuit activates at high volume levels to reduce
output, causing a decrease in volume. This is
normal operation and indicates that the power
input may be exceeding safe levels. If this
protection circuit has been activated, turn down
the volume to allow the system to reset itself and
resume normal operation. Sustained listening at
high volume settings is not recommended.
CAUTION! Please read this installation guide
completely before the installation. Failure to follow
the instructions in this guide voids all warranties on
the Soundsations Audio System.
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equipment diagram
Control box and heater
HP120 pump
Slice valves
GFCI cord
Pump unions
Pump plug
Motor mounts
8 Light bulb
10 Ozone ready fitting
11 Ozonator
12 Hose bib drain valve
13 Soundsations plug (option)
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PLEASE NOTE: The following corrective actions
may be performed by the spa owner. If the trouble
cannot be corrected in the steps below, please
contact your Everyday Hot Tubs™ dealer for
service. (Improper servicing by an unauthorized
service provider or spa owner could result in
damage not covered by the warranty and could
cause serious injury.)
• Check the control panel LCD window for
diagnostic code.
• 240V Spas: Check the circuit breaker on the
main circuit panel.
• 120V Spas: Check the GFCI power cord and
reset if necessary (see IMPORTANT SAFETY
INSTRUCTIONS at beginning of manual).
• Check the condition of the power cord.
• Be sure the shut-off valves are completely open.
• Open the jets by turning the jet face to allow for
maximum water flow.
• Check for obstruction or restrictions at suction
guard(s) or filters, such as leaves, etc.
• Check to ensure water is at proper level and
add water if needed.
• Check temperature displayed in the LCD
window for desired temperature setting.
• Inspect the filter cartridge for dirt and debris.
• Check that the water is at proper level, 2/3 up
the patented Vortex skimmer opening.
• Lower ambient temperatures may result in
heat loss.
NOTE: Do not expect instant hot water from the
jets. It will take the heater 12-24 hours to heat the
water to the temperature you desire.
• Press the LIGHT pad on the control panel.
• Reposition the light bulb in the socket. (See
• Replace the light bulb with a 6 WATT BULB
(GE 918 ONLY).
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The advanced technology built into the spa allows it to
perform a number of self-diagnostic system checks and
it can display a variety of messages in the LCD window
on the control panel.
HH: Overheat. The spa has shut down. DO NOT
ENTER THE WATER. Contact your dealer for service.
OH: Overheat protection. If a malfunction occurs and the
spa water reaches 110°F (43°C), the system completely
shuts down. In such a condition, DO NOT ENTER THE
WATER. Turn off all power to the spa and contact your
dealer for service. Several conditions could lead to
overheating, for example, low water level, shut-off valves
closed while heater is on, dirty filter, and restriction in the
plumbing lines. After the power if turned back on, the spa
will not restart itself until the water temperature within the
spa drops to a lower, predetermined temperature. As a
double safety feature, a secondary high-limit sensor
shuts the system off if the water temperature in the
heater housing reaches 118°F (48°C). In this case, the
spa may be restarted by pressing any panel pad after the
water has cooled to 110°F (42°C). If the switch trips
repeatedly, do not use the spa and contact your dealer
for service.
IC: Ice. Potential freeze condition detected.
SA: Spa is shut down. Sensor plugged into sensor “A”
jack is not working.
Sb: Spa is shut down. Sensor plugged into sensor “B”
jack is not working.
Sn: A sensor has malfunctioned. If alternating with spa
temperature, it may just be a temporary condition. If
flashing by itself, spa is shut down. Contact your dealer
for service.
HL: A significant difference between tempreature
sensors has been detected. This could indicate a flow
problem. Check water level in spa and refill if necessary. If
water level is okay, make sure the pumps have been
LF: Persistent low flow problems. Heater is shut down,
but other spa functions continue to run normally. Check
water level and refill if necessary. Contact your dealer for
dr: Possible inadequate water, poor flow, or air bubbles
detected in the heater. Spa is shut down for 15 minutes.
