Accel 8200 Printer User Manual

Chapter 1 - Introduction
Chapter Overview
About this Manual
Manual Conventions
Other Helpful Documentation
About Your Printer
Printer Features
PostScript Typefaces
PCL Typefaces
About XANTÉ Utilities
Warranty and Product Registration
Introduction 1-1
1-2 Introductionbb ________________________________________
The XANTÉ Accel-a-Writer 8200
Fig. 1.1 XANTÉ Accel-a-Writer 8200
Your new Accel-a-Writer 8200 provides high-quality laser prints,
excellent for everyday office needs as well as for the demanding
field of desktop publishing. This chapter provides an overview of
this manual and highlights major features of your Accel-a-Writer
About this Manual
This User’s Guide provides complete documentation on the
installation, setup, and operation of the Accel-a-Writer 8200. The
chapters are outlined in the following manner:
Chapter 1—Introduction offers an overview of this manual and the
Accel-a-Writer 8200 features. It also provides information about the
XANTÉ Utilities plus warranty and registration details.
Introduction 1-3
Chapter 2—Installation provides instructions on setting up your
printer and connecting it to the right interfaces for Macintosh and PC
Chapter 3—Macintosh Setup addresses installing the XANTÉ
Utilities and setting up to work in a Macintosh environment. This
includes loading printer fonts, setting margins, and controlling the
start-up page printing.
Chapter 4—PC Setup covers installing the XANTÉ Utilities and
setting up to work in a PC environment. It also includes loading the
Windows driver (with the Accel-a-Writer PPD) and printer fonts,
setting margins, and controlling the start-up page printing.
Chapter 5—Configuration explains the ways you can control the
printer. It illustrates the front panel and how you use it to configure
your printer. It also describes automatic emulation switching as well
as how to set the emulation.
Chapter 6—Routine Operations discusses working with the printer
on a regular basis. This includes handling media, printing on various
media, and replacing toner. It also covers using Windows, using a
SCSI disk, and removing downloaded fonts from your printer.
Chapter 7—Advanced Imaging details how to achieve the best
output from the printer. Many aspects of advanced imaging are
Chapter 8—Maintenance describes handling, moving, and cleaning
the printer. It also lists user replacable parts.
Chapter 9—Options covers available options for your
Accel-a-Writer 8200 printer including the paper feeder and cassette
supporter. It also covers the RAM, resolution, and Ethernet upgrades.
Chapter 10—Troubleshooting covers preliminary troubleshooting
steps, printer jams, and print quality issues. The chapter also lists
available support, how to access that support, and the information
you should have at hand when you call for assistance.
1-4 Introductionbb ________________________________________
Appendix A—HP PCL and HP-GL Supported Commands lists
supported HP PCL 5 and HP–GL 7475A commands.
Appendix B—Application Notes provides specific instructions and
tips for using the printer in mainstream application environments.
Appendix C—Warranty Information covers both the warranty
and the effects consumables can have on your warranty.
The Accel-a-Writer 8200 Menu quick reference sheet provides an
illustrated overview of the printer’s front panel menu structure.
Manual Conventions
The following conventions are used in this manual:
indicates information you must type or
which displays on screen.
indicates that you need to press the
Return key on a Macintosh or the
Enter key on a PC.
indicates additional or emphasized
indicates instructions which if not
followed can or will cause damage to
files or equipment.
indicates instructions which must be
followed exactly or personal injury can
Introduction 1-5
Other Helpful Documentation
This manual covers the basics of setting up and working with your
printer. However, you may find the following publications helpful
when working with PostScript printing.
PostScript Language Reference Manual, Second Edition. This
manual, published by Addison Wesley, is designed for advanced
users, such as programmers, who work with PostScript operators.
PostScript Language Tutorial and Cookbook. This manual,
published by Addison Wesley, is designed for those who want to
learn about working directly in the PostScript language.
Most bookstores and many computer businesses either keep these
books in stock or can order them for you.
About Your Printer
The Accel-a-Writer 8200’s high-end features allow you to produce
near typeset quality work, suitable for camera-ready production. The
standard, smooth 600 x 600 dpi resolution can be further enhanced
by an upgrade to 800 x 800 dpi or 1200 x 1200 dpi.
Your printer features Adobe PostScript, not an emulation. This
format gives you a wide range of flexible features such as scaling,
filling, and rotating.
The AMD 29030 RISC processor, 12 MB RAM, and XANTÉ’s
technology help ensure fast, reliable, professional performance.
Memory upgrades provide the extra space required for higher
resolution printing when you have added a resolution upgrade to
your printer and for oversized printing.
1-6 Introductionbb ________________________________________
For example, 20 to 28 MB provides 800 x 800 dpi capability and 40
MB or more offers 1200 x 1200 dpi printing. And, 16 MB or more
allows for oversized printing. (High resolution kits and memory
upgrades are available from XANTÉ. For details contact XANTÉ
Customer Support at 800-926-8393 in the US and Canada, at 95-800926-8393 in Mexico, or at 334-342-4846 in other countries.)
Note: Occasionally, a complex, large file or one with heavy
graphics may require more than the standard memory to
print. Memory requirements also vary depending on the
chosen resolution.
