User's Guide
Pay attention, please!
Your Acer Aspire computer comes with an extraordinary multimedia software package,
designed to guide you through what you can do with your computer. This manual is your
computer’s reference guide.
(If you are reading this manual, it's probably because you are experiencing problems with
your computer. To solve your problem(s), refer to the "Need Help?" Chapter in the following
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Table of Contents
Welcome ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- 4
Your Aspire Computer: an Overview ---------------------------------- 7
Using the Audio System at its Best------------------------------------ 20
Adding Options to your Aspire Computer----------------------------- 22
Need Help? -------------------------------------------------------------- 25
Technical Support ------------------------------------------------------- 28
CD-ROM Safety Warning
Lithium Batteries Precautions ----------------------------------------- 30
Welcome, and thanks
for buying an Acer Aspire computer.
Now you own a multimedia system.
Your system has been designed to improve your way of working, and to meet current and
future needs of any kind of user.
Before you start…
Read this section carefully, to be able to place your system in the best location. In this
section you'll find also important instructions about using, maintaining, and taking care of
your computer security. Take into account these instructions, to be able to use your new
computer safely, and at its best.
Safety Instructions
• Follow all instructions and warnings pointed out on the product.
• Unplug the system from the outlet before proceeding with cleaning operations. To clean
your system, do not use liquid or spray detergents. Use a cloth, previously dampened with
• Do not use the product in a damp environment, or in a way that can cause the product to
get wet.
• Do not place the product on trolleys, nor on instable supports or surfaces: the computer
may fall, seriously injuring people and damaging objects and supplies.
• Air holes and grids on your computer external surface have been expressly designed to give
off heat: to avoid risks of fire, and computer malfunctions or failures, they should not be
obstructed. Do not block these openings by placing your computer on a bed, a sofa, a
blanket, or any other kind of similar surfaces.
Do not place your system near or on a heater, or a heating surface. Do not fit it in a closed
structure, unless a proper ventilation has been put in place.
• The power supplied must be of the kind specified on the product label.
If you are uncertain about the type of power supply available when you install your system,
consult your reseller or the local electricity company.
• This product comes with a European plug, equipped with a ground conductor.
This is a security feature. If you are not able to fit your system’s plug into the outlet, ask an
electrician to replace your obsolete outlet with a new one.
Do not underestimate the importance of efficiently grounding your system.
• Do not cover the power cord with objects of any kind, and do not place it in areas subject
to be walked on, or in which it may become an obstacle.
• If you use a power extension cord, be sure the power supplied is sufficient to cover the
needs of the whole system.
• Do not insert objects through the holes and grids of the computer case: this may cause
dangerous electric shocks, fires, and shorts.
• Do not pour any kind of liquid on your system, or on your system’s components.
• Do not try to service your system: opening or removing its covers exposes you to several
risks, including electric shocks. Have your system serviced only by qualified operators. Service
and maintenance by people not belonging to the Acer Authorized Technical Support may
invalidate your product warranty.
Unplug your system from the outlet, and contact qualified service
personnel, if one (or more) of the following conditions occur(s):
a • The power cord or power plug is damaged or worn out.
b • Liquid of any kind has been spilled or poured on the product.
c • The product has been exposed to rain or water.
d • The product does not work properly, although all instructions and indications
have been followed. Adjust only those controls referred to in your product instructions.
Improper adjusting of other types of controls may result in product damage, and may cause
the need of a complex intervention by qualified personnel to restore your product to its
normal operating conditions.
e • The product has been dropped, or its external surface looks damaged.
f • The product performance is significantly altered.
• Replace your system’s batteries only with batteries of the same kind, recommended by the
computer’s manufacturer. Using different types of batteries may expose you to the risk of fire
or explosion. Ask the intervention of qualified personnel to replace your system’s batteries.
• Danger! If improperly handled, batteries may explode. Do not recharge, try to open, or
throw them in a fire. Keep children away from batteries, and dispose of them immediately,
when worn-out.
• Use only proper power cords (supplied with keyboard and manuals in the accessory box).
• Always unplug your computer and monitor before opening the box, and operating on cables
and connections.
• To protect your computer against possible damage coming from instable power lines,
always use a power line equipped with a cut-out box, and with an over voltage suppressor.
How to Place and Install your System at its Best
It is important that you place your computer taking into account ergonomic and security
Here you can find some hints to make your working environment safer, handier, and more
Your Monitor. Place your monitor at 50-60 cm from the operator's eyes, and in a position so
that the upper part of its frame is at the same level of the operator's eyes. These precautions
will prevent eyes and neck strain. To further reduce eyes strain, it is recommended that
sometimes you close your eyes, focusing other objects, located at different distances from
your computer screen. To improve this precaution's effectiveness, repeat it twice per hour.
Some monitors have a removable, pivoted base. You can turn and adjust it according to your
posture, to place your monitor in the most convenient way.
Your Chair. If you are planning of using your computer for a long period of time, choose a
special chair, designed for office work, that you can adjust according to your ergonomic
needs. Seat, back, height, angle, and inclination of your chair have to be adjustable.
To prevent strain, you have to support your lumbar region. Only adjustable chairs allow you
to adjust the chair to your specific body size. Your chair's arm should fit your elbows level,
and your shoulders posture and size. You should use them as a support. To improve your
comfort, change your body position frequently. When you sit, you should adopt a comfortable
position, and keep your head straight. Your shoulders should be relaxed: do not lean towards
your desk.
Anti-glare Treatments. Some screens come with an anti-glare treatment to reduce eyes
Lighting. If the lighting is too poor or too intense, working at your computer may become
difficult. Try to find the best compromise, avoiding to face powerful light sources, or to work
in dim lighting conditions. Using adjustable lamps and diffuse lighting, helps you to find the
best working conditions, and to reduce eyes strain.
Your Hands and your Wrists. When typing on your keyboard, keep your wrists straight,
and your forearms parallel to the floor. If you use a wrist holder, use it only for a short period
of time.
When working at your computer for a long period of time, take frequent breaks, and do some
stretching exercise.
Your Aspire Computer:
an Overview
The system: Aspire Microtower
Device Slot Door
System LEDs and Hard Disk
Activity LEDs
Opening Notch
Power Switch
Installing your Aspire Computer
Refer to the Easy Installation step by step supplied with your computer for quick
installation instructions.
Switching your Computer On and Off
You can switch your computer on by pressing the on button, while you have to complete the
shutdown procedure (described in the following pages) before switching your computer off.
Note: Check that the main CA power switch on the back of your system is set to ON. Leave
this switch to ON, unless you need to have your computer serviced.
Switching your Computer and your Monitor On:
1 • Press and release the monitor power switch, unless the monitor is already on.
2 • Press and release the computer power switch.
Note: Your monitor starts to display images only 5-10 seconds after pressing the power
Switching your Aspire System Off
If you want to switch your Aspire system off, follow this procedure:
1 • Click the Start button on the Windows taskbar.
2 • Select Log Out.
3 • Click Shutdown, then select Yes. The procedure will guide you through the saving
procedure of each open file, and then Windows Me will be stopped. The computer will then
deactivate the power supply. After the computer has been switched off, you will have to
switch your computer's monitor off manually.
Note: To ensure that the power line is not connected to your computer, always unplug the
power plug from the outlet, when servicing your system.
Your Mouse
Your mouse uses a cursor called pointer. Pointers may have different
shapes, generally they assume the shape of an arrow.
Your mouse has a rolling device, and two buttons:
a left button, and a right button.
Quickly depressing and releasing one of these buttons, is called clicking.
Sometimes you might need to double click, that is to rapidly click one of
these buttons twice. In this guide, to click means to place the mouse
pointer on an icon, and to apply a single pressure on the mouse left
button. When you have to click the right button, this is specifically
indicated. Also "double click" refers to the mouse left button.
The wheel between the two mouse buttons has been added to simplify
scrolling operations. Rapidly turning this wheel with your forefinger,
helps you move efficiently through pages, lines, and windows.
Your mouse wheel may also function as a sort of third button, which
allows you to click or double click an icon, or any other selected element.
Left Button
Right Button
Your Mouse
The screen pointing
device movements are
controlled by a rolling ball
placed underneath your
Using a mouse pad helps
you keep the inside of
your mouse clean. A
mouse which is not kept
clean may generate
erratic movements of the
pointing device on the
To clean your mouse:
1 • Put your mouse
upside down.
2 • Turn the ring around
the ball counterclockwise,
to remove it.
3 • Clean the ball using a
cotton cloth or pad
moistened with alcohol,
then remove bits and
dust from the inner part
of your mouse.
4 • Place the ball back
into the mouse, then turn
the mouse ring clockwise.
Your Keyboard
Your keyboard has been designed to simplify your computer operations. Some keys directly
take you to frequently used applications, while a special knob allows you to adjust the audio
volume or to activate the Mute function.
Some of the keys may act in different ways according to the application program you are
using. (To see the keys layout, refer to the two following pictures).
Esc Key • Exits the current screen or program, or interrupts the operation that is being
Tab Key • In word processing programs, moves the cursor forward of a certain number of
positions. In other programs, moves the cursor from one field (an area on your screen you
can type your data to) to the following one.
Enter Key • In word processing programs, starts a new paragraph. In other programs,
accepts input data, or indicates the end of an action.
Uppercase Key • Pressing this key in combination with a letter or a symbol key, generates
the correspondent uppercase letter, or the upper symbol on that key.
Caps Lock Key • By pressing this key, you activate or deactivate the UPPERCASE or
lowercase mode.
(When the Caps Lock key is active, the Caps Lock LED is on).
Function Keys • From F1 to F12, when set by a specific application, each key executes a
specific function.
Arrow Keys • Move the cursor in the direction indicated by the arrow.
Ins Key • When activated, data typed will override or modify the existing ones.
Canc Key • Clears the highlighted data, or the datum located to the cursor’s right.
Home Key • Takes you to the beginning of a page.
Function Keys
Ins Key
Canc Key (Delete)
Home Key
Caps Lock Key
Shift Key
Tab Key
Arrow Keys
End Key • Takes you to the end of a line.
Page Up / Page Down Keys • Takes you one screen up or down.
Backspace Key • Similar to the Canc key, deletes the characters to the cursor's left one by
Alt and Ctrl Keys • Alone or in combination with other keys, may perform different
functions, according to the software program.
Num Lock Key, and Numeric Keypad • When the Num Lock key is active, the numeric
keypad may be used to enter digits. When it is not active, these keys become directional
keys, such as arrow keys, or Page Up and Page Down, according to the symbol on the lower
part of the key.
