Operating instructions | AEG 5 Vacuum Cleaner User Manual

Operating Instructions
Mode d’emploi
Istruzioni per l’uso
Istrucciones para el uso
Instruçðes de utilição
Ïäçãßåò ÷ñÞïçò
Vacuum Floor Cleaner
Aspirador de polvo para suelos
Aspirador de pó para chão
ÇëåêôñéêÝò óêïýðåò äáðÝäïõ
A = Carrying handle
B = Button to open the paper
C = Hose release button
D = Filter replacement indicator
E = Tool rail
F = Accessories compartment*
G = Parking rail
H = On/Off button
I = Power adjuster*
J = Cable retraction button
K = Microfilter
L = HEPA filter/Motor protection filter*
M = Paper filter
N = Handle*
O = Suction hose
P = Suction tube*
Q = Nozzle*
*depending on model
Appliance description
Before using for the first time
Protecting the environment
Safety instructions for the user
Preparing the vacuum cleaner for use
Using the nozzles
Switching on
Maintenance and cleaning
Paper filter
What do I do, if
Special accessories
Before using for the first time
Please read the following information carefully.
It provides important information on the safety,
use and maintenance of the appliance. Keep the
operating instructions in a safe place and pass
them on to any subsequent owners.
Protecting the environment
Do not simply throw away packaging material
and old appliances.
Equipment packaging:
The cardboard packaging can be deposited at
a waste paper recycling point.
Deposit the recyclable polyethylene (PE) bag
at a PE recycling point.
Recycling the appliance at the end of its life:
The plastic components all carry a material
identification marking so that, like the other
materials, they can be recycled at the end of
the life of the appliance.
Please ask your local authority about your local
recycling centre.
Safety instructions
This appliance complies with the
following EC directives: – 73/23/EC dated
21. 02. 1973 – Low Voltage Directive –
89/336/EEC dated 03. 05. 1989 (including
Amending Directive 92/31/EEC) – EMC Directive.
Only connect the appliance to – 220/230 Volt
– alternating current.
The mains circuit for the socket used must be
protected with a fuse with a rating of at least
10 A.
Never remove the mains plug from the
socket by pulling on the cable.
Do not use the appliance if:
- the cable is damaged.
- the housing shows visible signs of damage.
Avoid running over the mains lead with the
appliance or the vacuum brush. The
insulation could be damaged.
The cover cannot be closed unless a paper
filter has been inserted. Please do not use
Always ensure that a paper filter as well as a
MICROFILTER and a HEPA filter are inserted.
Toner dust from laser printers and copiers
must not be vacuumed using normal
household vacuum cleaners.
This is a domestic vacuum cleaner and should
only be used to vacuum dry dust. People and
animals must not be vacuumed using the
Keep children away from electrical
The manufacturer is not liable for any
damage caused by incorrect use or operation.
Leave wet shampooed carpets to dry
completely. Otherwise the vacuum cleaner
will be damaged. Such action might also
reduce protection against electric shock.
Do not vacuum matches, glowing ashes or
cigarette ends using the appliance. Avoid
picking up hard, pointed objects as these may
damage the appliance or the paper filter.
Do not expose the appliance to the effects of
the weather, humidity or sources of heat.
Should the mains lead be defective, the
complete cable roller must be replaced by
AEG customer service or an authorised repair
Repairs to electrical appliances may only be
carried out by qualified specialists.
Improperly effected repairs may result in
significant risk to the user.
For this reason, if there is a malfunction in
your appliance please contact your specialist
dealer or AEG customer service directly.
Preparing the vacuum cleaner for use
The accessories can be connected by pushing
and twisting, and can be disconnected by
pulling them apart and twisting.
Connecting the suction hose and suction tube.
Join the suction hose handle firmly to the
suction tube.
Using the nozzles
Connecting the suction tubes
Join the two tubes.
Using the floor nozzle*
For the daily care of carpets and hard floors.
Without being changed over manually, the floor
nozzle is entirely suited for daily vacuuming of
carpets and hard floor surfaces such as parquet,
tiles, linoleum, etc.
Adjust the Telescopic Tube (depending on
Using the floor nozzle*
For the daily care of carpets and hard floors. The
floor nozzle may be changed over manually. The
brushes can be extended for smooth floors and
retracted for carpets.
Attaching the suction hose
Insert the suction hose connector in the suction
inlet. It locks in place and can be rotated all the
way around.
Press the release button and pull out the
connector in order to remove the suction hose.