Check water level and refill if necessary. If okay, check
that pumps have been primed. Press any button to reset.
dY: Inadequate water detected in heater. Spa is shut
down. follow directions for “dr” message.
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1. Removing Debris
Remove any debris from the Vortex skimmer
and suction guard(s) on the inside of the spa.
Blocked intakes can impede the flow of water
through the jetting system.
Water level should be
two-thirds up the
Vortex skimmer
2. Water Level
Replenish the water level if necessary so that it is
approximately two-thirds up the Vortex skimmer
opening. (See STARTING YOUR SPA.)
1. Filter Care
We cannot stress enough the importance of a
clean filter for proper water filtration. Dirty filters
can restrict water flow, cause hazy water, and
prevent your chemicals from working properly.
Many water treatment products clear or clarify
the water by clumping microscopic particles and
minerals together so that these larger particles
can be effectively trapped in the filter. A filter
clogged with debris and calcium deposits does
not trap particles properly.
The Maintenance Reminder on the control panel
indicates a CL every 30 days to remind you to
clean your filter.
Removing the Filter
Grasp the edge of the dome-shaped Vortex
filter top, pull up firmly, but gently, to remove it.
Grasp edge of Vortex
filter top, pull gently.
Turn the filter cartridge counterclockwise to
unscrew it from its base. Lift out the filter cartridge.
Use a hose to clean the filter cartridge or use a
bucket and Marquis SpaCare™ Filter Cleaner to
soak the filters (you will need to flip the filter after
the designated time to completely clean the entire
Turn filter cartridge
counterclockwise to
NOTE: Keep an extra set of filters on hand so
you always have a clean set ready for immediate
spa enjoyment. Remember to replace the filter
cartridge at least once a year. Replacement filters
are available from your Marquis Spas dealer.
perfect fit!
Reinstalling the Filter
Repeat the steps above in reverse. Do not
overtighten the filter as it may cause the threads
on the bottom to strip and fail to hold the filter in
place. When replacing the Vortex filter top, center
the top over the raised filter ring and press down
firmly until the top snaps into place. (See INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS, Filter Cartridge.)
Draining and Filling the Spa
The average spa needs to be drained every three to
four months. After months of continually adding
chemicals to the water and introducing body oils
and lotions, the water can be difficult to manage and
chemicals are not as effective as usual. You may
also notice excessive foaming. A maintenance
reminder appears on the control panel as “CH” to
remind you to change water. More frequent
draining may be required depending on use.
Check the end cap of
the optional ozonator
for a purple glow.
1. Leakage Detection
Open the equipment door and check for signs of
water leakage around the pump. Pump seals
wear out over time, especially with improper
water chemistry. Early detection of pump seal
failure can significantly reduce repair costs.
2. Ozonator Operation
Check to see if the bulb is lighted. The ozonator
functions whenever the system is running on
filter or clean up cycles. The end cap of the
ozonator should glow if functioning properly. If not,
the bulb has burned out. Contact your dealer for
3. Draining the Spa
A. Turn off the power to the spa.
B. Remove the hose bib plug from the external
drain and fill connection and attach a hose.
C. Open the drain valve in the equipment
D. When the spa is empty, close the drain valve
and remove the hose. Reinstall hose bib plug.
NOTE: Keep the drain valve closed at all times
except when draining the spa (do not rely on the cap
to stop the flow of water). Not doing so could result in
damage to the drain valve due to freezing water.
Replacing Spa Frog® Mineral Cartridge
This cartridge should be replaced every four months.
You may still feel the “spent” minerals inside, but they
are no longer effective and need to be replaced.
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1. Cover Care
It is recommended that you use Marquis Cover
Cleaner to keep the spa cover clean and conditioned. Proper care of the cover increases the life
and keeps it looking great in even the harshest
conditions. NOTE: Do not use regular household
products or products that contain silicone,
alcohol, steel wool, or bleach.
