Hearing is believing
Redefining audio for luxury home cinema
Professional audio
for the home
Look closely at a movie poster or the credits of a Hollywood picture
and you’ll see three important words: Datasat Digital Sound. It’s
a mark of assurance that the film delivers an outstanding Digital
Surround Sound experience to cinema audiences throughout the
world. Now, Datasat Digital Entertainment brings the same
experience and professional audio quality to luxury home cinema.
Since 1993, we’ve been pioneering Digital Surround Sound. We began as part of DTS before its
cinema division became Datasat Digital Entertainment in 2008. We introduced millions of moviegoers
to Digital 5.1 Surround Sound with the release of Jurassic Park. Since then, we’ve continually
innovated to provide a better, richer and more realistic audio experience for professional cinema.
Our sound technology is in daily use by over 30,000 cinema screens across five continents. When
Barco created the world’s first commercially available 3D sound system for cinemas, they placed our
audio processing technology at its heart. Today, the Datasat AP20 is rapidly becoming the audio
processor of choice for high quality cinema sound due to its advanced features, audio quality,
reliability and precise reproduction of both digital and analog sound.
Our professional audio products are developed by sound engineers for sound engineers. We may be
sound engineers but we are audiophiles too. We have ensured our home cinema products are created
by audiophiles for audiophiles. With one key difference. Ours are the only home cinema audio systems
developed from the same technology platform as our award-winning professional cinema solutions.
The Datasat RS20i delivers a new dimension in two channel and surround sound excellence to luxury
home cinema. The audio is transparent and true-to-source to ensure the listening experience is as
good or even better than the best cinema. Designed to complement the Datasat RS20i, the Datasat
range of amplifiers deliver extremely accurate and refined voice and music reproduction in the most
demanding environments.
Over 30,000 cinemas worldwide use our
digital audio systems. Today we work with
top exhibitors to keep Datasat at the
forefront of digital sound.
T here have been more than 14,000 movie
releases worldwide – including 2,500
Hollywood titles – that feature our sound
S ince 1993, our team has released 17
products for professional cinema and
studios including audio processors, audio
playback units, extended surround units
and media playback systems.
Our digital sound technology was
recognised by an Academy Award in 1996.
Our team was presented with the Technical
Award in the Scientific and Engineering
Category for the design and development
of the DTS digital sound system – which is
now called Datasat Digital Sound.
Designed for the discerning listener
Datasat RS20i
The Datasat RS20i is the most versatile, customisable and featurerich audio processor available today for luxury home cinema. It
introduces a new level of crystal clear, highly realistic two
channel and surround sound audio that makes the listener feel
that they are right there in the middle of the action.
Designed by the same Datasat team responsible for the Datasat AP20 professional audio processor, the
circuitry design and audio quality of the Datasat RS20i is second to none. It comes with many features not
previously seen in high end home audio processors including Dirac Live® advanced room optimisation and
correction, 20 memory profile settings, stackable multiple EQs and extensive automation controls.
The Datasat RS20i delivers a level of refined, true-to-source audio above competitive processors.
Soundtracks sound like they are being played from the original mixing desk and music comes alive.
The inclusion of Dirac Live® means rooms can be optimised so that sound is delivered with pinpoint
accuracy and improved detail.
With 16 channels of digital audio, the Datasat RS20i supports all sound formats available today
including two channel, 5.1, 7.1 and 9.1 and will even support 11.1, 12.4, 14.2 and anything in
between. Features such as HDMI v1.4a mean it can also seamlessly handle 3D video content. In
addition, three expansion slots ensure that the Datasat RS20i can support exciting new audio
developments as they happen.
Audio is tuned to create the most natural and immersive listening experience for the individual
listener. A global delay on the input means that the audio can be offset to adjust for sync. Individual
channel delays allow for adjustment of speakers for time alignment in full range or active crossover
applications. It also means that speakers in the sound system can be positioned so that they are
perfectly balanced with the acoustic behaviours of the room.
