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Installation instructions
Information is subject to change. Please refer to our website to obtain the most
current product specification, technical & warranty information.
Leave these instructions with the appliance for the consumer/user.
Information is subject to change. Please refer to our website to obtain the most
current product specification, technical & warranty information.
Caring for the environment
Disposal of packing material
Disposal of an old appliance
The cardboard box and packing
materials protect the appliance during
shipping. They have been designed to
be biodegradable and recyclable.
Please recycle.
Old appliances may contain materials
that can be recycled. Please contact
your local recycling authority about the
possibility of recycling these materials.
Ensure that any plastic wrappings,
bags, etc. are disposed of safely and
kept out of the reach of children.
Danger of suffocation!
Ensure that the appliance presents no
danger to children while being stored
for disposal. Before discarding an old
appliance, unplug it from the outlet, cut
off its power cord and remove any
doors to prevent hazards.
The machine must be connected to
the water supply in accordance with
local and national regulations.
Disconnect the machine from the
electrical supply before connecting
it to the water supply.
Turn off the water supply before
connecting the coffee machine to
the plumbing.
– All units and systems used to deliver
the water to the coffee system must
conform with the requirements of the
respective country.
– Only connect the machine to the
cold water supply.
– The machine can be connected
without a non-return valve.
– The on-site water line must have a
water shut-off valve to turn the water
off if needed. If not present, have a
water valve installed by a licensed
– The water faucet must be accessible
after installation.
– Water pressure on-site:
Minimum: 14.5 psi
Maximum: 145 psi, if higher, install a
pressure reduction valve.
– Suitable 1/4" tubing or copper piping
must be supplied for plumbing.
– To ensure the best coffee quality, the
maximum length of the tubing or
copper pipe should not exceed 4 ft.
11" (1.5 m). If too much water
remains in the tubing the coffee
quality could be affected.
Make sure that the shut-off valve is
accessible after the unit has been
Parts must only be replaced with
original Miele spare parts, available
from Miele.
Installing the stainless steel
tubing in the unit
Make sure the stainless steel tube is
not kinked or damaged. Do not trim
stainless steel tube.
^ Remove the water connection cover
at the lower rear side of the coffee
^ Take the angled side of the stainless
steel tube and check whether the
sealing ring is in place. If necessary,
insert it.
Connection to the water
Disconnect the machine from the
electrical supply before connecting
it to the water supply.
A faucet with a 3/4" connection thread
is required for the connection.
^ Check whether the sealing ring is in
place. If necessary, insert it.
^ Place the union nut of the stainless
steel tube onto the screw thread.
^ Make sure the fittings are tight.
^ Connect the stainless steel tube to
the shut-off valve.
You must only use the stainless steel
tube supplied. Old or used tubes
must never be connected to the
coffee machine.
^ Make sure the fittings are tight.
^ Slowly open the shut-off valve to the
water supply and check for leaks.
If necessary, check whether the
sealing ring and fittings are tight.
You can now continue with the
installation of the unit (see "Installation").
Lead free certificate
This product is tested and certified by the WQA against ORD0902 for California
"lead free" compliance.
Miele & Cie KG
Carl-Miele-Straße 29
D-3332 Gütersloh
Electrical connection
Make sure that the power to the
machine is OFF before installing or
performing maintenance or repairs.
All electrical work should be
performed by a qualified electrician
in strict accordance with national
and local safety regulations.
Installation, repairs and other work
by unqualified persons could be
The coffee system comes equipped
with a 6 ft (1.8 m) power cord with a
NEMA 5-15P molded plug for
connection to a 120 V, 15 A, 60 Hz
power supply.
(NEMA 5-15P, 15 amp, L1, N, G)
Verify that the voltage, load and circuit
rating information found on the data
plate match the household electrical
supply before installing the coffee
Do not connect the appliance to a
power inverter or directly to power
produced outside of the normal
electrical grid (i.e. direct solar or wind
power source).
Direct connection to such power
sources can cause power surges and
tripped breakers when the appliance is
turned on, and could damage the
Do not connect the appliance to energy
saving plugs or outlets. The reduction
of power to the appliance caused by
these devices will cause the appliance
to run hot and may damage it and/or
shorten its usable life.
