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Making big better
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Video Markets
Ma king big better
The last twelve months have seen
a significant increase in the sales
and number of videowall projects
across a diverse range of verticals,
including retail, corporate,
broadcast, and the replacement
of older technologies in control
rooms. Statistics show that in
the next three years the videowall
market as a whole will increase
by 60 – 70%*. Videowalls are
supported using the technical
knowledge of the Midwich Group
working together with you.
Unloc k c ustomer p otentia l
Things to consider when specifying a videowall
• Does it meet your customers’ requirements in respect of the
content that is displayed? Is the resolution correct?
• Can it work within the constraints of the videowall’s location
and operating environment? Consider brightness, space, clearance
and outside elements.
• Cost - does it fall within your customer’s budget? Look at
purchase, lease, rental and total cost of ownership.
• How will it be displayed? Select the appropriate mounting solution
from our vast range of brackets and stands.
Technical AV
Airports, bus and train
stations are an abundance
of information and noise,
where the need for clear
information is key to a
smooth running operation.
This, in turn, opens up a large
and varied customer base for
videowall technology.
Customers in retail will
benefit enormously from
the impact of a videowall
display. Using this
technology at both point
of sale and before-hand, a
good display can attract and
inform purchasing decisions.
Benefitting students and
teachers alike, videowalls
provide the ideal solution in
education environments,
displaying concerts, sports
and entertainment – as well
as being a high-impact
message board.
Videowalls can also act as guides to attract
traffic to pre-identified points. Content can be
managed centrally and changed instantly from
participating outlets, giving total output control
to your customers.
Reach out to students with emergency
bulletins, class notices, interactive registration
and event promotions. Speak to Midwich today
about the many benefits of videowalls in
education environments.
Videowalls are an effective means of conveying
important passenger information such as check-in
desks and directions. The technology also lends itself
perfectly as an excellent advertising medium in duty
free areas and departure lounges.
• Is your customer supported in the long term? Have you discussed
an SLA with your customer? Or extended warranties?
For more information call 01379 649200 or visit
Command and Control
Large displays are today a
widely accepted standard
for displaying business
information. A corporate
reception will often carry
a large format display
showing a day’s
information about the
business as well as latest news.
Command and Control
rooms demand clear,
common instruction and
videowalls provide an
excellent central point of
Meeting room scheduling, as well as directions
to specific conference areas are regularly
presented via videowalls and used in reception
areas, they are a great medium to impress and
inform visitors.
Whether used in command
hubs of emergency services or the inner sanctum
of a transport logistics business, videowalls are an
ideal point of reference for who, and what, is
where. Midwich has a range of solutions to suit
even the most demanding environment.
Super Call Centres
A well run, well organised
call centre is more
productive and, ultimately,
more profitable. Customers
investing in a videowall
solution will have a large,
reliable, display solution
where all relevant details
are available to all.
As Super Call Centres become more popular as
organisations aim to merge and reduce costs, the
demand for quality videowalls is expected to
increase. Speak to Midwich about the numerous
options available.
2 For all pricing enquiries and to find out about the full product ranges available Tel: 01379 649200
For all pricing enquiries and to find out about the full product ranges available Tel: 01379 649200 3
Training Facilities
Videowall Example
Training, Consultancy, Support and Demonstration Facilities…
See how you can be supported…
Midwich’s technical AV support team will go to great lengths to ensure the benefits of the latest technology is fully
understood by everyone, from you the reseller through to the end user. For this reason, we provide comprehensive training
and demonstrations of our products when required.
An example of a corporate videowall solution
Midwich has provided comprises of; two 4x4
videowalls using sixteen 46-inch large
format displays from NEC, both of these
videowalls were positioned along the entrance,
leading into the lobby of the building.
Whether you choose to book a session for you and your sales team or to demonstrate ‘proof of concept’ to an end user,
Midwich and True Colours are here to help.