This power and flexibility is matched by stunning good looks. With front panel and chassis designed
by Neal Feay Company, an award-winning designer of consumer electronics, the Datasat RS20i
makes an attractive component of any luxury home entertainment system.
Key Features
16 Channels Of Digital Audio
Superior Bass Management
20 Memory Presets
With 16 channels of digital audio
processing available, the RS20i will
accommodate all surround sound
formats currently available - including
true 3D sound. The RS20i supports up
to 85 digital and analog inputs as well
as 34 audio outputs. Outputs can be
assigned to allow for bi-amping and
tri-amping. The optional 8 channel
output card allows for more active
crossover options.
Advanced bass management features
include full and user-adjustable bass
control on each screen and surround
channel. The RS20i supports up
to 4 subwoofers with your home
cinema system to enable enhanced
surround settings such as 12.2 or 12.4.
Extensive Equalisation
Market-Leading Room
In addition to the Dirac Live®
optimisation, the RS20i comes with
31 bands of third octave EQ and three
bands of parametric EQ for low end
shaping, high and low shelving EQ,
high and low bandpass filters, level and
delay on all 16 channels. Each channel
delivers the ultimate in flexibility and a
stunning clarity of sound.
The RS20i is the only home cinema
audio solution to feature the marketleading Dirac Live® room optimisation
The RS20i allows you to completely
customise your listening experience
and tailor it for your individual listening
environment. 20 memory presets are
available for saving and recalling
complete EQ, input and output routing
profiles. Create a custom EQ and output
profile for symphonies, sporting events,
music or concert Blu-rays. Create a
completely different EQ for the same
input source for your personal tastes.
Add speakers to expand a stereo
input and add Bass Management.
All settings can be stored into the
memory presets for instant recall. This
customisable and powerful approach
is the most flexible offered today..
Wide-Ranging Support For
Content Types
The RS20i supports all the major
audio decoders from Dolby and DTS
as well as an extensive choice of
digital, analog and HDMI inputs. This
allows your home cinema system to
accommodate an extremely broad
array of content types including 3D
video passthrough.
Ease Of Management
The RS20i presents you with a number
of features to make management and
control flexible and convenient. In
addition to a range of remote control
options – including smartphone, tablet
and laptop control – the system includes
Ethernet and RS232 connectors for
automation or support access.
Dirac Live®
Making the entire room a sweet spot
Every room is different. In addition, traditional home entertainment
systems deliver audio to a limited sweet spot at a central listening
location, Dirac Live® allows the Datasat RS20i to deliver
outstanding audio quality to the entire listening environment.
Dirac Live® is state-of-the-art digital room correction technology that optimises the sound both in
terms of the impulse response as well as the stationary frequency response. The result is
substantially improved musical staging, clarity, voice intelligibility, and a deeper and tighter bass,
not just in a small sweet spot but in the entire listening environment.
By digitally optimising the audio signal prior to sending it to the amplifiers, and by measuring the output from
each speaker of the audio system, sound interference and distortion can be overcome. This allows
the Datasat RS20i to produce much more transparent and true-to-source sound in even the toughest of
operating environments.
Key Features
Increased Musical Clarity And
Voice Intelligibility
By digitally optimising the output from
each speaker, so that it is perfectly
adjusted to the acoustic behaviour
of the listening environment, a much
more transparent and realistic sound
can be delivered. Voice intelligibility is
improved and music becomes clearer.
True Impulse Response
Dirac Live® is unique to the
marketplace in that it provides true
working impulse response correction
as measured over larger listening
regions. This impulse response is
critical for multichannel and stereo
perception. Localisation and stereo
hearing, in general, depend on the
similarity between and the quality of
the channel impulse responses. Dirac
Live® improves the precision and the
clarity of the audio imaging.
