3M G4000 Scanner User Manual

GlobalScan™ NX Server 5/
Server 32/Server 750
Capture & Distribution Solution
Energize Critical Workflows
Server 5/Server 32/Server 750
Ricoh GlobalScan™ NX Server 5/Server 32/Server 750
Manage scanned documents quickly and conveniently.
Maintaining precise control over the flow of paper and electronic
documents can improve productivity and profitability in any
organization. RICOH® GlobalScan NX Server 5/Server 32/Server 750
makes it easy with an essential set of tools for document scanning,
distribution and management. Accessible right from the touchscreen
display of Ricoh multifunction products (MFPs), this flexible software
enables users to integrate paper documents into electronic workflows,
automate complex document processes, reduce the risk of errors and
ramp up enterprise efficiency.
GlobalScan NX Server 5/Server 32/Server 750 is a simple, intuitive
software solution that lets users perform a scanning and routing
operation by selecting one button.
Productive Scanning Tools
With GlobalScan NX Server 5/Server 32/Server 750,
incorporating paper documents into electronic workflows
is fast, easy and automatic — which makes a significant
impact on enterprise productivity.
• Capture hardcopy originals with a quick scan from the MFP’s flatbed or
automatic document feeder using ABBYY® intelligent OCR software, then
distribute the scanned files directly into network folders, e-mail and fax
applications, FTP sites and WebDAV platforms.
ccommodate workflows in virtually any business environment. Track and
capture invoices, purchase orders, bills and other critical documents in small
businesses or larger enterprises.
reate specialized scanning workflows to automate distribution of important
business documents, streamline communications among remote offices and
reduce the risk of manual errors.
• S end incoming faxes directly to a network folder for digital distribution with
built-in fax routing — without a fax server.
Browser-based admin tools give administrators
the ability to create unique workflows and
centrally manage groups, MFPs, devices and
ut costs by dramatically reducing the need to store physical documents,
process them manually or distribute hard copies via fax, mail or courier.
Convenient, Customizable Interface
The centerpiece of GlobalScan NX Server 5/Server 32/
Server 750 is a clean, colorful graphical user interface
(GUI) that can be customized to suit your specific needs.
• Send scanned files to specific destinations with preset formatting and
embedded indexing data for convenient search and retrieval, including
dynamic search and extraction of metadata from an external CSV file.
The customized, interactive icons give users one-step “select and go”
scanning functionality.
• Customize the user interface with point-and-click configuration tools.
Drag and drop icons to create predefined fields for capturing metadata
and establish unique rules for distributing scanned files.
• Benefit from the user-friendly design. Features include larger buttons with
helpful text and images, and preset configurations that can be recalled
at the touch of a button. To speed entry of document metadata, external
keyboard support is offered for Ricoh MFPs.
Adding a layer of indexing to scanned files
by entering metadata, speeds the search and
retrieval of documents after they reach their
Three Powerful Configurations
GlobalScan NX Server 5/Server 32/Server 750 allow
organizations to find the right match for their existing
IT infrastructure.
• Choose GlobalScan NX Server 5 or GlobalScan NX Server 32 to streamline
document workflow in office environments with up to 5 or 32 scanning
devices, respectively. In these configurations, support for failover and the
Kerberos authentication protocol are optional.
• Select GlobalScan NX Server 750 for larger environments of up to 750
scanning devices. The software comes standard with support for Kerberos
authentication protocol. Support for failover and load balancing is optional.
Administrators can use the configuration tools
to easily customize the user interface, program
function buttons, review job logs and more.
Next-Generation Capabilities
Designed to optimize productivity in all types of
organizations, GlobalScan NX Server 5/Server 32/
Server 750 comes equipped with advanced technology.
• View scanned pages in thumbnail form with Scan Image Preview. This allows
users to verify image integrity and check for errors, reducing the need for rescans.
• Get to work immediately with pre-configured templates. These tailored scanning
workflows are ready to deploy out-of-the-box and address industry-specific
needs for accounts payable, higher education, health care and many more.
• Customize or reconfigure templates to suit highly specific needs with an intuitive
template interface available directly from the MFP’s touchscreen display.
• Avoid downtime and costly delays with the failover feature (optional with
Server 5 and Server 32 configuration). Failover allows a secondary server to
automatically assume control of all delivery responsibilities if the primary server
is unavailable.