We run regular training sessions at our visitor – friendly centre near Bracknell, covering all aspects from security
networking to surveillance solutions. Visit the website at for further information or contact
Meeting room 2
Demo suite and Command and Control
AV Equipment:
• NEC NP905 projector
• RTi control system
• Euroscreen 180cm 4:3 tab tensioned
recessed screen
• WOW Vision, Pro Veos
AV Equipment:
• AV Stumpfl Wings Platinum
• AV Stumpfl Iseo signage solutions
• DEXON image processors
• NEC X462UN videowall 3x2
• Panasonic 85-inch plasma display
• Samsung 55EXTS display
• WOW Vision, Pro Veos
• Draper AccessV 4m Dual projection
recessed screen
• NEC PA500U projectors
• RTi control systems
• WOW Vision, Team Veos coming soon
• WOW Vision, Ripple lecture capture
coming soon
• TV One Corio Master coming soon
• Twin Blended NEC projectors
• Custom Intech control console
• Vigilant desk mount screens x2
• Samsung IP Surveillance system
• Zyxel Network switching
• 4 Samsung 56” video panels in a 2x2
windmill layout with TV one video processor
• TeleEye IP Surveillance system
• Y-Cam IP Cameras
• Koukaam NVR solution
Training room
• Streaming solutions from Exterity,
Cabletime, VBrick and WOW Vision
• DV Signbox
AV Equipment:
• NEC NP 3250W projector
• Samsung 650TS touchscreen
• Euroscreen 210cm 16:10 tab tensioned
recessed screen
• WOW Vision, Pro Veos
Meeting room 1
AV Equipment:
• NEC 4020 display
• SP Controls Pixie Pro control system
• WOW Vision, Pro Veos
The walls are fed from a Dexon processor
which has eight Full HD outputs with four
going to each wall. Each feed is then put into an
Atlona HDCP compliant splitter and then the
NEC inbuilt tile matrix technology was used
to show only ¼ of the full HD input.
The HD input was spread across four screens
giving 960x540 on each screen. The main
aim for this job was to keep the costs as minimal
as possible but still with impressive results. To
supply a single Full HD signal to each screen
just wasn’t in the budget of the customer.
Four ceiling speakers were also installed along
each wall as part of the job, this ensured
customers coming into the shop were able to
hear the audio clearly whilst walking through.
The walls were used to show the latest client
information, advertisements and relevant
company information. Both walls show the
same information but can run independently
if required.
Do you want more out of a product?
Midwich brand specialists can help...
Technical AV
With staff specialising in specific technologies and brands,
Midwich has the in-depth knowledge to help you secure that sale.
Find out more at
4 For all pricing enquiries and to find out about the full product ranges available Tel: 01252 876300
For all pricing enquiries and to find out about the full product ranges available Tel: 01379 649200 5
Videowall Displays
Videowall Displays
46 to 55-inch
videowall displays
UD and UE
powerful LED large
format displays
47 and 55-inch
displays for
commercial use
Ultra-slim bezel
on these 46 and
55-inch displays
ultra-slim bezel
videowall range
55-inch ultra-slim
bezel display
55-inch diagonal
With LED backlights and Full HD
resolution, these displays are
ideal for easy installs within the
hire and rental market.
UD series The Samsung UD Series
is the powerful Direct LED LFD for
your customers’ videowall
requirements. With a super narrow
bezel-to-bezel measurement of just
5.5mm, the UD Series removes any
distractions from your messages.
LG’s innovative LCD videowall
solution provides an incredible visual
experience for anyone who comes
across the display. Advertisements,
information and broadcast video are
in sync with all your customers’
target needs, while picture quality
and performance is enhanced by LG
display technology.
Designed to impress and capture
audiences in retail, corporate and
education environments. The
Philips 46-inch and 55-inch
display feature bezels of just 2.4
mm on the bottom and right, and
4.3 mm on the top and left, for a
total of 7.3 mm screen to screen,
making videowalls virtually
seamless. Audiences will be
astonished whether used
in a 5 x 5 square matrix or in a
1 x 3 portrait set up.
Sharp can offer videowall panels
in three different brightness
levels. They are also available in
three different brightness’ levels.
Also, Sharp have a ‘Mirror Bezel’
solution that covers the small
bezel and reflects what’s
happening either side to create
the illusion of almost zero bezel.
Panasonic’s TH-55LFV50W
videowall has an ultra-thin
5.3mm bezel. This, together with
its high brightness capabilities
allow maximum impact from this
55-inch display. The extra strong
metal bezel of 0.4mm prevents
warping over time as opposed to
the 0.2mm thick metal or plastic
on competitor models.
The Mitsubishi MITVSL55HM70U
delivers high-quality 700cd/m2
brightness and a 3500:1
contrast ratio that is ideal for
space limited installations that
require high picture quality for
long periods.
