Epson | Stylus Photo Printer PX800FW | The Elegant and Intelligent 4-in-1

The Elegant and Intelligent 4-in-1
Epson Stylus Photo PX800FW
Hi-Definition 4-in-one w ith fax, automatic document feeder and W i-Fi.
Large, easy to use 19.8cm touch panel view er.
Print photos that exceed lab quality w ith Epson Clarian Photographic Ink.
Integrated wireless and Ethernet for shared printing and scanning.
Dedicated dual A4 and photo paper trays.
Copy and fax documents easily using the 30 sheet automatic document feeder.
Print directly onto suitable CDs and DVDs.
Save money w ith individual inks – only replace the colour you use.
Achieving the best results using the Epson Stylus PX800FW ...........................................................2
Driver Settings.....................................................................................................................................3
Softw are ..............................................................................................................................................5
Epson Scan .........................................................................................................................................7
Features ............................................................................................................................................11
Wi-Fi and Ethernet ............................................................................................................................16
Ink Cartridges and ISO Yields ..........................................................................................................17
Full Product Specifications ...............................................................................................................19
Achieving the best results using the Epson Stylus Photo
Make sure you select the correct driver and media settings.
Select Text mode for printing high-quality text documents, or Photo for high-quality
Choose the correct paper settings - e.g. select 'Premium Glossy Photo Paper' for the best
photo quality on glossy paper.
To achieve high quality photo prints, it is recommended that Epson media is used.
Choose the 'Borderless' photo setting to get true edge-to-edge printing without any
white borders.
This Epson printer includes a permanent Micro PiezoTM print head. This means that a
head alignment should not be required during the set-up process.
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The Shor tcut menu below can be used to make a quick and easy selection of the pr int settings r equir ed.
When each pr inting pr eset is select ed, a br ief description of the setting is giv en.
Driver Settings
The dr iver settings can be contr olled manually t oo. It is impor tant to select t he appr opr iate settings
befor e pr inting, to achieve the best r esults. Star t by selecting the Main tab in the dr iver .
Text Printing
Select Dr aft on the pr inter dr iver for economical high
speed text pr inting.
Select Text mode for pr inting high-quality text
Select Text & Image for pr inting high-quality c olour
documents with images.
Photo Printing
Select Dr aft mode for pr inting photo pr oofs.
Select Photo mode for standar d day-to-day photogr aphic
pr inting.
Select Best Photo mode for high-quality photogr aphic
pr inting, such as album images .
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Media Settings
To get the best fr om an Epson pr inter , it is impor tant to
choose the cor r ect media setting.
This can be done by selecting t he appr opriate media fr om
the dr op-down menu (see image to t he left).
For optimum photo quality, Epson Pr emium Glossy Photo
Paper is r ecommended
Epson PhotoEnhance
When selected, Epson PhotoEnhance automatically adjusts colour and contr ast to your photos to ensur e
per fect r esults. It is a default setti ng for pr inting photos on glossy media, howev er as you can see below,
it can be tur ned off by clicking on the tick box.
Before After
This is also avai lab le as a stand-alone featur e
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Epson Easy Photo Print
Epson Easy Photo Pr int is a softwar e which is i nc luded with all Epson i nkjet pr inter s. It offer s easy-to-use
functions such as PhotoEnhanc e, r ed-eye r emoval and adding fr ames.
To access, go to St art, All Programs, Epson Softw are and select Epson Easy Photo Print.
Select the i mage or images then c lick the Next Step button on the bottom r ight
Red-Eye Removal
You can c lick on Red-Eye Fix All
(cir cled her e in blue) for automatic
r ed-eye r emoval.
Please note that this function will not
show a pr eview on your scr een;
however , the image wi ll be pr inted
without r ed-eye.
You can also manually or automatically
r emove r ed-eye, with a pr eview, by
clicking on the Image Cor r ect button
(cir cled in r ed).
Image Cor r ect will take y ou to t he
scr een shown her e. You can t hen
choose to r emove r ed-eye manually
(cir cled in Gr een) or automatically
(cir cled in Yellow).