2. DuraWood Exterior
Clean the exterior of the spa with a mild soap and
water solution. Cleaners containing alcohol,
Acetone, Nitrobenzene, and Cyclohexanol can
dissolve and discolor the DuraWood exterior.
3. Wood Exterior
The wood exterior has been treated with a waterbased wood preservative at the factory. We
suggest the exterior be treated every six months
with an additional coat of preservative for maximum weather protection. Your dealer can suggest the best preservative for your environment.
4. Clean the DuraShell® Interior
Once the spa is drained, clean the DuraShell
interior – especially at the water line. We suggest
the Glove Sponge to clean without scratching.
Clorox bleach (diluted) is the only approved
cleaning agent for DuraShell – any other
products should be avoided.
NOTE: Due to the high-gloss, fine finish of the
acrylics, imperfections in the surface texture
may occur. These in no way compromise the
integrity of the spa shell.
NOTE: Do not leave an empty spa uncovered. Direct sunlight on the spa surface
can cause severe damage or blemishing
and can result in the voiding of any surface
Remove lamp socket
from back of light
5. Excess Debris
Grit and debris tracked into the spa should be
removed with a spa vacuum.
6. Water Line
To avoid buildup of oils and lotions at the water
line, clean the interior when needed. We suggest
the Glove Sponge to clean without scratching.
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NOTE: Do not use the same brush or sponge to
clean the exterior of the spa and the interior of
the spa. Soap and other product residue used
on the outside of the spa can cause foaming of
the spa water and scratches to the spa surface.
6. Light Bulb Replacement
A. Turn off the power to the spa.
B. Remove the equipment area door to find the
light access. (See EQUIPMENT DIAGRAM.)
C. Remove the lamp socket from the back of
the light assembly by turning counterclockwise
and pulling at the same time.
D. Gently pull the bulb out of the lamp socket
and replace it with a 6 watt bulb only (GE
#918) available from your spa dealer.
E. Install the lamp socket back into the light
assembly and replace door.
Your spa was designed for year-round use and
many people find the combination of hot water,
therapy jets, and cool winter temperatures to be
especially soothing. However, if you decide to discontinue the use of your spa for any extended period of time, we suggest you follow the steps below.
NOTE: During long periods of inactivity, damage can
occur to equipment from condensation within the
equipment compartment.
1. Turn off the power to the spa.
2. Drain the spa. (See DRAINING AND REFILLING
3. Remove all residual water from the seating
and footwell. If necessary, bail out the
remaining water then dry the spa with
towels. A wet/dry vacuum is recommended
for best results.
4. Using the wet/dry vacuum, place vacuum
nozzle over each jet nozzle to remove water
from plumbing lines, starting with the highest
jet and finishing with the lowest jet.
5. Unscrew the pump plug from the pump.
6. Again, using the wet/dry vacuum, place
nozzle over the exposed pump opening to
remove excess water. The pump should be
removed from the spa and stored in a climatecontrolled room.
7. Clean the spa interior.
8. Clean the filter cartridge.
9. Reinstall the spa cover and lock in place.
NOTE: Direct sunlight on the spa surface can
cause severe damage or blemishing and can
result in the voiding of any surface warranties.
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spa care and enjoyment guide
1. Always keep chemicals out of reach of children.
2. Read product labels carefully prior to use.
3. When dissolving, always add chemicals to water,
do not add water to chemicals. Some dry
chemicals should be dissolved prior to adding
them to the spa. Using a clean container, dip
some water from the spa. Mix until dissolved,
then add to circulating water.
4. CAUTION: Do not add chemicals together. Add
them separately to the spa water.
5. All chemical products should be stored in a cool,
dry, well-ventilated area where the average
temperature does not exceed 90°F (32°C).
Keep storage area clean of debris such as rags,
newspaper, and combustible materials.
