Operating instructions | AEG AT 230 Toaster User Manual

AT 230
Automatic Toaster
Grille tous pains automatique
Torradeira automática
Automaattinen leivänpaahdin
Automatický opékaè topinek
Automata kenyérpirító
Automatyczny toster
Operating instructions
Mode d’emploi
Instruções de utilização
Návod k použití
Használati útmutató
Instrukcja obs³ugi
g Dear Customer,
Please read these operating instructions through carefully.
Above all please observe the safety
instructions on the first few pages of
these operating instructions! Please
keep these operating instructions for
later reference. Pass them on to any
subsequent owner of the appliance.
Using the warning triangle and/or the
key words (Danger!, Caution!, Important!), information that is important
for your safety or the correct functioning of the appliance is highlighted. It is
essential that this information is
0 This symbol guides you step by step
through the operation of the appliance.
Next to this symbol you will find additional information and practical tips on
using the appliance.
Tips and information about the economical and ecological use of the
appliance are marked with a cloverleaf.
Appliance Description
(Figure 1)
Roll rack for crisping up bread rolls
Toasting slot
Thermally insulated outer housing
Crumb drawer
Browning control with OFF position
Start lever and bread lift*
Stop button
Rating plate (on the underside of the
1 Safety Instructions
The safety standards of AEG electric
appliances are in keeping with the
recognised rules of technology and the
law governing the safety of appliances.
Nevertheless, as a manufacturer we
consider it our obligation to make you
aware of the following safety information.
General Safety
• The operating voltage of the appliance
and the mains voltage as well as the
type of current must match (see the
rating plate on the underside of the
• Only plug into a correctly installed
earthed mains socket.
• Never pull the plug from the socket by
means of the mains lead!
• Prior to cleaning or in the event of a
malfunction, unplug the appliance
first! Loosen jammed pieces of toast
with a blunt wooden implement (e.g.
the handle of a cooking spoon). Ensure
that you do not touch the heater elements during this process.
• Do not reach into the toasting slot
with your fingers or metal implements
– there is a risk of injury and damage
to the appliance.
• The outer housing of the toaster is
thermally insulated. However the metal
parts in the toasting slot and on the
base of the appliance will become hot
– there is a risk of burns!
• Do not use the appliance if the mains
cable is damaged or the housing is visibly damaged.
• The mains cable is of a special type
and is only to be replaced by an AEG
customer service centre since special
tools are required for its replacement.
• Repairs to electrical equipment may
only be performed by qualified service engineers. Improper repairs may
lead to serious hazards for the user.
• In the case of a malfunction, please
therefore contact your dealer or AEG
customer service direct.
• If the appliance is used for purposes
other than those intended or used
incorrectly, no liability can be accepted
for any damage that may be caused.
2 Disposal
Disposing of the Packaging Material!
Do not simply throw away the packaging material. Please observe the following instructions:
Packaging made from cardboard can
be put in the waste paper collection.
Deposit polyethylene plastic bags (PE)
at a PE collection point for recycling.
Padding materials made from foam
polystyrene (PS) are CFC-free and can
be deposited at the appropriate collection point (recycling depot). Please
inquire with your local authority about
your local recycling centre.
Disposing of your old appliance!
When you eventually stop using your
appliance please take it to the nearest
recycling centre or to your dealer who
will take it back for a small fee.
Child Safety
• Do not leave the toaster switched on
• Keep children away from electrical
You should take note of the following when using your toaster
• Do not place the appliance on hot surfaces.
• Do not use near naked flames.
• Bread can burn. Do not use the toaster
underneath or near inflammable
objects (e.g. curtains). The toaster must
not be left unattended.
• Do not cover the toasting slot when
• Do not immerse the appliance in
• Do not kink the mains lead or bring it
into contact with hot parts of the
• To move the appliance when warm
after use, only pick it up by the thermally insulated outer housing.
Operating Instructions
3 Prior to Using for the First Time
To avoid the build up of unpleasant
odours, the appliance should be placed
near an open window and operated a
few times at the maximum browning
setting without any bread. Leave the
toaster to cool to room temperature
between the heating phases.
Switching On (Figure 3)
0 Plug the mains plug into the mains
0 Insert bread for toasting.
0 Select the browning setting and press
down the start lever.
When the required degree of browning
has been reached, the toaster switches
off automatically; the slices of toast
are lifted up ready for removal. By lifting the start lever (bread lift function) the toasted bread can be lifted
sufficiently such that it is easy to
remove (Figure 4).
Adjusting the Browning Setting
(Figure 2)
Using the rotary knob you can continuously adjust the browning setting
from 1-6 as required. Setting 1 for
lightest browning. Setting 6 for darkest
Use a setting between 1 and 3 when
you first start toasting. If the toast is
not browned to your liking, set the
adjuster lower or higher, higher for
example when toasting rye or dark
bread. When toasting only 1 slice and
also when toasting bread that is no
longer fresh, use a slightly lower
browning setting.
The electronic toasting time regulator
ensures that once a browning setting
has been chosen, the results are always
the same for the same type of bread.
Once you have finished toasting we
recommend always turning the rotary
knob for the browning setting to •.
This prevents the appliance being
switched on accidentally.
Stop Button
If you want to interrupt toasting, press
the stop button. The appliance
switches off.
Once chosen, the browning setting
remains unchanged.
When using frozen bread or rolls, set
the browning control to
depress the start lever. The toaster
defrosts the bread and then automatically switches off.
Once the bread has defrosted, turn the
browning control to the browning setting of your preference, as described
above, and depress the start lever
Roll Rack (Figure 6/7)
0 Due to the nature of the function of
the appliance, the roll rack will become
hot during toasting, therefore never
touch the metal parts.
0 First, make sure the toaster is switched
Gently squeeze the roll rack by the
hand grips, and push it onto the toasting slot until it clicks in place.
0 Place rolls or other bread for crisping
on the rack, turn the browning control
to the required browning setting.
0 Switch on the toaster using the start
0 When the toaster has switched off,
turn the bread. Repeat the process.
Never place rolls or bread directly on
the toasting slot. Do not use the roll
rack as a carrying handle.
0 To remove the roll rack, first allow it to
cool down. Gently squeeze the roll rack
by the hand grips, and pull upwards to
Cleaning and Care (Figure 8)
0 Before cleaning, always unplug and
leave the toaster to cool down.
Crumbs dropping from the bread during toasting collect in the crumb
0 Pull out to the side and remove the
Do not use caustic or abrasive cleaners
to clean the thermally insulated outer
housing. Only clean the housing with a
dry or slightly moist cloth.
Liquid must not be applied to the
toaster, the toaster must also never be
immersed in liquid.
Thermally Insulated Outer
The appliance is enclosed in a thermally insulating outer housing that
makes it possible to move the appliance even when it is still warm after
Storage of Bread for Toasting
(Figure 9)
In order to always obtain evenly
browned toast, opened packets of
bread should be resealed and stored
with the end that has been started
A = right
B = wrong
Technical Data
Mains voltage:
Power consumption:
230 V/50 Hz
1000 W
This appliance complies with the following EC directives:
• 73/23/EWG dated 19.2.1973
– Low Voltage Directive
• 89/336/EWG dated 3.5.1989
(including Directive Amendment
92/31/EWG) – EMC Directive.
Customer Service
The highest quality requirements are
placed on our appliances. Should, nevertheless, a malfunction occur on
which you can find no information in
the operating instructions, please contact your dealer or AEG Customer Service.
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