Mixed Phase Correction
Restored Sound Stage
Dirac’s mixed-phase filter technology
provides the highest performance
available. Loudspeakers measured
in rooms are mixed-phase and
consequently only a mixed-phase
correction can restore the intended
impulse response. Room correction
systems that only provide minimumphase or linear-phase correction fail to
improve aspects which determine the
perceived localisation and clarity of a
sound event.
Dirac Live® restores the sound stage
so that the localisation of sound events
become much more detailed. Since stereo
and multi-channel perception depends
crucially on the similarity, or correlation,
between the signals at the left and right
ears, which in turn is determined by the
impulse responses of the signal paths,
only true mixed-phase impulse response
correction can improve the spatial
perception of a sound reproduction. Dirac
Live® is the solution to achieve this in
any size listening space.
A Deeper And Tighter Bass
Reduced Listening Fatigue
Acoustic room modes distort the
character of the bass. Loudspeakers
continue to ring even after a bass punch
has been delivered due to mechanical
restrictions. Dirac Live® effectively
prepares the loudspeaker for the
sound that is coming and reduces
the settling time of the loudspeaker,
thereby achieving a much tighter bass.
By adjusting the speaker outputs to
the room modes, the character of the
bass is restored to that intended on
the recording. The result is a tighter,
deeper and more defined low end.
Time-domain distortions, caused by
diffraction, cross-overs, and early
reflections, make it difficult for our
brains to interpret the sound. A smooth
frequency response and an aligned
phase response make the sound more
natural and prevent listening fatigue
during prolonged listening sessions.
With the unique phase response
correction and magnitude response
optimisation of Dirac Live®, listening
becomes effortless and brings you one
significant step closer to reality.
Magnitude Response
Dirac’s patented methods offer just
the right resolution. Based not only on
an average response, the stationary
frequency response correction looks
at the variations between different
measurement positions and carefully
makes a correction whose level of
detail depends on the frequencydependent spatial variations.
Datasat Dirac Live®
Impulse response correction
Frequency response correction
Datasat Amplifiers
Powerful, elegant and super-quiet
The Datasat RA2400 and RA7300 amplifiers bring a new level of
quality and flexibility to high-quality home cinema and multichannel music systems. Perfect for anything from small media
systems to outfitting an entire home or estate. advanced circuitry
and careful design delivers one of the industry’s quietest and
most powerful series of amplifiers.
The 2 channel Datasat RA2400 Stereo Power Amplifier and 7 channel RA7300 Multi-Channel Power
Amplifier are designed to be versatile. The fully balanced differential design of both systems doubles
amplifier speed (slew rate) while reducing noise by 50%.
In addition, any number of RA series amplifiers can be operated without thermal issues - the
amplifiers are maintained at their optimum bias point independent of amplifier temperature.
The RA2400 and RA7300 amplifiers are designed to complement the Datasat RS20i providing the
ultimate listening experience for luxury home cinema.
Datasat amplifiers
DATASAT ra7300
Datasat RA7300
High Quality Multi-Channel
Power Amplifier
The Datasat RA7300 is a 7 channel Power Amplifier that combines
power with performance delivering a typical signal-to-noise ratio of
>127dB. it just may be the industry’s quietest amplifier.
Quiet operation is guaranteed in high performance environments. Dual thermal sensors control very
low-speed fans with substantial heat sinks. The fans only operate when programme material
demands additional cooling. This ensures that any fan noise is masked by programme content.
Each amplifier channel is designed with a separate power supply on a printed circuit board. Not only
does this provide ease of replacement, it minimises crosstalk, noise and distortion. The amplifier
uses current feedback to increase amplifier speed. This advanced circuitry and design yields twice
the amplifier speed while halving noise.
With rated output of 300 watts into each of the seven channels, the RA7300 is powerful enough to
deliver outstanding performance out of almost any system - whether operating in a home cinema or
professional theatre.
Key Features
The Quietest Amplifiers
Dual thermal sensors, one per
channel bank, control very low speed
fans with substantial heat sinks.
