User guide | Acer ALN-201 Network Card User Manual

ALN-201 Series
PCI Ethernet Adapter Card
User Guide
P/N 49.80316.001
Federal Communications Commission
Frequency Interference Statement
This equipment generates, uses and radiate radio frequency energy. If not
installed and used in accordance with the instructions in this manual, may cause
interference to radio communications. This equipment has been tested and found to
comply with the limits for a Class A computing device pursuant to Part 15 of the
FCC rules, which are designed to provide reasonable protection against radio
interference when operated in a commercial environment. .
CE Declaration of Conformity:
This equipment complies with the requirements relating to electromagnetic
compatibility, EN 55022 class A for ITE and EN 50082-1. This meets the essential
protection requirements of the European Council Directive 89/336/EEC on the
approximation of the laws of the Member States relating to electromagnetic
Package Contents
. One Adapter Card
. This User Guide
. One Driver Diskette
. One T-type Connector (for BNC connection)
1. Product Overview
This series card is an Ethernet interface adapter with Peripheral Component
Interface (PCI) local bus. It is fully compatible with the IEEE 802.3
CSMA/CD(Carrier Sense Multiple Access with Collision Detection) 10Mbps
standard and includes two media interfaces, twisted-pair (RJ-45 connector,
10Base-T) and thin Ethernet cable (BNC connector, 10Base2).
There is one LED on the bracket to indicate the link status.
LED color : Green
LED “ON” : the 10Base-T link connection is successful.
LED “OFF” : the 10Base-T link is NOT successful
Remote boot ROM socket: their is a ROM socket on this adapter card to
support remote boot ROM.
2. Quick Installing Guide
Follow these steps to install the card:
1. Power off PC & remove cover.
2. Plug in adapter card & connect cable to BNC or RJ-45.
3. Replace the cover & Power on PC
4. Check the system’s BIOS setup. Configure the
appropriate PCI setting.
5. Reset PC & configure your network system.
3. Connecting Network Cables
Connecting a Twisted-Pair Cable
Insert one end of the twisted-pair cable into the RJ-45 connector on this
adapter card. Orient the cable terminal jack correctly and push it into
the connector until you hear a click.
Note: The other end of the twisted-pair cable has to be connected to an
Ethernet hub or switch
Connecting a 10Base-2 Thin Ethernet Coaxial Cable
1. Connect thin Ethernet cables to both ends of a BNC T-type
connector. For both cables, press the T-type connector and
cable connector together, then twist the cable connector clockwise
to lock the connector.
2. Attach the T-type connector to the BNC connector of this
adapter card. Press the T-type connector and BNC connector
together, then twist the T-type connector clockwise to lock the
3. If your computer is located at the end of a 10Base2 segment,
connect the thin Ethernet cable to one end of the T-type connector
and attach a 50 Ohm terminator to the other end of the T-type
4. Configuration & Diagnostics
With this PCI adapter card, you do not need to configure the card manually,
unless you wan to:
. Enable/Disable Full-duplex
. Enable/Disable Boot ROM
The program file “ACERSET.EXE” in driver diskette can be run to do the
above configurations & the diagnostics of this adapter card.
5. Network Drivers
The driver diskette contains all the software driver programs supported by
the adapter. The drivers for different network operating systems are found
in separate sub-directories. See “Readme.txt” file for detailed description.
Network System
NetWare DOS and OS/2 client,
NetWare server 3.x and 4.x
MS LAN Manager,
OS/2 LAN server and client,
Banyan Vines,
WFW3.11, Windows 95,
Windows NT 3.5
NDIS 4.0
Windows 95 osr2,
Windows NT 4.0
Packet Driver
UNIX Driver
Boot ROM Driver
Netware RPL,
Windows NT 3.5,
OS/2 LAN server v3.0,v4.0,
LAN manager 2.X
6. Specifications
System Interface
PCI local bus
I/O address
Automatically configured by the
Interrupt channel
BIOS setting
Boot ROM address
BIOS setting
Boot ROM size
Buffer size
16Kbyte packet buffer
Power requirement
5W at +5V
Transmission protocol
IEEE 802.3 CSMA/CD protocol
Data rate
10 Mbits/sec
Software compatibility
NE2000 compatible
Two media interfaces
- 10Base2 Thin Ethernet,
BNC connector
- 10Base-T Twisted-pair
Thin Ethernet
(BNC connector,
RG-58 cable)
Twisted-pair Ethernet
(RJ-45 connector, UTP3/UTP-5 cable)
Ethernet, RJ-45 connector
Max. segment length:185 meters
Min. distance between two
Nodes : 0.5 meters
Max. number of nodes
per segment: 30
Max cable length to hub: 100
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