F E AT U R I N G D B X ® N O I S E R E D U C T I O N
UHF 782.125 MHz — 805.857 MHz
• 96 available channels for simultaneous use.
• Two independent synthesized
receivers in one rack space.
• Back-lit LCD display shows status of
RF and AF levels, frequency selection and more.
• Built-in dbx® noise reduction circuitry.
• Ability to create up to two Receiver
Titles, monitor rear panel settings
such as Antenna Attenuation, Audio
Output Level and a unique Output
Mix function which combines the
audio output from the two
• A “Lock” features provides additional
security by allowing you to lock in
the receiver settings electronically.
• Front panel includes a comprehensive set of recessed
controls to select all key functions and a security cover
to physically protect receiver settings.
• Voltage-sensing power supply for world-wide use with
any power-source from 100-240 volts.
• Di-electric filtering to eliminate outband interference.
• Phase-Lock Loop VCO technology.
• Compact, lightweight beltpack transmitter features
Frequency Group and Channel selectors, Audio On/Off
(Mute), battery Power On/Low Battery LED indicator;
Instrument Level input trim control and input switch; a
Mic Level trimpot control; Frequency Unavailable LED
indicator; RF power switch (to select either one or 10
mW output settings) and a Power On/Off switch.
• Rotary swivel antenna and a rotatable belt clip provide
maximum positioning flexibility.
• P6 connector accommodates Samson’s QE, QV headsets
and a wide range of other headset and lavalier mics.
• Handheld transmitter with built-in antenna.
• Handheld transmitters available with the Samson QMIC
and a variety of other microphone elements.
• Transmitters powered by AA batteries.
• The optional DA6 distribution amp compensates for up
to 9 dB of signal loss typically incurred when combining
and distributing the signal through a number of antennas.
• The DA6 allows up to four UR6D dual receivers (eight
receivers total) to run off the same pair of antennas.
• The DA6 can be interfaced with as many as four powered antennas, further increasing the range of the systems and eliminating “dead spots” to provide more stable operation.
• The DA6 features a multi-color display that indicates the
current status of the connected antennas, Green when
powered antennas are properly connected; Orange if no
antenna is connected; and Red if any of the antennas has
a shorted cable.
• AN-81A & AN82 Powered Antennas are extremely compact, lightweight and efficient and offer a 3-position attenuator switch to reduce near field RF overload and local interference. The AN-81A antenna can be wall-mounted, while
the AN-82 is designed to be mounted on a mic stand.
Samson Technologies Corp., P.O. Box 9031, Syosset, NY 11791-9031 • Phone: (516) 364-2244 • Fax: (516) 364-3888 •
Designed to provide the highest level of performance
in touring and fixed installations, the new Samson Series
Six UHF Synthesized wireless system combines simultaneous operation of up to 96 systems and remote computercontrol with exceptional frequency agility, superior RF
reception, transparent audio and much more.
Series Six is one of the only UHF wireless systems
which can run up to 96 simultaneous systems in a fixed
installation using a special "low power technique" exclusive to Samson. This versatile system also allows remote
control capability from hundreds of feet away via a PC
running Windows 95® and Samson’s WSM™ (Wireless
System Manager) software. Using a mouse and computer
keyboard, the system operator can control a range of
receiver functions such as Channel; Mute; Tone Squelch
and more.
There is also a spectrum analyzer that scans existing
frequencies in an RF environment, records a "snapshot" of
these frequencies at any given time and imports an
optional channel plan. An electronic lock function allows
the user to store settings with security.
The unusual flexibility of Series Six is based on its
dual 1mW and 10 mW RF power operation capability. At
the lower 1 mW power output rating, up to 48 systems
on two separate frequency bands (Standard and "X" — for
a total of 96 systems) can be operated simultaneously
with a maximum operating range of 140 feet. At the 10
mW power rating, up to 11 systems on two separate frequency bands (Standard and "X" — for a total of 22) can
be used simultaneously with a maximum operating range
of 270 feet.
Series Six delivers fail-safe RF performance and trans-
Dual The UR6D True Diversity Receiver:
parent audio, a result of sophisticated new Samson circuitry and dbx® Noise Reduction. The UR6D (and
UR6DX) dual system receiver is a 1U space, 19" rackmount device with recessed controls, a back-lit LCD display and a protection cover to safeguard control settings.
Equipped with 96 frequencies (101 channels) operating on two separate frequency ranges, the UR6D includes
a 3-position antenna attenuator switch; a Mix switch that
combines both outputs into one, and an automatic voltage sensing power supply for world-wide use. It also features balanced and unbalanced outputs. Remote IN/Out
capability is provided via a Mini DIN connector remotecontrollable via the external host computer.
The UH6 handheld and UT6 beltpack transmitters are
also equipped with 96 frequencies (101 channels) operating on two separate frequency ranges. They use two AA
batteries, another Series Six innovation based on the
increased worldwide availability and cost-effectiveness of
this popular format. A Battery Life LED changes color
from green to red one hour before unit ceases to function. Both transmitters also include a full array of internal
and external controls for maximum effectiveness is different applications.