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PhotoEnhance can also be accessed via Epson Easy Photo Pr int as you can see below (cir cled in r ed).
Once it is select ed, you can t hen choose t he pr eferr ed Scene Correction
(cir cled in blue).
With PhotoEnhance and Red-Eye Fix
(Auto) selected, the i mage c an be
pr eviewed befor e pr inting.
This is also avai lab le as a stand-alone featur e
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Epson Scan
Epson Scan is a TWAIN Dr iver that can be accessed as a stand-alone deskt op application or thr ough a
thir d par ty imaging pr ogr am.
It can be used for scanning documents and images and ther e ar e thr ee modes.
The fir st option is Home Mode which featur es scan settings
such as automatic sizing and document type.
This is ideal for advanced amat eur s.
You wi ll be ab le to access Epson Easy Photo Fix™ (cir cled
her e in r ed) via this mode. It consists of Colour
Restor ation, Backlight C orr ection and Dust R emoval.
These functions can be used to r estor e colour , r emove dust
and corr ect backlight to damaged images.
Another setting is Office Mode. This lets you quickly select
settings for scanning doc uments. If pr eferr ed, you can
pr eview the doc ument befor e scanning by pr essing the
Pr eview button.
It is conveni ent to use t he A utomatic Document Feeder
(ADF) when scanning multi-page documents.
Simply select ADF fr om the Doc ument sour ce dr op down
menu (cir cled her e in r ed), then pr ess Scan.
The ADF has a maximum capacity of 30 sheets.
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You can also Scan one or mor e documents to PDF via this
mode. To do this, select ADF, then pr ess Scan.
The window below wi ll pop up, then select t he dr op down
menu for Type (cir cled her e in r ed) and select PDF.
The ADF wi ll automatically detect multiple pages.
The thir d option is Professional Mode which allows comp let e
user contr ol of scan settings and advanc ed contr ols, suc h as
histogr am adjustment and tone cor r ection.
Other featur es include aut omatic exposur e, multiple cr op
fr ames, densitometer and a document mode avai lab le for
mor e advanced user s.
Images and documents can also be pr eviewed fir st befor e
As you scr oll down, Epson Easy Phot o Fix™ is also avai lab le in
this mode.
Preview Screen
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The Epson Scan dr iver allows you t o pr eview images or documents befor e scanning in bot h the Home and
Pr ofessional modes. This can be done by pr essing the Preview button and it is especially useful when
using the colour r estor ation function as can be seen below.
Pr eview without Colour Restor ation:
Pr eview with C olour Restor ation tur ned on:
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Scanning Multiple Images
Multiple images can be scanned by placing them appr oximately 2mm apar t on the scan bed (number of
images wi ll depend on t he size).
To do this, make sur e that Thumbnail (cir cled in r ed below) is selected befor e pr oceeding.
The image or images can then be pr eviewed as you can see above and then scanned. These wi ll
automatically be saved into separ ate files.
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The PX800FW features a vivid 19.8cm LCD touch panel viewer which tilts to provide the most
comfortable viewing angle. Its intelligent, context sensitive navigation system allows easy and
intuitive access to a large number of photo and other useful features.
PC-Free (Standalone) Functions Include:
Pr int photos via a memor y car d or PictBr idge
Pr int photos fr om movies
Copy documents, photos and CD/DV D ar twor k
Restor e, r epair or enhance photos with r ed-eye r emoval and Phot oEnhance
Pr int onto suit able DV Ds/CDs
Pr int photo gr eeting car ds
Pr int bespoke stationer y
Pr int an index sheet
Cr op and enlar ge images fr om memor y car d
Faxing wit h aut omatic document feeder
Automatic Document Feeder
You can use t he automatic document feeder to scan, copy or fax multiple documents. To ensur e a
smoot h wor k flow:
Make sur e the edges of the doc uments ar e even
Inser t the or iginals fac e-up and shor t edge fir st into the
automatic document feeder
Slide the edge guide on t he automatic document feeder
Once the documents have been inser ted into the automatic
document feeder , the pr inter will automatically det ect this and
switch the ADF mode on.
