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SW 6000
Conference Management
Get a total overview of the conference and the participants
Organize your conferences smoothly and effectively
Be more efficient and structured - and gain all the benefits from the
network based, integrated conference solution with SW 6000
Full support of the DCS 6000 Digital Congress System.
Building on the best
With the SW 6000 Conference Management Software DIS has set a new
unique standard for conference performance and handling. The SW 6000 has
been developed to meet the ever-changing requirements of the modern
conference. Together with the existing DCS 6000 Digital Congress System
DIS has integrated conference control and management with the flexibility of a
personal computer and the power of the client/server environment.
Our success is founded on a respect
for knowledge and experience. DIS
has always focused on maintaining a
high level of experience in the field of
conference management and conference equipment and subsequently
translating this broad expertise together with input from our international customers and partners - into
the development of the new
client/server based Conference
Management Software, SW 6000.
Fully integrated
In order for such a strategy to be
successful it is essential that our
solution is fully integrated with our
DCS 6000 Digital Congress System
and the customers existing network.
The network integration assures high
performance and gives the users
more flexibility in their work.
For all needs
During a conference the user of the
software will gain added value in addition to his specific individual needs,
regardless of whether the user is e.g.
administrator, operator, chairman,
delegate, interpreter or speaker.
Five fundamental ideas
All user interfaces and displays have
a graphical design of high quality, are
very user friendly and can be used
without previous training
Working in a community council, a
parliament or attending an international conference everyone involved
in the meeting will be able to read
the agenda, see the details of the
delegates and the speakers, manage
the settings of the simultaneous
interpreted languages, vote or send
and receive messages. The technician
can monitor and control everything to
assure an uninterrupted and efficient
The ultimate software tool
The SW 6000, The Conference
Management Software is the ultimate
software tool for managing the
Since the SW 6000 is a client/
server based application, each individual participant in the meeting may
run his own uniquely configured SW
6000 application – tailor made to his
specific needs and rights, and even
in his own preferred language.
We build our software on well-proven
SQL database and client/server
technology. With our own software
development and test centre we
combine innovation with reliability.
The high quality graphical design is
based on touch-screen technology
DIS has attached importance to
developing a system for all conference
participants including language
support and profile handling
The SW 6000 runs on standard PC’s
connected in a TCP/IP LAN. All data
is stored in a standard Microsoft
SQL database
Log onto the system, and the
Multiple User Profiles knows your
profile, the language you speak and
the tasks you have
The SW 6000 is a user-oriented
system giving the delegates, the
chairmen, the administrators and the
technicians an overall view of all
ongoing conference activities together
with an advanced communication tool.
DIS makes a conscious effort to
develop our accumulated expertise
to benefit our customers’ needs.
A user-friendly network
From the very beginning it has been
our intention to develop a software
tool in a very intuitive, user-friendly
way, based on a Microsoft SQL database and a client/server topology for
multiple PC’s connected by a local
area TCP/IP network. The software
contains various modules with full
language support – all structured
logically. Each user will only see the
commands needed for his job giving
him an instant overview without
wasting time.
Conference Management
– one system to fit all
The SW 6000 enables you to configure,
control and manage a complete conference.
The software system includes a comprehensive range of software modules for use
with the DCS 6000 system.
The Conference
Application (CAA)
This basic package enables
the administrator to create
and maintain all data relating to conferences, agendas, delegates and interpreters besides setting up
system and voting parameters and printing out
various reports. The CAA
application is mainly used
by people outside the
conference room, who are
responsible for system
status during conferences.
The application is a separate module and uses a
standard Windows user
The Conference User
Application (CUA)
The Conference User
Application is used by the
chairman, the delegates,
the interpretation manager
or other persons attending
or managing a conference
with functionalities such as
language selection, controlling of the microphones,
voting, interpretation, intercom, messaging, agenda
and delegate information. It
all depends on the user
profiles and facilities installed. Furthermore the
technician can monitor the
conference and configure
and set up parameters on
the CU 6010 Central Unit.
It is a separate application
with an enhanced,
graphically designed DIS
user interface for use with
both touch screen and
The Conference
Display Application
The display application is
used for presenting
speakers list, request list
or voting results by use of
large screen projectors or
on e.g. plasma screens.
These applications all run on
standard PC’s or on application servers connected by
TCP/IP LAN and integrate
conference preparation,
management and control. Any
combination of modules can
be loaded according to
specific needs.