Industry-specific templates simplify scanning
workflow, allowing you to initiate complex tasks
immediately after installation.
Advanced Workflow Support
GlobalScan NX Server 5/Server 32/Server 750 offers a full
line of plug-ins designed to accommodate a variety of
workflow requirements.
• Correct imperfections in scanned documents with the Image Enhancement
Plug-in, which comes standard with all three configurations. It automatically
removes hole punch marks, de-skews and de-speckles scanned files to
improve quality.
• Send documents directly to any public or private address stored on a networked
RightFax server with the optional RightFax Plug-in.
• Generate folders and associated information for distribution to Microsoft Office
SharePoint Server 2007/2010 or Microsoft Windows SharePoint Services 3.0
with the optional SharePoint Plug-in.
• Identify and distribute documents using barcodes with the optional Barcode
Plug-in. This filter reads barcodes in scanned files, enabling highly efficient
management to network folders.
• Convert paper documents to popular formats such as searchable PDF, Microsoft
Word, Excel and Word Perfect with OCR technology.
Check scanned files at a glance with Scan Image
Preview and eliminate the risk of delivering
incorrect or incomplete documents.
Exceptional Security
Multiple security features protect scanned files from
unauthorized viewing or reception, before, during and
after delivery.
• Maximize delivery security with the Kerberos Plug-in (optional with Server 5
and Server 32 configuration), which supports the powerful Kerberos protocol
for authenticating users before initiating send-to-folder and send-to-WebDAV
Services jobs.
• Convert scanned documents to the PDF/A file format and support compliance
for both visual reproduction and the document’s tagged structure.
• Minimize user wait-time with single sign-on. GlobalScan NX Server 5/Server 32/
Server 750 integrates with Card Authentication Package software from Ricoh to
accept network login credentials and eliminate the need to log in again to use
GlobalScan NX.
• Activate 128-bit encryption to protect scanned documents at the MFP.
• Enhance security for all scanned documents. GlobalScan NX Server 5/Server
32/Server 750 does not use the MFP’s hard disk drive for image storage, so no
information remains vulnerable after jobs are completed.
Automatically clean up scanned originals
and improve quality with the standard Image
Enhancement Plug-in.
Easy Administration
GlobalScan NX Server 5/Server 32/Server 750 can make life easier for users and
• Create custom workflows easily with the Workflow Configuration Wizard to replace time-consuming, paperdriven document processes.
• Expect easy integration with existing IT platforms — including network authentication, e-mail and fax services,
and enterprise content management (ECM) tools — which helps lower setup costs.
• Import metadata to any XML/WebDAV-compliant system with full compliance to metadata standards. GlobalScan
NX Server 5/Server 32/Server 750 verifies indexing data prior to delivery to make sure files reach their intended
• Maximize choice with the software’s open architecture, which enables independent software developers to create
unique application connectors.
Customizable, One-Touch Document Workflow
With GlobalScan NX Server 5/Server 32/Server 750, users can press one button and
execute numerous common and customized workflows.
• Deliver invoices from a branch office to an accounting server at headquarters.
• Save purchase orders in an archive along with a customer name and ID number.
• Integrate legacy hardcopy files into an EDM application.
• Send an annotated planning document to ten reviewers instantly.
• Convert paper files to searchable PDFs and store them in an archive.
Accessible right from the MFP, GlobalScan NX Server 5/Server 32/Server 750 allows users to scan paper documents into
electronic files and route them to network folders, e-mail addresses, fax servers and other destinations with ease.