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Before sending or receiving faxes, you can create a fax header by adding information such as phone
number or name by doing the follow ing:
Pr ess the Home button to enter main menu, pr ess Setup, scr oll to Fax Setting , pr ess Fax Setting
Scr oll to Header, pr ess Header, pr ess Fax Header.
Input your header and pr ess Ok (Use the numer ic keypad to enter the header infor mation, you
can enter up to 40 digits)
Sending a fax:
Place t he document on t he sc an bed or in the automatic document feeder
Pr ess the Home button to enter main menu, pr ess on the Fax icon
Pr ess on the far right hand number s icon (123). Enter number then pr ess ok. Choose B&W or
Colour Fax.
Pr ess Start
If you ar e sending a b lack and white fax it will sc an the document, save it to the memor y and
then dial the fax number and send it
If you ar e sending a colour fax it will dial the fax number and send it, it will not sav e it to the
memor y
The aut omatic document feeder can be used to send multiple documents. To do t his, place the
documents on t he automatic document feeder (it will aut omatically detect t his) and follow t he
instr uctions above
Assigning speed dial buttons
Pr ess the Home button to enter main menu, pr ess Setup, scr oll to Fax Setting , pr ess Fax Setting
Pr ess Speed dial setup.
Pr ess Create
You are also able to edit and delete speed dial numbers in this menu
To use the assigned speed dial numbers betw een 1 and 60
- Pr ess the Home button to enter main menu. Pr ess Fax, Pr ess Speed Dial.
- Using the up and down ar r ows scr oll thr ough t he assigned number s, pr ess start
Creating a speed dial group
This can only happen onc e you have r egister ed the fax number s that you wish t o use as a speed
dial entr y.
Pr ess the Home button to enter main menu, pr ess Setup, scr oll to Fax Setting , pr ess Fax Setting
Pr ess Group dial setup
Assign a gr oup dial number , pr ess ok.
Enter a name for the gr oup. Pr ess ok.
Select speed dial number s you wish to assign t o the gr oup. You can assign up to 30 speed dial
entr ies in a gr oup dial.
Receiving a fax:
The Epson Stylus Photo PX800FW automatically r eceives and pr ints faxes when Auto Answ er
mode is selected – pr ess
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To r eceive faxes manually, tur n off Auto Answer mode by pr essing the
When the telephone r ings, lift the c onnected phone off the hook. You wi ll then see a scr een.
Pr ess Receive.
Pr ess the Start button, when the fax has finished tr ansmitting r eplac e the phone on the hook
To make a copy, make sur e the LCD menu shows “C opy”, (use the Home butt on to change to C opy if
necessar y). Place the or iginal face down on the flat bed then pr ess Star t.
If you want t o make a copy quickly and do not need high quality, you can pr int using the “dr aft” setting.
The pr int quality is mar ginally r educed, but the speed incr eases. To do this you must:
Pr ess the Home button t o enter main menu, pr ess Copy.
Pr ess the Menu button to enter the settings scr een
Pr ess Paper and Copy Settings.
Scr oll to Qu ality, pr ess Quality, pr ess the r ight arr ow on the c ontr ol panel to c hange t he
To copy a document
Pr ess Home button and pr ess Copy.
Set the number of copies using t he + or - or the numer ical keypad
Pr ess Start
Loading Media – CD/DVDs:
You can pr int on suitab le C Ds and DV Ds. Unlike pr evious Epson models t his CD/DV D holder is fully
automated. Do not pull or hand le the CD holder manually. Follow t he below instr uctions t o load a
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Printing on CDs/DVDs
Pr inting on suit able CDs/CV Ds couldn’t be easier with t he Epson Stylus Phot o PX800FW
Scr oll to Print on CD/DVD and select. Select pr efer ed pr int layout.
Select r equir ed photo
Adjust inner and outer diameter s with scr oll contr ols dependomg on the pr intable sur face
ar ea on your CD/DV D (optional).
Select Test print on A4 paper to have an idea of end pr oduct (optional).
Once happy select Print on a CD/DVD.