These NEC displays provide the
ideal solutions for retail signage
as well as control room
applications, installations in
airports, train stations and a good
choice for the rental market.
Midwich provide
the most comprehensive
videowall stockholding
in the UK
Slim bezel design.
HDMI connectivity.
Energy saving properties.
LED backlit technology
(55-inch only).
Call our NEC specialist
Tim Allenden on
01379 649380 to
find out more
UE series Designed to deliver the
largest image display area possible,
the UE Series features an
ultra-narrow bezel which helps
viewers to concentrate on what is
on the screen. If one screen just
isn’t enough, the UE Series can
be easily configured for multiple
displays to create a high-impact,
stunning videowall display system.
SMUE46/SMUE55 and
Call our Samsung
specialist Lee Cork on
01379 649253 to find
out more
These commercial videowall displays
are ideal for retail window displays
and exhibition environments.
Maximum of 15 x 15 screens.
6.9mm seam size and 9ms
response time.
Shine out technology that
reflects away light.
LG47WV30 and LG55WV70
Call our LG specialist
Arvin Mohabeer on
01379 649337 to find
out more
6 For all pricing enquiries and to find out about the full product ranges available Tel: 01379 649200
Optimised for public viewing.
Operational flexibility
including 24/7 use.
Low cost of ownership.
Call our Philips
specialist Perdee Stagg
on 01379 649277 to
find out more
Full array LED backlight with
local dimming.
An enlarged display mode.
Built-in 10W per channel
stereo audio amplifier.
Compatible for 24/7 use in
landscape and portrait modes.
Call our AV Sales
Manager, Mark Helliwell
on 01379 649894 to
find out more
With its low power consumption
and energy saving features the
display is also eco-friendly.
The super narrow 5.7mm mullion
(total) minimises image content
loss, whilst the innovative digital
gradation circuit provides
uniform brightness distribution
across the screen, resulting in the
reproduction of sharp, vivid
images from edge to edge on
multi-screen configurations.
Call our Panasonic
specialist David
Masterson on 01379
649388 to find out more
Call our AV Sales
Manager, Mark Helliwell
on 01379 649894 to
find out more
For all pricing enquiries and to find out about the full product ranges available Tel: 01379 649200 7
Technical Videowall Solutions
Technical Videowall Solutions
Want to speed up you quotes?
Our technical AV team is here to help, here is the range of technology we can assist with.
Digital signage is a complex technology that allows the user
to display a mix of promotional communications, objective
information and qualitative content to a specific audience.
Offer hassle free digital signage to your customers with trusted
hardware and software solutions used in establishments
around the globe.
The Midwich Technical AV support team are on hand to work with
you and your customers. To find out more about how True Colours
can support you, call our sales team on 01252 876300.
obtain quotes from Midwich and issue
it, marked up and complete with your logo, to your customers.
Call 01379 649200 for details
WOW, wireless collaboration tool for use in
classroom and lecture theatres alike allowing
for small or large numbers of participants to
take part in the presentation without the need
for cables.
Exterity, hardware and software
solution to provide IPTV to all
public areas and desktops.
Spending too much time
the benefit
H a good marketing effort?
You can automate your ordering by linking your
computer system to ours.
campaigns and media featuring your
Find outcan
own branding.
Find out more at
Video markets include…
Education, Corporate and Super Call Centres
Jenny Hicks
Streaming Media
e: jenny.hicks@
t: 07833 092383
Martin Chambers
Product Development &
Support Manager
e: martin.chambers@
t: 07766 508512
Andrew Rothery
Image Processing Specialist
e: andrew.rothery@
t: 07827 851308
Alex Moss
Image Processing
Sales Specialist
e: alex.moss@
t: 07824 310310
Control Systems
Chris Brzostowski
Atlona Sales Specialist
e: chris.brzostowski@
t: 01252 749850
Video markets include…
Education, Corporate, Healthcare and
Super Call Centres
Do you ever wonder what’s
you evertowonder
your order?
happening to your order?
Look online to find out when it was dispatched,
where and when delivered, even view the proof of
Find out more at
Can we help you with
your cash flow?
Midwich offers thirty days interest free credit so that you
can buy in stock without putting yourself out of pocket.
Find out more at
Dexon and
TV One
PC Data
PC Data
PC Data
2 projectors
Make the most of video walls with Dexon and TV One image processors
Large format 16 images
BrightSign hardware and software offers
customisable signage solutions for use in
the high footfall areas and an easy-to-use
user interface.