The lightweight and ergonomically-designed UT6 beltpack transmitter also features a unique rotatable antenna
and belt clip along with a high-quality locking 6-pin
Hirose connector for headset and lavalier mics. Optional
accessories include distribution amplifiers (DA6/DA6X)
that operate with up to 8 receivers each and active antennas in both movable and wall-mount formats, with up to 4
antennas feeding each distribution amp for improved performance against RF "dropouts."
The DA6 Distribution Amplifier:
The Samson UHF Synth Six True Diversity Wireless notified under FCC rules, Part 15, and DOC certified
System shall be of a multi-channel, crystal-controlled PLL under RSP 121. The Receiver shall be of a rack-mount
synthesized oscillator type operating on 96 selected UHF type. Dimensions of the Receiver shall be 18.85″ (479
frequencies in 2 bands: 778 – 794 MHz (“X” frequencies) mm) wide, 8.38″ (213 mm) deep and 1.7″ (44 mm; 1
and 794–810 MHz (“Standard” frequencies). The System rack space) high. Weight of the single-channel Receiver
shall include a beltpack or handheld Transmitter and a
shall be 5.29 lb. (2.4 kg).
dual-channel Receiver, and shall allow operation of up to
The beltpack Transmitter shall provide a micro22 simultaneous systems on separate channels at high
phone-level or instrument-level input on a Hirose P6
power and 96 simultaneous systems at low power utiliz- multi-pin input connector, with a selectable input source
ing both frequency bands. The Transmitter and Receiver switch. The beltpack audio input sensitivity or handheld
shall incorporate dbx® compander circuitry for noise
microphone output level shall be adjustable with a varireduction and maximum dynamic range.
able attenuator. The Transmitter shall have a mute switch
The dual-channel Receiver shall provide two baland selectable group and channel switches. The
anced microphone-level outputs on male XLR-type con- Transmitter shall incorporate LEDs for battery strength
nectors and two unbalanced microphone-level outputs
and frequency unavailability. The beltpack Transmitter
on 1/4″ phone connectors, and shall provide an output
shall provide +48 V Phantom Power for operation of
mixing switch. The audio output level shall be adjustable condenser microphones. The beltpack Transmitter shall
with a variable attenuator and rotary controls shall be
use a rotatable 1/2 wave antenna and the handheld
provided for selecting group and channel. The Receiver Transmitter shall use an internal antenna. The
shall incorporate an LCD showing status of RF, AF chan- Transmitter shall be powered by a 2 AA alkaline batternel, title and monitors rear panel settings such as anten- ies. The Transmitter type shall be accepted under approna attenuation, audio output level and output switch set- priate FCC rules. Dimensions of the beltpack Transmitter
tings. The Receiver shall have a tone squelch circuit
shall be 2.6″ (66 mm) wide, 4.3″ (110 mm) deep and
operating at 38.4 kHz. The Receiver shall incorporate
0.8″ (22 mm) high. Weight of the beltpack Transmitter
True Diversity circuitry for automatic antenna switching. shall be 4.9 oz. (141 g). The System shall carry a threeThe Receiver shall use two 9 Vdc powered 1/2-wave
year warranty.
removable antennas on BNC connectors. The Receiver
The System shall be a SAMSON UHF SYNTH SIX
shall be powered by 100–250 Vac, with automatic curTRUE DIVERSITY WIRELESS SYSTEM.
rent and voltage sensing circuitry. The Receiver shall be
The UH6 Handheld Transmitter:
The UT6 Beltpack Transmitter:
UR6DS/UR6DX Receiver
UH6S/UH6X Handheld, UT6S/UT6X Beltpack Transmitters
Type of Reception:
Double Super Heterodyne/True Diversity
Operating Frequencies:
95 Frequencies/101 Channels Selectable at 125 kHz
intervals in 794.125–805.875 MHz range
X Frequencies:
96 Frequencies/101 Channels Selectable at 125 kHz
intervals in 782.125–794.000 MHz range
Antenna Input:
2x50 ohms BNC Connector with Phantom Power
DC9V 25mA max. for External Antenna
OSC System:
Crystal Controlled PLL Frequency Synthesized Oscillation
Spurious Emission:
4 nW
Frequency Selectivity:
+125 kHz
Receiving Sensitivity:
21 dBuV (S/N = more than 60 dB at + 20 kHz Deviation)
Squelch Sensitivity:
18 dBuV
Tone Squelch:
38.4 kHz
Dynamic Range:
More than 103 dB (IHF-A Filter Weighted, Deviation at +10 kHz)
Residual Noise:
Less than -103 dBm (IHF-A Filter Weighted)
Less than 0.5% (IHF-A Filter Weighted, Deviation at +10 kHz)
Frequency Response:
40 Hz–15 kHz (+3 dB)
Noise Reduction:
dbx® Type II
Audio Outputs:
Balanced: -20 dBm/-60 dBm, 600 ohms,
XLR-3 32 Cannon Connector
Unbalanced: -20 dB/-60 dB 5k ohms,
Standard 1/4≤ phone jack
Power Rating:
100V to 240V 50/60 Hz Auto-Sensing
Internal Switching Power Supply
Power Consumption:
14 – 16W 50/60 Hz
18.85″ (w) x 1.7″ (h) x 8.38″ (d) – without antennas
479 mm (w) x 44 mm (h) x 213 mm (d) – without antennas
5.29 lbs./2.4 kg
Operating Frequencies:
125 kHz intervals in
AN-81A/AN-81AX & AN-82/AN-82X Active Antennas
Operating Frequencies:
X Frequencies:
Antenna Type:
Dipole (CR-493 BNC–Optional)
Relative Gain:
Antenna Output:
Power Rating:
thru receiver antenna connector or
14.1 oz./400 g
Attachment Hole Pitch:
Mic Stand Attachment:
794 – 810 MHz
778 – 794 MHz
(AN-81A/AN-81AX) 1⁄2 Wave Length Dipole
(AN-82/AN-82X) 1⁄2 Wave Length
50 ohms BNC-J Connector
+8 dB (dipole ratio included)
Phantom Power LED
Less than 2.6
(AN-81A/AN-81AX) 50 ohms Screw Terminal Type
(AN-82/AN-82X) 50 ohms BNC-J connector
DC 7–12V, Less than 20 mA supplied
antenna distribution amplifier
(AN81A/AN81AX)105 mm/4.1″ (w) x
140mm/5.5″ (h) x 126 mm/4.9″ (d)
(AN82/AN82X) 3.2″/82 mm (w) x
13.7″ (h) x 1.2″ (d)
350 mm (h) x 31 mm (d)
(AN81A/AN81AX) 10.5 oz./300 g
(AN82/AN82X including antenna)
3.2″/83.5 mm (AN-81A/AN-81AX)
5/8″, 27 UNS (AN-82/AN-82X)
95 Frequencies/101 Channels Selectable at
794.125–805.875 MHz range
96 Frequencies/101 Channels Selectable
X Frequencies:
at 125 kHz intervals in
782.125–794.000 MHz range
OSC System:
Synthesized Oscillation
RF Output Power:
Spurious Emission:
Frequency Deviation:
Frequency Deviation
Operating Range:
(131 ft. to 262 ft.) from receiving antenna
Crystal Controlled PLL Frequency
10 mW or 1 mW (switchable)
Less than 2.5µW
±40 kHz max., 5 kHz Reference
At 10 mW RF Output: 40 to 80 meters
At 1 mW RF Output:
20 to 40 meters
Input Connector:
Side Connector (UT6S/UT6X only)
Current Consumption:
80 mA at 1 mW RF Output Power
Battery Life Time:
More Than 15 Hours (1mW Power)
Low Battery Indicator:
Battery Type:
Maximum Input:
UT6 & UT6X:
input (0 dB = 0.775 Vrms)
LED Indicators:
Weight (UH6/UH6X):
Weight (UT6/UT6X):
Size (UH6/UH6X):
Size: (UT6/UT6X):
(65 1/2 ft. to 131 ft.) from receiving antenna
Hirose 6-Pin Connector/Microphone
100 mA at 10 mW RF Output Power,
More Than 10 Hours (10 mW Power),
LED Normally Green, Lights Red at 1.6 VDC
1.5V Alkaline AA x 2
UH6S & UH6X: -5 dB (0 dB = 0.775 Vrms)
-5 dB at mic input, +10 dB at instrument
Battery Low, Unavailable (inside battery compartment)
11 oz./312 g
4.9 oz./140 g
2.04″ (d) x 9.25″ (l) w/ Mic
52 mm/ (d) x 235 mm (l) w/ Mic
2.59″ (w) x 4.33″ (h) x 0.8″ (d)
66 mm (w) x 110 mm(h) x 22 mm (d)
DA6S/DA6X Antenna Distribution Amplifiers
Operating Frequencies:
794 – 806 MHz
X Frequencies:
778 – 794 MHz
Antenna Inputs:
4 (2 each for Antenna A and B) x
50 ohms BNC Connector with Phantom Power
DC 9V 25mA for External Antenna
Antenna Outputs:
8 (4 each for Antenna A and B) x 80 ohms BNC–J Connector
0 dB
Noise Factor:
Less than 10 dB
Maximum Input:
110 dBuV
Power Rating:
100V to 240V 50/60 Hz
(Auto–Switching Power Supply)
Power Consumption:
8 – 11W
18.85″ (w) x 1.7″ (h) x 8.38″ (d) w/out antennas
479 mm (w) x 44 mm (h) x 213 mm (d) w/out antennas
5.51 lbs./2.4 kg
All specifications subject to change without notice.
For more information about the UHF Synth Six please refer to the Samson Wireless Installation Guide
Specifications subject to change without notice. © 1998 SAMSON
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