In this way, the RA7300 delivers a
signal-to-noise ratio of >127dB (A
weighted, referenced to full output).
Enhanced Versatility
The RA7300 Multi-Channel Power
Amplifier is rated for 4 and 8 ohm
loads. It delivers 7 channels of 300
watts RMS power into 8 ohms. It
delivers 450 watts RMS into 4 ohms.
Consistent, ThermalIndependent Operations
The RA7300 amplifier uses dualDC servos to ensure that DC offset
is at a minimum and thermal-track
transistors maintain the amplifiers at
their optimum bias point independent
of amplifier temperature. The amplifier
operates without current limiting.
Innovative, Modular Design
Extended Connectivity
Advanced Circuitry
Each amplifier channel is designed
complete with power supply on a single
printed circuit board. Separate power
supplies for each channel minimise
crosstalk, noise and distortion.
This approach provides for ease of
replacement and system maintenance.
The RA7300 features DB25 connectors
with pass-through and channel select
that mate perfectly with the Datasat
RS20i. The RA series also features
balanced XLR.
The RA7300 amplifier features a
fully balanced differential topology
that doubles amplifier slew rate and
reduces noise by 50%. The amplifiers
use current feedback to increase
amplifier speed.
Efficient Standby
The RA7300 amplifier meets or exceeds
all international standards for standby
power consumption including the new
1/2 watt standard.
Quiet And Versatile
Stereo Power Amplifier
Based on the sophisticated circuitry and design of the 7 channel
Datasat RA7300, the Datasat RA2400 Stereo Power Amplifier contains
a host of additional features that take its operation to the next level.
The RA2400 features dual mono design where each channel is completely independent. The unique
amplifier design uses multiple small storage capacitors situated as closely as possible to the output
transistors. Each channel has its own specially designed bridge rectifier.
Low noise, high performance operation is assured as no parts within the amplifier have any thermal
limitations. Its isolated floating point output stage is immune to disruptions due to ground currents.
In addition, seven independent regulators deliver a fully regulated power supply for the input stage.
The Datasat RA2400 features all the noise reduction features of the RA7300 as well as employing
cascode operation for its input stage to further decrease the noise levels.
With rated output of 400 watts into 8 ohms, the RA2400 provides the ultimate in sound quality and
versatility for the high end home entertainment user.
Key Features
The Quietest Amplifiers
Dual thermal sensors, one per channel
bank, control very low speed fans with
substantial heat sinks. In addition,
the input stage of the RA2400 uses
cascode operation for even lower
noise. In this way, the RA2400 reduces
amplifier noise by 50%.
Enhanced Versatility
The RA2400 Stereo Power Amplifier is
rated for 4 and 8 ohm loads. It delivers
2 channels of 400 watts RMS power
into 8 ohms. It delivers 800 watts RMS
into 4 ohms.
Consistent, ThermalIndependent Operations
The RA2400 is designed to maintain
the amplifier at optimum bias point
independent of amplifier temperature.
It operates without current limiting.
The parts within the RA2400 have no
thermal limitations – even the line
fuse has been replaced by a magnetic
circuit breaker.
Innovative, Modular Design
Extended Connectivity
Advanced Circuitry
The RA2400 features dual mono
design. Each channel is completely
independent with fully regulated power
supply for the input stage controlled by
seven independent regulators.
The RA2400 features DB25 connectors
with pass-through and channel select
that mate perfectly with the Datasat
RS20i. The RA series also features
balanced XLR.
The RA2400 features a unique amplifier
design using multiple small storage
capacitors (40 1,000 microfarad units
per channel) situated as close as
possible to the output transistors.
It features 20 output devices per
channel and each channel has its own
specifically designed bridge rectifier
for smooth AC to DC conversion.
Efficient Standby
The RA2400 amplifier meets or exceeds
all international standards for standby
power consumption including the new
1/2 watt standard.
