ADC FTTX Service Pack Network Card User Manual

ADC FTTX Service Pack Network Card User Manual
ADC FTTX Service Pack
Faster deployments
Increased reliability
Improved flexibility and scalability
No matter what you call it, adding fiber to the local loop is a major strategic initiative for a
number of carriers. Fiber to the customer premises represents the ultimate broadband
connection for the end user, and promises to help carriers deliver value-added services while
increasing the average revenue per user.
While a great deal of attention is focused on the outside plant (OSP) implications of FTTX
deployment, FTTX creates a number of critical issues at the central office (CO), including:
• Space reclamation as higher-density fiber frames and WDM equipment require a larger
footprint than POTS equipment
• Upgrades to passive and active network equipment elements
• Infrastructure build-out to support high-density equipment
• Changes in primary and secondary power demands
FTTX deployment is more than OSP. Unless the CO is optimized for FTTX, services can't be
delivered efficiently.
The FTTX Service Pack from ADC addresses this critical component of FTTX deployment. The
FTTX Service Pack is a professional services bundle designed to help carriers optimize their COs.
It's a modular approach that blends the best of ADC's services customized for FTTX.
The ADC FTTX Service Pack is made up of three service levels:
• LEVEL ONE — A FTTX readiness assessment to determine whether a CO is ready for FTTX
deployment, or if it needs minor or major modification to support FTTX
• LEVEL TWO — Completion of any minor modifications needed at the time of assessment or
shortly thereafter
• LEVEL THREE — Completion of major modifications, which could include engineering, furnishing and
installation (EF&I), commissioning, integration, decommissioning and removals to optimize the CO
Carriers that demand quality and consistency from their networks will benefit from ADC's FTTX Service
Pack. Regardless of the size and scope of deployment, ADC can ensure that each and every CO is
ready and optimized for FTTX and new technology deployment.
ADC Professional Services teams have extensive experience in multivendor multitechnology, multiservice
environments. We help deploy equipment from more than 60 network equipment manufacturers,
making ADC the best choice for any type of CO environment.
Our FTTX Service Pack delivers tangible benefits for any operator deploying FTTX solutions, and include:
• Faster, easier deployments - The CO is prepared for FTTX deployment prior to actual installation.
• Increased reliability - The elimination of unnecessary equipment, wiring and cables will help improve
the overall reliability of the CO and make it easier to maintain.
• Lower overall deployment costs - The preparation work is done in advance to eliminate delays and
associated additional costs.
• Improved flexibility and scalability - Optimizing the CO makes it easier to add new equipment and
accommodate growth and increased utilization, as well as facilitating the ease of fiber cabling,
copper cabling and jumper routing.
By utilizing the FTTX Service Pack, carriers can answer critical questions before issues arise, including
those surrounding:
• Space and facilities optimization
• Inventory and database updates to reflect the actual state of the CO
• Cable mining and management
• Fiber characterization
• Required active element upgrades
• Power requirements
• Other changes in the infrastructure and common transport layer
Additionally, the FTTX Service Pack helps carriers address operation issues that include:
• Asset verification and recovery
• Engineering and planning
• Provisioning
• Trouble administration
• Facilities optimization
• Separation of assets for regulated versus unregulated business with a common CO
• Required passive element upgrades
FTTX readiness in the CO is a major program that can help carriers ensure quality and consistency at
every CO in their network. By utilizing the FTTX Service Pack, carriers can improve the performance
and scalability of their entire network, and lay the groundwork for future technology initiatives and
In addition to professional services, ADC also offers a range of products that can help carriers improve
the capacity and reliability of the CO. These products include:
• Rack mount fiber panels
• Cable assemblies
• WDM splitters
• Raceway systems
• Digital cross-connect systems
• Ethernet/data connectivity solutions
• RF signal management
• Power distribution
• Patch panels
To find out more about the range of products and services that ADC offers to support FTTX, please
contact your ADC representative or call 1-800-336-3891.
Through its Professional Services organization, ADC helps plan, deploy and maintain
telecommunications networks throughout the United States and Europe. ADC's unique experience in
multivendor, multitechnology, multiservice solutions makes ADC the ideal choice for projects that
require an in-depth, hands-on understanding of simple to complex network environments.
• Program and Project Management
• Network and Inventory Audit
• Engineering
Program and Project Management
Material Services
Preconfigured Equipment Solutions
Power Services
Installation Services
Commissioning and Integration
Decommissioning and Removals
Program and Project Management
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Technical Assistance Center
Scheduled Preventive Maintenance
Emergency Corrective Maintenance
Field Resource Support
Circuit Provisioning
Logistic Services
Spares Management
ADC Professional Services offers comprehensive
solutions for network operators delivering voice,
video and data services over wireless, wireline
and cable networks. Learn more at
Web Site:
From North America, Call Toll Free: 1-800-366-3891 • Outside of North America: +1-952-938-8080
Fax: +1-952-917-3237 • For a listing of ADC’s global sales office locations, please refer to our web site.
ADC Telecommunications, Inc., P.O. Box 1101, Minneapolis, Minnesota USA 55440-1101
Specifications published here are current as of the date of publication of this document. Because we are continuously
improving our products, ADC reserves the right to change specifications without prior notice. At any time, you
may verify product specifications by contacting our headquarters office in Minneapolis. ADC Telecommunications,
Inc. views its patent portfolio as an important corporate asset and vigorously enforces its patents. Products or
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