Loading Media - Paper
The Epson Stylus Photo PX800FW has a media paper tr ay which gives the advantage of being able to hold
two media types simultaneously. This means t hat you can easi ly select the c opied media for your pr int
job fr om the dr iver without manually swapping the media. See below for clear instr uctions for loading
paper into the tr ay.
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Other Modes
Ther e ar e a number of other inter esting modes outside t he key Photo, Fax, Copy and Scan functi ons.
These ar e:
Colouring Book mode:
This function allows y ou t o scan and pr int pictur es that can be used for colour ing-in, ideal for childr en.
Select Home
Scr oll to Colouring Book and select
Place pictur e you wish to c olour in and place on scanner .
Select either People, Scenery or Line Draw ing whichever is appr opr iate to the pictur e
on the scanner .
Select pr efer ed output media either A4 Plain Paper or A4 Matte
Load corr ect paper type
Pr ess Start.
Print Ruled Papers:
This function allows y ou t o pr int bespoke stationer y
Select Home
Scr oll to Print Ruled Paper
Select pr efer ed output. If the Note Pad function is selected then you can c hoose the
photo r equir ed as backgr ound befor e pr inting.
Ensur e that A4 paper is loaded into the paper tr ay.
Select number of copies
Pr ess Start.
Integrated Wi-Fi and Ethernet
Wi-Fi and Ether net ar e now i ntegr ated within t he pr inter r emoving the need for an exter nal dongle. This
allows you to shar e the pr inter between sever al user s in your home.
Ther e is an easy i nstallation pr ocess called EpsonNet EasyInstall which guides you st ep by step when
setting up the wir eless connection bet ween your pr inter and computer s.
Your fir ewall or anti-spywar e softwar e may display war nings dur ing installation. Cr eate an exception f or
EpsonNet EasyInstall to allow it to car r y out networ k configur ations:
For W indow s XP Service Pack 2 or later
Confir m that the pub lisher is SEIKO EPSON, and then c lick Unblock.
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For Mac OS X 10.5.1 or later.
Configur e the Application Fir ewall to allow acc ess for EpsonNet EasyInst all.
It is necessar y to hav e an Ether net (wir ed) connection dur ing installation to c onfigur e your printer to
communicate via Wir eless LAN. Select t he fir st method, connect an Et her net cable and switch on the
pr inter and click Next
- Select a pr inter
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Select a connection type
Choose a wir eless networ k
Enter your WEP Key or WPA passwor d – both ar e case sensitive
Check that Obtain an IP address Start is set to Automatic
Confir m settings ar e complet e
ISO Yields
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Epson Stylus Photo PX800FW
ISO Yield
Recommended Inks
Approx. 355 pages
Approx. 890 pages
Approx. 435 pages
Approx. 660 pages
Light Cyan
Approx. 335 pages
Light Magenta
Approx. 660 pages
Approx. 570 pages
Approx. 1475 pages
Approx. 720 pages
Approx. 1070 pages
Light Cyan
Approx. 540 pages
Light Magenta
Approx. 1020 pages
Also Available
The above page yields wer e based on ISO/IEC 24711 and 24712 and measur ed using the following colour
page test suit e.