Pause • Sets your computer in suspension mode.
Volume Control /Mute • Adjusts the speakers volume. Press it to suppress audio
Web Connection • Starts your Internet browser.
E-mail • Starts your e-mail program.
Programmable Keys • Start the programs previously assigned to each keys
Audio Controls • Controls the audio play functions.
Windows Start • Activates the Windows Me Start menu.
Popup Menu • Displays currently active applications and icons popup menus (similar to the
mouse right click).
Audio Controls
WEB Connection
Programmable Keys
Volume Control /
Num Lock
Page Up
Page Down
Windows Start
Popup Menu
Your Monitor
Refer to the documentation provided with your monitor, for more information about your
monitor characteristics and usage.
Computer Unit
Whether it's dealing with one of your personal letters or with a software program you bought
from your reseller, your computer is capable of elaborating data in an electronic format, and
storing them on its drives (hard disk, floppy disc, etc.).
To save data (write) or to recall them (read), your computer uses one of the following drives:
Hard Disk Drive
The hard disk drive is located inside your computer, and it's generally referred to as C:.
It's your computer archive: your computer operating system and data are located on it. It has
a lot of storage capacity, but you need to check from time to time that storage is still
available on it.
Floppy Disk Drive
This drive uses 3.5 inches removable floppy disks, and it is called A:. It is very useful when
you need to store small files.
Optical CD-ROM , CD-RW, and CD-DVD Drives
Optical drives use CDs (R, RW, or DVD Compact Disc type).
According to the driver mounted on your computer, a common CD-ROM reader, a CD-RW
reader and writer, or a DVD may be available (ask your reseller which drive your computer is
equipped with).
If you have a normal CD-ROM reader, your drive is only capable of reading data, but won't be
able to write on a CD-ROM. This is because, unlike a floppy disk, a CD-ROM has a read only
memory, which means that your computer will be able to read data from a CD, but won't be
able to write data on it (see note). This drive is generally called D:. On some computers, the
CD-ROM may be identified by a different letter. To identify drives letters, refer to My
Note: There are CDs you can write only once ( R ), CDs you can write more than once (RW),
and DVDs, but to write them you need a special drive.
These new optical drives are similar to common CD-ROM drives, and are CD-ROM compatible.
This means that if you are using a DVD drive or a CD-RW drive, you can use not only DVDs,
but also normal CD-ROMs, CD-Rs, and CD-RWs.
Bay for 3 1/2" Drives
Bay for 5 1/4" Drive
Protection Door
Using Your Floppy Disk Drive
Floppy disks are used to copy data on a computer or to copy data from it. They are a useful
and cheap way of handling small files.
1 • Insert a floppy disk in your floppy disk drive as shown, its round metal part in the center
facing down.
2 • Push it gently until it clicks.
3 • When you have finished using your floppy disk, remove it from the floppy disk drive by
gently pressing the eject button, once the floppy disk LED is off.
How to Write
Protect a Floppy
When the write
protecting tag is
open, you cannot
write (save) data
on your floppy
disk. To be able to
write data on it,
the write
protective tag
must be closed.
Write protection is
a useful way of
protecting your
data from virus
infections, when
you are using your
floppy disk on
someone else's
Write Protect
- Data can be
Formatting a Floppy Disk
A floppy disk is a flexible support covered with a magnetic substance, similar
to a magnetic tape, on which you can store data in electronic formats.
Floppy disks are protected by a rigid plastic case.
Before using a floppy disk, you have to format it, to make it able to receive
your computer information.
Note: Most of the floppy disk on sale have already been formatted.
1 • Ensure your floppy disk is not write protected (for detailed instructions,
see side notes)..
2 • Insert the floppy disk in the floppy disk drive.
3 • Click Start, select Programs, then Explorer.
4 • (3.5 inches Floppy (A:) from My Computer.
5 • Click with your right mouse button, then select Format.
6 • Click Start.
• Formatting a floppy disk you delete all the data on the floppy disk.
• Keep floppy disks away from heat and magnetic items that may damage
your disk or information on it.
- Data cannot be
Using your CD-ROM/ CD-RW Drive
Unlike floppy disks, CD-ROM/DVD-ROM can be used only to transfer
data to your computer.
Your Acer computer can use two types of CD-ROMs: audio disks,
and data disks.
Data CDs can contain a lot of information, and big programs. A CD
can contain more information than 450 floppy disks.
Press the eject button to manually open or close the CD tray.
To insert a CD or a DVD in the CD drive, place it on the CD drive
its title side facing up, then depress the eject button to close the
CD drive.
Note: it may take up to 30 seconds for the disk to stop turning and
the drive to open. If you try to run a software program just after
inserting your CD or your DVD, and an error message is displayed,
indicating that the drive is not ready, wait a few seconds, then try
CD and DVD
A CD/DVD has two sides:
• The title side, which
specifies the CD/DVD
• The data side, on which
data are stored.
CDs and DVDs can easily be
ruined. Always hold them by
their edge, to avoid stains or
fingerprints on them. When
you don't use them, always
keep them in their case, to
avoid to scratch them or
damage them in any other
way. Any kind of damage,
dust, or dirt may affect data,
and may damage your
computer's optical reading
device, or prevent your
computer from being able to
read the CD.
To clean your CDs and DVDs,
use a clean cloth, pass it on
your disc surface in a straight
line, from its center to its
edge, continuing all over its
(Do not rub or make circular
From time to time, you can
clean your CD-ROM / DVDROM drive, to ensure your
computer can easily read
your disks.
(ask your reseller for details)
Note: The drive may sound like a fan. This is because new drives rotate at a very high
Unless you notice other problems, this shouldn't be considered as a sign of malfunction.
Anyway, contact your dealer if you hear any unusual noise.
Data Modem/Fax
Your data modem/fax allows your computer to send and receive data, images, and
information all over the world, provided that a phone line and Internet access are available.
After connecting your computer to the phone line, you can:
• Have access to the Internet*
• Send and receive faxes
• Send and receive email messages
Accessing the Internet
Your Aspire computer is ready to be connected to the Internet.
Once you have Internet access, you can visit the Acer Web site for updates, send and receive
email messages, book your holidays, keep up to date about movies, and many other
interesting subjects.
All what you need is a phone line to connect your modem to, and a subscription to an
Internet Service Provider.
* You need a subscription to an Internet Service Provider.
** In addition to the service rate, you may have to pay a monthly or hourly fare to be able to
use it.
Note: Consult an Internet Service Provider, or your reseller for detailed information.
Connecting an Optional Printer
To use your system at its best, you should connect a printer to it. Using a printer will allow
you to generate paper copies of your documents and work. Color printers have become quite
inexpensive lately, and using one of them will allow you to get excellent quality graphics:
letters, photos, etc..
1 • Ensure that your computer has been switched off, and that the power cord has been
2 • Connect the printer cable to the printer, and to the printer port located on the rear panel
of your computer. The printer cable is usually sold with the printer.
3 • Plug your printer power cord into a socket.
4 •Switch your printer on.
5 • Switch your computer on.
6 • Install the printer driver supplied with your printer, and follow the instructions.
Note: For your printer driver to work in the correct way, you have to switch your printer on
first, so that Windows Me can detect its presence.
Installing your Printer Driver
A printer driver is a specific program provided with your printer, capable of communicating to
your computer the type of printer connected to it, so that all your printer’s features can be
used. Most common printers can be automatically detected by Windows Me. Consult your
printer user's guide, if your printer is not available in Windows Me. If you are experiencing
problems or if you have questions, you should contact your printer's manufacturer.
Usually, all what you have to do is follow the onscreen instructions provided by your printer
software: they will guide you through your printer installation process and test.
Connecting an Optional Serial Device
Serial devices are also available on the market, and your computer can handle also a serial
interface. The following lines explain how to install a serial device.
1 • Ensure that your computer has been switched off, and that the power cord has been
disconnected from the plug.
2 • Connect the serial cable to the serial device, and to the serial port located on your
computer rear panel. The serial cable is usually sold together with the serial device.
Connect your serial device power cord plug into a socket.
Switch your serial device on.
Switch your computer on.
Install the driver supplied with your serial device, and follow the instructions.
Connecting a Joystick or an Optional MIDI Device
The Games/MIDI port transforms your Aspire computer into an exciting equipment for
entertainment and games.
Here are the steps you have to follow to connect the game or MIDI device to your system.
1 • Ensure that your computer has been switched off, and that the power cord has been
disconnected from the plug.
2 • Locate the Game/MIDI port on the rear panel of your computer.
3 • Connect the joystick cable or the MIDI cable to this port.
4 • Supply power to your computer, and to the device you have installed, then follow the
onscreen instructions provided by the just added device’s manufacturer.
Using the Audio System at its Best
Listening to an Audio CD
If you want to listen to some music while working on your system, insert an audio CD in the
CD-ROM drive, wait from ten to twenty seconds, till your computer automatically detects your
audio CD format, and starts to play the CD.
Adjusting the Volume
You can adjust an audio CD volume in three different ways:
1 • Rotate the volume knob on your keyboard, to turn the volume up or down.
Note: To deactivate sounds, press the volume knob (MUTE function).
2 • On the taskbar in the lower part of your screen, click the Volume icon. The volume
control is displayed (see picture). You can adjust the volume using your mouse.
3 • Open an application program which includes audio mixer functions.
Adding Options to your
Aspire Computer
Connecting an USB
Your Aspire computer
can support USB
(Universal Serial BUS)
devices. These
devices allow you to
easily expand your
system set of
In this way, installing
devices such as digital
cameras, scanners,
joysticks, and others
becomes easy and
simple also for users
lacking of technical
Several expansion devices, such as hard disks, memories, and
expansion cards to accomplish several other tasks can be added to
your Acer Aspire system.
Adding expansion devices to your system requires a certain level of
technical ability, and therefore such a task cannot be carried out by
unqualified personnel.
Opening/Closing your Aspire Microtower
Warning! Before opening your computer, always switch it off, and unplug it from the power
If two safety seals have been broken, your system warranty is no longer valid.
Removing the Cover
1 • Place your system on a flat surface.
2 • Unscrew the two screws on your system rear panel (one to its left, and the other to its
right), and remove them from the rear panel.
3 • Pull the two lateral panels towards the rear of your computer, gripping them by the two
openings. The two panels are mounted so that you can make them slide to release them.