Mains connection/Cable rewind
The mains cable is in the cable compartment.
Pull out the cable and insert the plug into the
mains socket. Remove plug from the mains
socket. Press the foot button; the cable rewinds
automatically when vacuuming has been
Crevice and upholstery nozzle stored in the
For specific cleaning requirements, two
additional parts are included with the vacuum
cleaner in an integrated accessories
Open the compartment by pressing gently as
shown in the figure.
The nozzles may be attached to the suction tube
or the handle on the suction hose, depending on
Crevice nozzle
For vacuuming crevices, gaps and corners.
Changing the paper filter
The paper filter must be replaced if the window
on the filter replacement indicator is completely
red when the appliance is operating at
maximum power and the nozzle is raised from
the floor.
The paper filter should be replaced even if it
does not appear to be full because fine dust can
block the pores in the surface of the filter.
Upholstery nozzle
For vacuum cleaning all upholstered furniture,
mattresses, etc.
The thread lifting strips on the nozzle even pick
up thread and lint.
Switching on
Switching on and off
You can switch the appliance on and off
by pressing the On/Off button.
The cover can be opened by pressing the button
and folding back until it locks.
Power adjustment:
Power adjustment - Rotary control*
The suction power can be varied to suit
individual vacuuming requirements using the
electronic power adjuster.
Maintenance and cleaning
Prior to maintenance or cleaning, ensure that
the appliance is switched off and that the mains
plug has been removed from the socket:
Hygienic filter change: When removing the full
filter bag, pull the closing tab to automatically
close the opening. There will be slight resistance
when the tab is pulled.
Bags full of normal household dust may be
disposed of with household waste.
Insert the new paper filter as far as it will go in
the guide rails; only then can the lid be closed.
The cover cannot be closed unless a paper filter
has been inserted. Please do not use force!
*depending on model
Changing the microfilter
We recommend replacing the microfilter at
each fifth paper filter replacement, and at the
latest when there is a clean dust bag and the
dust level indicator is completely red with the
nozzle raised.
Paper filter
E-Nr. 900.087.600
ET-Nr. 668.901.268
Paper filter size 28
Carrying and Storage
Open the lid and fold up. Remove the used
microfilter by means of the clean hygienic tabs
(figure) and dispose of it with the household
waste. Insert the new microfilter and close the
HEPA filter
A highly effective special filter belonging to
Class “S”. This filter offers relief and assistance
to allergy sufferers. The HEPA filter should be
replaced after one year.
HEPA filter – further supplies available from
AEG customer service.
Motor protection filter
The motor protection filter is a permanent filter
and does not have to be replaced regularly.
Exception: the filter is damaged.
See “What to do if …”.
As required, wipe the housing and the paper
filter compartment with a damp cloth. Do not
use any scourers or any solvents. Occasionally
vacuum the floor nozzle and brushheads with
the crevice nozzle.
To make the appliance easier to store and carry,
slide the floor nozzle into the tool rail.
Parking System
For storing the suction pipe and nozzle during
short pauses in vacuuming. The bracket on the
nozzle is slid into the parking rail on the
What do I do, if ...
Special accessories
... it is difficult to push the nozzle
Reduce the power setting on the appliance. This
will not reduce cleaning efficiency.
... the motor thermal cut-out is activated
If the motor is overloaded, e.g. due to a full
filter bag or blocked accessory, the thermal cutout shuts down the motor. In this case, switch
off the appliance, unplug from the mains, and
leave the motor to cool down.
Check paper filter bag, suction tube and suction
hose; remove any blockage.
The appliance can be switched on again after
approximately 30 minutes.
... the fuse has blown
The fuse may blow if you use other electrical
appliances with high power consumption on the
same electric circuit at the same time as the
vacuum cleaner is in use.
This can be avoided if you set the electronic
power adjuster to the lowest power level and
then select a higher level after switching the
appliance on.
Your vacuum cleaner can be fitted with a gentle
startup control which reduces the starting
current to the motor and therefore prevents the
electric circuit cut-out being triggered under
normal conditions. It is possible that there will
be a delay of about 4 seconds in the appliance
starting up on the lowest power level.
The turbo-brush makes the care of carpets and
hard floors easier. The rotary motion, of its
brush gently loosens shortpille carpets where
the dirt has been trodden in.
Special nozzle
For use on parquet tiled and, hard floors.
... the paper filter is damaged at some point
and the motor protection filter becomes dirty
Remove motor protection filter, clean (shake
out) and replace.
Insert new paper filter.
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