6. Keep chemicals away from open flame or other
heat source. Do not smoke near chemicals. If a
dry chlorine chemical fire should occur, use
water only. Do not use a dry chemical fire
extinguisher to attempt to put out the fire.
7. When adding chemicals, always keep the water
circulating in the spa with jets in a downward
circular pattern for better chemical distribution.
Add chemicals to the spa water one at a time.
Allow several minutes between any new chemical additions using the jet action to evenly
distribute throughout the spa.
8. Wait approximately 15 minutes after adding
chemicals to retest your water for an accurate
reading. Retest your spa water before using.
9. If you have any questions or concerns about the
correct procedures for handling chemicals,
please contact your spa dealer or Marquis Corp.
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spa care and enjoyment guide
Water balance is the interrelation of factors that
determine the quality of the spa water. The effectiveness of chemicals and other additives are
dependent on all these factors working together or
“in balance”. The primary elements to water
balance are sanitizing, monitoring pH and alkalinity
levels, and oxidizing or shocking.
It’s important to understand that a spa is not just a
“small swimming pool” and that the care of a spa
needs to be handled differently. In addition to the
fact that a spa is kept at a temperature of up to
104°F (40°C) and pool chemicals are designed for
cool water, the ratio of people per gallon in a spa is
also very different. Four people in a spa is the
equivalent of having 200 people in a typical backyard pool. This increased “bather load” increases
the residue from soaps, perfumes, body oils,
cosmetics, and other contaminants. Always use
water treatment products designed for spa
Sanitizing Methods
The use of an ozonator (option) greatly reduces
the amount of chemical sanitizer you need in the
water. Ozone works by delivering activated oxygen
gas into the spa water via an ozone injector fitting.
The ozone gas combines with contaminants to
sanitize the water. Although sometimes promoted
as a stand-alone chemical free alternative, we
recommend that you maintain a small residual of
chlorine or bromine in the water while using any
ozone system. Supplementing the water with
sanitizer controls and prevents bacteria growth.
Instead of the normal 3 - 5 ppm of sanitizer recommended, you only need to maintain a 0.5 ppm level
of chlorine or bromine when using an ozonator.
Alkalinity acts as a buffer to prevent the pH level
from changing as other substances are added to
the water. Proper alkalinity is directly related to the
stability of the pH. The alkalinity should be between
80 - 120 ppm. Alkalinity levels below 80 ppm make it
very difficult to stabilize the pH level. Levels above
120 ppm may increase pH levels and cause cloudy
water, scaling, and decreased efficiency of the
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spa care and enjoyment guide
pH Level
The pH level measures the relative acidity and
basicity of the water. The ideal pH level is 7.2 - 7.8.
When the pH level falls below 7.2 the water can
become corrosive. Low pH can cause damage to
metal in the equipment pack and heaters, excessive sanitizer consumption, and skin irritation. A pH
level above 7.8 can be scale-forming and allows
metals or minerals in the water to form deposits and
stain spa surfaces.
Once bacteria and other wastes are neutralized by
the sanitizer, they stay in the water unless oxidized
or shocked. Often called chloramines or
bromamines, they create dull, cloudy water and
can cause odor and eye or skin irritation. Shock
Treatment rids your spa of these wastes for clear,
sparkling water. Shocking is recommended once a
week or whenever the water appears dull or
cloudy or has a strong chlorine odor.
NOTE: A strong chlorine odor indicates that
the spa needs to be shocked – not that there
is too much chlorine in the water. A properly
balanced spa that is shocked regularly will
not have a chlorine odor.
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spa care and enjoyment guide
Balancing the Water
When initially filling or refilling your spa follow these
steps to achieve proper water balance.
Important! Always circulate the water for at
least 15 minutes after making any chemical
additions, before retesting water, or adding
any additional products.
1. Test the spa water using a Test Strip (see label
for easy dip and read directions).