Lateral panel screws, and
panel sliding directions
Removing Covering
Lateral Panels Sliding
Putting the Covering
Panel Back
Precautions to Avoid Electrostatic
Before installing a new component, to
avoid electrostatic discharges (ESD)
always follow these precautions
• Electrostatic discharges can cause
permanent damage to your computer.
• Do not remove a component from its
anti-static wrapping unless you are ready
to install it.
• Wear an anti-static wrist bracelet before
handling electronic components. Most of
the electronic components resellers also
sell this kind of bracelets.
• As a precaution to reduce the
consequences of electrostatic discharges,
keep one of your hands in contact with the
external metallic case of your system.
Putting the Covering Panel Back
After you finish operating inside your computer, put the lateral panels back in place,
maintaining their original positioning.
1 • Insert the protruding indented parts (they have the shape of small metallic indentations,
and they are placed on the lateral covering upper and lower parts) into the chassis slots, so
that they can fit and slide to close the chassis.
2 • Slide the covering forward, and put the screws back in place.
Note: To easily put the lateral covers back in place, align all the indentations to the
corresponding chassis slots, paying particular attention to the fact that both the upper and
lower indentations should be aligned. Fitting all indentations in the right slot makes the cover
slide easily and smoothly towards the front of your computer.
Need Help?
Acer made their best to provide you with an easy to service and reliable computer. However,
unexpected issues may arise. Refer to the hints and tips provided by this troubleshooting
section, to diagnose and solve your problems.
Answers to the most frequently asked questions follow:
The Start button is not displayed on the screen.
Either your taskbar has been set to a very small size, or it is hidden.
To display the taskbar:
1 • Press the Start key on your keyboard.
2 • Press the Esc key to close the Start menu (the taskbar is still selected).
3 • Press Alt + spacebar, then select "Resize".
4 • Use the arrow keys to resize your taskbar, select your preferred size, then press
The computer does not shutdown completely.
If your computer is blocked, and you cannot do anything, you might have to switch it off
using the switch located on its rear panel.
Sometimes the CD-ROM doesn't work, and the eject operation fails.
1 • The CD you are using may have been scratched, or it might need cleaning. Clean your
2 • If cleaning your CD doesn't solve your problem, contact your Acer Technical Support.
Note: Do not leave a floppy disk in the floppy disk drive. At the following boot, your
computer will detect the floppy disk presence, and will boot the operating system only after
you have removed the floppy disk from the floppy disk drive, and have followed the onscreen
The keyboard doesn't work.
1 • Press the Caps Lock key several times, to see whether the LED commutes from on to
2 • If this doesn't happen, check that your keyboard's cable has been inserted into the rear
panel connector in the right way.
3 • If the problem persists, contact Acer Technical Support.
If at boot time your system gives the following warning:
Keyboard Error, No Keyboard Connected or Keyboard Interface Error
Check that your keyboard has been properly connected, and that it hasn't been unplugged.
The modem has been connected, but there's no dial tone.
1 • Check that the in and out lines are properly connected, as they can easily be mistaken
2 • Make sure that all the phones connected to the external phone line aren't using the line
at the same time.
The modem doesn't work.
1 • Ensure that the phone line cable has been inserted into the socket in the computer's rear
panel marked as Line or Wall.
2 • Ensure that the phone line cable has been firmly connected to your computer, and to the
wall plug.
3 • If the modem is still not working, disconnect any other equipment connected to the same
phone line.
4 • If the modem is still not working, deactivate all your phone line special services, such as
call waiting and similar.
When you switch your system on, the monitor doesn't go active.
1 • Ensure that your monitor power on LED is on.
2 • Check your brightness and contrast settings, and adjust as needed.
3 • If the problem persists, check that your monitor is properly connected to your computer.
The monitor doesn't go active.
1 • If the power on LED is off, check that your monitor has been connected to a power
2 • If the monitor power on LED is on and flashing, check that the monitor video cable has
been properly connected to your computer.
3 • If the computer power on LED flashes, depress the switch once.
4 • If necessary, disconnect the monitor from your computer, then check the PINs on the
monitor's cable connector, to check that they haven’t been bent or broken.
The mouse makes erratic movements.
Clean your mouse:
1 • Turn your mouse upside down.
2 • Remove the ring that keeps the ball in place, by turning it counterclockwise.
3 • Clean every moving part of your mouse using a cotton cloth or pad that has been
moistened with alcohol.
4 • Put the ball back into the mouse, then place the ring back, turning it clockwise to restore
its original position.
The sound quality is not very good, or it is unusual, or the system doesn't produce
any sound at all.
1 • Turn the volume up, using the knob on your keyboard.
2 • In Windows Me, double click the Volume icon (on the taskbar, close to the clock) to verify
that the volume is active, and that the mute control has not been activated, or use the knob
on your keyboard.
The system is halted.
If the system halts or stops, you can activate it again depressing the Ctrl+Alt+Canc keys at
the same time. Follow the instructions displayed.
If the system doesn't start:
1 • Press your computer power switch, to switch your computer off.
2 • Press the power switch again, to switch your computer on again.
Note: When rebooting your computer, unsaved data will be lost, and your Windows
operating system ScanDisk procedure may start.
The floppy disk drive cannot read the floppy disk.
1 • Extract the floppy disk from the floppy disk drive, insert it back into the drive, and try
2 • Check that the disk has been properly formatted. When you format a floppy disk, all data
on your floppy disk will be lost.
3 • Try to use a different, well preserved floppy disk. If the drive now works, the first floppy
disk may be damaged.
Note: Your system uses special diagnostic programs to detect your computer malfunctions.
In case of malfunctions, certain error messages are usually displayed on the screen: you
should write them down to be able to let the Technical Support people know about your
problem, so that they can help you to understand and solve it.
Technical Support:
Acer Technical Support Web site:
If you are experiencing problems with your system before your system Warranty expires, you
should contact Acer Technical Support. Technical Support supports your problems covered by
your system warranty, such as hardware malfunctions.
Before calling Acer Technical Support, you should write down carefully a detailed description
of your problem. It will only take few minutes, and it will help Technical Support people to
assist you at their best.
Warranty Declaration of Non Responsibility
Acer cannot be consider explicitly or implicitly responsible about the content of this
document, and doesn't provide warranty of trade or use for any specific purpose. All the
software products described in this manual is sold and given the user the license to be used
“as it is”. If, after the product purchase, software programs will turn out to be defective, all
costs related to service, repair, accidental or indirect damage deriving from faulty software
programs will be borne by the user (and not by this company, the distributor or the reseller).
Acer reserves the right to review this publication, and to modify or change its content without
notice to anyone.
Declaration of Non Responsibility
The functions described in this manual are not necessarily available for all models. Acer
makes non-stop updates to their products to answer their customers needs, therefore
software and hardware specifications may change any moment. Refer to the label on the
product packaging, for information about the specifications related to the product you
Help us to Defeat Piracy
Acer are implementing a policy to respect and protect legal rights of intellectual property.
Acer do believe that, only when everyone supports such a policy, Acer will be able to provide
the users with quality services. Acer are a member of the Technology Committee of the
Pacific Basin Economic Council, which encourages the protection and the application of
intellectual property rights all over the world. To ensure the right service to their customers,
Acer systems are provided with operating systems that come with a license of use from their
respective legal owners. Acer are engaged in fighting, and ask their customers to join them in
fighting, against intellectual property piracy, whenever it occurs. Acer follow the application of
intellectual property rights, and are engaged in fighting intellectual property piracy.
End User Standard License Agreement.
1 • License accordance. The manufacturer of each software product (the "software
producer") authorizes a personal, not subject to transfer, and non exclusive use of one copy
of the software package provided with this license. The buyer agrees to copy the Software
product only on one system, only at one site, and only for purposes connected to its use. The
buyer agrees not to copy the paper documents provided with the software. Modifying,
translating, renting, copying, transferring or assigning the whole software product or one of
its parts, or the rights provided with this act, to anyone, and removing the software owner
notes, labels, marks or trademarks, is strictly forbidden. The user agrees not to create any
derived software based in any way on the software product.
2 • Copyright. The user agrees that no rights of the software intellectual property are
transferred to the user. The user agrees that the copyright, the right, and the software
ownership are of exclusive ownership of the software producer, and the user is not buying
any right upon the software, excluded what it has already been stated. All the software
copies will contain the same notes of ownership contained in the original copies.
3 • Reverse Engineering. The user agrees not to, or if user is a company, they agree to do
their best to try to dissuade their employees or contractors to compile, patch, modify, or split
the Software or one of its components. The lack of compliance with the above mentioned
terms and conditions, or with the terms and conditions contained in this document, will
automatically invalidate the rights given with this document by the software producer.
4 • Indemnity to Customers. The software producer takes full responsibility of Software
products, and the only indemnity to customers will be, at total discretion of the software
producer, (a) trying to correct the errors believed to cause the problem, (b) substituting the
software product with another product, equivalent from a functional point of view (c) paying
back only the purchase price, after all the software copies and accompanying material have
been given back to the producer.
5 • Non Responsibility for Indirect Damage. THE SOFTARE PRODUCER OR ACER
Some jurisdictions do not allow limitations to the implicit warranty durations, or excluding or
limiting accidental or indirect damage, therefore these limitations or exclusions may not be
applicable. This limited warranty offers special rights to the user, who may benefit of other
rights given by the jurisdictions the user belongs to.
6 • Limited Rights. If the Software is licensed to a United States Government organization,
it is accepted that the Software has been designed and produced for commercial purposes,
that, together with the accompanying material, is subject to the limitations in use for the use,
the duplication, and the divulgation by the United States Government, expressed in the clause
for the rights related to technical data and computer programs, in DFARS 252.227-7013 ,
subparagraph (g) (3) (i) of the FAR 52.227-14, Alternate III, or in other regulations, related
to limited rights.
7 • Others. It is agreed not to export or re-export the Software product without the
appropriate licenses, provided by the United States and by the foreign country. This contract
is governed by the laws of the State of California, and it will not be given the choice of other
legal clauses. This contract has an absolute value, and it substitutes any other verbal or
written previous agreement, related to the subjects here in dealt.
CD-ROM Safety Warning
Warning: Laser devices release invisible but dangerous radiation: DO NOT OPEN THE CDROM DRIVE.
Precautions Related to the Lithium Batteries
Warning: in case of wrong replacement, batteries may explode. Replace batteries only with
batteries of the same or equivalent type, and follow the manufacturer instructions.
To dispose of batteries, follow the batteries manufacturer instructions, and the local disposal
CE Compliant
This equipment has passed the compliance tests for CE regulations and limitations.