Your Accel-a-Writer 8200 offers out-of-the-box advanced paper
handling capability. For example, you can print on paper,
transparencies, labels, and envelopes. The printer also features a total
input capacity of 350 sheets—250 sheets in the standard paper
cassette and another 100 sheets in the fold down tray. Both of these
input sources support up to ledger (11" x 17")/A3 size paper.
The fold down tray handles variable custom and oversized media
from 3.90" x 5.80" up to 11.81" x 25.00". Plus, an extra wide print
option is available to expand paper handling up to 12.00" x 25.00".
See “Selecting Media” in chapter 6 for details on page sizes and
imageable areas.
Note: Media size is the actual size of the media. The imageable
area is slightly smaller. For example, 11.81" x 25.00" paper
has an imageable area of 11.73" x 24.93".
If you require an even higher input capacity, you can add a second
250 sheet input cassette with an optional paper feeder or an
additional 500 sheet letter size cassette with an optional paper feeder
and a cassette supporter.
Macintosh and PC/compatibles can be used concurrently on the
Accel-a-Writer 8200 with simultaneously active serial, parallel,
LocalTalk, and (optional) EtherTalk interfaces. You do not have to
send software commands or manually set hardware switches when a
different interface is used. In addition to PostScript, HP PCL 5 and
HP–GL emulations are supported for line printer and other
non-PostScript applications.
Introduction 1-7
Printer Features
Your versatile Accel-a-Writer 8200 printer offers many outstanding
features including the following:
Standard 600 x 600 dpi resolution
Resolution upgrades — 800 x 800 dpi and 1200 x 1200 dpi
16 page per minute engine speed
AMD 29030 RISC processor
Adobe PostScript Level 2
HP PCL 5 emulation
HP–GL 7475A emulation
Up to ledger (11"x17")/A3 size regular paper handling
Variable custom sized printing from 3.90" x 5.80" up to
11.81" x 25.00" allowing full bleed printing for 11" x 17"
Extra wide printing (optional) for 12.00" x 19.00" and
12.00" x 25.00" media with respective print regions of
11.97" x 18.93" and 11.97" x 24.93"
35 PostScript fonts
8 scalable and 7 bitmap HP PCL compatible fonts
Font Type 0, 1, 3, 4, 5, 6, and 42 support
Simultaneously active serial, parallel, LocalTalk, and
(optional) EtherTalk interfaces
Ethernet (optional) to support EtherTalk, Novell NetWare
print server, and TCP/IP protocols
SCSI disk interface
XANTÉ Halftone Calibration Technology
XANTÉ Enhanced Screening Technology
1-8 Introductionbb ________________________________________
XANTÉ Accurate Calibration Technology (X•ACT)
12 MB RAM, upgradable to 64 MB RAM
2 standard input trays and an optional third tray
Paper feeder (optional)
Cassette supporter (optional)
XANTÉ Utilities (PC and Macintosh)
Canon microfine toner
PostScript Typefaces
Your Accel-a-Writer 8200 comes with 35 typefaces. These are
ITC AvanteGarde-Book
ITC AvanteGarde-BookOblique
ITC AvanteGarde-DemiOblique
ITC Bookman-Demi
ITC Bookman-DemiItalic
ITC Bookman-Light
ITC Bookman-LightItalic
Symbol (Σψµβολ)
ITC ZapfChancery-MediumItalic
ITC ZapfDingbats (✤❉■❇❂❁▼▲)
Introduction 1-9
PCL Typefaces
Your Accel-a-Writer 8200 comes with 7 PCL bitmapped typefaces
available in Roman–8, ECMA–94, PC–850, and Legal symbol sets.
These typefaces are
Courier 10 pitch, 12 point
Courier bold 10 pitch, 12 point
Courier italic 10 pitch, 12 point
Courier 12 pitch, 10 point
Courier bold 12 pitch, 10 point
Courier italic 12 pitch, 10 point
Lineprinter 16.66 pitch, 8.5 point
Your printer also comes with 8 scalable typefaces available in the
Roman–8 symbol set. These typefaces are
CG Times
CG Times bold
CG Times italic
CG Times bold italic
Univers bold
Univers italic
Univers bold italic
About XANTÉ Utilities
XANTÉ Utilities include easy-to-use, menu driven programs and files
to make working with your new printer more convenient. For example,
they contain practical programs such as printer description files required
for PageMaker, FreeHand, QuarkXPress, and the LaserWriter 8 printer
driver. The utilities also have a namer feature in Command Center to
prevent confusion on networks where several printers are the same
model; you can leave one printer with the model name (Accel-a-Writer
8200) and rename the other “Sales 8200.”
The utilities come on 2 disks—one for Macintosh environments and
another for PC formats. For detailed information see “Installing
XANTÉ Utilities (Macintosh)” in chapter 3 or “Installing XANTÉ
Utilities (PC)” in chapter 4.
1-10 Introductionbb ________________________________________
Warranty and Product Registration
Appendix C contains the warranty on your Accel-a-Writer 8200
printer. Please be sure to return the warranty sheet included with
your printer package. Returning this sheet not only registers your
printer, but it also entitles you to a free subscription to XANTÉ’s
Accel-a-Writing newsletter. Our publication features articles on
printing, new options as they become available, and tips for using
your printer to the best advantage.
_________________________________________ Introduction 1-11
1-12 Introductionbb ________________________________________
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