VBrick comprehensive product suite and
end-to-end solutions are used in a wide range
of live and on-demand applications.
Signage live hardware and software offers
customisable signage solutions for use in high
footfall areas and an easy to use user interface.
TV one, hardware and software videowall
solution allowing up the minute real time data
for departure and waiting areas. Could be used
in conjunction with a signage solution also.
DEXON, hardware and software videowall
solution provides a secure solution for all types
of command and control with a 24/7 build
rating. DEXON is also fully accredited to display
top secret alongside non restricted material.
Atlona’s hardware solution enables the sending
of video sources over vast distances in harsh
environments. To be used when the display
technology is not located within close
proximity of the source.
Video markets include…
Transportation, Retail, Education,
Corporate, Healthcare and Super Call Centres
Video markets include…
Broadcasts, distributed training, videowalls, digital
signage, TV distribution, video surveillance, and
Web 2.0 marketing
Video markets include…
Transportation, Retail, Education,
Corporate, Healthcare and Super Call cCntres
Video markets include…
Transportation, Retail, Education, Corporate
Events - hire and rental and Super Call Centres
Video markets include…
Transportation, Retail, Education, Corporate
Events - hire and rental, Command and Control
and Super Call Centres
Video markets include…
Retail, Education, Corporate, Events - hire and
rental, Healthcare and Super Call Centres
8 For all pricing enquiries and to find out about the full product ranges available Tel: 01252 876300
For all pricing enquiries and to find out about the full product ranges available Tel: 01252 876300 9
i n t e ra c t i v e
3D displays
D V D, a u d i o &
& c o m m e rc i a l c a b l e s o l u t i o n s
audio &
audio public
v i d e o wa l l s
c o m m e rc i a l
Here, we’ve highlighted just a few accessory options available…
i n t e ra c t i v e
3D displays
D V D, a u d i o & m o u n t i n g
& c o m m e rc i a l c a b l e s o l u t i o n s s o l u t i o n s
Profit from
audio &
audio public
v i d e o wa l l s
Wall plate
‘Pop out’
wall mounts
The Peerless DS-VW765-LAND
full-service videowall mount
means it’s now easy to create
any configuration possible,
without the tiresome
calculations to the custom wall
plate spacers. The innovative
design combined with a readyto-install, out of the box mount
makes this the fastest installing
videowall system ever.
Also available: 2x2 or 3x3.
Configurations for 40" to
60" displays.
Chief are able to offer the
largest selection of universal
and custom TV and display
mounts worldwide. Their mounts
have been designed with
features for speedy installation
that doesn’t compromise on
quality. Chief provide a variety
of accessories that integrate
seamlessly with their mounts to
customise the needs of all your
customers’ installation.
Btech’s ‘Pop-out’ videowall
mount has an impressive speed
of installation and easy access
for maintenance, which are a
key aspect on customers list of
requirements. The fantastic new
Pop-Out Micro-adjust Videowall
Mount is an installer’s new best
friend. With tool-less
adjustment on 3 Axis and
optional Screen Specific
Templates, install times can
be cut in half.
There’s more to surveillance than just CCTV
Secure fixing with the addition of easy
configuration and access for maintenance
are all key considerations when installing
your customer’s videowall.
Today’s mounting solutions see an end to
frustrating, time-consuming processes
and have been designed to save you
hours of calculating time and adjustment
in order to achieve the perfect display.
Whether your customers are seeking an
unconventional screen arrangement,
absolute peace of mind in mounting
integration, or the ability to quickly and
easily access behind panels for installation
and maintenance, you will find the
solutions here.
Surveillance equipment and videowall technology have worked hand in hand for
many years, but the synergy between today’s technologies open up a wealth of
new opportunities.
With high definition technology, even greater detail is possible and is being used
in a diverse and sometimes surprising range of applications. With transportation
using number plate capture for vehicle monitoring, education facilities utilising real
time HD images as lesson aids and retail outlets monitoring footfall for marketing
purposes, there’s more to surveillance than just CCTV.