Limited Product
A. Coverage of Limited Warranty
This Limited Warranty confers upon you specific rights and remedies. The law of the country of your
residence may give you different and more expansive rights and remedies, and the provisions of this
Limited Warranty shall not operate to impair or abridge any rights or remedies you may have under
such local laws. Subject to the Limitations and Exclusions described herein, Acer extends the limited warranties set out below. (As used in this document, “Acer” refers to the Acer company in the
country within the Territorial Scope of this Limited Warranty where your Acer System was first sold
to an end-user. If you are not sure which Acer company is responsible, please refer to the Warranty
Card accompanying your System.
1) System Warranty
Acer warrants any Acer computer hardware product (“System”) first sold to an end-user in a country of the European Economic Area (the “Territorial Scope”), to be free from defects in materials or
workmanship under normal use for the duration of the warranty period as stated on the Limited
Warranty card supplied with your System (“Warranty Card”). The warranty period commences on
the date of purchase. Your original purchase invoice (sales receipt), showing the date of purchase
of the System, is your proof of the date of purchase. This Limited Warranty extends beyond the
original purchaser to any lawful successor in interest, provided, however, that anyone claiming
under this warranty must, upon request, produce the original purchase invoice to be entitled to warranty services. Warranty service will be performed based on the primary language used in the EEA
country where the service request is made. Warranty repair services involving language based
aspects of your System (e.g., keyboards, software) may not be capable of being performed in another language than the primary language used in the EEA country where the service request is made.
Acer will, at its option, repair or replace any defective Systems or parts thereof covered by this
Limited Warranty with new or factory-refurbished parts or Systems that are equal to new products
in performance. All exchanged parts and Systems replaced under this Limited Warranty will become
the property of Acer.
2) Parts & Components Limited Warranty
For genuine Acer parts and components that have been purchased in a country falling in the
Territorial Scope of this Limited Warranty and which have been installed in a System at the time of
the original purchase of the System, and that are defined as “Options or Accessories” in the Acer
price list in force at the time of the purchase by the original end-user, Acer extends a warranty equal
to the warranty in effect with respect to the System in which the parts and components are
3) Media & Software Limited Warranty
Regarding Acer-supplied software accompanying the System, Acer warrants the “hard copy”
media, e.g. diskettes, CD-ROMs upon which this software is delivered to be free from defects in
materials and workmanship for a period of 180 days after the date of purchase by the end user. In
the event that you receive defective media, Acer will replace the defective media at no charge to
Except for this media warranty, any software is provided “As Is”. Acer does not warrant that the
operation of this software will be uninterrupted or error-free, or that this software will meet your
B. Warranty Limitations and Exclusions
The limited warranties with respect to Systems, Parts & Components, Media & Software, (collectively, “Product” or “Products”) are subject to the following exclusions and limitations:
1) Exclusions
This Limited Warranty does not extend to:
1.1 any Product not manufactured by or for Acer, or first sold to an end-user in a country without
the Territorial Scope of this Limited Warranty (except notebooks subject to the “International
Traveler Warranty”).
1.2 any Product that has been damaged or rendered defective (a) as a result of use of the Product
other than for its normal intended use, failure to use the Product in accordance with the User’s
Guide that accompanies the Product, or other misuse, abuse, or negligence to the Product; (b) by
the use of parts not manufactured or sold by Acer; (c) by modification of the Product; (d) as a result
of service by anyone other than Acer or an Acer Authorized Service Provider; (e) by improper transportation or packing when returning the Product to Acer or an Acer Authorized Service Provider; or
(f) by improper installation of third-party products (e.g., memory cards).
1.3 loss of any, or damage to, programs, data, or removable storage media. You are responsible
for saving (backing up) any programs, data or removable storage media. Please note that Acer may
opt to replace the Product submitted for warranty services with a remanufactured Product of equal
quality, and, thus, any data stored by you on your original Product may become permanently inaccessible to you.
1.4 consumable parts, i.e., parts that require periodic replacement during the normal course of the
Products usage, including without limitation, notebook batteries.
1.5 minor defects of LCD displays occurring in Products equipped with LCD display technology, provided that there shall not be more than four (4) defective pixels per million pixels on a given LCD
display, and provided further that, if the display panel is divided into nine (9) equal rectangular areas, there shall be one defective pixel in the central area of the display.
2) Disclaimer of Warranty and Limitations
Except for the limited warranties set forth herein, Acer disclaims all other warranties,
expressed or implied or statutory, including but not limited to implied warranties of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose. Any implied warranties that may be imposed
by applicable law are limited to the terms of this Limited Warranty. In no event shall Acer be
liable for any incidental, special or consequential damages, including but not limited to loss of business, profits, data or use, whether in an action in contract or tort or based on a warranty, arising
out of or in connection with the use or performance of the Product or any Acer-supplied software
that accompanies the Product, even if Acer has been advised of the possibility of such damages.
You agree that repair, and (upon availability) replacement, as applicable, under the warranty services described herein is your sole and exclusive remedy with respect to any breach of the Acer Limited
Warranty set forth herein.
C. Obtaining Warranty Service
Subject to the provisions, exclusions and limitations set forth above, you are entitled to On-site,
Carry-In or Mail-In warranty service with respect to your Product as determined in the Warranty
Card accompanying your Product. The exercise of such rights is subject to the following terms and
1. Repair service is available for Product purchased and located within the Territorial Scope of this
Limited Warranty. Claims under this Limited Warranty will be honored only if made within the warranty period specified on the Warranty Card. On-Site repair service is available only in certain geographical areas. Please use the contact information on the Warranty Card to verify that your location is covered by On-Site service. In areas where On-Site service is not available, Acer offers CarryIn service or Mail-In service.
2. Consult the Warranty Card for the phone numbers and other contact information of the
Authorized Service Providers and the Acer Authorized Service Centers in your country.
3. Before contacting Acer, please run the Hardware Diagnostics. This will help us provide you with
better quality support. Please refer to your User’s Guide for instructions.
4. Please call the Acer technical support number on your Warranty Card for the country you are
located in. Acer will attempt to resolve warranty issues over the telephone and may require your
assistance in performing routine diagnostic procedures in connection with this call. Your cooperation will aid in avoiding “no defect found” service interventions and the resulting charges. If Acer
determines in the course of the telephone diagnostic procedure that the problem described by you
can be remedied by replacing an external component (e.g., keyboard, mouse, speaker, etc.), Acer
will ship to you free of charge such replacement component to be installed by you. If telephone
resolution is not possible, Acer will. Acer will then issue you a Repair Authorization Number (“RA
Number”) for Carry-In or Mail-In service to be used as a means of identifying the Product to be
5. On-Site repair, if your Product is eligible for such service, as determined by the Warranty Card
accompanying your Product, will take place at your site. For On-Site warranty service, an Acer or
Acer-authorized technician will be dispatched for repair. Acer may require you to use Mail-In or
Carry-in service, if the Acer or Acer-authorized technician in his or her reasonable discretion determines that your site is not reasonably accessible of safe for the warranty repairs to be carried out.
6. Carry-In service is performed at Acer Authorized Service Centers. If you chose this service option,
the Product will be held for pick - up by you at the Acer Authorized Service Centers after the repair
service is completed.
7. For Mail-In service, you must return the Product to an Acer Authorized Service Provider as identified by Acer personnel at the time the RA Number is issued. If you are opting for Mail-in service,
you will also be informed by Acer personnel on how to contact an Acer designated freight forwarder in order to effect the return of your Product free of charge. Acer will return the repaired
Product at Acer’s cost. If you do not use the freight forwarding services made available to by Acer,
you will be liable for any resulting charges.
8. If available, you should use the original shipping and packing materials and include a description
of the symptoms giving rise to your warranty claims. The RA Number must be placed on the exterior shipping container.
9. You must provide Acer with proof of place and date of purchase. (i.e., you must include a copy
of the original sales receipt shipped with the Product ).
D. Charges
If you cause Acer to start the repair of a Product otherwise covered under this Limited Warranty and,
Acer reasonably determines that the Product is not defective and that the problem giving rise to
your service call was the result of your lacking ability to use the Product, the installation of incompatible software by a party other than Acer, computer viruses, and the like, Acer will charge you a
flat fee of Euro 100 for any Mail-In or Carry-In service call, and a flat fee of Euro 150 for any OnSite service call.
Personal Computers
Aspire by Acer
Technical Support
(Hardware only)
2 Years
Software Support
180 days
6 months Mail-in(1)
2 Years: Mail-in or Carry-In(1)
Please see the Limited Product Warranty in the Acer Customer
Services and Warranty Guide for details regarding warranty
coverage. For technical support, please call the corresponding
phone number in your Country
(1) Mail-in:
Customer ships the unit to Acer’s
repair depot. After the repair is
complete, Acer ships the unit back to
the customer.
Customer brings the unit to an Acer
Authorized Service Provider. After the
repair is complete, customer picks the
unit up.
Warranty Upgrade Options
To obtain more information about or to order any of the
warranty upgrade options please visit Acer WEB-sites or call the
corresponding phone number in your Country
Warranty void if sealing is opened
- und Haftungsregeln
Eingeschränkte Produktgarantie
- und Haftungsregeln
A) Eingeschränkte Produktgarantie
Diese eingeschränkte Garantie überträgt Ihnen spezifische Rechte und Rechtsmittel. Die landesspezifischen
Gesetze können Ihnen unterschiedliche und darüber hinaus gehende Rechte und Rechtsmittel zubilligen.
Diese Garantie schränkt diese landesspezifischen Rechte in keinster Weise ein.
Vorbehaltlich der Einschränkungen und Ausschlüsse erweitert Acer die Garantie wie im nachfolgenden
beschrieben. (Im folgenden steht „Acer“ für die jeweilige Acer-Niederlassung des Landes, in dem der
Endkunde das Produkt zum ersten mal erworben hat. Wenn Sie sich nicht sicher sind, welche AcerNiederlassung für Ihr Anliegen zuständig ist, informieren Sie sich bitte an Hand der dem Produkt
beiliegenden Garantiekarte.)