Ricoh GlobalScan™ NX Server 5/Server 32/Server 750
Server 5/Server 32/Server 750*
Computer for Installing GlobalScan NX Server
Application and Admin Tool
Computer for Browsing Admin Tool
Main Unit:
PC/AT compatible
CPU: Intel Xeon 5000’s or faster
recommended, RAM 4.0 GB
or more
Hard Disk Space: 1 GB for software,
3 GB for data
Operating Systems: Microsoft Windows Server
2003 Standard Service Pack 2
(32bit/64bit)/Enterprise Server
Pack 2 (32bit/64bit)/R2 Standard
(32bit/64bit)/R2 Enterprise
Microsoft Windows Server 2008
Standard Service Pack 1 and 2
(32bit/64bit)/Enterprise Service
Pack 1 and 2 (32bit/64bit)/Standard
without Hyper-V Service Pack 1
and 2 (32bit/64bit) /Enterprise
without Hyper-V Service Pack 1 and
2 (32bit/64bit)/R2 Service Pack 1
Web Server: Built-in Web Server; Microsoft
Internet Information Services 6.0,
7.0, 7.5
Network Protocol: TCP/IP**
Communication Ports: An HTTP and HTTPS port is required
Web Browser:Microsoft Internet Explorer 7 (Only
for Windows XP)/8/9, Firefox 7.0.1
Adobe Flash Player 11.01.152 or
File Formats Supported***
B/W:TIFF (MMR/MR/MH/uncompressed,
single/multi-page), TIFF-F (MMR/
MR/MH, single/multi-page), BMP
(uncompressed), PNG, GIF, PDF,
PDF/A (single/multi-page), High
Compression PDF (single/multipage), DCX (single/multi-page)
Grayscale/FC:JPEG, BMP (uncompressed), PNG,
GIF, PDF, PDF/A (single/multi-page),
High Compression PDF (single/
multi-page), TIFF (uncompressed,
NT Authentication, Active Directory
Authentication: (Microsoft Windows 2000/
Microsoft Windows Server 2003);
LDAP Authentication, Active
Directory (Microsoft Windows
2000/Microsoft Windows Server
2003); Novell Directory Service;
OpenLDAP 2.0; Lotus Domino
6.5, 7.0
Mail Server:Microsoft Exchange Server 2003,
2007; Postfix; Lotus Domino 6.5,
7.0 Lotus Domino 6.5, 7.0
LDAP Server
Microsoft Active Directory
(Address Book): (Microsoft Windows 2000/
Microsoft Windows Server 2003);
Microsoft Exchange Server 2003,
2007; Lotus Domino 6.5, 7.0;
Novell Directory Service;
OpenLDAP 2.0
Windows Shared Shared folders on a network
computer; Windows shared folder
Scan-to-FTP:FTP server; Microsoft Internet
Information Services 5.0
(on Microsoft Windows Server
Operating System)
Scan-to-WebDAV:WebDAV server compatible with
External Devices
Keyboard support for entry of document metadata to all
Ricoh MFPs
*GlobalScan NX Server 750 can connect and manage up to 750 MFPs but only 100 concurrent users can access the server simultaneously from the MFPs.
**It is also possible to install GlobalScan NX and Admin Tool on the operating systems listed above that run on VMWare ESX Server 4.1/5.0.
***All PDF formats can be searchable PDF (image plus text format) and password protected PDF.
Do not install other products on the same computer in which GlobalScan NX server application and Admin Tool are installed. DHCP is not supported. A static IP address
must be set. GlobalScan NX server editions require a dedicated server. Do not install on a domain controller. Running other applications on GlobalScan NX and Admin Tool
may cause serious problems, thus service performance is not guaranteed.
GlobalScan NX Server 5/Server 32/Server 750 Available Plug-ins
Image Enhancement Plug-in
Image processes that can be performed include
hole punch removal, de-skew and de-speckle of
scanned documents.
“HotFolder” Plug-in
Lets administrators specify a folder to monitor. Files
deposited into the folder are automatically imported
by GlobalScan NX and delivered according to rules
specified by the administrator.
Barcode Plug-in
Gives GlobalScan NX Servers the ability to read barcodes
in a document, route the document based on this data
and extract document description information for
processing. Linear and 2D barcodes supported.
RightFAX Plug-in
Enables the sending of documents from GlobalScan
NX to a RightFAX address via the RightFAX server – all
directly from the MFP control panel. Provides scanned
document distribution by fax without the need for a
fax-enabled MFP.
DocumentMall™ Plug-in
Scanned documents can be routed into a
DocumentMall online storage account. GlobalScan NX
Servers automatically deliver the document with its
metadata and generates a DocumentMall folder.
Change Image Resolution Plug-in
Reduces file size (for example from 600 dpi to
300 dpi) and network traffic associated with
scanned documents without compromising the
resolution and readability of barcodes.
Scan-to-Print Plug-in
Distributes scanned documents or received
fax documents from a GlobalScan NX enabled
MFP to another networked, compatible MFP
for printing. For example, use this feature to
send scanned or received color files from a
black-and-white device to a color device for
full-color output.
SharePoint® Plug-in
Allows GlobalScan NX Servers to scan documents into
Microsoft SharePoint including automatic generation of
folders and associated document information.
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Server 5/Server 32/Server 750