2. Determine the pH and alkalinity level of the water
using the color comparison chart on the bottle.
3. If changes need to be made to the pH and/or
alkalinity level to put them within the recommended range, always balance the alkalinity
before balancing the pH.
The product(s) you should use to adjust pH and/
or alkalinity are pH & Alkalinity Up or pH & Alkalinity Down. Make any chemical additions per the
directions on the bottle and then test and repeat
if necessary until all readings are in the desired
4. After pH and alkalinity levels are in the recommended range, you can establish a sanitizer
residual of 0.5 ppm. Add one-half ounce of
Chlorine per 500 gallons of water. Test and
repeat if necessary until there is a 0.5 ppm
residual of sanitizer in the water.
Water characteristics vary depending on the
local water supply. You may need to “fine
tune” the spa water due to these variations.
Your dealer may suggest the use of the
following products when filling the spa based
on your water conditions.
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spa care and enjoyment guide
Metal and Stain Control
If minerals such as calcium, iron, copper, or manganese exist in your water supply, they can stain spa
surfaces. Metal & Stain Remover prevents spa
staining. Add per label directions for the gallons of
your spa each time you freshly fill the spa with water.
Calcium Hardness Increaser
It is critical to have some calcium in your water,
however, the level of calcium should be between
200 – 400 ppm. High calcium levels can cause
scale buildup on spa surfaces and equipment. Your
spa is protected against high calcium by using
Metal & Stain Remover when initially filling your spa.
Low calcium levels can cause spa water to become
highly corrosive and damaging to the spa equipment and plumbing. To raise calcium levels, use
Calcium Hardness Increaser.
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spa care and enjoyment guide
Shock the spa water with granular chlorine or
nonchlorine shock to remove all contaminants.
Then bring the spa water to operating temperature
before installing cartridges.
Blue Mineral Cartridge
While holding the top of the unit, turn the bottom
counterclockwise until the number 6 appears in the
setting window. NOTE: This cartridge should be
replaced every four months. You may still feel the
“spent” minerals inside, but they are no longer
effective and need to be replaced.
Spa Frog cap
Yellow Bromine Cartridge
Finding the right setting for the Bromine Cartridge
will require monitoring your usage for the first few
weeks. Begin with an initial setting based on the
chart below and monitor bromine levels daily for
the first week or so, adjusting the cartridge by one
setting per day until a 1-2 ppm level has been
achieved. To adjust cartridge, remove from system
and turn to the next highest setting if the bromine
level is low, or the next lower setting if the bromine
level is high. The Bromine Cartridge needs to be
replaced when empty between 2 and 4 weeks.
Always maintain 1-2 ppm bromine level.
Suggested Initial Bromine Cartridge Settings
Daily filter time Spa Gallons
One hour
Two hours
Four hours
Open the Spa Frog cap on the top of the spa lip.
Push down and turn the holder counterclockwise
to unlock. Pull holder out. Snap the Blue Mineral
Cartridge into the area of the holder marked “Minerals” (top portion) making sure to line up the indentation near the top of the cartridge with the raised line
on the holder. Then snap the Yellow Bromine
Cartridge into the area of the holder marked “Bromine only”. Be sure to line up the indentation on the
cartridge with the raised line on the holder. When
cartridges are snapped in, replace the holder, push
down and lock into place. Replace the cap. CAUTION: Hand tighten only; avoid overtightening; and
avoid bending the holder to help prevent damage
to the holder.
Install cartridges in the
Reverse above procedures for removing cartridges.
*Spa Frog® system is not available on spas in some
international markets.
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spa care and enjoyment guide
Marquis SpaCare™ products are classified by easy
to follow usage guidelines. The information below
indicates whether the product should be used daily,
weekly, monthly, when filling (see previous page), or
as needed – if special water conditions arise.