1) Systemgarantie (Hardware)
Acer garantiert, daß die von Acer an einen Endkunden innerhalb der Europäischen
Wirtschaftsgemeinschaft verkaufte Computerhardware (das "System”) bei normaler Verwendung
innerhalb der Garantiefrist frei von Material- oder Verarbeitungsfehlern ist. Die Garantiefrist ergibt sich aus
der mit dem System mitgelieferten Karte mit Informationen über die eingeschränkte Garantie
(”Garantiekarte”). Die Garantieleistung kann nur in jenem Staat der Europäischen Union bzw. in der
Schweiz oder Norwegen, geltend gemacht werden in dem dieses System zuerst an einen Endanwender
verkauft wurde (das ”Einzugsgebiet”), mit der Maßgabe, daß Garantieleistungen für mit einer
„International Travellers Warranty“ verkaufte Notebooks in allen Ländern innerhalb des räumlichen
Geltungsbereiches der „International Travellers Warranty“ in Anspruch genommen werden können. Die
Garantiefrist beginnt mit dem Kaufdatum. Ihr Nachweis über das Kaufdatum ist die Originalrechnung
(Kaufbeleg) mit eingetragenem Kaufdatum. Diese eingeschränkte Garantie gilt über den ursprünglichen
Käufer hinaus auch für jeden späteren berechtigten Eigentümer, sofern bei Ansprüchen gemäß dieser
Garantie auf Anforderung der Original-Kaufbeleg als Nachweis für die Berechtigung der Garantieansprüche
vorgelegt werden kann. Der Garantie-Service wird in der jeweiligen Landessprache des Landes erbracht, in
der der Garantie-Service in Anspruch genommen wird. Werden landesspezifische Komponenten zur
Reparatur benötigt, wie z.B. Tastaturen, Software etc, so behält sich Acer vor, diese durch landesspezifische
Komponenten des Landes zu ersetzen, in dem der Service in Anspruch genommen wird.
Acer wird nach eigenem freiem Ermessen defekte Hardware-Teile reparieren oder durch neue oder im Werk
generalüberholte Teile oder Systeme ersetzen, deren Leistungsparameter mit neuen Produkten vergleichbar
sind. Werden im Rahmen der eingeschränkten Haftung Teile und/oder Systeme ausgetauscht, so ist der
Garantieberechtigte verpflichtet, die ausgetauschten Teile in das Eigentum von Acer zu übertragen.
2) Eingeschränkte Garantie für Teile & Komponenten
Für Originalteile und Komponenten von Acer, welche in einem der in Absatz 1 genannten Länder
erworben wurden und beim ursprünglichen Verkauf des Systems an einen Endabnehmer im System
installiert waren, und in der zum Kaufzeitpunkt gültigen Preisliste als ”Optionen oder Zubehör” aufgeführt
waren, gewährt Acer eineim Umfang und Laufzeit der Garantielaufzei der für das System, in dem die Teile
und Komponenten installiert sind, entsprechende Garatie.
3) Eingeschränkte Garantie für Datenträger & Software
Bei der von Acer für das System mitgelieferten Software garantiert Acer für die Datenträger, z.B. Disketten
und CD-ROMs, auf denen diese Software geliefert wird, die Freiheit von Material- und
Verarbeitungsfehlern für eine Frist von 90 Tagen nach erstmaligem Verkauf an einen Endanwender. Bei
Lieferung defekter Datenträger ersetzt Acer die defekten Datenträger kostenfrei.
Mit Ausnahme der Garantie für die Datenträger wird jede Software ohne Mängelgewähr geliefert. Acer
sichert nicht zu, dass diese Software ohne Unterbrechungen oder fehlerfrei funktioniert oder Ihren
Anforderungen genügt.
4) Garantieeinschränkungen und Ausschlüsse
Die eingeschränkte Garantie für die Systeme, Teile & Komponenten, Datenträger & Software, (gemeinsam
die ”Produkte”) unterliegt folgenden Ausschlüssen und Einschränkungen:
a) Produkte, die nicht von oder für Acer hergestellt worden sind oder die nicht innerhalb der Europäischen
Wirtschaftsgemeinschaft verkauft worden sind (ausgenommen hiervon sind Notebooks, die der
„International Traveler Warranty unterliegen).
b) Produkte, die (a) durch zweckentfremdete Verwendung des Produkts, Nichtbeachtung der Hinweise in
der Benutzeranleitung, die mit dem Produkt geliefert wurde, oder durch andere mißbräuchliche oder
falsche oder fahrlässige Nutzung des Produkts; (b) durch Verwendung von Teilen, die nicht von Acer
hergestellt oder verkauft wurden; (c) durch Veränderung des Produkts; (d) durch Reparaturversuche Dritter,
d.h. nicht von Acer oder Vertragswerkstätten von Acer; oder (e) durch unsachgemäßen Transport oder
unsachgemäßee Verpackung bei Rücksendung des Produkts an Acer oder eine Vertragswerkstatt von
Acer; (f) durch unsachgemäße Installation der Produkte von Drittanbietern (z.B. Speicherkarten) beschädigt
oder funktionsunfähig wurden.
c) Acer haftet mit Ausnahme der bereits in Pkt A) Z 3 genannten Datenträger nicht für Schäden an oder
den Verlust von Programmen, Daten oder nicht fest mit dem System verbundenen Datenträgern. Die
Anfertigung von Datensicherungskopien (Backups) von Programmen, Daten oder entnehmbaren
Datenträgern ist Ihre Obliegenheit. Beachten Sie, dass Acer nach eigenem Ermessen entscheiden kann, das
zur Garantiereparatur eingesendete Produkt durch ein generalüberholtes Produkt gleicher Qualität zu
ersetzen, und Ihnen daher auf dem Originalsystem gespeicherte Daten eventuell später nicht mehr
zugänglich sind.
d) Diese eingeschränkte Garantie erstreckt sich nicht auf Verbrauchsmaterialien, d.h. Teile, die bei der
Nutzung des Produkts in regelmäßigen Abständen ersetzt werden müssen, beispielsweise Batterien.
e) Geringfügige Mängel bei LC-Displays, die in Geräten auftreten, die mit LC-Display-Technologie
ausgestattet sind. Als geringfügiger Mangel gelten folgende Definitionen: (1) Es dürfen nicht mehr als vier
Pixelfehler pro eine Million Bildpunkte auftreten. (2) Unterteilt man das Display in neun gleich große
rechteckige Flächen, so darf ferner in dem mittleren Rechteck kein Pixelfehler sichtbar sein.
5) Inanspruchnahme von Garantieleistungen durch Einsendung, Transport in die Werkstatt, oder vor Ort.
Vorbehaltlich der oben genannten Regelungen, Ausschlüsse und Einschränkungen können Sie alle in der
Garantiekarte angeführten Garantieleistungen in Anspruch nehmen, indem Sie das Produkt in jenem zum
Einzugsgebiet gehörigen Land, in dem es ursprünglich an einen Endanwender verkauft wurde, oder nach
Anzeige des Wohnsitzwechsels gemäß Absatz A.1) im Land Ihres neuen Wohnsitzes, in die
Vertragswerkstatt bringen oder per Post einsenden, oder Vor Ort Service in Anspruch nehmen. Nähere
Angaben finden Sie auf der Garantiekarte, die mit Ihrem Produkt geliefert wurde. Die
Wahrnehmung solcher Rechte unterliegt folgenden Bedingungen:
a) Sie können das gekaufte Produkt nur in jenem zum Einzugsgebiet gehörigen Land, in dem es
ursprünglich an einen Endanwender verkauft wurde, oder nach Anzeige des Wohnsitzwechsels
gemäß Absatz A.1) im Land Ihres neuen Wohnsitzes, zu Garantiereparaturen in die
Vertragswerkstatt bringen bzw. per Post einsenden, oder vor Ort Service in Anspruch nehmen. Die
Telefonnummern und sonstige Angaben zu den Ansprechpartnern der Vertragswerkstätten und den
Vertrags-Servicezentren von Acer in Ihrem Land finden Sie auf der Garantiekarte. Vor Ort Service ist nicht
überall verfügbar. Bitte vergewissern Sie sich an Hand der Garantiekarte, daß Vor Ort Service für Ihre
Adresse verfügbar ist. In Gebieten, in denen kein Vor Ort Service verfügbar ist, bietet Acer Service in den
Acer Vertragswerkstätten an.
b) Auf der Garantiekarte finden Sie alle Telefon-Nummern und Kontaktinformationen über die
autorisierten Acer-Service-Stellen in Ihrem Land.
c) Der Garantieberechtigte wird ersucht, eine Erstdiagnose mittels des „Hardware Diagnostics“
Programmes durchzuführen, bevor er sich an Acer wendet. Auf diese Weise können wir Ihnen schneller
helfen. Entsprechende Hinweise finden Sie in der Benutzeranleitung.
d) Kontaktieren Sie telefonisch den für Sie örtlich zuständigen Acer technischen Kundendienst unter der
auf der Garantiekarte angegebenen Telefonnummer. Acer wird zunächst versuchen, den Garantiefall
telefonisch zu klären. Erweist sich dieses als nicht zielführend, wird Acer mit Ihrer Mitwirkung diagnostische
Routinetests durchführen. Stellt sich bei der Fehlerdiagnose heraus, daß der Fehler durch eine externe
Komponente, wie z.B. eine Tastatur, Maus, Lautsprecher etc., verursacht wurde, wird Acer das defekte Teil
frei zum Endkunden schicken, der es dann selbst auszutauschen hat. Ist der Fehler nicht am Telefon zu
diagnostizieren, erteilt Acer Ihnen eine Rücksende-Genehmigungsnummer (Return Materials
Authorization - RMA), mit der Sie das Produkt bei der Einsendung an Acer kennzeichnen müssen.
e) Onsite-Service (im nachfolgenden auch „Vorort-Service“ genannt): Verfügt Ihr Gerät laut beiliegender
Garantiekarte über einen Vorort-Service, so wird Acer nach telefonischer Rücksprache mit dem Kunden
einen Service-Einsatz vor Ort einleiten, um den Fehler vor Ort zu beheben. Ist es nicht möglich, einen
Einsatz vor Ort einzuleiten oder durchzuführen, so wird der Endkunde gebeten, das Gerät per Mail-In oder
Carry-In Service in das Repair-Center einzuschicken.
f) Carry-In-Service: Bringen Sie das Gerät bitte in eines unter autorisierten Service-Center. Nach erfolgter
Reparatur können Sie das Gerät dort wieder abholen.
g) Mail-In-Service: Bitte schicken Sie das Gerät nach erfolgter telefonischer Fehleranalyse in unser RepairCenter ein. Unser Service-Personal wird Ihnen telefonisch die RMA-Nummer sowie ein Frachtunternehmen
nennen, mit dem Sie das Gerät kostenfrei in das Service-Center einschicken können. Benutzen Sie ein
anderes Frachtunternehmen als Ihnen mitgeteilt wurde, so wird Acer nicht für die entstandenen
Frachtkosten aufkommen. Nach erfolgter Reparatur wird Acer Ihnen das Gerät zurückschicken. Die
Frachtkosten übernimmt Acer.
h) Benutzen Sie möglichst die Originalverpackung und legen Sie eine Beschreibung der Fehlersymptome
bei, die Ihrer Ansicht nach den Garantieanspruch begründen. Die Rücksende-Genehmigungsnummer
(RMA-Nummer) muss außen am Versandbehälter und in der Fehlerbeschreibung vermerkt sein.
i) Legen Sie für Acer einen Kaufbeleg mit Orts- und Datumsangabe bei. (d.h. eine Kopie des
Originalkaufbelegs, der mit dem Produkt ausgeliefert wurde), der Ihren Garantieanspruch belegt.