Full Product Specifications
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Ep son Stylus Pho to PX800FW
Print t echnolog y
Printing method
Nozzle configur ation
Dr oplet size
6-colour inkjet pr inter, Epson Micro Piezo™ pr int head
180 nozzles black / 180 nozzles each colour (Cyan,
Magenta,Yellow,Light Cyan,Light Magenta
1.5pl (minimum) with Advanced Var iable-sized Dr oplet Technology
Ink system
Epson Claria™ Photographic Ink
Up to 5760 x 1440 optimised dpi on suitable media using RPM
(Resolution Performance Management)
Black text A4
Colour text A4
Photo 10x15 cm
Up to 40 ppm
Up to 40 ppm
Appr ox. 10 secs
Black text A4
Colour text A4
Up to 39 cpm
Up to 39 cpm
Black A4
Colour A4
LCD scr een
Supported memor y cards
A4 1200 dpi 8.8 msec/line
A4 1200 dpi 25.4 msec/line
A4 flatbed colour image scanner
4800 x 4800 dpi
19.8 cm touch scr een with integral 8.9cm LCD viewer
Compact F lash (Memory car d only) , Micr oDrive, Memory Stick, Memory
Stick Duo , MagicGate Memory Stick, MagicG ate Memory Stick Duo ,
Memory Stick PRO , Memory Stick PRO Duo , SD, SDHC, MiniSD ,
MiniSDHC , Micr oSD , Micr oSDHC , Multi Media Card, MMCplus,
MMCmobile , MMCmicro , xD-Picture car d, xD-Picture car d Type- M, xDPictur e card Type-H
Optional (Bluetooth adapter C12C824383)
Print resolut ion
Print sp eed
Copy speed
Scan speed
Scannin g techno logy
Sensor type
Scan resolutio n
St andalone f unction s
Pho to ed iting o ptio ns
Red-eye removal
T ype of Fax
F ax speed
F ax speed dials ( max)
F ax resolution
Black-and-white and colour fax capability
Up to 33.6 kbps
60 names and numbers
Standard (200 x 100), F ine (200 x 200), Photo ( 200x200 with error
CCITU/ITU G roup3 fax with Error Cor rection Mode
Up to 180 pages (IT U-T No.1 char t)
Appr ox. 3 secs per page
Hi- Speed USB - compatible with the USB 2.0 specification
USB 2.0 High Speed port for exter nal CD-R/Z IP/Mo drive (tbc)
Wi- Fi 802.11b/g
10 Base- T, 100 Base- TX
Fax funct ions
Err or cor rection mode
Page memor y
F ax transmission speed
Pap er hand lin g
Paper trays
Media size
Print mar gin
Double-sided printing
Printable CD/DVD
Automatic document feeder
Ink cartridg es
6 individual ink cartr idges
Recommended ink car tridges
Also available
Main paper tray: 120 sheets A4 plain paper (64 g/m )
Photo paper tray: 20 sheets Epson Premium Glossy Photo Paper
A4, Letter, Legal, 9x13cm, 10x15cm, 13x18cm, 13x20cm, 20x25cm, A6,
A5, B5, Envelopes: No10, DL, C6, User Defined
0 mm top, left, right, bottom via custom settings in printer driver
Optional (Auto Duplexer C12C802523)
8 cm, 12 cm
Supported media size and type - A4 plain paper
Paper thickness - 60 - 95g/m2
Maximum suppor t - 30 pages
6 individual ink cartridges
Black Cyan
Magenta Yellow Light Cyan Light Magenta
T0801 T 0802 T 0803
T0804 T 0805
T0791 T 0792 T 0793
T0794 T 0795
Electrical specification
Power consumption
Operating syst em s
Warrant y
Dimensions (WxDxH)
Noise level
So ftw are
Appr ox. 26W ( Standalone copying, ISO10561 Letter Pattern)
Appr ox. 5.5W ( sleep mode)
ENERGY STAR qualified printer
AC 220-240V
Windows 2000 / XP / XP-x64 / Vista, Mac OS 10.3.9 or later with USB
1 year standar d war ranty
extention to 3 years subject to availability
446 x 385 x 198 mm
10.8 kg (excluding ink cartr idges and power cable)
XX dB, XX dB(A), according to ISO7779 patter n with Epson Premium
Glossy Photo Paper/Photo RPM mode
Epson Event Manager
Epson Web- To-Page
Epson Easy Photo Print
Epson Print CD
Epson Net EasyInstall
ABBYY FineReader® 6.0 Sprint Plus (PC)
ABBYY FineReader® 5.0 Sprint Plus (Mac)
R eco mme nd ed ink c artrid ge s. Fo r full ink c artrid ge com pa ti bi lity refe r to the u ser d ocu me ntati on o r vis it ww w.e pso n-e uro pe .com
Fo r more in fo rma ti on ple as e vis it ww w.e pso n-e uro pe .com
Ada ptor R eq ui red ( no t su pp li ed i n the box )
USB ca bl e re qu ired for PC /M ac us e (no t sup pl ied in b ox)
Othe rw ise 3 mm to p, le ft, rig ht, bo tto m
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