Datasat RA2400
DATASAT ra2400
Product Specifications
Digital Audio Decoders
Signal Outputs
Digital Audio Outputs
• Dolby AC3,
Dolby TrueHD
• C hannels: 16, fully routable
as to input
• C onnectors: Two DB25 Male
(Ch1-8 and Ch9-16)
• DTS-HD Master Audio / DTS ES /
DTS 5.1 / Neo:6 / Neo:X
Hi/Low/Bandpass Active
• Adjustable from 20Hz to 20kHz;
adjustable slope of 6, 12, 18 or
24dB per octave (12 and 24dB filters
are Linkwitz-Riley crossover)
igital Format: AES/EBU
Bass/Treble tone control
Signal Inputs
• S ample Rates: 48kHz, 96kHz
and 192kHz
• Adjustable +/-6dB per channel
HDMI Inputs
Analog Audio Outputs
• Audio Channels: Up to 8 (LPCM,
DTS-HD Master Audio & Dolby AC3)
• Connectors: 5 HDMI connectors (4
switched inputs and 1 output)
• HDMI V1.4a compliant digital audio
with video pass-thru
Digital Audio Inputs
• Channels: 16
• Connectors: Two DB25 Female
(Ch1-8 and Ch9-16)
• Digital Format: AES/EBU
• Sample Rates: 44.1kHz, 48kHz,
96kHz and 192kHz
Other Digital Audio Inputs
• Connectors: Two TOSLINK (optical
S/PDIF) and 1 coaxial (S/PDIF)
• C hannels: 16 (fully routable as
to input), common mapping with
Digital Outputs
• B alanced (can be connected
unbalanced or single ended)
• C onnectors: Two DB25 Male
(Ch1-8 and Ch9-16)
• L evel: 300mV with volume at -15,
+26dBu max (balanced)
• Channels: 2 stereo single ended
input pairs
• Connectors: 4 RCA jacks
• Impedance: 10k ohms
• Sensitivity Adjustable:
-16dBv to -4dBv
Microphone Input
• Single channel -68dBv to -8dBv
input with switchable +48V
phantom power
• Connector: XLR female
• Full or adjustable high pass settings
for screen and surround speaker
• E xport/Load of user configurations
via USB
• Adjustable high pass filter for
• S oftware updateable by USB or
Power Requirements
Individual Channel Delays
• 100-130 VAC or 215-260 VAC, 5060Hz. Input voltage range manually
switched at the rear panel by
rotating the fuse holder
• C onnector: 1 single ended RCA
output, summed output for the
hearing impaired. Fixed Level Out,
300mV RMS
• 0 - 1000ms
• 90w power consumption
Global Delay
Hardware Dimensions
• 0 –1000ms
Audio EQ
Note: Total delay per channel
not to exceed 1000ms
• H/W/D: 5.60” x 17.40” x 17.63”.
Height with feet removed 5.25”
• 1 2-Channel Dirac Live® room
optimisation (16-channel Dirac
to be available in future release)
Other Analog Audio Inputs
Bass Management
ser defined input selections
controllable by Touchscreen, GPIO,
RS232, Ethernet
• Optional phantom center
• Channels: 8 balanced, can be
connected unbalanced
• Reference level: 300mV RMS
• C onfigurable for up to 20 user
defined output channel profiles
which include output channel
names, output routing, crossover
high/low pass filters
• Support for 0 to 4 subwoofers
Dirac Live® Room Optimisation
• Impedance: 10k ohms
• Corner frequency for treble
adjustable from 1.5kHz to 12.0kHz
• C onfigurable for up 20 user defined
named EQ sets which include
definitions for Dirac optimisation,
third octave EQ, parametric EQ,
bass and treble controls
• C onnector: 1 single ended RCA
output, channel-selectable to drive
an external monitor. Adjustable
Levels, to 300mV RMS
Analog Audio Inputs
• Connector: DB25 (Female)
• Corner frequency for bass
adjustable from 50Hz to 300Hz
named set for EQ and output
channel profile
irac Live® Installer kit sold
1/3 Octave EQ
• 1 6 channels - 31 user-adjustable
bandpass filters
Audio Delays
Automation Inputs/Outputs
• Connector: DB25
• 16 bi-directional GPIO’s, optically
isolated, mute and fader inputs
• External +5v@140mA
• H/W/D: 14.22 cm x 44.20 cm
x 44.78 cm. Height with feet
removed 13.34 cm.