Sanitizer is the only product in this category. You
should maintain the recommended sanitizer level
at all times. This does not mean you may have to
add sanitizer daily, just that you need to test the
sanitizer level regularly and especially before and
after each spa use. Choose and maintain one of
the following sanitizer options:
Chlorine is the recommended sanitizer. The
granular formula dissolves rapidly and creates an
immediate sanitizer level when added to the spa.
Marquis SpaCare Chlorine can be used in
conjunction with the Marquis Ozone System.
Bromine Concentrate
For a different sanitizing option, bromine tablets
are slowly dispensed into the spa via an adjustable, floating bromine dispenser. When using
bromine in conjunction with the ozone system,
you should maintain a level of 0.5 ppm. As a
stand-alone sanitizer without the aid of ozone,
you should maintain a level of 3 - 5 ppm. Bromine is not recommended for use with Nature2.
The following products should be added once a
Shock Treatment
Sanitizer combines with bacteria and neutralizes
it on contact. However, the used sanitizer/
bacteria particle is still present in the spa water.
Used sanitizer in the water emits a chlorine odor
and causes cloudy water. To oxidize, or rid the
spa of this used sanitizer, you must shock the
spa once a week.
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spa care and enjoyment guide
pH & Alkalinity Up
pH & Alkalinity Down
These two products work to raise or lower the
pH and alkalinity levels in the spa and are only
needed if the test strip indicates the levels are
not in the ideal range.
Water Clarifier
Microscopic particles can pass right through the
spa filter and create cloudy water. The use of
Water Clarifier combines these microscopic
particles into larger particles that can be trapped
in the filter to clear cloudy water.
Spa Defoamer
If foam appears in your spa, the action of the jets
will keep it from dissipating. The use of Spa
Defoamer instantly rids your spa water of foam.
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spa care and enjoyment guide
C: Cause
S: Solution
C: Inadequate filtration or dirty filter.
S: Check that the filter is securely installed. Clean
or replace filter.
C: Water is not balanced.
S: Treat water with Shock and test water with a
Water Test Strip.
Adjust sanitizer level, pH, and alkalinity levels
as needed.
C: Unfiltered particles or chemically saturated
S: Use Water Clarifier to combine particles; or
drain, clean, and refill the spa.
C: Too many chloramines/bromamines in the
S: Treat water with Shock then adjust sanitizer
level as necessary.
C: Not enough sanitizer in water – bacteria or
algae in water.
S: Add sanitizer as necessary and shock. Readjust sanitizer level if necessary.
C: Low pH.
S: Adjust pH with pH and Alkalinity Up.
C: High concentration of body oils, lotions, or
soaps as well as high temperatures and
excessive contaminants.
S: Use Spa Defoamer and adjust pH and
sanitizer levels as needed.
C: Body oils and dirt.
S: Use Glove Sponge to clean the spa.
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spa care and enjoyment guide
C: Sanitizer level is too low.
S: Add chlorine or bromine until the sanitizer
registers in the recommended range on the
test strip.
C: Algae present.
S: Dirty water consumes the sanitizer as soon as
it is added. Add more chlorine or bromine until
the sanitizer registers and stays in the recommended range on the test strip.
C: Test strip remains “white” even after sanitizer
has been added.
S: Sanitizer level is extremely high. It can bleach
the reagents on the test strip and give a false
reading. (See below.)
C: Too much chlorine or bromine added or
dispensed into the spa.
S: Remove spa cover and activate jets and air
control. Allow jets to run for 30 minutes. Test
water with a Water Test Strip to see if desired
level has been reached.
C: Contaminants or excessive amount of
chloramines/bromamines in water.
S: Treat water with Shock. Adjust sanitizer level.
C: pH level is low.
S: Adjust pH level as needed.
C: Low pH level.
S: Adjust pH level with pH and Alkalinity Up.
C: Low sanitizer level or high pH.
S: Adjust pH and sanitizer as necessary.
C: Sanitizer level is too high. (See TOO MUCH
S: Test pH again when sanitizer level is below 5 ppm.
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