B) Ausschluß der gesetzlichen Gewährleistung und des Schadenersatzes.
1) Ausdrücklich wird darauf hingewiesen, dass Acer jegliche Haftung (aus welchem Rechtsgrund auch
immer) ausschließt, wenn der Schaden lediglich durch leichte Fahrlässigkeit verursacht wurde und die
Verletzung nicht wesentliche Vertragspflichten betrifft. Ebenso werden die gesetzlichen
Gewährleistungsrechte ausgeschlossen, soweit es sich um gebrauchte Gegenstände handelt und die
Mängel nicht arglistig verschwiegen wurden. Die Gewährleistung für fabriksneue Produkte wird insoweit
eingeschränkt als ein Recht auf Rücktritt bzw Preisminderung erst nach Fehlschlagen einer Nachbesserung
oder Ersatzlieferung innerhalb angemessener Frist besteht.
Darüberhinaus lehnt Acer mit Ausnahme der eingeschränkten Garantie jede weitere ausdrückliche oder
stillschweigende Gewährleistung ab, einschließlich
der stillschweigenden Zusicherung der
Verkehrsfähigkeit oder der Eignung für einen bestimmten Zweck. Eine nach dem jeweils geltenden Recht
verpflichtend vorgeschriebene Gewährleistung ist auf diese Garantiebedingungen beschränkt. In keinem
Fall haftet Acer für eventuelle besondere, Begleit- oder Folgeschäden wie entgangener Gewinn, Verlust
von Geschäftsmöglichkeiten, Daten oder Nutzungsmöglichkeiten, unabhängig davon, ob sich solche
Ansprüche auf Verträge, unerlaubte Handlung oder Zusicherungen stützen, die im Zusammenhang mit
der Verwendung oder Leistung des Produkts oder der von Acer gelieferten Software stehen, die dem
Produkt beiliegt, selbst wenn Acer auf die Möglichkeit solcher Schäden hingewiesen wurde. Sie erkennen
an, dass die Reparatur und (je nach Verfügbarkeit) der Austausch gemäß den hier beschriebenen
Garantiebedingungen Ihr alleiniges Rechtsmittel bei Inanspruchnahme der hier festgelgten
eingeschränkten Garantie von Acer ist.
C) Rechtswahl und Gerichtsstand
Alle zwischen Acer und dem Anwender von Acerprodukten bestehende und zukünftig entstehende
Ansprüche - unabhängig davon ob diese vertraglicher oder außervertraglicher Natur sind - richten sich
nach dem Sachrecht des Staates in welchem das Produkt ursprünglich an einen Endabnehmer verkauft
wurde. Im Falle eines Rechtsstreites ist das jeweils sachlich zuständige Gericht am Sitz der lokal
zuständigen Acer Niederlassung des Staates in welchem das Produkt ursprünglich an einen Endabnehmer
verkauft wurde als Gerichtsstand vereinbart.
D) Gebühren
Macht der Kunde einen Garantieanspruch geltend und stellt Acer bei Erbringen der Service-Dienstleistung
fest, daß der Fehler durch falsche Bedienung des Gerätes, durch Installation inkompatibler Software oder
Komponenten, die nicht von Acer stammen oder durch Computer-Viren verursacht worden ist, so behält
sich Acer vor, eine Gebühr in Höhe von ¤ 100,00 für Carry-In und Mail-In-Services sowie eine Gebühr in
Höhe von ¤ 250,00 für Vorort-Service-Einsätze zu erheben.
Aspire by Acer
2 Jahre Mail-in(1) / Carry-in(2)
Technischer Support
(nur Hardware)
2 Jahre
Software Support
180 Tage
6 Monate Mail-in(1)
Genauere Informationen zu den Garantiebedingungen finden Sie im
Abschnitt "Beschränkte Produkthaftung" in den Kundendienst- und
Garantiebestimmungen von Acer. Technischer Support steht Ihnen
unter der entsprechenden Rufnummer Ihres Landes zur Verfügung.
(1) Mail-in:
Der Kunde schickt das Produkt an die
Fachwerkstatt von Acer. Nach erfolgter
Reparatur schickt Acer das Produkt
zum Kunden zurück.
Der Kunde übernimmt selbstständig
den Transport des Produkts zu einer
Vertragswerkstatt von Acer. Nach
erfolgter Reparatur holt der Kunde das
Produkt selbst wieder ab.
Garantieverlängerung und erweiterte Garantie
Informationen über optionale Garantieverlängerungen und
Bestellmöglichkeiten finden Sie im Internet oder unter der
Rufnummer der Acer-Niederlassung Ihres Landes.
Garantie verfällt, wenn diese Versiegelung
geöffnet oder beschädigt ist.
del Prodotto
del Prodotto
A. Copertura della garanzia
Questa garanzia Vi conferisce specifici diritti e rimedi. La legge del vostro Paese potrebbe concederVi
diritti e rimedi più estesi. Le condizioni offerte da questa Garanzia non limitano o escludono alcuno
dei diritti o rimedi di cui Voi potreste godere sotto tale legge. Salvo le Limitazioni e le Esclusioni sotto
descritte, Acer concede le seguenti garanzie: (In questo documento si intende con “Acer” la Società
Acer del Paese all’interno dell’Ambito Territoriale relativo a questa Garanzia, dove il vostro Sistema
Acer sia stato originariamente venduto all’utilizzatore finale. Se non siete sicuri di quale Società Acer
sia responsabile, siete pregati di verificare la scheda di garanzia che accompagna il vostro Sistema.)
1) Garanzia del Sistema
Acer garantisce che il prodotto hardware computer Acer ("Sistema"), originariamente venduto in
un Paese dell’Area Economica Europea (AEE) (Ambito territoriale) sarà privo di difetti di materiale o
costruzione in condizioni di uso normale per tutto il periodo di garanzia quale viene definito nella
scheda di garanzia fornita con il Sistema ("Scheda di garanzia"). Il periodo di garanzia inizia a
decorrere dalla data di acquisto originario da parte dell’utente finale. La fattura di acquisto originale
(o lo scontrino), riportante la data di acquisto del Sistema, è la prova di tale data. Questa Garanzia
si estende oltre l'acquirente originale, coprendo qualsiasi avente causa, a condizione che, tuttavia,
il reclamo sia fatto in nome della presente garanzia e sia prodotta, su richiesta, la fattura di acquisto
originale per avere diritto ai servizi di assistenza coperti dalla stessa.
Il servizio in garanzia verrà eseguito basandosi sulla lingua del Paese dell’AEE in cui il servizio sia
stato richiesto. Se l’attività di riparazione del vostro Sistema coinvolge aspetti linguistici (es., tastiera,
software), Acer potrebbe non essere in grado di prestare il servizio, se non nella lingua del Paese
dell’AEE in cui la richiesta di servizio sia stata effettuata.
Durante il periodo di garanzia, Acer, a sua discrezione, riparerà o sostituirà eventuale hardware
difettoso con parti o Sistemi nuovi o rigenerati in fabbrica che siano equivalenti per prestazioni ai
nuovi prodotti. Tutte le parti cambiate e i Sistemi sostituiti in conformità con questa Garanzia
diventeranno proprietà di Acer.
2) Garanzia di Parti e Componenti
Per le parti e i componenti originali Acer che sono stati acquistati in un paese facente parte
dell'Ambito territoriale di questa Garanzia, e che sono stati installati su un Sistema al momento
dell'originario acquisto del Sistema, e che vengono definiti come "opzioni o accessori" nel listino
prezzi Acer in vigore al momento dell'acquisto, Acer concede una garanzia uguale a quella in vigore
per il Sistema su cui le parti e i componenti sono stati installati.
3) Garanzia di Supporti e Software
Per quanto riguarda il software fornito da Acer in dotazione al Sistema, Acer garantisce che i
supporti "rigidi", per esempio dischetti o CD-ROM su cui questo software viene fornito, saranno
privi di difetti di materiale e costruzione per un periodo di 180 giorni a partire dalla data di acquisto
da parte dell’originario utente finale. Nel caso in cui i supporti fossero difettosi, Acer li sostituirà
Ad eccezione delle garanzie sui supporti, tutto il software viene fornito "come è", intendendosi che
Acer non garantisce il funzionamento corretto o continuo di quel software, o che lo stesso soddisfi
le esigenze dell'utente.
B. Limitazioni ed esclusioni della garanzia
Le garanzie relative a Sistemi, Parti e Componenti, e Supporti e Software (chiamati collettivamente
"Prodott(o)i") sono soggette alle seguenti esclusioni e limitazioni:
1) Esclusioni
Questa Garanzia non copre:
1.1) il Prodotto che non sia fabbricato da o per Acer, oppure acquistato in un paese esterno
all’Ambito Territoriale di questa garanzia (a eccezione dei Notebook soggetti al programma
"International Traveler Warranty").
1.2) il Prodotto che sia stato danneggiato o reso difettoso (a) in seguito a uso del Prodotto diverso
da quello normalmente inteso ovvero, ad uso del Prodotto non conforme a quanto descritto nel
Manuale dell'utente che lo accompagna, o altro uso improprio, illecito o negligente del Prodotto;
(b) a causa dell'uso di parti non prodotte o vendute da Acer; (c) a causa della modifica del Prodotto;
(d) in seguito a riparazione da parte di terzi diversi
da Acer o da un Provider di servizi autorizzato Acer; oppure (e) trasporto o imballaggio errato per
la restituzione del Prodotto ad Acer o a un Provider di servizi autorizzato Acer; (f) installazione errata
di prodotti di terzi (ad esempio, schede di memoria).