• Shipping Weight (with packaging
and accessories) 36 lbs (16.33 kg)
• RS20i unit weight 26.5lbs (12.02 kg)
• 3U 19” / 48.26 cm rackmount with
optional ears
Remote Control
Regulatory Compliance
ain +/-6dB adjustable in
0.5dB steps
• RS232 DB9
• UL CB Scheme
• 10/100Mbps Ethernet
• FCC Part 15, subpart B Class B
• F requencies range from
20Hz to 20kHz
• Can be controlled by smart phone,
iPad, Android based devices via
iRule or VNC
• CE
Parametric EQ
• 1 6 channels with 3 user-adjustable
parametric filters for shaping
Subwoofer response
djustable from 20 to 200Hz,
gain +/-6dB in 0.1dB steps
range from 0.7 to 5
• Crestron Integrated Device
Setup/Operation Profiles
• Configurable for up to 20 user
defined named input selections.
Input selections include processing
options along with a selected
• RoHS compliant
All product specifications subject
to change without notice.
All trademarks are the property
of their respective owners.
product specifications
400 Watts RMS X 2 Channels
Gain: 28dB
• All channels driven from 20Hz to
20kHz with no more than 0.05%
THD into 8 ohms.
12 Volt Trigger Input For
Remote Turn-On
Circuit Topology
Signal-To-Noise Ratio
• F ully balanced design utilising
thermal tracking, current feedback
and DC Servo.
• >127dB referenced to full output.
• H/W/D: 17.78cm x 43.18cm
(48.26cm with rack ears) x 53.34cm
Frequency Response
• +/- 0.1dB, 20Hz to 20kHz, 1 watt
• H/W/D: 7” x 17” (19” with rack
ears) x 21”
600 Watts RMS X 2 Channels
• Same as above into 4 ohms.
• Input: XLR balanced, DB25 balanced
• Fan cooled, 4 Rack Units Chassis
utput: 5-way binding posts, DB25
pass through
Power Bandwidth
300 Watts RMS X 7 Channels
Frequency Response
• All channels driven from 20Hz to
20kHz with no more than 0.05%
THD into 8 ohms.
ser selectable for any of 8
channels from DB25 input connector
via rear panel gold-plated sealed
DIP switches.
• Input: XLR balanced, DB25 balanced
• +/- 0.1dB, 20Hz to 20kHz, 1 watt
Gain: 28dB
12 Volt Trigger Input For
Remote Turn-On
Circuit topology
Signal-to-Noise Ratio
• F ully balanced design utilizing
thermal tracking, current feedback
and DC Servo.
• >127dB referenced to full output.
IMD Less Than 0.05%
• 5Hz-100kHz
450 Watts RMS X 7 Channels
• Same conditions as above into 4
Dual AC Cords
IMD Less Than 0.05%
• Output: 5-way binding posts, DB25
pass through
Power Bandwidth
• 5Hz to 100kHz
• Fan cooled, 5 Rack Units Chassis
• H/W/D: 22.23cm x 43.18cm
(48.26cm with rack ears) x 53.34cm
• H/W/D: 8.75” x 17” (19” with rack
ears) x 21”
Datasat Digital Entertainment Ltd.
5 Tavistock Estate
Ruscombe Lane
Twyford, RG10 9NJ, UK
Tel: +44 (0)1189 349 199
Email: europesales@datasat.com
Datasat Digital Entertainment Inc.
9631 Topanga Canyon Place
Chatsworth CA. 91311, USA
Tel: 1 818 531 0003
Email: consumersales@datasat.com
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