The Conference
User Application
A modular application with
a DIS user interface to
enhance the meeting
Log-in procedure
The SW 6000 supports
numerous screen languages
and font types (e.g. Arabic,
Chinese and Roman). The
first screen presented to the
user is a selection of preferred languages. Depending on
the language selected the
user can have “left to right”
or “right to left” character
sequence on the screen
(English/Arabic example)
The system supports five
modes of login operation
depending on how the user is
identified. E.g. the user can
be pre-assigned to a seat,
may login with a personal
code or use a chip-card.
When the user has successfully logged on to the system,
the main screen is displayed
containing the buttons
available for that user profile.
Pressing the buttons on the
right side changes the different screens in the work
area. The buttons on the right
side and in the panel at the
bottom part of the screen will
always be accessible except
when mimic screens and
voting session are selected.
Only when a keyboard is
attached to the PC will the
user be able to exit the application and use other
Windows applications.
Handling of the microphones, speakers and
requests lists are part of
the basic software package.
On the screen you can see
who has an open microphone, who is requesting
to speak and who spoke
earlier. The microphone
operating mode can be
assigned to individual seats
or delegates during configuration of a conference,
and the volume of the
microphone related to the
selected seat can be
adjusted individually.
Mimic Control
The SW 6000 has facilities
to control and monitor
microphone status in a
geographical layout – the
mimic diagram. The graphical display shows the layout of the conference hall,
using different colours to
represent the different
microphone status.
Delegate Information
All users logged into the
system will be displayed on
the screen, where you can
get personal information
such as title, background,
and origin. Furthermore a
photo of the delegate is
The participants can send
or receive messages to or
from one or all logged-in
users. It can either be from
the list of pre-recorded
messages or if a keyboard
is attached, the user may
compose his own
Agenda and voting
A list of subjects and items
created for the conference
showing description, status
and voting results
When a voting session is
started, all PC screens are
forced into voting mode
giving the voters the exact
buttons and a pre-set
voting time. Afterwards the
screen displays the result
of a vote as a chart.
By pressing the button
“Interpretation” in the
menu you will see all active
interpretation booths and
which languages are
available. By selecting an
interpretation booth you
will get an overview of the
configuration of the
Interpreter Sets. The preselected languages and
outgoing “A” and “B”
channel can be preset.
Multiple Room Selection
When multiple halls or rooms
are in use, a technician can
use this facility to select the
hall he wants to supervise
or control. A central monitoring PC allows the technician to connect through
the network to each of all
the available conference
PC’s or servers having
access to the central units,
the CU 6010. The technician
can then receive messages
from all rooms or connect
to a single room to turn on
and off microphones or to
do other jobs.
Before a conference the
administrator will set up
the conference parameters, and during the conference the screen allows
the user to change parameters such as maximum
number of open microphones and speech time
limit. Also the volume
control can be changed
during a session.
The Conference Administration
Application (CAA)
A user-friendly Widows application to organise
and configure future conferences
The Conference
Administration Application
works independently of the
conference and can be
used anytime to create and
maintain data for future
conference such as conferences, delegate lists, user
types, pre-recorded messages, microphone operating modes, interpreters
etc. This application is
designed with a standard
Windows user interface for
use with mouse and keyboard. More conference
administrator applications
can work simultaneous in a
The Conference
Display Application
Vote result can be displayed on large screens or by
using data projectors. One
or more PC’s with the
application can be configured by the system administrator running the vote
result display in different
Larger systems
The system can be enhanced by connecting either a
SQL database server or an
application server. An application server is required
when you have an installation with many PC’s. A
Microsoft SQL Database
server is required in a larger system for performance reasons. The application
and the database server
can, however, be the same
computer depending on
number of PC’s and load.
Other functionalities
The system contains different functionalities and can
furthermore be customized
for specific individual
• Conference type
• Pre-recorded message
• Delegate list configuration
• Label translation
• Language selection
• User type set-up
• Mimic screen set-up
• Conference log report
• Connection via
RS232 of a camera
control system.
List of modules (ask for specific datasheets)
SW 6000
Conference Administration Application (CAA)
Incl.: Languages, System Installation, etc
SW 6050
SW 6060
SW 6065
Parliamentary Voting
Multi Voting
SW 6070
SW 6075
ID card control and programming
Registration and access control
SW 6010
SW 6015
Conference User Application License (CUA)
Microphone Control
Message function
SW 6020
SW 6028
Delegate information
Data base SW
SW 6090
Display output SW; Voting and message
SW 6032
Interpretation control
SW 6232
RS 232 Interface SW
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For many years DIS has delivered conference and simultaneous interpretation systems
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national banks, universities, and international
organisations such as NATO, UN, WHO, and
IMF in addition to conference centres and
hotels all over the world. Our reference list
includes some of the most prestigious installations throughout the world.
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Systems. DIS is engaged in
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industry. The DIS products
today are the result of decades
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combined with the usage of the
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