1.3) I danni a o le perdite di programmi, dati o supporti di memorizzazione rimovibili. L'utente è
responsabile della conservazione o dell'esecuzione di copie di backup di programmi, dati o supporti
di memorizzazione rimovibili. Si noti che Acer può decidere di sostituire il Prodotto inviato per i
servizi di assistenza coperti dalla garanzia con un Prodotto rigenerato di uguale qualità e, di
conseguenza, potrebbe non essere più possibile accedere ai dati memorizzati sul Prodotto originale.
1.4) Le parti soggette a usura, cioè le parti che richiedono la sostituzione periodica durante il corso
normale dell'uso del Prodotto, quali indicativamente, le batterie dei notebook.
1.5) Difetti minori dei display LCD sui Prodotti equipaggiati con display a tecnologia LCD, a
condizione che non vi siano più di 4 pixel difettosi per milione su un determinato display LCD, e con
l’ulteriore limitazione che, dividendo con due linee orizzontali e due verticali il display in nove
rettangoli uguali, non più di un pixel difettoso sia presente nel rettangolo centrale.
2) Limitazioni della garanzia
A eccezione delle garanzie limitate stabilite in questo documento, Acer non riconosce tutte le altre
garanzie, esplicite o implicite o di legge, incluse, indicativamente, le garanzie implicite di
commerciabilità o idoneità per un dato scopo. Qualsiasi garanzia implicita che potrebbe essere
imposta per legge è limitata ai termini di questa Garanzia Limitata. In nessun caso Acer sarà ritenuta
responsabile per danni da eventi fortuiti, straordinari o conseguenti, quali indicativamente le perdite
commerciali, di profitti, di dati o derivanti dal mancato uso, sia per azione derivante da contratto sia
per azione estracontratuuale sia derivante dalla garanzia sia essa generata dall'utilizzo o dalla
prestazione del Prodotto o di qualsiasi software fornito da Acer in dotazione al Prodotto, anche nel
caso in cui Acer fosse stato preavvisato dell'eventuale verificarsi di tali danni. Si accetta che la
riparazione e (in caso di disponibilità) la sostituzione, se applicabile, in base ai servizi di assistenza
coperti dalla garanzia e descritti in questo documento, è l'unico ed esclusivo rimedio rispetto a
qualsiasi violazione della Garanzia limitata di Acer definita nel presente documento.
C. Come ottenere il servizio di garanzia
Fatte salve le disposizioni, esclusioni e limitazioni sopra descritte, l'utente ha diritto alla
garanzia “Carry-in”, “Mail-in” o “On Site” con riferimento al Prodotto come determinato
nella scheda di Garanzia che lo accompagna. L'esercizio di tali diritti è soggetto ai seguenti
termini e condizioni:
1) Il servizio di riparazione è disponibile per i prodotti acquistati e localizzati nell’ambito dello
Scopo Territoriale di questa garanzia. Le richieste nell’ambito di questa Garanzia verranno onorate
se pervenute entro il periodo specificato nella Scheda di Garanzia che accompagna il prodotto. Il
servizio On-Site è disponibile soltanto in alcune aree geografiche. Si prega di contattare i numeri di
telefono indicati sulla Scheda di Garanzia per verificare se il servizio On-site è disponibile nella
località richiesta. Nella aree in cui il servizio On-site non è disponibile Acer offre il Servizio Carry-in
o Mail-in
2) Consultare la Scheda di Garanzia che accompagna il Prodotto per i numeri di telefono e gli altri
riferimenti relativi a come mettersi in contatto con l’Assistenza Tecnica Acer.
2) Prima di contattare Acer, eseguire il programma di diagnostica dei problemi dell'hardware. Ciò
consentirà ad Acer di fornire una migliore assistenza. Per le istruzioni, vedere il Manuale dell'utente.
3) Chiamare il numero dell'Assistenza tecnica Acer riportato sulla Scheda della garanzia per il Paese
nel quale si è ubicati. Acer tenterà di risolvere i problemi legati alla garanzia per telefono. Se non
fosse possibile una soluzione via telefono, Acer richiederà la collaborazione dell'utente
nell’esecuzione di alcune procedure diagnostiche di routine. La collaborazione dell’Utente sarà utile
per evitare che prodotti non difettosi vengano sottoposti a riparazione e quindi soggetti all’addebito
del servizio. Se nel corso della diagnosi svolta per telefono Acer determina che il malfunzionamento
possa essere rimediato con la sostituzione di un componente esterno (es keyboard, mouse, speaker
etc), Acer invierà gratuitamente il componente che sarà direttamente sostituito dal cliente. Se la
risoluzione del problema non è possibile per telefono Acer assegnerà allora un numero di
autorizzazione alla riparazione (RAN – repair authorization number) per il servizio Carry-In o Mail-In
da usarsi per l’identificazione del prodotto oggetto della riparazione.
5) La riparazione On-Site, nel caso in cui il prodotto preveda questa forma di assistenza, come
descritto nella Scheda di Garanzia, verrà svolta presso l’utente. Per il servizio On-Site un tecnico Acer
o autorizzato da Acer verrà inviato presso l’Utente. Acer può richiedere all’Utente di avvalersi del
servizio Carry-in o Mail-in nel caso in cui il tecnico inviato da Acer determini che l’area in cui il
prodotto si trovi non sia ragionevolmente accessibile o sicura.
6) Il servizio Carry-in si svolge presso Centri di riparazione Acer autorizzati. Se l’Utente sceglie questa
tipologia di servizio, il prodotto, dopo la riparazione, viene trattenuto a disposizione dell’utente che
ha l’obbligo di ritirarlo.
7) Per il servizio Mail-in l’Utente deve inviare il prodotto al Centro di Servizio Acer, come identificato
dal personale Acer all’atto dell’assegnazione del numero di autorizzazione alla riparazione. L’Utente
che opta per il servizio Mail-in viene anche informato su come contattare un corriere espresso
designato da Acer per poter spedire il prodotto gratuitamente. Acer restituirà il prodotto a sue
spese. Se l’Utente non usa il servizio di spedizione reso disponibile da Acer, egli sarà responsabile
dei costi sostenuti.
8) Se disponibili, usare i materiali di imballo e spedizione originali e includere una descrizione dei
problemi che hanno portato alla richiesta dei servizi coperti dalla garanzia. Il numero di
autorizzazione alla riparazione (RAN) deve essere evidenziato sull'esterno del contenitore di
9) E’ necessario fornire ad Acer la prova della data e del luogo di acquisto (cioè, è necessario
includere alla spedizione una copia della fattura o dello scontrino di acquisto originale).
D - Addebiti
Se l’Utente richiede l’inizio di una attività di riparazione di un prodotto coperto da questa Garanzia
e, Acer ragionevolmente determina che il prodotto non è difettoso e che i problemi che hanno
causato la richiesta d’intervento sono il risultato di incapacità d’uso del prodotto da parte
dell’utente, installazione di software non compatibile da parte di personale non Acer, Virus
informatici, e simili, Acer addebiterà una cifra fissa di 100 Euro per ciascun servizio Mail-in o Carryin e di 150 Euro per ciascun servizio On-site.
(2 ANNI)
Aspire by Acer
2 anni: Mail-in o Carry-in
Assistenza tecnica
(solo hardware)
2 anni
Assistenza software
180 giorni
6 mesi: Mail-in(1)
Per informazioni complete sulla garanzia far riferimento alle
condizioni di garanzia che accompagnano il prodotto.
Per ricevere assistenza tecnica, chiamare il numero indicato per il
proprio paese.
(1) Mail-in:
Il cliente invia l’unità al centro
assistenza Acer per la riparazione.
Dopo averla riparata, Acer restituisce
l’unità al cliente.
Il cliente consegna direttamente l’unità al
centro assistenza Acer per la riparazione.
Dopo averla riparata , Acer riconsegna
direttamente al cliente l’unità riparata.
Estensione della garanzia
Per ulteriori informazioni o per ordinare un’opzione di upgrade
della garanzia, visitare l’indirizzo Internet di Acer oppure
chiamare il numero telefonico indicato per il proprio paese.
La rottura del sigillo annulla la garanzia
des Produits
des Produits
A. Étendue de la Garantie
La présente garantie ne fait pas obstacle à l’exercice de vos droits de consommateur, notamment au regard
de la garantie légale des vices cachés.
Le présent document explique les droits, restrictions et moyens pour la mise en place de la garantie.
Toutefois, les droits en vigueur dans le pays où vous résidez peuvent être différents et vous offrir davantage
de droits et de moyens, ainsi les éléments du présent document ne viendront nullement restreindre les
droits et moyens dont vous pourriez bénéficier selon la législation locale (intitulée ci-après : " Champ
Territorial "). Sous réserve des limitations et exclusions énumérées dans le présent document, Acer offre
limitativement les garanties décrites ci-dessous. Il est rappelé qu’Acer se conformera aux directives locales
" Champ Territorial " en matière de garantie offertes par la filiale Acer où fut commercialisé pour la
première fois le produit Acer à l’utilisateur final. Si vous avez un doute sur la filiale Acer à l’origine de la
vente de votre produit Acer, reportez-vous à la carte de garantie accompagnant votre système.
1) Garantie des Systèmes
La présente garantie s‘applique à tout matériel constituant les ordinateurs Acer (“Système”) vendu pour la
première fois à un utilisateur final dans un pays de la zone économique européenne intitulée aussi ci-après:
" Champ Territorial ".
Acer garantit le Système contre tout défaut matériel ou de construction, dans des conditions normales
d’utilisation et pendant la période de garantie indiquée dans la fiche de garantie, livrée avec votre Système
(“Fiche de Garantie”). La période de garantie est décomptée à partir du jour d’achat. La facture originale
d’achat (ticket de caisse), indiquant la date d’achat du Système, constitue la preuve de la date d’achat.
Cette garantie est transmissible par l’acheteur initial, en même temps que le Système, à tout héritier
légitime des droits, étant entendu que toute personne faisant appel à cette garantie doit, sur demande,
produire la facture originale d’achat pour pouvoir obtenir les services prévus par la présente garantie.
Dans la zone économique européenne, la garantie sera assurée dans la langue en vigueur où le produit
est confié à Acer pour réparation. Le service de garantie impliquant des aspects matériels propres à votre
système Acer (ex. : clavier, logiciels), la réparation pourrait ne pas être effectuée dans la langue d’origine
de la zone (CEE) si votre matériel est déposé pour réparation dans un pays différent.
Acer, selon son choix, réparera ou remplacera tout ou partie du Système défectueux à l’aide de pièces
neuves ou re-conditionnées, de performances équivalentes aux neuves. Toutes les pièces démontées et les
Systèmes remplacés au titre de cette garantie deviendront propriété d’Acer.