Here’s a few of these opportunities in key markets…
Call our accessories
specialist Jason
Devereux on
01379 647520 to
find out more.
h o s p i t a l i t y D V D, a u d i o &
& c o m m e rc i a l c a b l e s o l u t i o n s
D V D, a u d i o &
& c o m m e rc i a l c a b l e s o l u t i o n s
audio public
audio &
v i d e o wa l l s
audio public
v i d e o wa l l s
Able to monitor footfall,
the Panasonic WJ-NV200
allows retail outlets to
detail visitor numbers and
break these down into
sex and age ranges for
useful demographic
information. Used in conjunction with
videowall processors controlling digital
signage, the information can be used to
drive advertisements and promotions
targeted at the correct audience.
audio &
Bosch Security are the
market leader for UK
transportation CCTV
systems, one of the largest
users of videowall
solutions in the world and
operate in a diverse range
of applications including London
Underground platform safety cameras and
TFLs bus lane monitoring - making sure lanes
are kept safe for public transportation.
c o m m e rc i a l
& Control
EducationSuper Call
CorporateLeisure &
Hospitality & Control
Working in conjunction
with videowall processors
displaying lecture theatre
images, Grundig provide a
range of HD-SDI cameras
producing crisp 1080p HD
video with zero latency,
ideal for displaying video in same room
environments. With simple conversion to
HDMI, the video feeds can be connected to
the videowall processor directly and displayed
on any number of screens.
CorporateLeisure & Command
Hospitality & Contro
Adding numerous
synchronised screenings
brings the wow factor to
any company display or
presentation. High
definition footage from
Samsung’s IP cameras can
easily be converted to AVI files, giving the
ability to show sections of video on multiple
reception and presentation screens – all fed
and controlled by a videowall processor.
Just a selection of the wide range of audio options…
D displays
with audio
D V D, a u d i o & m o u n t i n g
& c o m m e rc i a l c a b l e s o l u t i o n s s o l u t i o n s
audio &
Videowalls can be enhanced with the
inclusion of a dedicated audio system
which will replay the accompanying
audio sound track of the media being
replayed on the screen.
The audio system set up with a
videowall can range from a pair of basic
active loudspeakers to suit the smaller
video display up to a large format
system using professional line array
loudspeakers which would suit
transportation halls or large public areas.
These audio systems can also be
integrated with a suitable high
performance control systems
allowing versatility and ease of use for
the operator.
Call our audio
specialist Andy
Crosson on
01379 647575 to
find out more.
One stop
When a one-stop
solution is required, look
no further than the
versatile and powerful
Cloud 4650 for the
answer. Power and
control are normally
separate functions within
a sound system, but now,
with the Cloud 46/50,
they have been fully
integrated into a single
compact unit.
Looking for a
professional integrated
amplifier for use with a
videowall in commercial
boardrooms or small
businesses? An
affordable but yet
professional unit,
designed for 24/7
Sound Directions advise
on audio installation
projects and distribute
speakers for background
music systems,
interactive displays,
presentations and other
commercial audio
applications. When your
customers want their
audio to be focused in a
specific area close to
videowalls, the FP series
targets audio to an
exact spot.
The RCF MQ 100L
(available in black and
white) is a 3-way column
loudspeaker providing
natural hi-fidelity sound
of both speech and
music, these are
particularly suitable for
videowall installations
where the environment
is acoustically critical
or where there is
architectural constraints.
Cloud 4650
Apart Concept1
Sound Directions FP Series
audio public
v i d e o wa l l s
White or
Events: Hire and Rental
Grundig IP cameras
can connect directly
to many videowall
processors and are the
ideal cameras to monitor
stage and lighting areas
with feeds running back to
the control desk to ensure props and
equipment are working correctly. Simple
installation means you can have eyes on the
situation from any location required.
and Control
Super Call Centres
& Control
Super Call
SilverNet offer a range
of wireless and Mesh
network equipment
optimised to run CCTV
video feeds from remote
areas back to the
videowall control room. As
a network transmission product, the same
links can be utilised as extensions to run the
site’s internal network, saving on expensive
and time consuming cable installation.
Retail Leisure &
EducationHealthcare Corporate
& Control
Larger security systems
work perfectly with
videowall processors to
display multiple images
from a diverse range of
feeds. Compatible with IP
and analogue based
solutions, these are a must for public space,
transport and multi-site systems working in
conjunction with cameras, recording
equipment and access control.
To speak to our specialist security team please call 01379 647500
10 For all pricing enquiries and to find out about the full product ranges available Tel: 01379 649200
For all pricing enquiries and to find out about the full product ranges available Tel: 01379 647500 11
Super Ca
01379 649200
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