If there is any question concerning the
electrical connection of this appliance
to your power supply, please consult a
licensed electrician or contact Miele’s
Technical Service Department. See
back page for contact information.
Installation and combination options
The system is designed to be built into cabinetry.
It is also possible to combine it with other built-in Miele appliances. If the coffee
system is to be built in above another appliance, there must be a full-width, closed
shelf between them (exception: installation with a built-in warming drawer).
When installing the coffee system,
make sure that it is sufficiently
ventilated at the back so that steam
and hot air can escape.
The ventilation openings in the
surrounding cabinets and the space
below the ceiling must be at least
78 3/4"² (200 cm²).
Otherwise condensation can form,
causing damage to the coffee system
or the surrounding cabinets.
Make sure no power is supplied to
the unit. The same applies in the
event of disassembly!
When built into cabinetry, only use
the coffee machine in ambient
temperatures between +50°F/10°C
and +100°F/38 °C.
You will need two Allen wrenches
size 3 and 5 for the installation.
To align the unit door flush with the
kitchen cabinetry, there must be a
sealing strip around the installation
recess; otherwise, a sealing strip must
be put in place around the unit.
^ If there is no sealing strip around the
installation recess, stick the Miele
sealing strip onto the unit from the
back before putting it into the recess.
The sealing strip is available from
Tip: A place to set down the coffee
machine at the level of the installation
recess is helpful. This makes it easier
for you to install the unit's electrical and
water connections.
^ Unscrew the four feet on the
underside of the unit by about 1/16"
(2 mm) using the larger Allen wrench.
The coffee machine is delivered with
four M5 Allen head screws that you can
use to align and fasten the unit in the
installation recess.
^ Open the door and partially tighten
the screws.
The feet can be unscrewed by up to
3/8" (10 mm).
^ Align the unit by carefully adjusting
the lower Allen head screws until the
unit is centered in the installation
^ Connect the unit to the water supply
(see "Plumbing").
^ To secure the unit in the cabinet,
tighten the upper Allen head screws
by hand.
^ Connect the unit to the electrical
^ Insert the coffee machine all the way
into the installation recess.
When inserting the unit into the
recess, make sure the electrical and
water supply connections are not
^ Check if the coffee machine is
centered and straight in the
installation recess. If not, align the
unit using the four feet.
Adjusting the door hinges
If the door cannot be opened or closed
easily after installation, you will have to
align the door (TX 20):
^ To adjust the door flush with the front
of the cabinet, turn the screw a.
^ To adjust the door horizontally and
vertically, turn the screw b.
RemoteVision (optional accessory)
Miele's RemoteVision Wi-Fi technology
creates a 'virtual link' between your
appliance and our monitoring center. If
a fault occurs, Miele's client service
center will be notified and contact you,
or another trusted individual identified
on your call roster, in order to gain
access to your appliance to fix the
For information on set-up and
installation of the RemoteVision module
see the "Installation" section of this
Be sure your wireless system meets the
following requirements
– A wireless router that supports an
IEEE 802.11b/g protocol
– Windows XP® or newer operating
system, Mac® OS X 10.3 or higher
– Cable or DSL modem
– Microsoft® Internet Explorer 6 or
higher, Safari 2.0 or higher, Firefox
1.5 or higher
* Please note that each wireless router
manufacturer supplies their own device
drivers and setup programs. Due to the
differences in manufacturers, exact
router setup instructions are not
included in this manual. Wording and
instructions may vary.
Copyright and licenses
Miele uses software to operate and control the coffee system.
This product contains Adobe® Flash® Player software under license from Adobe
Systems Incorporated, Adobe Macromedia Software LLC. Adobe and Flash are
registered trademarks of Adobe Systems Incorporated.
The proprietary rights of Miele and other relevant software suppliers (e.g. Adobe)
must be respected.
Miele and its suppliers reserve all rights to the software components.
In particular, the following are prohibited:
– Copying and distribution,
– Modifications and derivations,
– DE compilation, reverse engineering, disassembling and other such software
An overview of the integrated Open Source components and a copy of the current
license can be obtained at www.miele.com/device-software-licences. You will
need to enter the specific product name.
Please have the model and serial number
of your appliance available before
contacting Technical Service.
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