2) Garantie des pièces et des composants
Les pièces d’origine Acer et autres composants achetés dans un pays faisant partie du champ territorial, et
au catalogue Acer à la rubrique “options ou accessoires”, et installés sur un Système Acer lors de l’achat
du Système en question, sont garantis dans les pays du champ territorial pour la même durée et dans les
mêmes conditions que le Système dans lequel ils ont été installés.
3) Garantie des supports électroniques des logiciels
Les supports électroniques et autres médias tels que disquettes, CD-ROMs ou disque dur contenant les
logiciels, fournis par Acer en même temps que le Système, sont garantis contre tout défaut matériel ou de
fabrication pendant une période de 180 jours à compter de la date d’achat du Système par l’utilisateur
final initial. Si vous recevez un support électronique défectueux, celui-ci sera remplacé gratuitement par
A l’exception de cette garantie concernant les supports, tout logiciel est fourni “tel quel”. Acer ne garantit
pas que le fonctionnement de ce logiciel sera ininterrompu ou exempt d’erreur, ou bien encore que le
logiciel en question correspondra à vos besoins.
B. Clauses de limitation et d’exclusion de la garantie
La garantie des Systèmes, Pièces, Composants et Supports des logiciels (ensemble ou séparément
dénommés ci après “Produits”) est soumise aux exclusions et limitations suivantes :
1) Exclusions
Cette garantie ne s’applique pas :
1.1 Aux Produits non fabriqués par ou pour Acer, ni aux Produits ou Systèmes vendus initialement à un
utilisateur final provenant d’un pays à l’extérieur du " Champ Territorial " de la présente Garantie, (à
l’exception des ordinateurs portables bénéficiant du programme “International Traveller Warranty ” Garantie Voyageur International.
1.2 Aux Systèmes ou Produits endommagés ou rendus défectueux (a) par suite d’une utilisation autre que
celle pour laquelle ils ont été conçus, non conforme au manuel de l’utilisateur qui les accompagne, ou par
suite de tout autre mauvais entretien, emploi, abus ou négligence; (b) par suite de l’emploi de pièces non
fabriquées ou vendues par Acer; (c) par suite de leur modification, (d) par suite d’une réparation ou
opération de maintenance non exécutée par Acer ou un prestataire de service agréé par Acer; (e) par suite
d’un transport ou d’un emballage impropres non effectué par ou pour le compte d’Acer, notamment
lorsque le produit est renvoyé à Acer ou à un prestataire de service agréé par Acer; ou (f) par suite d’une
installation impropre de Produits de tiers (par ex., barrettes de mémoire).
1.3 Aux dommages ou pertes de logiciels, données ou informations stockées sur des supports amovibles.
Vous êtes tenus de sauvegarder (copie de sauvetage) tous logiciels, données ou supports de stockage
amovibles. Il est à noter qu’Acer peut opter pour le remplacement du Produit envoyé sous garantie avec
un Produit re-conditionné d’une qualité équivalente et donc vous ne pourrez plus avoir accès aux données
que vous aurez stocké sur le Produit d’origine.
1.4 Au matériel consommable, comme, par ex., les pièces qui doivent être remplacées périodiquement
durant l’utilisation normale d’un Produit, notamment les accumulateurs des ordinateurs portables.
1.5 Aux défauts mineurs sur les écrans LCD survenant sur des Produits utilisant la technologie LCD, pour
autant que le nombre de pixels défectueux ne soit pas supérieur au nombre de quatre (4) par tranche de
1 million de pixels sur un écran LCD. De surcroit, si l’écran peut etre divisé en neuf (9) zones équivalantes
et rectangulaires, il doit y avoir un pixel défaillant dans la zone centrale de l’écran.
2) Exclusion de la garantie et des limitations
Acer n’apporte aucune autre garantie, explicite ou implicite, et exclut en particulier toute garantie implicite
de qualité marchande ou d’adéquation du Système ou d’un Produit quelconque à un usage particulier.
Toute garantie implicite qui pourrait être imposée par la loi applicable est limitée aux termes de la présente
garantie. En aucun cas Acer ne sera tenu pour responsable des dommages accessoires, particuliers ou
indirects, notamment le manque à gagner, les pertes de profits, de données ou les périodes
d’immobilisation, que sa responsabilité soit contractuelle, délictuelle ou fondée sur cette garantie, qu’elle
ait ou non son fondement dans l’utilisation ou le fonctionnement du Produit ou de tout logiciel fourni par
Acer et accompagnant ledit Produit, même si Acer a été averti de la possibilité de tels dommages.
Vous reconnaissez que la réparation du Produit ou Système et, le cas échéant, son remplacement,
conformément aux présentes et dans les limites ici énoncées, représentent l’unique et juste compensation
du préjudice éventuellement causé par un dysfonctionnement dudit Produit ou Système imputable à Acer.
C. Obtention du service de Garantie
Sous réserve des dispositions, exclusions et limitations mentionnées ci-dessus, vous pourrez
obtenir un service de garantie Sur Site, Retour Atelier ou Retour Postal pour votre Produit,
conformément aux mentions portées sur la Fiche de Garantie accompagnant le Produit en
question. L’exercice de ces droits est sujet aux termes et conditions suivants :
1. Les services de réparation sont réservés aux Produits achetés et situés dans le " Champ Territorial
" dans le cadre de la présente garantie. Les réparations seront honorées seulement pour les Produits
étant sous la période de garantie, comme indiqué sur la carte de garantie accompagnant votre Produit. Le
service de réparation sur site est limité à certaines zones géogaphiques. Reportez-vous à la Carte de
Garantie pour connaitre la liste des territoires bénéficiant de la couverture pour la garantie sur site. Dans
les territoires où le service de garantie sur site n’est pas disponible, Acer vous offre le service Retour Atelier
ou le service Retour Postal.
2. Consultez la Carte de Garantie pour obtenir la liste téléphonique et les adresses des centres de
maintenances agréés, et les centres de maintenances Acer dans votre région.
3. Avant d’appeler Acer, faire tourner le logiciel Hardware Diagnostics. Ceci nous aidera à vous fournir un
meilleur support de qualité. Consulter les instructions contenues dans votre Guide de l’utilisateur.
4. Appeler le numéro de téléphone du support technique Acer situé sur votre Carte de Garantie et le plus
proche de votre lieu de résidence. Acer tentera de résoudre les problèmes de garantie par téléphone, en
sollicitant votre assistance pour exécuter quelques procédures de diagnostic. Votre coopération permettra
d’éviter des interventions inutiles, diminuant éventuellement le temps d’immobilisation de votre matériel
et les charges afférentes. Si Acer détermine au cours d’un diagnostic téléphonique que le problème décrit
peut être résolu par remplacement d’ un composant extérieur (ex : clavier, souris, haut-parleur, etc…) Acer
vous expédiera gratuitement le composant pour remplacement par vos soins. Si une solution par téléphone
est impossible, Acer vous fournira ensuite un numéro d’autorisation de retour de matériel (RMA = Return
Materials Authorization) qui servira de moyen d’identification du Produit renvoyé, pour un dépôt en Retour
Atelier ou Retour Postal.
5. Pour le service d’intervention Sur Site, votre Produit doit être élligible pour ce type de service comme
indiqué sur la Carte de Garantie accompagnant votre produit, l’intervention aura lieu sur votre site. Pour
la garantie Sur Site, un technicien Acer ou encore un technicien agréé par Acer sera dépéché sur place
pour réparation. Toutefois, si le technicien Acer (ou agréé) estimait avec fondement, que votre site n’était
pas raisonnablement accessible ou encore que votre site ne correspondait pas aux exigences pour la
réparation sur site, alors Acer serait en droit de vous demander d’utiliser le service Retour Atelier.
6. Le service Retour Atelier est rendu dans un Centre de maintenance agréé Acer. Si vous choisissez cette
option, le Produit sera mis à votre disposition pour enlèvement au Centre de maintenance agréé Acer après
la réparation effectuée.
7. Pour le service Retour Postal, vous devrez renvoyer le Produit au prestataire de service agréé Acer qui
vous sera indiqué par le personnel Acer lors de la fourniture du numéro RMA. Si vous choisissez le service
Retour Postal, le personnel Acer vous indiquera comment contacter un transporteur agréé par Acer pour
retourner gratuitement votre Produit. Acer vous retournera votre Produit réparé à ses frais. Si vous n’utilisez
pas le transporteur agréé Acer, mis à disposition par Acer, tout frais en rèsultant sera à votre charge.
8. Utiliser si possible le matériel d’expédition et d’emballage d’origine et inclure une description des
symptômes qui donnent lieu à votre demande d’intervention sous garantie. Le numéro d’autorisation de
retour de matériel (RMA) doit être visible sur l’extérieur de l’emballage.
9. Vous devrez fournir à Acer la preuve du lieu et de la date d’achat (par ex., vous devrez joindre au Produit
une copie de la facture d’achat d’origine).
D. Facturation
Si vous engagez Acer à commencer la réparation d’un produit couvert selon les termes de la présente
Garantie, et si Acer diagnostique avec fondement qu’un Produit n’est pas défectueux et que le problème
initié par votre appel était le résultat d’une incompétence à utiliser le Produit, l’installation d’un logiciel
incompatible par un tiers autre qu’Acer, le résultat d’un virus ; alors Acer est fondé à vous facturer une
indemnité forfaitaire de 100 Euro hors taxe pour tout appel de service Retour Atelier ou service Retour
Postal, et une indemnité forfaitaire de 150 Euro hors taxe pour toute demande d’intervention Sur Site.
Aspire by Acer
Support Technique
2 ans: Mail-in ou Carry-In(1)
2 ans
Support Logiciel
180 jours
Système d'exploitation (OEM)
6 mois : Mail-in(1)
Les détails concernant l’étendue de la garantie sont fournis dans
le Guide des services d’assistance et de Garantie d’Acer. Pour le
support technique, appeler le numéro de téléphone de votre
(1) Mail-in:
Le client envoie l’unité à l'atelier de
réparation Acer. Une fois que la
réparation a été effectuée, Acer
renvoie l’unité au client.
Le client apporte le matériel à un
mainteneur agréé Acer. Une fois que
la réparation a été effectuée, le client
vient reprendre son matériel.
Extension de la garantie
Pour de plus amples renseignements sur l’extension de la
garantie ou pour la demander, visiter le site Internet ou appeler
le n° de téléphone de votre pays
La garantie est annulée en cas d'ouverture
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